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It Pays to Advertise In the Rising Gon
Rev. Gilbert preached his farewell
sermon Sunday night. Rev. Clark and
his congregation was up, also a num
ber" of members from the Second Bap
tist church. He will leave for an
nual conference Tuesday night which
will be held at Hlgglnsvllle, Mo., on
the 18th.
Mrs. Dr. Tuylor of Columblia and
her sister of Leavenworth Is here vis
iting their father, Mr. John Bouldridge
who has been very 111.
Mrs. Jonle Terrlll and Mrs. Shields
of Kansas City were here Sunday vis
iting their mother, Mrs. Wm. Booker.
Mr. Irvln Hawkins and Mr. Wm.
Coleman of Kansas City were here
Mr. A. A. Gilbert returned home
Friday evening from Hiawatha, Kan.
Mr. James Hawkins who has been
very sick Is now better.
Mrs. Luclnda Freeman who has been
in Independence for the past two
wot'ks returned home Sunday night.
Rev. Dr. Herd and Rev. J. C. Cald
well and wife who have been attend
ing the North Missouri Conference at
Carrollton, Mo. ,were here Monday and
spent a few days on their way to Hig
ginsville to attend Conference. Dr.
Herd lectured Monday night at the
A. M. E. church. His lecture was very
Interesting. He spoke of Africa, the
difforent tribes her riches and their
manner of living. EveTy one was well
pleased that heard him.
Mr. A. W. Lloyd, Grand Chancellor
of K. P. of Missouri, visited Green
Valley Lodge on the 13th and lec
tured. The members were well
pleassed. General Robinson of the
Uniform Rank was in company with
him. He stated that he would like
to organize a company there. He
takes great, interest in the Uniform
Rank and he ought to be encouraged
by the K. P. They left Saturday
morning for Kansas City where they
will spend several days preparing for
the next annual meeting.
Mr. William Booker, sr.. Is quite 111.
Mrs. Ijouisa Henderson of Odessa
was in the city Saturday visiting her
mother and father in company with
her father-in-law.
Rev. McDonald and wife of Kansas
City were In the city Monday on busi
ness. Rev. Dr. Caston of Jefferson City,
Rev. Bacote of Kansas City and sev
eral other ministers were here Friday
holding council at the Second Bap
tist church.
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Ritche of Kansas
City was here Sunday to see her fath
er, Mr. John Bouldridgo. who has been
very sick, but Is now better.
Mrs. A. A. Gilbert left Sunday for
Hiawatha, Kansas, to see her sick sis
ter. A Great Hit.
"My wife made a decided hit at the
church social last night."
"I don't doubt It. I bet she was the
flrest looking lody In the room.'
"Indeed she was, (but she made
another kind of a hit. They were
throwing bean bags at a dummy, three
throws for a dime, for the benefit of
tho hospital fund."
"Hit the dummy three times?"
"Oh, no, with the first bag she hit a
tray of dishes on the opposite side of
the room. Cost me $4. Great hit."
Kansas City Drovers Telegram.
Bad Accident.
"Had bad luck with my automobile
last night. Ran into a buggy and bent
both of my axles, punctured a tire and
busted the gasoline tank. Terrible
"Too bad, too bad! Anybody hurt?"
"Nope, no one but the man and his
wife In the buggy. They were killed.
Couldn't get out of the way in time,
you know."
Did you ever have as good a time
on your vacation as you anticipated?
The Inter-State IJIterary Associa
tion of Kansas and the West, will con
vene In annual session at Kansas City,
Mo., December 2C, 27, 28.
Each Literary Society Is entitled to
representation by three delegates,
(one of whom may have a place on
the program), and three alternates.
New Societies, and those not having
been enrolled at the last session of
the Association, will be required to
pay a membership fee of JLfiO. So
cieties enrolled at the last session will
pay $1.00 membership fee.
Tho Executive- Committee will con
vene In November for the purposer of
making up the program.
Any Society may become a member
of the Association by application to
the President or Corresponding Secre
tary on or before tho first day of De
cember, sending therewith tho re
quired fee.
JAS. H. GUV. President.
429 Kansas Ave., Topeka, Kan.
I. M. HORTON, Chairman Ex. Com.,
1608 E. 13th St., Kansas City, Mo.
MISS A. F. MOORE, Cor. Sec,
1214 Vino St, Kansas City, Mo.
The Color Line.
