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Win. Fairfax, Society Reporetr.
A. W. Walker, Agent, Lexington, Mo.
Remember pi ease
l's thr little bit we collect here an '.hire
That enables ui to run from year to year."
picnic and dance the 2nd week In
Miss Estelle Coles Is now in Chi
The next thing you do, subscribe for
the Son.
MIsa Nellie Banks Is at Excelsior
Miss Ruby Bradshaw ! visiting In
St. IjouIs.
FOR RENT One furnished front
room; 1401 Howard st.
The Roosevelt Club rooms at 117
West 6th street, room 12.
TO RENT A nicely furnished room
for geneletnan. Apply. at this office.
Mr. and Mrs. John Hill will soon
move from Kansas City, Kas., to this
side again.
iDr. Lamhoght was quite sick for a
few days last week, but Is up and
around again.
Mr. Ansul Hunn has qurchased a
beautiful home in Chelsa Park in Kan
sas City, Kan.
A number of young people danced
at the new park at the end of Rose-
dale line laat evening.
Rev. A. A. Gilbert and Prof. G. N
Gresham and T. B. J. Robson called
at our office this week.
Dr. LanibriKht. after undergoing a
serious operation is able to be at his
past. Dr. U. F. Camea attended him
during his sickness.
H. D. Russell, of Poplar Bluff, Mo.
is In the city looking around. He
may make some investments.
Mr. Robt. Anderson, of St. Paul, will
locate In Kansas City. Mr. and Mrs
Anderson will be at 1818 East 18th st
Mrs. William Perk, who has been
visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs
Thomas McCamel, returned tp her
home In St. Charles, Mo.
Miss Carrie Toylar, of Montgom
ery city, returned home after spend
Ing a few days with Mrs. Wjn. J
Jones, 1317 IVne.
When you want your teeth fixed
or some good work done, give us a
rail. We will treat you right. New
York Dentists, 1029 Main street.
Mr. Frank Marks, who formerly
lived in Kansas City but is now llv
ing Chicago, was married Tuesday
afternoon to Miss Marie Wlalker of
Grandbe, Mo.
Mrs. Davis, of Washington, D. C
mother of Mrs. J. N. Birch, arrived
In Kansas City last Friday, and will
be the guest of Dr. and Mrs. Birch
this summer.
Mr. and Mrs. Voting, or Wichita
Kan., and little Anna Smith, daugh
ter of Prof. W. Clark Smith spent
Monday with Mr. and Mrs. Win. J
Jones, en rouie to Chicago.
The invitations for the marriage
of Mr. Buffklns and Miss Katie Jor
dan, one of our teachers in the pub
lic schools of this city, have been
sent out for their marriage soon.
To all subscribers who are a year
or more behind In their subscription
Your bill will be placed In the hands of
a collective agency after next week
you have one week now to settle up,
out of town and lntown.
Berry Chapel. C. M. E.church. 2030
Summit st Sunday services: preach
ing 11:00 a. m., and 7:45 p. ra.; E. I
7:00 p. m.; Sunday School, 2:15 p.
m. Prayer and class meeting WedneS'
day evening. Rev J. W. Jacobs, pas
tor; resident, 2033 Summit Bt.
Dr. Holly and a number of his gen
tlemrn friends went to the Blue Tues
day to spend the day and cater crow
dads. They returned late In the after
noon with a goodly number of them
and they all assembled at the home
of the doctor that evening and had
a crawdad feast.
The Rising Son is devoted to the
best interests of our rase, a fearless
advocate of right and fair play. There
are tnose in nigh places who read and.ated with the ladies' fancy work. The
receive this paper and Ha benefits who
think that printers' ink and labor are
produced by wind and talk. Now, to
all such we ask you again to pay ua
what you owe. Some of you have
gained your notoriety through this '
paper. Come and see ua with the
8mlth, the Druggist la prepared to
serve you with the cold drink. When
you go down town stop at 908 east 12th
Mrs. Kitty 8llas. of 912 East JOth
st., has been lying very low for the
past three weeks, but hopes for the
better are looked forward to In her
We desire to thank the many
friends, who so kindly befriended us
during the recent illness and death
of our daughter, Eunice.
