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Pays to Advertise In the Rising Son
The Far-seslng Police.
An old naval Joke has been resur
rected In South Africa. According
to a newspaper there a beggar has
been Rolng about Heaufort, Cape Col
ony, soliciting alma, and declaring
among other thing that he bad a
horse shot under him at Trafalgar,
which wan, of course, a naval battle.
"The police," says the paper, "be
lieve he Is an Impostor."
Destroying Brown-Tall Moth.
The offer of rewards by a newspaper
In 8alem. Mass., for the collection of
nests of the brown-tall moths was so
effective that within two weeks 140,
Z15 nests were brought In. One lad
collected 19,214 nests and won the first
prize. $23. The next largest number
was 18.344. for which the second prize,
1S, was paid.
Give Up Bicycle Manufacturing.
Owing to the remarkable decline of
bicycles In popularity and demand the
Remington Arms compary. one of
the largest producers tn New York,
has discontinued manufacturing them.
A quantity of special machinery has
accordingly been consigned to the
scrap heap.
Letters Written by "L'Alglon."
The poor young Due de Reichstadt
left many letter, some of which
have Just been published for the first
time In an Italian monograph. The
volume Includes the reports made to
the cabinet at Vienna regarding the
"Eaglet's" education.
Rare and Costly Gold Fish.
One of the rarest and most expen
elve of Chinese gold fishes is the
briishtail, a pair of which sells for
$1,000. Probably there Is no other
living thing of its size and weight t.iat
is worth so much money.
Foreigners Who Speak No English
Every state in the union has people
who can speak no English.
Carolina has fewest foreigners.
j5 of Its people are unable to
English. Minnesota, on the
hand, has 7.1,uoo.
Suspended a Finnish Newspaper.
Hecansc it did not print an Imperial
manifesto in n sufficiently prominent
position a leading newspaper In lie!
Kingfors. Finland, has been suspend
ed by the. Russian censor.
Marked Decrease In Tuberculosis.
"All over the world," said Dr. It. T.
Bulestrode a few days ago. at the
College of Surgeons In Loudon, Eng
land, "there la now a marked de
crease In tuberculosis."
Record Span of Cantilever Bridge.
The Btrait of Causo, between Cape
Breton and the mainland of Nova
Scotia, is about to be bridged with a
cantilever having the record spau of
1,800 feet.
German Railroad Travel.
Almost hair of all railway travel in
Germany Is third-class. More passen
gers use fourth-class than second, and
less than one in twenty rides first
class. Refuse to Pay Taxes.
There has lately been formed a
French League which refuses to pay
taxes an outgrowth of the govern
ment's closing of the Catholic schools.
Bell Tolled by Electricity.
The 22-ton bell at the Sacre Coeur
church In Paris la tolled by electrici
ty. A single choir boy can thus do the
work which formerly took five men.
High License Decreases Saloon.
High license went into effect In New
York city May 1. and as a result 71S
hotel and saloonkeepers went out ot
business. I'nder the new law licenses
were advanced from $t00 to $900 In
Brooklyn and from $S0tl to $1.2o0 In
Manhattan and the Bronx.
Have Faith in Education.
An official report shows that at the
end of last year there were In Japan
97 agricultural schools, six fishery
schools, tweuty-eiht technical schools,
fifty commercial schools, seven mer
cantile schools and sixtytwo Indus
trial schools.
African Traveler Tells of a Remark-
. f,ble Per,orrnanc- I
In the Zoological garden at Berlin .
may be seen a curious-looking ape. It
is a member of the species known as
Herr Schilling, an African traveler,
shot It near Kllmandschiuo, tn Ger
man East Africa, but the animal was
not badly wounded, and he soon suc
ceeded in restoring It to health.
This Is the first adult "guereza"
which has ever been seen In captiv
ity In Europe. Three young apes of
.1 somewhat similar type, whose home
Is in Abyssinia, were captured some
time ago. but died very soon after
they were photographed.
An Interesting fact about the "gue-
rezas is that they hold a regular con
cert In their native woods every night.
which, while not very musical, since
It consists merely of a succession of
growls, produces a startling effect on
tho.-e who hear It for the first time.
How the Vast Sums Are Paid Through
out the Country.