If, as Is now claimed by an eastern
Individual, St. Peter is or was a color
ed man, the "white trash" wlli have a
hard time getting past him, while the
mere fact that "culled pusson" pur
loined a nice juicy hen while living In
Denver will not be considered so
serious as to bar him from the New
Jerusalem. Denver News.
Arranging His Toilet.
The king of gamblers sat aloue
With a mirror in his hand:
One of his Fridays came along
And took his watchful stand.
"Why this mirror, O my king?"
Thus did the Friday prate.
"That I might see," the king replied,
"If my lid Is still on straight" A,
L. Mayfleld, Denver News.
Warping the Scripture.
A sympathizing friend stood over
the little casket. He wanted to say
something that might console the
mourning ones. He could think of
nothing more befitting thnn a pass
age from holy writ, but this Is tho
way ho delivered It:
"Blessed are they that die at the
eleventh hour."
He Might as Well Go Back.
If Hall Caine has come Into tho land
or plenty with a view of taking his
"Prodigal Son" home with him. he
might Just as well go back. Since the
lad has been circulating In America
he rather likes the fast.; of husks and
will stay with us. Denver News.
Taking No Risks.
"I need more money," said the flying-machine
"But I thought tho machine was fin
ished," replied the capitalist.
"It Is, but I've got to hire a man to
fly It. Do ; on think I want to get kill
ed?" Cleveland Plain Dealer.
When All Others Fail.
Dispatches tell us that but for u
heavy rain which set In Just as the rire
department hnd exhausted all its en
ergy, Butte, Mont., would havo beou
completely wiped from the map. An
other evidence of the necessity of be
ing In touch with providence.
The Right Idea.
Miss Alice Roosevelt, who will send
a sewing machine to the empress of
Japan, has the right idea of spreading
civilization In the Orient. Sf5o evi
dently believes there Is more to bo
gained in sewing machines than sow
Ing missionaries.
The Morning After.
Boston preacher has the audacity
to say that "Colorado, like hell, needs
more water.' My, what a thirst he
must have had the morning after he
made the rounds of Denver. Denver
for It Reaches More Homes of Colored People than any othei Paper
Four envoys In a navy yard
With solemn care debated,
And meanwhile on a distant field
The warring forces waited.
One word, and each opposing brave
Would fall upon his brother;
One word, and battle's lust for blood
Would love and pity smother.
The cannon boomed, the bells rang
And loud was the rejoicing.
While gray-haired parents laughed
and wept.
Their happy feelings voicing.
Thus precious lives, the flower of
Were saved a thankful nation,
The Yalevnrd-Prlncerah foot ball
Was played by arbitration.
New York Sun.
The Clerk Whistled.
A Scotch minister Instructed his
clerk, who sat among the congrega
tion during service, to give a low
whistle if anything in her sermon ap
peared to be exaggerated. On hear
ing the minister say: "In those days
there were snakes fifty feet long,"
the clerk gave a subdued whistle. "I
should have said thirty feet." added
the minister. Another whistle from
the clerk. On sonsulting Thompson's
Concordance," said the minister, "I
see the length is twenty feet." Still
anothiT whistle; whereupon the
preached leaned over and said in a
stage whisper: "Ye can whistle as
much as ye like MasPherson, but I'll
no take anlther foot off for anybody!"
In Crimean Times.
In Crimean times (says the "Tat
tler") the Highland regiments were
so full of Iliberlans that many stories
were current exploiting the fact. One
gallant Scottish colonel, it was said,
resolved to take the sense of the reg
iment on the vital question of adopt
ing the plaid as an essential part of
the uniform. When the orderly came
to report the result, the colonel was
scandalized to find that only two of
his men favored the suggestion, "Ami
who are there two gallant Highland
ers?" he asked. "Ooch!" replied tho
orderly, "sure it's Corporal O'Brien
nn' Private OCallaghan, sorr!"
Bulk From the West.
The bulk of the commercial honey
crop conies from the Went and South
west, and this year tho supply Is
likely to be short. From Colorado.
Utah and Nevada the yield is reported
to be poor to fair. California has a
moderate crop, and other producing
States only a fair crop. Producers
are holding their stock at an advance
over last year's prices, the advance
amounting to about two cents per
How Schifflesi.