M. ft Mrs. J. W. McDanlel.
Sam Dlggs, the junk man, is back at
his stand doing business; ready to
buy If you have anything in his line,
Iron, brass, copper, lead, bottles or
rags; Junk of any kind. Call and see
Mrs. Samuel Jordon has sent out
invitation annuncing the marriage of
her daughter, Kattle Adelaide Jordon
to Mr. Frank Bufklns Tuesday even
ing. June the 30th, at St. Augustine
The National Negro Business league
will meet in Nashville, Tenn., during
the month of August, 1903. The execu
tive committee has decided upon Wed
nesday, Thursday and Friday, August
19, 20, and 21, as the dates for the meet
Miss Alberta Baily, daughter of
Prof. S. R. Bally of this city, re
turned home from Oberlin, Ohio, on
last Tuesday, the 16th Inst., where
she Is taking a course In Oberlin col
lege. Her many friends welcome her
back to the city.
J. A. Wilson, who Is better known
as our "Pioneer Negro Jeweler," suf
fered great loss on account of the
flood. The water Jacked two Inches
of touching the celling. It carried
everything out of his Btore except the
L. W. Carter, President; W. W.
Yates, 1st Vive President; W. W.
Waters. 2nd Vice President; Dr. T. C.
Unthanks, Secretary; Theo. H. Clay,
Treasurer; F. L Lewis, Corresponding
Secretary: Frank Wilson, Sergeant-
We have In our midst Dr. McQueen
Carrion, dentist, who comes to this
city highly recommended in his chos
en profession. His office is located
at 910 Ehhi 12th Sst Kansas City,
Missouri, where he will take pleasure
In waiting on his customers. Calyl and
see him.
Kansas City colored people need an
Industrial school In connection with
their high school, and we hope that
our principals of Kansas City will
prove that they are Interested enough
in the colored youth to bring the mat
ter before the school board while they
have funds to build with.
Rev. Win. T. Vernon, President of
YvVstern University. Qiilndaro. Kas.
has Just returned from the commence
ment exercises at Wllberforce, O,
While there the degree of Doctor of
Divinity was conferred upon him.
Wllberforce University Is the oldest
college for Negroes In the United
The LIneu Shower given by Mrs.
Robt. Hilly, Mrs. T. C. Unthank. Mrs.
Chas. Jackson and Mrs. John Lang for
Miss Katie Jordon last, Wednesday
evening at the residence of Mr. and
Mrs. Jackson on Vine street was
very pleasant affair. The guests
brought much pretty and useful linen
for the bride.
The Ladies' Whist Club was the
guests of Mrs. William Rhodes of
Blue Springs, and Miss Effie Fisher of
Independence at the later's home last
Saturday afternoon. The afternoon
and evening were spent in cards and
music. An elegant luncnean was
served as only Mrs. Rhodes and Mrs
Fisher can serve, after which all de
parted, feeling highly repaid for their
trip to Independence.
For sale, by R. K. Shryock Real Es
tate and Loan Company, 705-70G Pos
tal Building:
12,000 Five room cottage and 50 foot
lot, paved street, good location.
$1,750 Seven room framo, East Side;
all special Improvements iu
and paid; easy terms.
$1,250 Five room frame, good repair;
easy terms.
of character an good reputation In
each state (one in thl3 county re
quired) to represent and advertise an
old established wealthy business house
of solid financial standing. Salary
$21.00 weekly and expenses additional
all payable in cash each Wedueaday
direct from head office. Fw-o and
carriage furnished whs' necessary
References. Enclose self-addressod
envelope. Colonitt Co., 334 Dearborn
St., Chicago.
