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IXWIS WOODS Business Maaafsr.
Published Kerjr Week
tar rr
i.l HWHW .
f ir luontnj
Ait Booth U
f orlcllr pM In adnr
tnUnd at Vtf I'mt Cfflc at Kan OUT, I
(U itroil I'Ut Matter. t
Autumn Offerings From the Big Store WESTERN UNIVERSITY,
Oorrpotident wanted In e very city ,
tad town in till matt. Write us.
All news matter Intended for pub-
U oat tori ehouUi reach our office not la
tor than Tutsditv, of each week and,
Butt be signed by the writer nut (or
publication, but a guarantee of auth
enticity, ,
FFIOIi-No. 117 Weit Slstr. St.,!
Kansaa City. Mo.
Advtrtidng Rntee,
(of mli'h, ooe Inaerilnn I H
or on Inch. rei'h auiiaequeot Insertion M
For two tarka, three niuiib IU0
futtwo laohv, all month 100
for two ini'he, nine months 10 00
rtwolncbai Ixln month MOD
i Tie paid circulation
of The Rising Son
is more than double
the combined circu
lation of all the other
Kansas City Colored
weekly nevspapers.
On the l"th of Ik-ccnibor, IShS. nt
Newbury, Muss., was born William
I. lend Ciiirrisoti. the man who set In
motion the forces which resulted in :
tin1 emancipation of the Negro in the
1'iiiied Stales from chattel slavery.
We say chattle slnviTy" advisedly,
because other forms of slavery still
exist in this koi n country. Mr. (lar
rison at the age of twenty four conse
crateil his life to the cause of the
slave. Ilecause of an article against
the ilottiestic slave trade which he
wrote, in the Cetiins of I'nlversal
Emancipation. Nov. lit. he was
indicted, tiled nin' convlcleii of lihel
in Haltimore. ami on failing in pay
a fine of fifty dollars ainl costs wan
suit to Jail for seven weeks.
(Hi the first of January, isni, the
first nimilier of the I.iheralor appear
ed. The l.ilieraior was published in
Hoston. In the salulalory nddress ap
peared these words, fit to he graven
in the memory of every man w ho
would serve Ihe cause of freedom and
righteousness: "I will he as harsh as
truth, an I as uncompromising as jus-
lice. On this suhjecl, I do not wish to
think, or speali, or write, with inodiTa- I
limi. I am in earnest; I will not j
e(iivncate; I will nut excuse; I will :
lint retreat a single inch; and I will;
he heard." With this nintto Mr. (iar-i
rismi heuan his warfare against slav
ery and cntitiiiueil it until tin Instl-j
lution was forbidden hy cnnstltulional ;
amendtiient, a perlml of thirty-five '
years. These thirty five years cover ;
ihe most momentous period of Amer
ican history, and are deserving of
study hy every one who would he
familiar with the stugglo for freedom
and emancipation.
It would he fitting for the Negroes
Tin- P.in Store's fall ami winter stocks air now at their best ami we want to urge upon our
patrons the advantages of liming now when evcrythinj' is complete. Out-of-town readers of the Ris
ing Son should hoar in mind that these articles arc just as available through the Mail Order depart
ment of The I'.ig Store as if you In night in person.
Sun to send for our handsome 1'all atid Winter Catal
sliows.lfow many a dollar may he saved.
We want every out-of-town reader of the Kising
alogtie. It wifl he sentfree to anV'a'ddfVss and '
Knit Underwear for Women and Children
Mere's a Hut of values that should Interest all prospective buyer. Assortments are so complete that
the most exacting patrons can be sure of being pleased. The chilly days have made heavier weights a neces
sity. You're Invited to Inspect these specially selected Items.
Women's Union Suit Made of I Vests and Tights Of medium
weight white cotton, hand trimmed,
lung or short sleeves, ankle
or knee lengths; garment. ...50c
Women's and Children's Hosiery
Women's Hose of imported, plain Women's Hose of Imported Eng
black cotton, fleece lined, eithQCp Jlsh cashmere; light weight, na CflA
er hemmed or ribbed top, pair Ju tural wool soles; pair wUw
Walnut Street Hoot.
white cotton, well shaped, hand
trimmed and in medium
weights; garment
Children's Union 8ults Of fleec
ed cotton well shaped, natural gray
or white, suitable for boys or girls,
open or drop seat style, ribbon or
French neck, sizes 2 to 10 Kflft
years, suit vUU
Children's Hose of heavy ribbed
cotton, suitable for boys or nr.
girls, sizes 5 to 10; pair.
Warm Winter Comforts
Now is the time to buy niankets and Comforts. We have been waiting some time to get these
blankets down and put them out where you could see them, feel for yourself the splendid quality, and buy aa
many as you will need through the winter. Read over these descriptions and note the prices. Every com
fort has the Emery, Bird Thayer guarantee back of It.
