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If Pays to Advertise in the Rising Son
The mcut beautiful wedding In the
history of St Augustine Mission was
solemnized Tuesday, June 30th. Kl 7:30
o'clock, when Mr. Frank Bufkln and
Mlsa Katie Jordan were Joined to
tMner in h ly wedlock.
Tho bride, a picture of beauty, wore
a magnificent gown of white Paris
mualln, trimmed In point lace, and
carried a bouquet of American beauty
She was met a-t the vestibule by
Rev. Father Harper, Haul and David
Oroathwalt (alter boys), who escorted
her to the alter accompanied by her
brother. Cant. Leon Jordan, who gave
ber away. Miss Grimshaw, msrtd of
honor, wore a gown of white organjle,
handsomely trimmed.
The ushers were Messrs. ln Mont
Romory, Edward WatU. Fletcher Mc
Gee and Prultt Simpson.
Following the ceremony a reception
was given at the home of the bride,
1112 Campbell, where the couple re
ceived the best wishes of their many
friends, who were served with de
lightful refreshments.
Following Is the list of presents
Set silver salird forks, Mrs. McNeil
and daughters. Topeka, Kans.
Silver gravy spoon. Mr. and Mrs.
V,r. K. Grimshaw, Washington, D. C.
Set silver teaspoons, Mr, and Mrs,
Leon Jordan.
Set silver teaspoons. Mr. an.l Mrs,
Gus aBlley. Kansas City. Kans.
3et silver teaspoons, Mr.- and Mrs.
T. W . Belk Leavenworth.
Set silver Teaspoons. Mr. Timothy
Set silver knives and forks. Mes
dames Jacobs. Iena Jordan, Mr. and
Mrs. Wright. Topeka. Kans.
Silver tea-set. Mesdamea Francis
Jackson. R. T. Coles. Root. Wiley
Wm. Garrett, M. E. Nero, Cora Mor
ion Mtanes Cora Yancy. Geneva
Wiley, Nellie Banks, Mayme Hllllard
Dollv Yancy. Jdnnle Gray; Messrs.
W. n. Smith, I. H. Horton. W. H.
Dcwley. Jr.
Silver tea-net, Mr. and Mrs. Henry
Silver butcher knife and sugar
s?oon. Mr. and Mrs. D. F. Tipton.
Silver tea-set. Mr. and Mrs. J. Harri
son. Kansas City. Kans.
Silver bread-tray, Mr. and Mrs. Mor
gan Carter.
Silver cmV.er jar, Dr. G. G. Brown
and Miss Lutie A. Brown. Atchison,
Silver berry spoon, Mr. and Mrs. Joe
Silver lacking dish, Mr. A. S. New
son. Silver sugar spoon and butter knife,
Judge and Mrs. I. F. Bradley.
Silver cake knife. Mrs. Anna Moore,
Liberty, Mo.
Silver bon-bon spoon, Mrs. Bell Ed
wards. Silver bread dish. Dr. J. C. Dibble.
A shell stiver sugar spoon. Miss
Sanders end mother. Leavenworth
Silver cream ladle. Mr. and Mrs. J
J. Bass.
Silver desert ' spoon. Mr. and Mrs.
W. E. Griffin.
Silver pie knife, Miss Anna H. Jones,
ann Harbor.
China rose Jar, gold finish, Mr. M
8. Lewis and Mrs. A. Griffin.
China vase. Misses Inei Woods and
'Edna Jordan.
Cut glass berry bowl, Mt. Alonzo
Cut glass olive dish. Mr. S. H. P
Cut glass sugar creamer, C. H. &
H. C. Watts.
Cut glass cover rest. Dr. Theodore
Cut glass berry bowl. Miss India
C. Moore.
Gold mounted urn, Mr. J. W. Wood
Silver lemonade pitcher, Mrs. G. E
Wedding chimes, Mrs. M. E. Nero.
Havltand china set. Mesdames W. K
Bousfleld. W. F. Fairfax. S. R. Bally,
D. N. Croslhwait, Hester Watts. Lucy
Jackson. Eliza Rone, John Rone,
Misses Daisy Day. Ophelia Watts,; A
F. Moore, Mra John Hill.
Japanese cup and saucer, Mr. Geo.