The Phylla Whealley Art Club en
tertalned a numlx-r of their friends
Tuesday evenings, June 16, at the
residence of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Clark
2025 Forest ave. The club's colors
were pink carnation. Each guest was
presented a souvenir of the club's
colors. The booth was nicely decor
evening was spent in music, select
reading, recitation and shot poems
Afterward Ice cream, cake and punch
were served
Those present: Mr. and Mrs. Rob
ert Berry, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Shaw
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Youngman. Mr
and Mrs. A. J. Lewis, Mr. and Mrs
Wm. Clark, Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Oat
man, Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Jackson, Mr.
and Mrs. J. B. Brice, Mr. and Mrs.
George Jones, Rev. and Mrs. S. W.
Bawat, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Morrison,
Mr. Nat Wthlte Law and Miss Emma
Bryant. Mr. Harry E. Fields and Miss
Mabel Washington, Mr. George Smith
and Miss Rowel and Retd, Mr. John
Martin and Mrs. Frankle Taylor, Mr.
Nat Guran and Mrs. Adams, Mr. A.
8. Jackson and Mrs. Edward Hender
son, Mr. Curtis Wilson and Mrs. Sad
die Scott, Mr. W. M. Rice and Mrs,
W. R. Paterson, Mr. W. McNerry and
Mrs. Jenett Walker, Mr. Wm. Morri
son and Mrs. R. N. Frazler, Mr. W.
H. Sprlggs and Mrs. Robert Slmson,
Miss Ida Jackson, Mrs. 'J. E. Cavall,
Miss Maggie Lang, Mrs. Lizzie An
dersdn, Miss Hattie McDonald, Mrs.
D. Jackson. Miss Emma McDonald,
Mrs. Jennie Owen. Miss Gertrude
Myers, Mrs. C. F. Harman, Miss Sal
lie Harris, Miss Annie Collier, Mrs.
W. Pigeon.
Mrs. Robert Berry. Pres.
Mrs. John Taylor, Instructor.
Mrs. Eugene Shaw, Sec.
Mr. Frank Marks and Miss Marlea
Walker were married Tuesday, June
the 16th. at high noon at the home
of the bride, Grandbe, Mo. The home
was darkened and beautifully Illum
inated and decorated. Miss Lillian
Patterson was bride's maid, and Mr.
Howard Brumer acted as best man.
The Rev. Curtis of Joplln offlcated. A
reception to about 50 guests followed
the ceremony, after which the bride
and groomi departed for Kansas City.
While In Kansas City they were the
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Clay,
on Highland avenue, where quite a
number of Mr. Marks old Kansas City
friends called on him and his bride,
who is an accomplished young lady
and no doubt will add much grace to
Chicago society, where the happy
couple will make their future home,
Mr. and Mrs. Willie Bell entertained
MY. and Mrs. Marks at their home
Thursday evening, where no pains
were spared to make it an enjoyable
evening. Mr. and Mrs. Marks left
for Chicago Friday evening over the
Burlington and took the best wishes
of their Kansas City friends with
To Protect Czar and Emperor.
It is said that when the czar of Rus
sia and the Germun emperor visit
Rome they will be guarded by 1,200
detectives, who will masquerade as
pilgrims, peasants, priests, nuns and
other characters abounding in Home
and will lodge in all siu-is of hotels,
high-priced and low Inns. In cloisters,
private rooms and even houses of Ill
repute. Pessimism In the Sunny South.
Glory is but a transient dream that
gives color to a sleep hesirnngled with
illusions of greatness; a mirage, glit
tering, but unsubstantial, hovering
above the oasis in the desert of life
at whose fountain many a weary trav
eler would quench his burning thirst
that he may press on to grander
heights. Roanoke, Va., Tlmea.
Secret la Out About Kansas.