Jacob II. Sch Iff, head of the firm of
Kulin, l.oel) a Co. of New York, says
he was powerless to ward off the
things Equitable Hyde did to him and
bis company. How Schifricss of Mr.
Sehiff and how Hydeous of Mr. Hyde.
Denver News.
Ask 'Em.
"Should the Schoolmn'ams Marry?"
Is the question that Is being freely
discussed by some of the crusty old
bachelor editorial writers of the pa
pers just now. If these fellows really
want to know why don't they put
on a clean collar and go and ask the
school ma'am about it? Denver News.
Oh, Joy!
Colonel Hemming, a gcohgist of
Pennsylvania, has discovered In Col
orado a vast deposit of mineral from
wh.rh radium is made, and he says
the price will now drop from $
out) an ounce to only $l,ooo,o
ounce. iow mat is more like: it.
Three; million dollars was a little high
for most of us. Detiverl News.
Information Wanted.
".lane," said tho mistress to the
new girl, "you must not forget to put
the mackerel to soak for breakfast."
"All right, mum," replied Jane.
"What pawnbroker, kin 1 soak 'em
with, mum?" Detroit Tribune.
Edible Seaweed.
It Is not a little astonishing to find
what a number of seaweeds are really
edible and nourishing, says The Lan
cet Perhaps the best known example
In this country Is laver, which Is a
kind of stew made from a weed, an
alga. The laver made on the Devon
shire coast and to be found In tome
London Bhops is excellent.
Hold Farm Since 1300.
Recently the stock was sold on a
farm In Dumfriesshire. Scotland,
which had been held by a family nam
ed Moffat since the year 13 J. when
King Robert Bruce made a grant of
the land to the Moffat s. They held It
for 300 years as owners, and tho rest
of the time as tenants of the Dukes of
Commit Sport by Proxy.
"Vandal," a well known writer on
teports, said In a recent Issue of the
London Express: "The Bjmrts of this
country are absolutely rotten un
sound to the core. This nation Is no
longer a nation of sportsmen. It Is a
nation of odds-taking people who com
mit sport by proxy."
Self-Windlng Alarm Clock.
Joseph Blythe, a resident of Ches
ter, Pa., has recently obtained a pat
ent on a self-winding alarm clock,
which is said to have several very
novel features. The winding Is done
by electricity and when once set will
ring every day at the same hour If de
tired. Kipling as Critic.
Here Is Rudyard Kipling's advice to
an author who submitted n story for
his criticism: "Tear out second chap
ter and scatter broadcast. Change
name of hero and name of story; then
get down to business and rewrite the
whole thing." Atlanta Constitution.
Black Rot In Cabbage,
Soaking the seed for fifteen min
utes In a 1:1000 corrosive sublimate
solution or In a 0.4 per cent formalin
solution Just before planting is sug
gested as a cheap and effective means
of destroying the germs upon the
Firemen Start a Blaze.
When the volunteer fire department
of Tunbrldge Wells, England, was on
parade a spark from one of the en
gines set firo to a haystack, and the
fire burned Itself out, for the volun
teers proved unable to extinguish It
Many Schools in Hong Kong.
For Its size Hong Kong has an
enormous number of schools. The
population of the island Is about 330,
onn and there are over 100 schools,
the great majority of which are under
government supervision.
Church in Farmyard.
Few more curious places for a
rlmrch could be found than one 'at
Sotuham Delabere, Eng., which stands
in the middle of a farmyard. The only
means of entrance is by passing
through tho yard.
Ill-Tlmed Wit.
"1M h leave- ou auyttilpff when ha
I nkMl of thn fntlici'l.'M rlrl, who crlnii.
"oh. y. lie tl nl " " Ami 1 (iiicntlnnei
"Wlmt was It?" ' Hi' left mo nn orphan,
ii '."
- I'h'VeHnil I.cadt'r.
Girls' Beit Safeguard.
Let us teach our daughters that
life Is not only tennis and parties. It
us endow them with the best of In
surancesa profession at their fing
ers' ends. Woman.
Rills Cause Peritonitis.
Death from peritonitis, duo to ex
CMixive taking of pills, was slated to
be tke caiisefcf a woman's death at a
Bristol (England) Inquest.
British Railroads Well Manned.
American railroads have six em
nlnves for everv mile of track and
the British roads have twenty-eight.
