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f Pays to Advertise In the Rising Son
Rev. Jennings of Hlgginsville,
preached in the Baptist church morn
ing and evening Sunday.
Mr. Kidd, of Moresvllle. spent a few
days here, the guest of Miss R. John
son. ,
Miss Amelia Johnson spent a few
days In Kansas City last week, return
ed home Monday morning.
Mrs. F. E. Hayden spent Sunday at
Hall station with Mrs. Richard Holmes
who has been quite ill, but is now bet
ter. Miss Minnie Brooks of Kansas City,
Kas., is the guest of Miss Effle Wil
liams. Mr. William Leo. of Kirkwood.
here visiting his parents.
Mrs. Minnie Powell, one of our aged
mothers, departed this life Friday,
March 10th. She was a member of
the A. M. E. church, from which she
was burled. She leaves two daughters,
Mrs. Mat Bouldridge and Mrs. Morris,
and a host of grandchildren and other
relatives to mourn her loss. We ex
tend our heartfelt sympathy to the
Mrs. Mary Wilson spent a few days
In Kansas City last week.
Mrs. Alto Lee was called to Higgins
vllle to see her sick mother Friday.
Mr. Cebeon Wilson is quite ill, also
Mr. Jerry Iee.
Mr. A. W. Walker left Saturday
morning for St. Ixuls.
See George Anderson and have your
horse groomed and trained. C13 E.
9th St.
Promptly at five o'clock on the af
ternoon of Friday, March "1st, the
season will be inaugurated by Mr.
Heinrich Conrled's gorgeous produc
tion of "PARSIFAL."
Promptly at 2 p m., on Saturday af
ternoon April 1st. "LES HCGENOTS"
will be presented, and on Saturday
Mr. James Wilson, of Sweet Springs,
was here Sunday.
Miss Kate Wilson returned home
from Independence Monday morning.
Mrs. Iiena Mason Is conducting a
series of meetings at Allen chapel, 10
Charlott St., and will preach all day
John Lang and Boom are at 912 Park
ave., and will be here for about ten
days yet. They have several dates to
fill In teh city.
Miss Emma Smith the soprano, Is
doing honor to herself and to the com
unity. Kansas City is proud of her.
Mrs. W. B. Has moved to 1404 Jack
son ave.
One nice suite of rooms to rent at 117
west 6th. unfurnished. For two gentle
men. See Lewis Woods.
Mrs. F. J. Peck is somewhat better.
Her many friends wish her a speddy
Grant Neal was a caller at our office
this week.
Wm. Randall, 1611 Michigan ave.
paid us a visit this week. He will lay
off for a week on account of not felling
Ian Maclaren, beloved author of
"The Bonnie Brier Bush," and many
another charming book, was lately ad
dressing the children of his own
church. The British Weekly thus re
ported in part his beautiful allegorical
"I am going to speak to you," he
said, "about houses four houses.
First, three, one within another. The
evening. April 1st, at 8 p. m., a grand
double bill of "CAVALI.IEHIA RUSTI
CANA" aftd "PAGLlACCI." All star
casts chosen from the world's great
er singers. The Metropolitan Opera
Hoiibo Orchestra of 60 superb musi
cians, Magnlflclent chorus, Corps de
iiPitefeM nag
for It Reaches More
first has the sky for a roof, the moun
tains for walls, the sunlight for win
dows, the clouds for blinds, the flow
ers for a carpet, the rivers for Its mu
sic. The next house may have had
six rooms, or twelve, it may have had
a garden, or it may have looked on
the street, but in it your mother
moved about, and its music was the
sound of her voice. The next house
you will recognize when I say that it
has five doors through which you
may go out, and through which things
may enter; one you look through, one
you speak through, one you smell
through and one you hear through.
Then we come to you yourself, and we
are going to think of some of the
rooms in this house. Thereis the li
brary, with its rows of book-shelves,
and its air of quiet knowledge, this is
your mind, and all that you learn at
school and read, Is going to furnish
those empty shelves, everyone's mind
is empty to start with, and if it con
tinues empty while you are young, you
will be called silly, and when you
grow old you will be called dull. No
room Is more desolate than one bun
rounded with gaping helveano rqtomj
more beautiful than , weimued 11
brary. Then (I am talking if r
were going through . ajnljjM , ta0
there Is the court room a great bare
room with light streaming in, and a
raised table at one end where the
judge sits. This is your conscience,
and the cleaner this room is kept, and
the barer, and the stronger the Judge
who sits here, the better for you and
for me. Then there is the strong
room where no light comes in, with Its
thick walls and barred iron door, and
here are kept the parchments with all
the history of the family. This is
memory, and here a book is put away
each year, that may not be taken out
to be altered but It Is a good thing,
now and then, to take the parchments
up to the big, bare court room, and
there spread them out, where there is
plenty of light, and examine them.
ballet, An organization of over L'2."
