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Pays to Advertise In the Rising Son
We have in our midst Dr. McQueen
Carrion, dentist, who romcs to this
city highly recommended In hla chos
en profession. His office Is located
at 910 East 12th Sst., Kansas City,
Missouri, where he will take pleasure
in waiting on his customers. Calyl and
see him.
USED IN 1858.
Way back in the year 1838 the
Original Ozonized Ox Marrow was
used by colored people In the Norm
and is now used all over the country
from Maine to Texas and Oregon to
Florida. The continued usr ot the
preparation for such a long period
of time is a positive proof that it
gives perfect satisfaction to all. It
makes kinky or curly hair straight,
soft and beautiful. Stops falling hair,
curea dandruff and makes the hair
grow. Never falls. Warranted harm
less. Only 50 cents a bottle. Get it
from your dealer or Bend us CO cents
and we will ship you a bottle express
paid. Address Ozonized Ox Marrow
Co., 7G Wabash ave., Chicago, 111.
A Mystery of the Season.
No one has ever clearly explained
why, at this season of the year, a girl
whose skin would be hopelessly ruined
were she to roll up her sleeves and
put her hands into a dlshpan half full
of water for a few minutes, ran play
golf or tennis, bare-armed, all day long,
or go into the water bathing morning.
noon and night, and be proud of the
color she acquires In ho doing. Why
is it. glrla? Don't all shout the answer
at once.
Statesmen Fond of Angling.
Secretary of State John liny spends
a good pari of his vacation each year
in fishing trips near his New Khglund
homo. Attorney (ienet-il Knox Is
julle nn miller, too.
Don't Co It Blind.
To view love properly n man should
be farslghted In one eye. to overlook
defects, aril nearsighted In the other,
to appreciate virtues. Town Topics
Wireless Telegraph Service.
Since the great volcano disturbances
In the Windward Islands It has been
Impossible to maintain unbroken ca
ble connections between the Islands of
Martinique and Guadeloupe, and the
French government has established a
wireless telegraph service between the
two. The distance exceeds 100 miles.
Indirect Cost of Warfare.
The lnmer.se Indlrert cost of war
fare is Illustrated by the fact that the
Spanish-American war cost $1,000.(100
a day for over a year, although bos
tllliles occupied but three months.
Ser.d Millions to Norway.
Figures recently published In Chris
tiana show thai the omrunt of money
sent heme from the United States by
immU'rn-ts from Norway last year
wns $:i.7C0.onn.
To Cool Off.
Crack some Ice fine, add a few
prigs of mint, inclosed In a canvas
bag and apply to the wrists, the hack
of the neck and the crown of the head.
A little whisky and sugar with the ice
and mint, applied Internally. Increase
the efficacy of the prescription.
Centenarian Who Was Never III.
A fact more remarkable than cen
tenarian longevity itself Is reported
in the case of a man of Italian birth
named Antonio Novorlnl, who has Just
died at Serajevo, In Bosnit, at the age
of 105. It is recorded of him that
only last year, being then 104, he cut
a new set or teeth. Novorlnl was bora
in Padua and entered the service of a
Moslem landowner in Bosnia about
elxty years ngo. He had never known
what Illness was, and died suddenly
whilst drinking a glass of aerated
How She Explained It.
Little Mnrgaret stood by the edge
of the Hudson watching the baats.
Presently a tug came steaming along
with halt a dozen barges towed be
hind it. Tho bavges were loaded with
wet earth and their decks were even
-with he water's edge. The child
" ' 'item cQuriously for awhile
"f nng an l.lai'd -own to N.
I 1 -
lb,. .. .
(Jig Sole of Seed.
The need iilam.it Inns around San
June, Cat., lire said to receiver J.'l.tMKt,
Olio a year from the- sale of seed. The
11 rut expoi -intent nf the planters In
this line were made loss than half a
dozen years ago. One onion patch
now covet 3,0W arm, with furrows
almost, two miles low;. A single plot
of sweet pea occupies 800 acres, a
bed of yellow asters 210 acres, a
lettuce lied 2,10ii Keren. Thero are
within a radio. of eighty miles
mound San Joso l l.fiOO acres devoted
to raising pliintH ami (lowers for their
til'i-il tiloiie.
Where Drought Ij Prevalent.
The thought 1u this section of the
coiiiit.rv has caused so much dust,
especially In the suburbs, where the
waleiing c.irts are likely to bo few
and far between In their visits, that
many people have temporarily adopted
custom I lint prevails for the four
dry months in California every year.