Income of Oxford College.
The Income of Oxford University U
lightly under $300,000 a year.
Icandal Disturbs Serenity of Inhabi
tant of Bingvil e.
It Is rumored on reiii.h.c authority
.hat Hen Wilson has left bis wife
).ain owing to some maiM.il trouble
etween them. This is lot the first
.lmc Hen and Sar Ann hove hnd mar
tal trouble. Tho '. I hi tiimi before this
5ary Ann struck rltn wltn a rotllmt
Din above the left eye and he went out
' the house nnd dii not return for
leveral weeks. Son e says he went
;o the Co. seat and I petit most of hi
Ime In a hospital. Finally ne rcturne:!
'ome a sadder nnd wiser man and
ilm nnd Snry Ann made up main and
itarted out together to try to live n
lifferent life with fie dive of pence
icrched above the'.;" hearthstone, a?
on mluht sny.
But now ruction nwlft nnd terribli
las broken out In their midst again.
Vc got this straight or we wouldn't
ay anything about It In print. Mrs.
Vilson herself told Mrs. Caroline
looper that Hen had left home fo.
owed by all the cooking utensils In
ne kitchen. Mrs. Hooper told it to
ten Wade's wife and Pen Wade's wlft
old it to Mrs. Widow 1 1 1 ndcison whe
old us.
Sary Ann has a quick temper nm'.
when she gets nind there seems to br
lothitig else to do hut for lien to i!iv,
nit for a while ard wait until the
lends roll by. What tho trouble wa
his time was that Hen went right Into
'he house like a rtnrn fo.-il and set hiv
clf down on n new sofa pillow which
Mrs. Wilson had Just flnMcd. Mrs.
Wilson stated that Hen mlelil think
lint sofa pillows were made to sit on.
'nit he was mistaken. Hen's where
about s Is at present unknown "Plug
lllo Bugle Items'' In the Boston post.
John Ruskin's Self Introduction to Hii
The London On. look tells a pietiv
dory of (lie late John Itiukln, artist,
author, reformer, which snows thai
rourtly and chlvilrie gent'u man am'
great w riter in a '.!;iful i id:
Mr. Buskin wot; taklrg a mo: nine
nlk down lie read Ju.-I in front of
Brant wood, w hen he saw a lady sent
"d en a campsto-d making a sketch
if the house, ami, with a courteous
:race which was Intensely his own. In
addressed her, Inquiring hi r reason
for chooslrg the house In question lor
her subject.
"It Is the house of the famous John
Uuskln." she frankly asked.
"Have you met. Ituskln?" she was
"No, Indeed." idie replied. "If I Inn!
I would have deemed i one of Hip
greatest privileges of m life."
"Then, madam, if ou rare to fo!
low me, f will show I, nn to vou "
In a twinkling the stool nml easel
were pricked up and the art 1st cu'irlv
KiMoued the guld". To her surprl'-n
- ml ciatilicalion. he lid her up to th
house, nnd citi t ing, bade his gun!
follow, which "?ho readllv 'ltd On
ti arcle'd the stranger into the draw
llig room; then, placing Ms hack to the
Oiiplnce. a familiar altitude, he ex
rlaimrd. to the amactin nt or his com
(nil Ion :
"Now. what do you think of Hiis
rrom ''The Colour."
It" who linlh hcnl liirn ov-i the d'-:td
t ao Hit- III I ihiv .f I i. .ill. i ,1. .1
Tlie Oml il.-iik .lav of N. a I, Inpiicss.
Ha lnii I i.'iiii i: and logins
Hi-folP le(il's ff.u jnn titirr-r
H.iw- KWc-t Hie I tin wliit, I" autv liriff
ley I.
n1 niri'Wf ll-r. .!l, ihhoIi,- Mr
The rapture of Repose tint's 'here,
'I tie tiK.il . i. 1 1 . 1 , i null- mat nil . ik
Till" tallUllel nf the pllli Id ell'idr.
Anil lajt fur tliMt Mad miiimiiiIi'-! fv
Thlll fll'H lint Wins lint. wecw ttul tlfiW
n hut for that i hilt elia i.u !i'.i liinv
Where enlil 4 il t lei Inn's npatliv
4inN the ttnglrik-' inniirTiei 's h'-ai.