Cake plate. Mr. I. S. James and Miss
Ruth Deloache.
China cake plates, Misses Ida and Bes
Hie Washington. vi;;. -w
China Ice cream platter, Mr. and
Mrs. Wallace Dean.
Six Ice cream plates, Mrs. Stafford
fend daughter.
Mahogany writing desk, Mr. and
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Allenetoaln
Mrs. Thos. Herndon, Mr. and Mrs.
Richard Allen, Mr. and Mrs. Theo.
Clay, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Glbbs, Mr.
and Mrs. Jas. Hill, Mr. and Mrs. How
ard Riley. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Bell.
Miss Julia Pierce, Prof. G. N. Grl
shom. Gown. Maud Olden.
Double blanket, Mr. and Mrs. Holly.
Hand-painted china Jug, pitcher,
chocolate cups and saucers, one-half
cake plate, chop plate, one-half dozen
dozen cream plates, Mrs. S. A. Ed
wards. Hte-nd-palnted china plale, Prultt
Hand-painted china plate, Mrs. Jno.
White spread. Mrs. B. B. Brown.
Fancy pillow, Mrs. Cummings and
Silk handkerchief. Mr. Louis W.
Picture by each. Wm. Watson. Miss
R. Reld. Robert Jordan.
Book. Mrs. L. Williams.
Book, Prof. J. D. Bowser.
Book. Mr. and Mrs. Branch.
Brlda-1 prayer book. Rev. Father
Pillow cover, Mr. and Mrs. A. M.
Wilson, Teavenworth.
Set table napkins, Mrs. Sheers and
son. j
Two towels, Mr. William Herndon
and mother.
Towl and dreRser scarf, Mrs. and
Miss Gertie Jackson.
Towels, Mrs. R. E. Bullett
Center piece and dollies, Mr. and
Mrs. Smith. Chicago.
Dresser scarf, Katie Dwrden.
Table cloth and cut glass cake dish.
Mrs. Fanny Nicholas.
wo rockers. Mrs. Viola Bufkins and
Center piece. Mrs. Francis Jackson.
Towel. Mrs. N. M. Blunk.
Six napkins, Mattie Teeters.
Centerpiece, W. H. Bousfleld.
Handkerchief, Miss Grimshaw.
Hemstitched sheets &'nd pillows,
Mrs. John Lange.
Handkerchiefs. Mrs. N. E. Nero, Mrs.
J. Silas Harris.
Handkerchiefs, Mrs. Josie Right.
Linen napkins, Mrs. D. N. Croslh
Table cloth. Misses Ida and Victoria
Six dollies. Miss Rosalind Reld.
Collar, Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Coles.
Two Mexican doilies. Cora E. Yancy.
One Mexican doily. Dolly Yancy.
Dresser sarf. J. Dallas Brown.
Center piece, Mrs. J. J. Bass.
Center piece. Mrs. I. F. Bradley.
Two handkerchiefs. Mrs. B. Brown
Six dollies and scarf. Mrs. Ieon Jor
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Morrison cele
brated their fifth anniversary Monday
avening. June 29th. 1903, act their resi
dence. 1023 Virginia ave. The house
was beautifully decorated with sweet
peas, ferns and palms,
The following ladies assisted: Mrs.
J. W. Taylor. Mrs. E. Henderson, Mrs.
R. Simpson, at the punch bowl; Misses
Bartley Ollvr and Miss Amelia Davis.
Gee and Prultt Simpson.
etaoin shrdlu cmfwyp vhgkqj
Those present.
Mrs. R. Berry. Mrs. Simpson. Mr. and
Mrs. J. W. Taylor, Mrs. IL Hlnkston.
Mrs. Ijiura Taylor, Mrs. J. Brlce. Mrs.
E. C. Foster. Mrs. E. Randolph. Mrs.
C. Smith, Mrs. M. Martin. Mrs. A.
Williams. Mrs. J. H. Whitney, Mrs.
