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The Rising son. (Kansas City, Mo.) 1896-19??, June 26, 1903, Image 3

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Dalhart, Texas, May 7, 1905.
Dr. V. C. Combs, Kansas City, Mo..
Dear Doctor: I am doing splendidly. Send
me by return mail, or better, perhaps, by the United
States Express Company, $10 worth of your specific
for the morphine habit. I think that amount of
your great discovery and cure will cure me.
Would have been off on the first small lottles if
I had not got down with a low fever and a diarrhoae
and while unconscious the doctors told my friends
I would die unless he shot morphine into me. Ty
the time I had come to myself, they had got tvo or
three squirts into me. But I stopped that busincs?
quick, because I no longer crave the stuff.
But getting the accursed stuff into my system agiiu
put me back some I think. But $10 worth more cf
yohr medicine will get it out and leave some to spare.
I tell the Ixiys alxmt you from my ranch in
Dakoto to my home in Texas. They can't under
stand my refusing to go with them into the hop
joints and hit the pipe, and don't seem able t realize
that it is possible that for over two weeks I haw not
smoked a single yen. yet was able to keep on my tort
or in the saddle all day long, day in and day om.
until I got this fever and Uuvel trouble by drinking
too much alkali water. Doc. you are great. Send
medicine C. O. D. to your most grateful
Dalhart. Texas.
Office of
Pr. W. . COMBS. fU
Physiciaa and Surgeon, Also Specialist
On aJl Nervous Diseases caused by opium, morphine, cocaine, chloral
and all other drug habits, likewise the whiskey habit.
Office: 906 East 12th Street, Kansas City, Missouri.
Hot Springs. Ark.,
April 8, 1903.
Dr. Combs,
Dear Sir: While at the Baltimore
hotel, in Kansas City, last month, a friend
of mine ami a patient you had cured of
the dope habit gave me one of your cards
ami strongly advised me to consult yen:
and take your treatment, if you thought
my kidneys were not too far yone to
make it worth while to be treated. But I
put it off, and also the other business
which brought me there, until I found
out that Dr. riffith had left Kansas City
for a rest at Hot Springs. I came on
here without seeing you. Dr. GriiYit'i.
after seeing me, refuses to operate on me
so long as I am taking morphine. It i
the case with so many here. I am using
1-300 of a grain of atrophine snip. 2 grs.
of morphine at a dose, hypodermically.
three to four times a day and through th
night. Have only used it one year.
Send blank to be filled out and terms, or
the medicine C. O. D. if you think
proper. Yours respectfully,
621 Central Street, Hot Springs, A-k.
980 E- 12th St., Kansas City, Mo., June. 1903.
To the Public, Greetings:
Dear Sir, or Madame or Miss: I 1cg the favor of your jerusal of this
sake of your deep interest in the welfare of suffering humanity with all i's
frailties and piteous suffering and despair.
Fifteen years ago I found by tedious lalior ami long, patient research tint
nature had provided a remedy in an herb that would actually stop the craving
for opium, morphine, cocaine, chloral or any of the drug habits; cure the habit
without suffering, nervous jerking of the muscles, hot and cold flashes, etc.
The herb is so simple, so common, so seemingly harmless that there is no
record of any druggist or chemist excrimcnting with it ; no 1ook on medicine
has a thing to say for or against it: yet in the accidental chewing of this herb
in my nervous craving in the woods far from my drug store, I had acci
dentally stumbled on an herb destined to 1h? the greatest ltoon to suffering
humanity since the discovery of quinine. For fifteen years I have been curing
victims of the drug and w hisky habits whenever they have applied to me.
To-day I have several thousand written testimonials from grateful
people, men and omen, whom I have cured. These cases are from a'l the
walks of life, such as mechanics, fanners, stockmen, druggists, physicians,
lawyers, and even ministers. My case lxks show the hames of hundreds
of cases cured whose social position, modesty, and financial standing would
not allow their names to Ik? made public. For I never publish these letters
without the writer's consent.
Oh, the blessed delight of feeling life and health coursing
through your veins. To rise with the lark, feeling strong and happy. To
drive twenty or thirty miles into the country without a thought as ti whether
there are any saloons or drug stores out there. To lift up your head once more
in life and look your fellow man straight in the face without one thought of
shame. To step forth briskly, as yon did in youth, and leave forever b-hind
you that tired feeling, that dragging of the feet, that hang down look, tha'
wrinkled, yellow, blotched skin, those dead looking, hollow eyes; those restless
nights and hideous nightmares, and look the world square in the face, with
the full assurance that once more you are a man. or woman, as the case may lc.
I am restoring health to mental and physical wrecks. Fach day of my
life some one warmly shakes my hand and says. "God bless you. Doctor." If
you are not cursed with the drug or drink habit. jeriiaps you know of some
one who is. l.lessings will ever le showered on your head if you can point out
the way by which that lost one can le saved.
Address all communications to lr. Combs, h. D.. o8 Fast l.'th street.
Kansas City, Mo.. Your letters will le returned to you if you so desire. All
letters are strictly confidential unless you desire them published.
My terms are more than reasonable. I guarantee a cute when I take
a case. References furnished if desired. Yours truly.
Dr. W. C. COMBS, M. D.
Dalhart. Texas. June J5, 11)03.
Dr. Combs,
Dear Sir: Your favor of May J.ith
received. Will say that 1 am taking from
10 to id grains of morphine daily, i'sed
it over two years. Run down mentally
and physically. Send nie a $5 trial bottle
by C S. Fxpress Co. You have done
wonders for Mr. Nack. lie looks
years younger. Yours truly.
1 l.tllurt. Texas.
1. os Angeles. Cal., June 8, 1003.
Dear Sir: Never can I be tha ikl'nl
enough to you for restoring me to in m
hood and to society. Nothing but your
wonderful discovery could have stopped
the whisky habit on me. 1 sent your
money fur the medicine with the order.
Accept tlis $'5 as a slight present in
token of my good wishes for your suc
cess. Forever your friend.
New York. N. V.. June Sth, 1003.
Dr. Combs.
Dear Sir: A friend of mine just back from out West says you cured
him of the jag habit. Faith but he looks like a jeach. I you cured him you
can cure me. I drink aKnit 25 or 30 cocktails and highballs a day and a few
whisky straights. Send your jag cure C. O. D.. or telegraph at my exicn.se
the price, and I will send the coin at once. Yours trulv,
New Orleans. I.a Mav 10th, 1005.
Dr. Combs. ' , , r
I am happy to write that the last little of medicine yon shipped reached
us saely ami has completely restored my daughter's health. The old scars
from the hypodermic needle in using morphine and cocaine seem to be fading
away, ill they all leave? Heaven reward you for what von li.ue doc fu
me ami mine. ' AMI.I.IA C.ROOVKS.
Dr0 Woo Clifford CooibsP
New Discovery for Whiskey, Opium, Morphine, Cocaine, Chloral and all Other Drug Habits.
La.bra.tory, 906 East Twelfth St., - Kansas City, Missouri.
Down Town. Office. 908 Esvst Twelfth St.

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