Thin Is the putting of a whisk broom
or h feather duster, sometimes both,
at the door so that visitors may re
move the dust from their shoes and
skirls or trousers before cnlei lug.
Now York Sun.
Remarkable Horsemanship.
I.lcut. O. van Ueaufnrt of tho Dutch
army, has just mails a remarkable
ride from Amsterdnm to Vienna, a
distance of 780 miles. The start-was
made on April 30 and the lieutenant
rode Into the Austrian capital on the
morning of the ninth day after that
date, both himself mid his mount be
ing in excellent condition, although
the last stage of Ihlrty-fonr miles had
been done overnight In heavy rain.
University Students.
In the VniU'd .Stales nearly thir
teen of every lo.eiin inhabitants are
studying at colleges of university
status. The tiumhcr In Great llrltaln
is less than five.
Accepts Butterfly Collection.
President Loiilict ha.-- iniilioil.ed
the Paris Museum of Na'urnl History
to accept M. Itoullet's ollociinti of
butterflies, nhlch is valued at I'JO.noi).
India's Irrigation Works.
The Irrigation works recommended
by the Geological Survey give Interest
to tho report on the Irrigation works
of India. The net revenue to the
government was 7.36 per cent on an
outlay of $110,1100,000. The value ot
the crops raised on the irrigated area
during the year is estimated at $136,
000,000 a sum in excess of the cap
ital outlay.
Cable Lasts Long.
A section of cable In the Caribbean
sea was recently raised from 1,350
fathoms of water, where it had lain
for thirty years. Tests showed its
core to be In perfect electrical con
dition and the rubber Insulator unin
jured. A fear that sulphur from the
rubber might injure the copper wire
had no foundation.
Endless Chain Religious Work.
If there were only one Christian In
the world and he worked a year and
won a friend for Christ, and If these
two continued each year to win an
other, and U every man thus led into
the kingdom led another every year,
in thirty-one years every person in the
world would be won for Christ.
Church Eclectic.
A New Endless Chain.
The Saline County (Kan.) lndx
thinks it has discovered a new end
less chain. "Rvery farmer's boy," It
observes, "wants to be a school teach
er, every school teacher hopes to be
an editor, every editor would like to
be a banker, every banker would like
to be a trust magnate, and every
trust magnate hopes some day to own
a farm and have chlchens and cows
and pigs and horses to look aftur. We
end where we begin,"
A Fearful Thought.
Intelligence that a young woman has
chased Sir Thomas Llptou luto a cor
ner and kissed him several times will
exclto the haunting dread that the cup
lifter may yet be seen prowling around
the country emulating the oscillatory
performances of Richmond Pearnon
Hobson, It was the same kind of ex
perience that started that hero on U!j
devastating earner.
for It Reaches More Homes of Colored Peop.e than any other Paper
Beautiful Word Painting of an Ideal
A young man who sought a clerk
ship In one of the departments at
Washington once asked the late Rob
ert Q. Ingersoll for his Indorsement
and this was Ingersoll's reply:
"Young man, I would rather have
forty acres of land, with a log cabin
on It and the woman I love In the
cahln with a little grassy, winding
path leading down to tho spring
where the water gurgles from the lips
of the earth, whistling day and night
to the white pebbles a perpetual poem
with hollyhocks growing at the cor
ner of tho house, and morning glories
blooming over the low-thatched door
with lattice work over the window
so that the sunlight would fall check
ed on Cie dimpled babe In the cradle
and birds like songs with wings
hovering In the summer air than be
the clerk cf any government on
London Journal Champions the Cause
of the Fair Sex.
In all sections of society one hoars
married men, and indeed others,
grumbling considerably at the ex
travagance of their wotnenklnd in
dress. In individual cases "(hey may
have the right . tv'iirin;.le-' -but "'on
principle, and In general, I io not see
that they have any genuine grounds
for complaint, because If women are
now extravagant In dress It must be
remembered that for generations
men have been extravagant in other
anil worse forms of aelf-indulgence.
And, after all, man can take comfort
to his soul In tiie knowledge that it Is
chiefly with a view to pleasing him
that woman Indulges in follies of this
sort, added to which he should count
It as a gain that this particular form
of extravagance adds to the general
cheerfulness and gaiety of life. Lon
don World.
Didn't Need a Chain.
In a Scottish town, so the stor
goes, a Ixindoner on his way to a
hotel addressed the porter who led
the way: "Not large place this?"