AN 1st and Musicians.
The general reserved seat sale will
open at 9 o'clock tomorrow morning
at tho J. W. Jenkins' Sons Music
Company, 1013-M15 Walnut St.
Kansas City Season of Grand Opera
uuder direction, Barrett & Oakford.
Homes of Colored Peop.e than any othei Paper In the State.
Then there Is the picture gallery of
imagination, and it is well for us if
the walls are hung with pictures of
angels and holy things; and there Is
the church, which Is your heart, where
you meet with God. You may meet
with God in any of these rooms, but
here, in this room, you must keep him
a holy place apart. Then you may go
out upon the roof, and afar off catch a
glimpse of the house beautiful, our
fourth house, which I am not going to
try to describe, but which we call
"Our Father's House."
Dr. B. F. Allen tho scholarly presi
dent, and all who In any way helped
to secure the appropriation of $77,400
for Lincoln Institute, merit tho high
est approbation from all friends of ed
ucation. The amount thus granted by the
Forthy-thlrd General Assembly of Mis
souri Is the highest appropriation that
has been given the institution. Of this
sum $25,000 Is to be used in erecting
a new dormitory for young women. A
bluldlng that Is very much needed;
$1,000 for the Summer school: $1,000
for additional books for tho library,
etc etc. We simply mention these
Items to indicate tho manner In which
under the excellent management of
Dr. Allen, Lincoln Institute rapidly Is
becoming one of the great schools of
the country.
Dr. Smith, the druggist, has no in
terest In the "Stock Drug Company,"
which is to be opened by some of tho
physicians of our city, but will con
tinue to do business at 908 K. 12th
street and 805 Independence avenue.
Reading notices and announcements
will always be rated as advertise
ments, and when such is sent in to
our office cash must accompany it.
In order to accomodate the Colored
People of Kansas City there will be
a special section reserved tor them.
The prices will be: Single ticket,
$1.00. Season ticket, $:.ihi. On sale
ut Jenkins & Sons Music Store,
Ticked Time Two Centuries.
The residents of Tlalpam, Mex.. com.
plain that the public clock of that
town Is useless; repairs are made
overy week, but every week the clock
gets out of repair and can never be
kept In good condition. The Tlalpam
clock Is probably the oldest pulilio
clock on the American continent. It
was originally Installed as a cathedral
clock In the year ltiR7; In 17SM) It wa
donated to the council of San Agustln
de las Clevas, near Tlalpam. when It
vas Installed there and set in motion.
Since that time It lias never undergone
repairs until a few weeks ago. Th
clock, however, has told the time fop
TiV years and It Is but natural that It
U tired and wants to bo sent to a tun
Why Snow Bursts a Gun.
In a discussion at the Royal society
on the effects of sudden pressures,
In 1 .on don recently of some experi
ments on the effects of sudden pres
sures, attention was called to a singu
lar experience, which. It was said, peo
ple who go shooting In winter some
times have. If the muzzle of a gun
happens to get plugged up with a little
now, the gun Invariably bursts when
fired In that condition. Light as tho
plug of snow Is, It requires a definite
time for a finite pressure, however
great, to get It under way, and dur
ing this short time the tension of th
powder gases becomes so great that
the barrel of the ordinary fowling
piece Is unable to withstand It.
A 8outh African Hoodoo Man.
A colored man, Jaul Jones, has
been committed for trial by tho Wyn
berg Magistrate on a charge of prac
tising as a doctor without a license.
Faul Pulse, a laborer, said ne went
to Hock's farm, where the accused
lived. He found the accused and told
him that ho was sick. Accused took
witness Into his bedroom, took a tin,
put something Into it, - 'ruck a match
and set fire to It. He then snapped
his Angers over it ami took a bull's
eye glass and examined his chest and
body, looked over some playing cards
and told witness that them was a
frog alive In Us stomach. Johan
nesburg Star.
Singed Hair of Cat and Dog.
Henry Adams a Henry county far
mer, was In the city yesterday with a
vory naked dog and a strange tale of
the odd effects of a bolt of lightning
that struck bis house during the se
vere storm of Monday afternoon.
Tho lightning struck the kitchen,
running down the pipe of the stove,
shaving the fur clean from the back of
a rat that was asleep beneath thi
Ptove. striking the dog ns lightly ns It
had strurk the cat, running down the
animal's legs to the ground, leaving a
trail of singed fur In Its wako and
doing no damage to either animal be
food a severe fright. Halt Imuro Sun.