"His skull was fractured but no
bones were broken," says the Topeka
Capital in recounting that a citizen
had been run over by a street car.,
"Once more we are aroused to the
suspicion that the Topeka Intellect
Is rased In gutta percha," says the
Kansas City Journal.
Needs a Damper.
It is said that King Carlos of Portu
gal consumes thirty-one htige and ex
ceedingly strong Havana cigars dally.
What he needs Is a damper in his
windpipe. He has too much draft. It
takes an ordinary smoker a good hour
to burn up such a cigar.
For What Reason?
A popular dining saloon In the
British metropolis has a sign outside
the door conveying information of an
alarming character: "This Is the best
restaurant in London. Our fish can
not be approached."
One Way to Cook Eggs.
The farmers of India when fuel Is
scarce, cook an egg without fire. The
egg Is placed in a sling and whirled
around for about 5 minutes, until uw
heat generated by the motion bus
cooked it.
Want Railroad to the Yukon.
There Ig a movement on foot In
Vancouver to secure the conHtrtic timt
of a railway from Home point on Hi"
coast within the province of Hrlilsli
Columbia to the vtiliey of the YiiKmi.
Good Excuse.
If the upliit of Henry Ward Heath
er Ih thinking about aumll chant,
thoae who arc iu the llerih may lo
pardoned for worrying about the rent.
Sioux City Tribune,
Varying Oegreea of Timt.
Relginm and Holland uae (irern
wlrh time. in (iertnany, Atisliia.
Denmark, Italy, Scandinavia, ami
Switzerland one hour before Green
wich time rules.
Largest Electrical Pumping Plant.
The largest electrical pumping plant
In tho world la that at Utah Lake. It
raises &,000.(i00 gallons of water a
day for Irrigating the Great Salt l.aka
Impress Lifeboat Rule on All.
Every tramcar lo Belfast has printed
In large letters just over the step at
each end of the car: "The lifeboat
rule is women and children first."
Subterranean Observatories.
It is proposed in France to estab
tlsh subterranean observatories by
drilling miles Into the earth with oil
well machinery. In these the strata,
temperature and gases at various
depths would be studied.
Motor Cars of Paris.
There are now 8.000 motor can
registered In Paris and its suburbs.
Of these 3.800 have a registered speed
of 20 miles an hour or more.
Less Billiards Playtd in Prance.
Billiards Is decreasing in popular
ity in France. The number of tablet
In use has decreased from 96,000 In
1899 to 89,000 at present.
Many Bibles Sold In China.
Three million one hundred and six
thousand two hundred and ninety-five.
Bibles, o' portions of Bibles were sold
in China last year.
Gas From Peat Not New.
At the Motala steelworks In Sweden
gas made from peat has been em
ployed as fuel for more than twenty
years past.
Germany's Immense Military Force.
(ermany at present possesses eight
million men who -ave been through
the ranks or are at present in her
Criminals Are Increasing.
In 1850 there was one criminal to
every 3,442 of the population; the
proportion is now greater than one to
Copper Stock on Hand.
The world's stock of unmanufac
tured copper in the hands of dealers
usually stands at about 90,000 tons.
Derivation of the Word "Gin."
The word "g.." Is not derived from
Geneva, but from "genlevre," the
French word for Juniper.
Greenland's First Printing Press.
Greenland never had a printing
press until 1861. The first was im
ported by Dr. Rurk,
Coldest Hour of the Day.
Year in and year out the coldest
hour of the twenty-four Is five o'clock
in the morning.
Immense Product of Potatoes.
In bulk the world's product of po
tatoes equals that of wheat and corn
Excellent Service
to points In
And the Southeast, and to
Kansas, OKlahoxna,
Indian Territory,
And the Southwest.
IMailrd information aa to eirummrt datra.
ratra, train acrvitc, etc., turtiiklird upon appli
cattun to
Jamm Oonohum,
A&aiitanl General I'asariiifer Agent,
KaniaiCity, Mo.