"Na verra," was the answer. "Has it
a corporation?" "A what, sir?" In
quired the baggage bearer. "I mean,
who rules It?" "Rules it? Jlst the
provost." "Ah, the provost. Like our
lord mayor? Has he got any Insig
nia?" remarked the cockney. "Insig
nia! What d'ye mean?" asked the
puzzled Scotsman. "Yes, Insignia;
that Is to say, has he a chain?" the
polite visitor hinted. Whereupon the
almost dumbfounded native gasped
out: "A chain, sir? Tho provost
chained? Na, na! He gangs loose;
but dlnna be feared, he's quite harm
less." What a Famous City Lacks.
Athens, Greece, the only capital In
Europe which cannot be reached by
rail, Is separated by several hundred
miles from the Kuropean main rail
way system, of which Brlndlsl, Sa
lonlka and Constantinople may he re
garded as the three southern termini.
A projected line from Athens to Sa
lonlka will bridge the last gap In the
chain. Whin this Is completed It will
be possible to run through carriages
from Calais to Athens and the Greek
capltsl will be brought within three
days of london. At present the quick
est transit is Ave days, via Ilrlndisi
and Paris, which Involves a sea voy
age almost as long as that between
Brlndlsl and Kgypt.
To Enter Orange River Valley.
The number of Americans who may
enter the Transvaal or Orange River
Colony is limited to BO a month, and
each must have a permit, tho blank
application for which can be had of
any Rrltish consul. And, too, an affi
davit must he made that tho applicant
has sufficient means to support him
self and family after arriving. Con
sideration df such application is often
delayed fur weeks and thoso who grow
impatient and arrive In advance of
their permit are generally given the
option of leaving the next day or Im
prisonment for six months, with a tin.
of 433.
Harvard's Semitic Building. Kmieavor gifts from this denumina
The Semitic building at Harvard. ton during the past year amounted
which has cost about ISO.imo, win be ! t0 $10,477.
opened this month. I
j.Mr. Iive, the barber, dropped dead
Sltunlay morning in Mr. Christ
walk's saloon. As he hud no relations
tiling he ww burled by the county.
Tills should be a warning to every
young man. when you've got money
fih'l are able to work you've got I
ff ellils.
he nc
tie timi
If you have no money you
no friends. He was working at
lime for Mr. Mat Bouldrldge, and
no one would let lib- body go to their
h'isc. I don't think he was treated
should learn to respect each other.
Mr. Charles Ta-lhott and his little
daimhte:'. Goldie. went to Independ
ence Saturday to visit Mr. Bush, and
returned home Sunday evening,
'liu lie a number went down to Itlg-
ginsville Tuesday to attend the fair.
jllev. I. N.
pfiaciied at 5
Triplet!, of Odessa.
Zion A. M. 1C. church
Wednesday night.
JMrs. Florence Haydeii returned back
home Saturday evening from Colunv
grand session of the Daughters of
Tli i nncle; nlso Rev. Thlckb-s imd
Tli i nncle; nl
wife and Mr. SI
ln;v had a good
Shi ply. They report hav-
good time.
fl'he grand master of the W. H. K..
S..! T. Pcttlgrew, wns here and visited
tilt lodge on the L'Hlli nml nays that
t(y have raised $ll,r.Stl this, year.
1 Ti'-y me iloing u grent work In Ml.i-
The grand chapter Order of the
Kastern Star will meet in l'xiuglou
Aug. 7. I'S and ll'u:!. in its an
nual session. Tliey ask nil chapters
In send their delegates. They will close
ith a picnic nt Hoffman's park.
There will be good music and enjoy
ment for all. Mr. W. M. Wright. It.
II. P.. .Mrs. Kilty Syli,-s. R. G. M . of
Kansas City. Mrs. Williams, of St.
Louis. R. G. S.
Mrs. I.uclndiu Freeman paid up her
subscription for the Rising Sun. We
hope others will do likewise.
Rev. .1. (', Caldwell, of Independence,
was here on Wednesday visiting
friends. We were all glad to see him.
Projectiles Used by the Navy.
Four classes of projectiles are used
in the Culled States navy armor
piercing projectiles for use against
nrmor. common shell for use ugalnst
iinarmored or very thinly armored
parts, shrapnel for service against
exposed detachments of men a con
siderable distance sway, and canister,
which Is employed against detach
ments of men lucking protection with
in clone range.
Dubuque Catholics.
Dubuque Is the strongest ('Btholic
city In tho west, !i2 per cent of tint
population belonging to that faith.
There are seven parochial schools, at
tended by Hi. 121 children, and I'.i.H.'iS
young people are under the care of
the church.
World's Debt to United States.
This country Invented the parlor,
sleeping and dining cars, the pressed-
neei irelgni car, many 01 me nest lea
lures of the automatic coupler, and a
host of related devices, and it runs
ihe fastest longdistance trains.