S. Davln, Mrs. E. D. Henderson, Mr.
and Mrs. R. Allen, Mr. and Mrs. D
Queenan, Mr. and Mrs. W. Falrfat.
Mr. and Mrs. E. Shaw. Mrs. J. King,
Mrs. Ij. Burton. Mrs. Cooper, Mrs.
White. Mrs. J. Walker. Miss Bartley
Oliver, Miss Amanda Oliver, Miss
Amelia Davis Mrs. A. Coleman.
Many nice presents wfrs received
Mrs. Lucy Davis, Jardlnlar stand
Misses Bartley and Amanda Oliver.
Mrs. Cooper, Mahogany chair.
Mrs. Wm. Page and daughter, platt
of burnt wood.
Miss Lottie Clark, plsrtt of burnt
Mra. M. Martin, a wash tub.
for It Reaches More Homes of Colored Peop.e
DR. I. N.
Dr. J. N. Birch, of 2318 Vine St..
this city. Is one of the leading and
practlcle physicians and is striving to
Mrs. J. King, a wooden bowl.
Mrs. L. Burton, a knife and fork
;irs. McCae'.pbcll and daughter Ada.
oak stool.
Mrs. M. Jones, foot rest.
Mrs. C. Smith, towel rack, dish mop
and potatoe masf.er.
Mr. N. Ganen Mid sUter, wash
board, scrub brush.
Mrs. .1. Allen, clothes pins.
Parson G. W. Smith, clothes pins
and klndlln wood.
Mrs. A. Williams, choppln bowl.
Mr. B. Davis and Bister, India stool,
Mrs. McDanlels ami daughter,
rhoppln bowl and potato slicer.
Mrs. J. W. Taylor, 2 wooden spoons.
Mr. and Mrs. R. Allen, Mr. and Mrs.
D. Queean, Mr. a'ndMrs. Jones, Mr
Vcrdine Smith. Mr. Robert AnCcson.
Mrs. Sue White, Mrs. S. Hlnkston.
Dr. and Mrs. L. J. Holly, Mr. and Mrs.
W. Fairfax, oak rocker, Rev, S. W.
Bacte. A. Young, H. Fields. Mr. ami
Mrs. J. W. Taylor. Mr. and Mrs. K.
Shaw. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Brlce, Mr.
and Mrs. T. H. Carter, Mr. and Mrs
R. D. Henderson, Mr. and Mrs. B
Thomas, Mr. arnd Mrs. O. W. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. R. Berry. Mr. and Mrs.
E. C. Foster. Mr. and Mrs. E. Ran
dolph. Mrs. J. Walker. Mrs. Jones Al
len. Mrs. 1-aura Taylor. Mrs. Alice
Coleman. Miss Maggie Lange, Miss
Amy Jackson, Miss Mable Wishlng
ton. Miss J. E. Foster. Miss Lena
Allen. Miss Inez Woods. Mr. .1. M.
Horton. Mr. J. W. Martin, tf mahogany
rocker, bread plate and steak pounder.
The evening was pleasantly spent
with cards. The prizes was awarded
to Mr. Lewis Woods and Miss Aman
da Oliver. Miss Oliver receiving a
gold ring. Mr. Woods gold ruff but
tons. Mr. and Mrs. C. Morlson re
ceived a little white bed from
The porch was enlightened with
Japanese lanterns.
Chicken Salad.
Olives and Nuts.
Icream and Cake,
Bon Boi-s
W Rd Light for Smallpox.
1 In a recent artlcl in a widely read
tnagazlna on "Nfela Flnson and His
Heating Rays" It Is said: "All the
world might now have smallpox with
out fear of disfigurement." The red
light treatment was experimented
with long before and much since that
publication, and tho results atiow tho
quoted statement to b unwarranted.
tush the head of his profession. ll
Is Investing his saving in valuable
property in Kansas my.
Evils of Popularity.
"I'm it 1 1 a nl that you lack personal
popularity." said the confidential
friend "Well," answered Senator
Sorghum, "I sometimes have my
doubts about the desirability of too
much of it. Personal popularity i-eems
lo me to li" something which makes
everybody teel thai yon are naturally
under obligations to do him a f.ivor."
Washington Star.