A If In him It ritiilil irni'iiM
The ilfiom he drwiiN. wt dwel'i unen.
. hill for the", nnrt th,. nleiie.
nmc IlirirnelilH, nv, nne ti-a hetnoe
ilq Htlll might donl.t tn Tvi.int'K imwer;
fall-. ej i aim, !n piifilv ft
The flrsl. last hK.lr hv dinih reveil. d'
''lllll Is Hie llHe i.f ihi hnie,
TN r";i,.,. ,. hut livtru: ' i 1 1-. - - no rnorr
' rnlillv NWel, so deadly f;ilr.
'Ac mint, for Hon! miniH u.-mllnir lln-r
It'll U Hie loi idlnctw In dinih,
rhnt nnilH not riulie with iniiliar htratk:
I'ut ItcioitY with thai fearful liloom.
I hat hue n dli li haunt It to tl,e tomb.
Rxt'i eslon'f ai rirc'linir rav.
A Kilned Halo hnverlnu round dernv,
I'he farew'll Imnm of l-'ei-li-iir nat iivir!
Sark of that IImuu'. oi ha,;,. uf n-avn-ly
I. lith.
Which Klciim hul wainiH no reoie Its
chciila-J (.nth.
Lonl Ilyron.
In the State.
The first term of the scholastic
year, l!i"u-i'i, has thus far (three
weeks) proved u record breaker.
The enrollment to date, October Vth.
Is three hundred and thirty-one, nnd
every day adds to the rapidly Increas
ing; number. Already it is necessary
to divide classes because of their sl.o
and soon it will be necessary to mako
Students are here from the I'liclflc
Coast on the West llulf of Mexico on
the South, and the Creat Lakes on the
North. The College Department has
enrolled a larger number than usual
and all of the industries lire over
Summer school students are sending
in letters from various points, telling;
how much was gained in methods of
leaching and subject, matters; that,
they have been able to secure better
positions with higher salaries bocuusn
of the work accomplished during; I lie
seven weeks' course in Lincoln In
stitute. Craduiites of the Institution are
constantly in demand to fill excellent
positions both within and without tho
slate; and President. Allen, who takes
great pleasure tu looking after their
welfare, and who Is always hunting
them up, has been able to secure good
positions for nearly or quite all of the
graduates of the hist three years, who
have desired to teach.
The football team is getting in shapo
for lis annual triumphs on the grid
iron; meanwhile the young ladies are
ellJoNlllg exercises through croque)
and oilier games of the campus. Tim
psychology of the new education roc
ogni.iti the fact that "All work ami
no play" Is, In say the least, Injurious.
Mr. V. II. iJiinsltaw, author of "A
History of I'lenuisoni y among the col
ored people lii North America, and to
whom an appeal was made in a recent
controversy belweeli thetiraiul Lodges
of Iowa and Missouri is tin- distin
guished father of Miss Mary K. (irini
shaw, the talented head of ihe sewing
derailment of Lincoln Institute.
The many friends of the institu
tions will read with great pleasure, the
aillele ill Ihe October number of the
.Missouri School Journal, "The MIs
i.ouii School System," in which oc
curs the following well-merited testi
monial: ' Lincoln Institute is a college, nor
mal school and Industrial institute all
III one. is liol to lie surpassed by
Tuskogco or Hamilton in Industrial
features, although it is not advertised
nearly i-o much. It Is supported by
Hie slat" and does not have the ap
peal lo the cliai'italilv inclined for sup
pott. There Is no good reason for exploit
ing its merits. Tho many students
from oilier slates seek admission
It Did.
"This watch will work like a
charm," said the dealer. "Ami It will
cost you but a dollar."
Ue paid the dollar.
By the way; did you ever see a
cliiinn that kept time'.'
The dealer was correct, nnd we
have no complaint to make.
The watch worked like a charm -exactly
like a charm.
"Papa." he said one day, "sailors
must bi awful small men."
"Why do you think so?" asked his
"Because," answered Harry, "I read
In Hie patters about one who went to
sleep on his watch."
When a man declares he Is out of
politics he doesn't always stop to cx
plafu why. ,
Men often miss opportunity's knock
because (hey are themselves so busy
"kiiix king."
The heaviest collection place doesn't
always Indicate the most religion.
Very often a dog runs as fast as
he can, und the rabbit gets away.

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