Douknobors Are Quiet.
The I loiiMioliors. wiio have been h
'Hither to the Canadian fovori mcnt
i ver since lln-y came from Itussln,
l ove mil-ted down ami gone buck to
work on I -(! farms. About a doen
..f them, hov-ever, are sllll religli.tisly
it. Mine.
Widening Chicago River.
Two million di'llars will be spent In
Hie wide! lie 'f the ' ') i'-H-i i river he
:wei I -ill in d Vim Puren streets.
I'.ie woii. will oceiiv twn years, snd
i chirnei "on fuel wide ncil twenty
two eet dei. ii will be Ihe result.
j Have Built Many Churches.
J The Ch riit Inn Kndeavorers .f
i America have built twenty : ini
churches in destitute portions of tae
I I'nlted Slates. Twenty-one of these
I have been built by the Christian Mis
j sionary League of the Reformed
i Church In America. The Chi 1st Ian
Java and Sumatra Have Vegetable
Products That Dis.eminate Death.
There are criminals among plants a--well
as among animals and human be.
ings. Thou.-' ihal have the most inis
tor reputation are known as deal I:
plants, which are tmind only in tin'
volcanic districts ot .lava and Stimuli a
The plant's nppea.ance quite belles its
name, for il Is really very aliiiictive.
being a low gtowln shrub with lout;
thorny steins comici with beautiful
broad leaves. The upper siirliu e ot
these leaves Is a vivid omonild. while
the lower surface is a brilliant siaiiel.
The flowers lite great while hell
shoped hloL-M ins uliu h ( hale a sweet
and deadly p.-itume.
The death plant grows in lh." inosl
fertile spins, hut nil aluell il the
ground becomes hnrieti m c:italloii
and neither bird nor houH may lome
within a wide ladius of it. They know
better, but uish man, with i warn
ing instinct to cnide him. will on a
sionally lir.ger too long in its viritiiiy.
enchanted by lis dclcliiii and luavy
fragrance, until lie experiences lh dis
tressing eflect t of h's Imprudi -i;
blinding heailai he. whic h, if lie still
remains, will he lollowed by tempor
ary deafness, convulsioii-t of mu:.i l :
of the face and in-em.iblllly.
Excellent Don Mot Credited 10 James
Rudolph Garfield.
A bon linn i i. -filled to .hum s Hit
dolph Ginlicl.l l!r newly appniulid
commissioner of i m pot allons. has of
late been coin : tin' round--, of Wash
ington. .Mr. Gai In Id ai a dinu r pally
sal next to a I n 'ii liwuieiin. I'll i''
woman pulsed her own eouuiry "iv
highly. I'arlii ill. lily she praised
French politeness. "The h rem h." she
Fnid, ' are ih polilol peopln in the
world." Mr (.'ailield smiled. The
other, a little pitpn d al Ins smile, said .
"'oil Ann rleans till admit, dull I von
the supcrlorilv ol Klein Ii poliiciu : '.' "
Mr. Giirlleld answcied. "We do. ma
dam. i lia' is our pnlllencn..."
Long Hours In the Countiy fitmr.
Il Is all likhl lor I In- iounli si
to keep bile bonis. Il Is lite niiniiy
( lull. If Die boss likes It uohoilv cl:c
hus a i;;lil in complain. In the coun
try store the man dues his own winli.
Kven if tiai'e is good ho Is not liidb
ered with (leiKs' unions. A louutiv
store is out ii business and II II 1.1
liocci-suiy to i pi n rally ami i lime
late the tin Illy msu will he on hand
to welcome leiiiuiei a us tliey may
arrive. Along in the middle ol the.
day the country men limit is it woik
III the garden, while his wile sils
down In the toie Willi her sewing.
It is u lannly artait Kiou City lour
cal. The Country of Albania.
Albania lie IKii miles on tho Adri
atic si a and Is an t.n luu miles wide.
It was foimeil originally, says V lllimii
Jackson Armstrong In his "Hemes of
liefeat." from )xirl of llyrls, all of
Knlrus and nnrt of Macedonia In the
I ( ovt titl. . v. Kn.ni tlim te.rlt.ny
1 .,, ... , rllll. .. ,. .i,.f,..( ii.
J ,n 11Va,ler; Philip mid Alexander of
I Mucedon, tin' l ulni'ieiois. I'erseus,
'whose fume as a soldier coveied th
world tin yi ars afier Clinsl, and
Kknnileriicn;, who lur 40 years de
feated armies sei.t ai'.ainsi htm by the
Turk. Aiificnt tiiiaiiiM lay 111 Asia.