Licenced Kunurel l"ur
nialier and Kmliuliiinr.
No Extra ('.hirer For Work In
Kania lty, MWtMiurl.
TaL 32 Wtat. Kanaaa City, Kanaai
everything Pertaining to Mumle.
How much do yon know about
the qualities of a Piano or other
Musical Instrument ?
Couldn't you be deceived easily
in that matter?
Nine out of ten people can be,
and therefore trusi to the honesty
of the dealer.
How tmportent then, that you
buy from a house with a reputa
tion of many years behind it.
This is the oldest and largest
music house in the West.
Tolophonm SfOt.
No Delay-Satisfaction Guaranteed-TcctK Examined Free
We are the most reliable dentists in the city. We have the largest and
oldest practice In the city. Our success is duo to the unifcnnly high
(Trade work done by gentlemanly operators of middle ages no youths
We Guarantee to Please. V Our Reliability is Unquestioned.
This firm is backed by a wealthy corporation, and is therefore thor
oughly responsible. All work Is guaranteed f jr lf years.
full Set Teeth
Set 8. 8. White Teeth
UoltU'rowns SJ-k
1-ridge Work, per tooth .$2.65
Platinum fillings
Teeth extracted without
1029 Main St.
The Style of a Kelley
This line does not belong to
the "Common Herd."
The style is as different as
the service and comfort is
Anyone who will test them
will appreciate the difference.
"wall street
DAVID T. BEALS, President.
Union National Bank
Statement as made to the Comptroller of the Currency al the
close of business Feb. 6, 1903.
I .nana and rilxcounl
I'. S. Itonrts. at ir ,
MmiletpAl Moiiiln Hi pitr
l ush unil Slum Kxehsnve.
Tin ill Jl 1,01 70
fuplllll StiM-k f f.lMl O KI (Ml
Siirpliia Kuntl aoii.tMMi imi
t'liillvlileil prollti 7N.77I till
t'neiirneil Interest 0 l.tiill.nn
NaHlnnnl Hunk N.iteu iIiiimhiiiIiiik 4'.:!, nun. imi
Keposltn 9.6IA.I70.I7
1I.IJ,M4 7!
firtvlfl T ItenlH. I,. T .lames A.J Snliler. W W I.i.kJov Vrt nah.ln 1'. Nes,
(ien. K. Ilnrse C W. Whlteheitil J, Merrill, dm. W .limes. W. K. Thnrne
KdKiiril Uei.riie. II J Unu'erniis O. II. Deitn. dro. II Kuril. ITIli I.. I. Kurt,
f. J. Selimeljter . W. 7.
Wholesale and
Scrap Iron, Rags,
Our business transaction will convince you of
our honest weights and fair dealings, o
IRON YARD Cor. ftih t Hickery Sit.
OH ICE aV WAREHOUSE 1315 W. 9th.
. . . . $4.00
SOc We do a we advertise
iin Kl kk. We are here to stay.
Srrond Flnnr. Kiitraurv iu Muln Street nn'v.
Open Dully. Mich till t. Stiuil, y- lo to V
Shoes of "Known
The following mahcH insure yon
the best values in litis eoiimrv and
the styles re Meet tile best you will
Me ciaoli sen son:
.lolm Kelley. Ilsirry II tli-ny,
"Anlohnv," American iii I, Strong
A. tJitrlielil, Stacy Ailiini Ac. The
licsiliu cushion sole. The nuiluiiin
Shoe. Kxelnsive sale at
1105 Main Street.
520 Minn. Ave. K. C. Kas.
V. H. SEIGEK, 2nd Vlce-Preat.
CHAS. H. V. LEVIS) Cashke
ft.tlHI.71 S.
i hjn.lMUKill
IW7.441 M
. 4 iH.i.r.Mf. V'tt ti.hai.l2A 40
Retail Dealer in
Bottles and Metals.
1 CU. M
l&lSaS VilV, i10.

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