' To Protect Birds.
In consequence of numerous com-
plaints by icasants about the Increase
of insects injurious to the crops, tho
French minister of agriculture has or
dered a stricter observance of the laws
against the slaughter of birds.
Stenliie Meat.
The sterilization of meat Is much
practiced in Belgium. It returns to
tho trade under the form of a whole-
some product, meat which otherwise
would be unlit (or consumption.
Import C.-.iom.
Because of the failure of last
years onion crop in the Northern
Slatqs. uhlclt was due to the rotting
of the vegetables in (lie gr id, the
"pauper onions" of Kutopc and Africa
are being shipped hue in large quan
I it lew.
For a Clean Slats.
A man can be almighty mean to his
wife ami yet wipe out the score If he
will only remember, when they are
dining In a swell restaurant, to say
he can never eat roast beef except in
his own bouse New York Press.
Tells the Same Story.
Pangs Chlnlcy has a wonderful
memory. I don t believe bo ever for
gets anything he ever read or hsard
Griggs But unfortunately he never
I remembers that be told you the same
story twenty or thirty times before.
! Boston Transcript.
King of Jeiu.altm.
King Alfonsa XIII or Spain has
many titles, among them being King
of Jerusalem, which is dlu boi nu by
tha Austrian Emperor.
Shows Time's Changes.
Edwin Warflald of Hall mime advo
cates the erection of a inonumt-iil to
the Federal dead in that It .
Consumes Much Coffee.
The United States use nearly
third more coffee than the tent itt tha
world put together.
then any other Paper
lrxlngton. Mo., June 30. l'.to.l.
Editor, Dear Sir:
Kind enclose 50c. 1 have not heard
from any of those places yet. fur Ma
dame Staple as soon as I hear from
them I will let you know. I was
there Sunday but I could nof find
you. but I seen Mrs Staple.
I wish you would see Mr. dunlin
Reed, he lives at 80S Harrison. In rear
he is a member of our lodge of the
l". H. F.. and please see the members
of the I'. B. F. there and have him
attended to. If he dies and his Ixxly
to us If It Is agreuble to his wife.
We expected Madame Staple here
on the 11th. and Rive a recital and
there will be a big picnic that day.
Yours truly,
A. W. Walker.
Rev. R. Yoiyig went to Kansas City,
Kan., Tuesday morning on business.
The rally at St. John's church Sun
day was a financial success. The
amount raised was near $100, they
will now begin their improvement.
Rev. is quite a worker for bis church.
Rev. A. A. Gilbert and Ills members
Purk. They invite everybody to u-i-
tend, Kansas City and ail adjoining
Mr. Frank Ilolten and wife went to
Kansas City Saturday evening and
returned Monday morning, also Mr.
Lewis Curtis and daughter.
Mr .ljavfetf Reed waa . called to
Kansas City Sunday to see his sick
quite III, not expecting to live.
Mr. Nelson Waters of Kansas City
was here Sunday to see bis slek sister
Mr.i. I .aura Parker, who Is sick.
Mrs. Emma'1 Caves who bus been
sick for some Is some better.
Mrs. George .lones left Thursday
for Omaha to spend the summer with
her daughter.
Mrs. Brooks of Iowa, who has been
here for several weeks visiting ner
moihr and brother and with relatives
ft Tuesday evening for Iowa.
Miss .lonlon the evangelist came
Wednesday to carry on a series of
meetings. She will probably slay I"
r 12 days at .Ion M. E. Church.
Nothing to be Thankful For.
"There's A., the landscape paint
er," sunt a crayon man io jomi n.
Sai gent, the artist "He neither
Irlnks. smokes, nor stays up nights.
He ll live to a gicnt age. I hut s
lis punishment, iniil ait's, too." re
piicd Sargent - New oi k tunes.
Japanese Schools.
An olbclnl ieHiil shows that at I hi.
end of Inst year theio were In Japan
ninety seen agricultural schools, sin
fishery schools, twenty -eight leetinl-
tal schools, fifty commercial school
seven mercnntlle schools and siity
two indiist i lal schools.
Quite a "Time" -.f It.