Somo Idea of the vastness of the
funds paid out at the various pension
agencies throughout the country
every three months Is given In a requi
sition Just forwarded by the secretary
of the Interior to the secretary of the
treasury. The requisition calls for an
aggregate oT f 10,955,imh, and Is to be
paid to small armies of veterans from
half a dozen of the agencies during
the first week In March. Payments
are made at each agency quarterly.
but for convenience sake the agencies
are divided into three groups, each
group paying off on a different month.
Following are the figures for March:
Boston. Mass., Sl.sin.otio; Augusta,
Me.. $700,000: Washington. It. C. $1,
910,000; Columbus. Ohio, $:l.7.Mi.0n0;
San Francisco, Cal.. $1,15.1.000; De
troit. Mich., Il.fioo.uoo.
Time Brings Changes.
"Well, doaies-t," he wrote-. "It Is
the old, old story, this story of love,
the divine music of the heart. It la
the basis of all the world's poetry anil
song; we never grow tired of it or
desire any change in Its main fea
tures. I can come as near describing
my delight in getting your letter as
In describing the fragrance of the
rose or the beauty of a sunset. Each
word you write lakes on a new mean
ing as It drops from your pen. There
clusters around the little Incidents of
our acquaintance the sweetest, ten
derest memories. I look I see your
face. I look forward and It. is there
It is entwined in every hope, wrapped
up In every toy." And now she la
suing hiin for breach ot promise!
She Wanted to Know.
A Chicago dentist tells this story:
"Some years ago a young woman re
cently from the Emerald Isle called at
my office to have some dental work
done. I examined her teeth and found
that among them was one so badly
wasted that It was not worth filling. I
told her this. 'How long,' she asked,
'do you think it would last if It were
filled?' 'I have no Idea,' I replied.
'Not very long, anyway.' 'Well, how
long do you think?" she persisted. 'I
cannot say,' I returned. 'I would not
guarantee it for any length ot time.'
Still anxious an.i determined to secure
a favorable and definite answer, she
asked: 'Will it last longer than yon
thluk It will?' "
To tha Public,
Why suffer from discharges
from the venerial orpana and
ruin your digestion with nau
seous, ill tasting medicines or
strong injections that may
stricture you for life or neces
sitate a painful and expensive
surgical operation when by
using Dr. Comb's celebrated
remedy for three nights you
are guaranteed a cure. Noth
ing to take or inject. Good
for male or female. Write at
ouce for terms to Dr. Combs,
'H)3 E. 12th St., Kansas City,
for It Reaches More Homes of Colored Peop.e
LenmiB decided at Its lust ineetinir. to
hold the fourth annual session of the.
...i...i . v....i..-m. t
,ui(,auiAaiuiii cii .iioii t ii it . iuiiiiiwtt
during the month of August. 1903.
The Executive Commute has decided,
upon Wednesday, Thursday and Frl-
day, Augtuit 19. 20 and 21, ts tha
ilptca for the meeting.
The local Negro Business League,
of Nashville has already begun niak-i
Ir.g thorough and elaborate pre para-.
Hons for the entertainment of the.
National body, and there Is every ln-
dication that the coming meeting will
be the largest and most Important
In the history of the organization..
AND 3, 1903.
To the members of the National Afro
American Council, Delegates from.
I.ocal Councils and Affiliated Organi
zations, such as Churches. College
Benevolent Societies, Newspapers
and other Race Organizations.
The Sixth Annual Session of the
National Afro-American Council will
bo held nt Louisville, Ky July lst,i
and 3rd. 1908.
Acting President
Chnirmnn Execnth'e Coni.
General Secretary
A Wonder of Science. '
The method known as spectrum an
alysis oi U;uiatcd iu the discovery of
Fraunhofer that a ray of light decom
posed and split up into its seven prin
cipal colors, numerous line and thick,
black and colored lilies, the number
of whn h soon grew to hundred and
now amount to thousands. KirchoiT
and Itunsen lound (1S.19) that those
lines have their oriuin in the chemical
components of the burning or shlniim
substance, and that each element pro
duces paituular Invariable linos, al
ways appealing in the amo place mid
spei 1 1 uni sodium, for example, a
light, bro.ol, yellow line; thallium, a
blue, ruliidlitiii, I'iree green lines, etc.
Zurich Cleared of Bad Characters.