Just i list ol I be Caucasus.
Clerks as Vme Tiirrmers.
In May 'f evcrj year I lie ttneries
In the 1,1 IlIiIioi hood of l-iasl Finch-
lev and list net l-'.ni'.laiid. give em
ployment to hundreds of unemployed
lerlis and saletiurii who go out from
London. They aie engaged in trim
mlng the clusteih of vines, removing
nil ragged elr.es and tslntod fruit.
For tliis l.ilsir. wliie.i Is dono In a
high tempciatiire, the men receive
(ibout $H. 7"i a week, out of which
tlicv pay their own hoard mid lodg
ing. The vine growers prefer unem
ployed clerk for this work, which Is
of u nature loo ileliinte to bo under
taken by "homy handed" hrlp.
Largest Elephant Known.
There l-in recently arrived In Ger
many the hide of an elephant that was
1H feet 'i itn hes high, this being over
three feet above the largest elephant
ever known hitherto.
In the State.
'HE next number will be
published about the 1 5th
of August as we arc preparing
to go to Nashville, Tcnn. to
the Business Men's League
which is to come off Aug. 22.
There Is a movement on foot In
Kam us City, championed by some ot
tiie race, which has fur Its purpose the
establishing of !. first-class steam laun
dry. The object Is to provide employ
ment for our women who are first-
class laundresses.
There wns an enthusiast le meeting
In Id ai th Vine street llapllsl church
on Tuesday night, the L'lst, which was
attended by some of the most, promi
nent men and women of the race.
This laundry Is to be run by colored
men and women, iitnl owned by them,
witli all the modern first-class ma
chinery necessary for such nn Instl
t pi ion. Much of tho stock has al
ready hen subscribed, and ou Tuesday
night. July lis. there will bo another
muss meeting of the colored people nt
the Vine Strict Itaptist church, to
which all well-wishers of the enter
prise i.Te Invited -lu ulttnd und cnlcli
the spirit of do something for our
selves mid open nn nvenuo for our
hoys and girls, na the while people do
for theirs.
Tho men behind this move Intend t
see to It that this enterpilMe Is a go.
Come out and lake some stock lllltl Ii"
convinced that the colored brother can
do smite! IiIiik for himself.
The stuck is divided Into shareii of
one dollar, but the pim haser nf slun- 's
can lake any number Hint Is desired.
('mile mil and belli to save the
women and children of the race and
d 'iiiMiisliate to the world that we can
be a people, i.inl by the help of God we
Will be.
Tiie National Negro business league
will meet In Nashville, Tcnn., during
the month of August, P.tna. The execu
tive committee has declo upon Wcd
nsiliiy. Thursday and Friday. August
lit. If n and 21, as the dates for the meet
ing. Russia Needs Manchuria.
Th- Kussinn policy In Manchuria
may ue Kilo to be duo to the necessity
of finding new mark) is for her indus
tries. The grent dihVulty In carrying
out Russia's ambition In the Miinchur
ian market lls. strangely enough. In
the transportation ol her own mer
chandlxe. IH'spiu her un at railroad
she has 1:0 rual ad .-ant aire ""over the
roreiguei. I'niler the present condi
tions ot die road 1:0 bulky cr.rgo ran
pay fir Its inuiHpo-trition, and even
under pros r comliieiiis the major
pari nl the freit!:! will go by sea.
Petroleum Versus Coal.
In tests of petroleum fuel for pas
ioniser locomotives on the Florida
Hast Coast lailroiid. which is aH level
is the sia it parallels, it required
u and three-quarters gallons per
iii'e run. TMs showed 1112 gallons of
ill to be equal to ii ton i f ronl. On
iic Iloslon ti Maine railway the help
er engine at the lloosao tunnel, work
.ng on grade of 42 per mile, showed
1 u gallons of oil equal to a ton of
Will Astonish Londoners.
The l-omloner will he greatly an--,oyeil
by Innovations when the
riierlcan electrical iars are running
11 ihe Metropolitan iinder-'ioiiiid and
u'penny lube railways. T:ie fare will
ie five cetit.1 for any distance; there
he no first, second, or third class,
he high speed will he over sixty
iitles an hour, and the 2u second limit
,0 (tops will give htm a Chicago edu-
at ion In mnvemerl.
Sam Plugs, the Junk man, Is hack at
his eland doing business; ready to
buy If you have anything In his line,
iron, brass, copper, lead, bottles or
ags; junk of any kind. Call and seo
W-Ncw to Tuna

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