Man missing from .us home In
Spring Grove. Pa., since the autumn of
19U1 turned up last Saturday and ex
plained that he hud gone off on a toot
and remained away through shame.
Ouess one of that duration would couie
under the classification of peach.
intimidate Voters.
Shortly before a recent election in
Dercolo, Tyrol, ailheienls of the Cleri
cal party cut Mime vines In the vine
yards and (Misled up warnings that it
the peasants gave the Liberals a ma
jority all their vines would bu cut
and ruined
Edison In a New Field.
Thomas A. Kdison has just gone
Into politics, and the people of the
Oranges are excited. They fear he
will Invent a new political machlnn
which will baffle the oldest exMrts.
Oh. let It be soon!
Longest Strike.
The louges: strike on record Is not
yet ended. The 2.MIMI men and boys
emploved in Lord I'cnrhyn's slate
quarries, in Wales, weut out two and
a half yean ago, and the settlement
of the strike is now- a quostiou III
British party polities.
Libretto by Eugene Field.
Two sons of Eugene Field havo ar
rived in New York with a comic op
era from the pen of their father. It
will be produced In the fall under the
title of "The Buccaneers." The music
Is being written by a well-known com
poser of light opera.
In the State.
League derided at Its last meeting, to
hold the fourth animal session of thrt
organization at Nashville, Tennessee,
during the mouth of August. l'.HIIl.
Tho Executive Commit tn has decided,
upon Wednesday, Thursday and FrU
ilrxy, Annum ID. 20 and 21, as the,
detes for the meeting. i
The locnl Negro Business Leaguo
of Nashville has nlrivtily begun makn
ii.g thorour.it and elaborate prepnra-i
tiom for the entertainment of tho
National body, and there Is every ln-
deration that the coining meeting will
be the largest and most Important
In the history of the organization
AND 3. 1903.
To the members of the National Afro-.
American Council, Delegates front
Local Council and Affiliated Organl-i
zntloti.i, such as Churches. Colleges
Benevolent Societies, Newspaper
anil oilier Race Organizations.
The Sixth Annual Secslon of (lift
National Afro-American Council will
be held nt. lvulsvllle, Ky., July 1st
2d. and 3nf. 1903.
Acting President.
Chairman Executive Com.
General Secretary.
Made Matters Worse.
A Indy. In passing up u church alslo
caught her llrcss on u corner of u pew
and lore it. As the proecss of tear
ing was very aiullhlf to the congrega
tion, the leelings id the lady may Im
imagined when, al the moment, the
clei g man began the service by read
lug the sentence: "Hcnd our heart
and not your garments "
Coal Mines Increase.
It Is staled that on Jan. I. .1103.
there wen' 1.121 bituminous coal
mines In operation In Pennsylvania,
as compared with '.US on Dec. 31,
Pity the Poor Councillors.
Me-iihers of the t'ounellsville. Pa,
(itv council have sued a local news
paper for damages In that it staled
that they had demanded free passes
from Hie Baltimore and Ohio railroad
They ilaiiu to have endured "great
mental sufti ring" which seems to In
dicate that nicy ilidn t get Hie passes.
First Negro Graduate.
Lawyer Taylor, the first colored
graduate of the Northwestern univer
fiity, has spent seven years in study at
the college, and Is regarded as one of
the most capable men In the senior
class. Mr. Taylor lives at Austin.
Tex., and after Ills graduation expect
to become an Instructor of mathemat
ics in Atlanta university.
make Living by tne Sea.
Throughout the world about 3 per
cent uf people gain their living di
rectly from the sea.
Railroad Building In India.
India has about 25,010 miles of rail
ways, to wnicn a.uuu mure are auuen
every year.
To tho Public,
Why suffer from discharges
from the vencrial orjrarm and
ruin your digestion with nau
seous, ill tastinjr medicines or
strong injections that may
Ktricture you for life or neces
sitate a painful and expensive
surgical operation when by
usiny Comb's celebrated
remedy for three niyhts you
are guaranteed a cure. Noth
ing to take or inject. Good
for male or female. Write at
once for terms to Dr. Combs,
'HIS E. 12th St., Kaisas City,

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