As a result of the Introduction ot
the Itertillion system by the Zurich
police the town has practically cleared
out all its bad characters. Even
tramps gie the place a wide berth,
for as soou as a person Is arrested he
is photogtaphod and his measure
ments taken, oen If the charge is not
serious. Of late the police have had
so little to do that there Is talk of
reducing the number of the force. So
few crimes are committed in the town
that Zurich Is considered to be tin
most moral town In Switzerland.
Juries Many Times Disagree.
Two juries have disagreed In 111
case of William (Sardlner, twice trie I
for minder There Is no precedent
for this In Kngland. but In the nortli
of Ireland some years ago a poln p
superintendent was tried three tunes
for the murder of a bank clerk, and
then confessed. In the first trial of
Gardiner only one juryman stood out
against conviction: hut in the secon 1
trial It is believed that the majoilty
of the Jury were for acquittal.
Not Usually So Fatal.
A man from Pittsburg was Intro
duced to Representative Llttlefleld of
Maine the other day. "I sjsiko in
Pittsburg last rail." said Littletlell.
"Yes." replied the Pittsburg man. "1
ran for office there and 1 was beaten
by only 7.000." "Heavens!" said Llt
tlefleld. "I am not usually so fatal in
that I spoke out in Omaha In 1 '. n
for 'Dave' Mercer and they didn't beat
him until lfln;."
Hard on Lemon Growers.
The mixing of aipia fortis. whirli
costs but a few cents a quart, with
essence of lemon, has reduced tlio
price of the essence In Italy to
twenty-three cents per pound, while
the pure essence U worth f.nir or fio
times HJt much.
pint the
doctors pay lsi they
visits to pay them.
International Rifle Shoot.
Iu the competition under the man
agement of the Lngllsh Natloual Rifle
Association for the I'alma trophy at
lilsley, each team must have eig?H
members, who shall use the national
military arm of the country It repre
sents, each member to have fifteen
shots, without artificial rest, at 100,
at 90 and at l.tioo yards, the hulls eye
feting thirty-six Inches across.
Nearly Drowned In C'der.
de Mille, a young farmer of
Geneva, N. Y was Just starting to
empty some cider from one barrel In
to another when the bung dew out.
r. rlklng him In the eye and render
Ii him unconscious. The contents
o ' the barrel followed and the yourg
n an was nearly drowned before he
oniihl be rescued.
Veteran Actress in Splendid Health.
Fanny Herring, the actress who
Charmed the audience of the Old Mow-
le'ry Theater thirty or forty years ago,
celebrated her seventy-first bllhday
recently. After nearly fifty years on
the stage she retired to her farm In
Connecticut, where she now lives In
Uie best of health.
Lignite as Smokeless Fuel.
Thousands of square miles of lignite
underlie the Dakotaa and Montana
while another belt extends from Klorl
la to Texas. Briquettes for fuel are
f!t) no.niiiio ironi u. i ne manuiaciure
of briquettes may solve the problem
of smokeless fuel for cities.
Growth of Cotton Manufacture.
A few yenrs ago the fnlted States
exported all Its cotton. l ast year,
out of a total crop of nine million
bales. It 1 opt for home manufacture
over four million, of which Northern
mills are using L'.Jho.uimi.
Replica of St. Mark's Campanile.
There is in existence an exact re
plica of St. Mark's Cn'npanilo, thouuh
on a
II. at
smaller sea
ago by tin
Nn lechta.
e. Ii was built I .'10
F.nipresK Catherine
In tlie ut i i in of
High Prices
Seals are dear
house than iu
capital, iu spite
for Opera Scats,
or at tlie Tails opera
any other KuioiH-aii
of the fact that the
state gives the Imildii'g
nn uuiiual suhvenihui of
rent Ivoi
Floating Dock Makes Long Tow.
The Durbnn floating dock, recently
wrecked In Mosnel hay, was towed by
the stenmer Hiirnlong. The combined
length of steamer, hawser and pon
toon was 2.1 no feet.
The Deepest Atlantic Sounding.
The deepest Atlantic sounding yet
discolored Is "".Mill tect. It was taken
lull miles north of I'orto Rico. The
Pacitlc has a spot near tluaui O0u
feet deeper.
Inebriety Among English Women.
The farm colony for inebriate wom
en at liiixhmst. Knglaml. has applica
tions from ll.nou women a year In ex
cess of the number It tan accommo
Would Bind France and Canada.
Steps were taken recently toward
forming Iu Paris a Canadian chamber
of commerce to extend commercial
relations between Prance and Canada.