The A. T. Moore I 'ndcrlnking Co. Is
one of tin' imist enterprising Negro
business instil ut ions Unit Kansas city
affords. A. T. Moore and Ell Harris
comprise the lllln. They established
an undertaking and embalming busl
ness ut 120 East Eighteenth street
about a year ago with mine pluck and
elllciency thnu anything else, and by
treating their patrons right with
siiiare dealing, they have liccomc the
leading Imsinehs men of Kansas City.
Their object is to own their own eiii
meiit. They have recently purchased
a new $l.im funeral car. which Is now
In their possession. It Is first, chiss In
every respect. They also have refur
nished their plan- of business with
new cabinets, cooling boards, pedes
tals, etc. They now carry a full line
of caskets and burial oiiillts. They are
now prepared to offer to the public
llrsl class goods anil also first class
service in every respect. They .solicit
the pal ronage of all.
Fastest Train In Europe.
The fastest train on tho European
continent Is one from Paris to Saint
Quentln, which averages a little more
than llfty nine miles an hour.
Dr. Smith succeeds because he
knows his business and attends to it.
Ho contributes liberaly to churches,
and all churitablo institutions. We
should always support a man of this
kind. The editor w ishes him continued
The musical public throughout tho
entire Southwest Is on the very "tip
toe" of pleasurable expectancy ns the
time draws near when Mr. 1 1 enrich
t'onried and Ills incomparable aggre
gations, direct, from the Metropolitan
Opera House, New York will appear
for the first time In the West In a
season of grand opera in Convention
Hull, Kansas City. At five o'clock on
the iil'terniMin of Friday. March lilst,
the curtain w ill raise on Mr. Conrled's
production of "Parsifal." which Is ad
mittedly more magnificent in "every
particular than tin performance of
Wagner's masterpiece given at Bay
rent h.
On Satprday afternoon, April 1st,
"1-s Hugenots" will be given with II
caste that is simply invincible, as it.
Includes such world famed names ns
Nordlea. Sembrich, Homer, Dlppel,
Seottl, Van Uooy, Journet, etc. The
production in Kansas City will be the
same in every particular together with
the Identical caste, superb orchestra,
with the world of supernumerles
which goes to form an ensemble which
has produced opera that has scored
nothing less than triumph this season
In New York.
The Kansas City season of grand
opera will close with a fitting climax,
as a grand don Me bill IiiIm I n select
ed of two operas which represent (be
greatest achievements of the modern
Italian composers. The first of these
will be Mascagnis' "Cavalleria Itustl
cana," that little chef d'ouvrc of pas
sion and song, which is the best work
of Mascagiii, nud who has succeeded
lu packing Into his musical setting,
the tragic love story first told by the
Italian writer Yerga. In this work,
the West for the first time w ill have ait
opportunity of hearing Mine. De
Ma i 111. the most wonderful dramatic
soprano lialy has produced in years.
The second opera will be the equal
ly famous short opera of Leoncavallo,
which rivals In its charm, power and
pathos. Ilofh works will give marvel
Ions expression to the violence and
emotiiin of Italy. lu "Pagliacci"
Caruso, Hie world famous tenor will
appear In one of bis greatest roles.
The approaching season of grand op
era in Kansas City will be Caruso's
first appearance in ihc West, and at
this time, the West will have an op
portunity of passing Judgment upon
this man, who today is the frenzied
idol of the Metropolitan Opera House
audience, in New York.
COKHETT will count together next.
Wednesday night out In California and
while the latter is supremely confi
dent that be will regain bis lost lau
rels, the llano expects to finish bis
man In less than ten rounds. Judging
from' all reports Corbet t has the best,
of It in condition, having been in train
ing for some months. Nelson on the
other band has had to scale down
from 1 Tin and it lias not been an easy
gler," who has visited the Orpbeiiru
here, and who bad a very iiniqito act
accompanied with Individual comedy,
died of pneumonia in Ilellevue hos
pital, January 31. He had been befor
the public many years, and his serv
ices were In great demand.
WHEN John Philip Sousa returns
to this country from his present. Eu
ropean tour, it is said he will bring
with him the completed score of a
comic opera, the lusik of which W
being written by Hairy It. Smith, and
which the bandmaster will product
early next season.
Gate Keeper la Responsible-
The gate keeper at a level crossing
In Franco, who was held responsible
for a railroad disaster, was sontenoed
to a year's Imprisonment.

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