Model Building for Workmen.
Krupp's works at Ivtson are remark
able tor their model buildings for
workmen. Heir Krupp owned S.ttiJ
of these, each with a small garden.
Origin of Natural Gas.
The origin of natural gas Is the ac
tion ot water upon aluminum carhld.
by which methane Is t-volvwd
Something Must Be Wrong.
C.ermany. with l.os;i paper mills,
makes only half n much paper as
ICi.r.l.md with but 3"0.
Dr. Jameton New Sorry.
Dr. Jameson, In reply to an address j
at Cape Town recently, leferred to i
the famous raid as a blunder which !
he had expiated, ami whlih he bat.
hoped had been condoned. I
than any other Paper
Easy Means by Which a Stout M.-.n
May Mise Hirvself Look Thin.
Men who do not want to look ar.v
Taller in the la. o than they tan help
have hu easy mean ot accomplish
ing tr.Mr purpose. Not all ot them
are aware of the effect that uuiy bo
created by the totni of a collar or
"The slont in:ui who wants to look
a thin as lie i an. ul Ihe? hancr
davher's cletk. "oi.glit to mar i i
of the kind known a a torn in hand
I'lelerahly it should he 1 . I U III coloi
and drawn tighi. Tha1 carncs down
the line of I he face and lonvihoii. it
to a ileguo that tend to ii.al.c the
lace look thinner.
"Another aid to making a man look
thin Is in l he height of his collar.
Slont men who wiinl to look tiuu
should xvc.ir loch collars and i dosed
ones. Any collar that opens in front
makes one look rtoutcr under neai ly
every i ircuiilaii e. Such lollais aie
becotiiini: to the thin men.
"Tlie tat man should avoid the ' ind
of tie thai has a hort.oninl cfl'e. i. Tins
will add pounds to hi appeaiame -
In his face nt h.-ast. On the conttary.
this cross effect will make the thin
man look stout." New York Sun.
How Little One Obtained Absolution
for a Fib.
Little Dorothy Perkins was usually
a truthful child. When she was not
truthful she was plausible.
Comiiip in from her walk one morn
ing she informed her mother that she
bad seen a lion In Hie paik.
No amount of persuasion or reason
lug wavered her Ktaienient one hair's
breadth, so at tiinht. when she slippei1
down beside her knee, her mother
said: "Ask Cud to lotgive you for
that lib. Dorothy."
Dorothy hid In i face for a minute
then she lool.e.l s!l.li;-llt into In
mother'.-, eves Willi her own sliming
like stars, and said: "I did ask him
inanima ih ;uv... and ho :nd 'Don't
mention it. Mtn IVil.ii.-.. in.it lug
(log has oil II tooled me.' "
Yes. Children Do Lie.
Do childien lie" Yes; eon-. I. ml !v,
persi.-ii nlly. and niiix el sally , sas Kin
ilergai ten Magaine. A chi'd does not
tell the truth, lie. aese he could not,
Ho does col know I In- truth, and his
npproxl'lial ion to I lie t tilth is much
vnruor limn ours. And there are c or
tain iinihiies nf his mind whuh make
It inevitable that In i liould pelett
the trulli. In Hie Inst plaec. Iiulli is
symilivinous with knowledge He does
not know what truth is. Iu the seeoml
place land It is the same witli usl,
children gradually npproxiiuaio tint
trulli. Tbev hne their (ileus of truth.
In the third plaec. the child's iiuagln
at ion drives him often p, tell what is
but true
Bound to Win.
"Yes." snld the young wife, 'Henry
and I hail some words this morning,
and I can't denr that lie got I he host
of il. I' 1 1 n I willjiiever do," returned
the expel ieaced neighbor. "You can't
afford to htait in innriied life that
way." "I know It," answered tln
young wile. "I've thought it all over,
and when he comes home tonight I'm
going to bring him to terms so ipilck
that he'll hardly know what's hap
pened." "That's right, my dear. Show
some spirit. What are yon going to
do?'' "I'm going to bring up the sub
ject again and then ciy." Stray
Claims Part of Scotch Estate.
Claiming descent from the duke ot
Slit he! land of three general tons ago.
Mrs. Kdmuiid D. Hennessey . wife of
lawyer living In Itroul, lyn. Is planning
n light for a part of the estates of I ho
dukedom o; Sutherland in Scotland.
"My great grandmother was Mary
Sutherland, granddaughter of Lord
ltotsny Dnfftis, and .1 niece of Ihe I hen
d'.iko of Sutherland." savs Mrs Hen
nessey. "She in n rii d Michael
(iiieghan. an lri.-h i hv -'clan, w ith
whom she ciune In New Yot k lo live.
I. liter tlie family went West."
To Celebrate Library Jubilee.
Manchester, England, I soou t
celebrate the Jubilee of Im free lih
rnry. During the fifty yours over .M',
Oiiii.oi"! luniks have been dm vn cut.
lnthe State.
The Workings of Trusts.
An (iciiei't l-'uglish student lf
i colon . Prof. Smaii. regards tb
ir-i.ts in l.ntuin ,i.i, in the main, the
elimination of th- unnecessary tb
ill-no. cs-.i'v person, the unnecessary
pun c-sos. the nnnecrtsai y machinery
puulei tion and l!-f nhutlnn. They
mean suuilicr osi of inw materials.
ho i:Kp t.sing with costly advertlso-
ir.ont. hirter sl'iinnetils, tower mid-it'eni.-u
;: a smaller staff" He does
tut tec in ihe elioiti anon of unnec-
aiv profits
The Congre f mcnal Pun.
What has the tainii I got that )'Oil
will in ver have'' asked Congressman
l-'leli her of Minnesota of Congressman
Tawney "tJlve n up kihI Tawney.
Two white wings." said Fletcher.
Pretty lair, pretty fair." admitted
Tawney. "But what has the capltol
got that you give to applicants for of
fice?" "It's too many lor me." replied
the other Minnesota man. "A mar
ble stair" At this point quits wer
called.- Baltimore Herald.
The Cost of Human Life.
A tjeriiiiin mathematician estimate
that l he average men who lives to be
seventy vcars old consumes $10,000
worth of food In his life.
Equators of Mars and the Earth.
The equator of Mars Is Inclined tO
the plane of Its orbit about degrees.
That of the earth is inclined 23 de
grees, " I minutes.
Immense Atlas in British Museum.
The British museum has an atlas 7
feel hirh. of the llfloentll century. It
is supposed to be the largest book in
tlie voi !d
noes Paid to the Sea.
I In n -:t ml twenty live British
( in.
i i aun u lo
hut oulv In
tie ir lives during I'.iill,
Ive passengers b British
New n.iy Must Attract Many.
A iiev, i''ai in he lliiancially sue
! il ..I ni'ld III t i act at least iiO.lllill
; I" , MMis
u s iii it . tit .t I lii iv inontliH
i nn.
Wliy Cats Hate Water.
Cats '.ale water because their fur
ha nothing ollv ahonl It. and con
scipieiitlv lakes a long lime to dry.
Pcet to the Front.
poet nt.d jixirnnlisl. I,. P. Hill,
was the tlt-t lesidetii tf Atlanta, tia.,
lo pa his cit.v taxes this venr.
Spanish Navy Is Small.
Thoie are only ten warships now In
the Spanl .h iiav.v Tac latgest is tlio
I'e'.av o." i f '.i.'.''.1" Ions.
Mexicans Have Small Feet.
Mexicans have l ho smallest feet of
any cut Ion. The average Mexican
Vents II No. 0 hoot.
Light Haired People Live Long,
l.ii M haired pc'iple. It Is said, as
a rule liv" longer than those having
dark hair.
Second German Cable Laid.
The louniiHi Cable company has fin
ished lay it.- second line to New York
as far as thu Aore Islands, ,2')
Lighthouse! Costly to Keep Up.
'I he upl-eep of the relief slat ions and
lighihou.es on Sahel island costs thu
Ciiiiioimii government $i'.n,ooo a year.
Hops Grown in England.
There weie :i.:ir.t Hi res of Imps cul
111 the year
last year,
How Sound Travels.
In lr air miuiuI navels I. HZ
IV simoI.iI. In wa'er I.:""' feet
thu.ugh iron IT .'.on loot.
an I
Great Saving of Coal.
I i,in!.'.i..g t in- :: of a steamer
knives tie' cor sumption of coal per
ion ol displacement.
Wmsky Dlsiitleries of Scotland.
S, oiiai.d l us I'.'i whisky distilleries.
All the rest of the kingdom has ouif

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