Cood sllkoline covered Comforts In pretty medium
and light colorings; filled with nice, soft white , i I f
cotton; yarn tied; a splendid Comfort, each... v 'i0
Heller quality Comforts; silkollun covered with
white cotton filling; yarn tied; a big vnlue
at, each
All exceptionally good Comfort; sllkoline covered
In very pretty colorings and designs; good dQ On
w light; each $tUU
Extra si'.e Comforts; 81x90 inches; a great
bit' Comfort of excellent quality for, dQ CO
each .. VidU
Walnut Street Floor.
The McDougall Kitchen Cabinet '
The Mclhiugall Kitchen Cabinet Is a unique rlccc of furniture. It takes the place of the kitchen
table, and occupies Just the same amount room. Us object Is to bring together in one convenient place,
every needed thing In the kitchen, both utensils and food materials, so that In the preparation of a meal all
that Is necessary can be reached without taking a single step.
Here is what one woman put into her McDougall Cabinet:
r.u lbs. Flour 10 lbs Salt 2,r lbs, Cornmeal 2 lbs. Coffee
1 Bottle Vinegar 1 Tail I.ard 20 lbs. of Sugar 1 Can Molasses
10 lbs. Buckwheat Flour 3 lbs Tea 12 Cans of Fruits and Vegetables 9 Pie Pans
Several Hollies of Olives, Sauces, Mustards, Catsup, and Salad Dressing.
Knives, Forks, Grindstone, Can Opener, Pair of Scales and Nearly a Dozen Cooking Utensils.
ft Kinds of Spices, Pepper, Sage, etc.
And Siill There Was More Room With the Sliding Shelves and Large Table Surface Than She Had
Enjoyed With Her Old Kitchen Table.
They are the handist piece of kitchen furniture ever invented. Be sure and see them when In
Kansas City or send for catalogue and circulars giving detailed description. Prices run from $15.75 to
f.'.l.on. Fifth Floor
llth Sts.
llth Sts.
DEPARTMENTS: Theological, College. Normal, Sub-Normal and
, State Industrial.
1 !.. ' -. ' : -i . ' .
COURSES) Classical, College, Preparatory, KWrnal, SuttNortnal,
slcal (Instrumental and Volcal), Including piano, organ and hat
mony, Drawing (Fine Arts and Mechanical), Carpentry, Printing
and Book Binding, Business Course, Stenography and Typewrit
ing, Tailoring, Dressmaking and Plain Sewing, Cooking, Laun
dering, Farming and Gardening.
ADVANTAGES: Slpendld I-ocntlon, Healthful Climate, Good Influ
ences and Thorough Teachers.
INFORMATION: For terms, prlcea and all Inducements offered write
Phonea: Office Bell "White" 4302. Residence Bell "West 15.
David T. Beals, President.
W. H. Seeger, Second Vice President.
Fernado P. Neal, Vice President,
Edwin W. Zea, Cashier.
Statement as made to the Comptroller of the Currency at the
Close of Business, August 25th, 1905.
Loans and dlscounta. . . .$ CT88.84G.P2
U. S. bonds at
par $ 600,000.00
Municipal bonds
nt par. . . 344,591.33
Cash and sight ex
change. . 3,698,201.72 4,642,793.03
Capital stock $ $00,000.00
Surplus fund. . . .; 400,000.00
Undivided profits 80,477.31
Unearned Interest 91,212.00-
National bank notes out
standing 500,000.00-
Deposits 9,479,950.66
Total $11,421,639.97
DIRECTORS David T. Beals, I T. James, J. P. Merrill, Q. W.
Lovejoy, E. W. Zea, C. W. Whitehead. C. J. Schmelzer, Geo. W. Jones,
F. P. Neal, F. L. LaForce, Edward George, Lee Clark, O. H. Dean, Geo.
D. Ford, W. H. Seeger.
Dealer in
Staple and Fancy Groceries, Fresh and salt Meats
Vegetables and Notions
which firm followed General Grant
10 Appomatox, and who has great
ability as a lawyer.
Senator Waggoner is an able Demo
crat, while Waters and Waters are in
dependent Republicans.
Not withstanding the ability of
these lawyers, we ought to raise $1,-
0011 for attorneys' fees. The case can
be decided but one way if Justice is
Habit Said to be at Bottom of all the
The so-called cravings of appetite
are purely the result of habit. A hah-
of this section to pav some attention : 'l acquired and persistently fol
io the litter which follows. The Na- Imvt''l ii,,,m llEl us ln lts KrasI' 0,1,1
then any deviation tnererroui tempo
rarily disturbs our physiological equi
librium. The system makes com
' plaint and we experience a craving
ill may be, for that to which the body
the effort which Prof. Washington and has become accustomed, even though
others have put forth. jthis something be, in the long run,
October 20, 10o.-. j distinctly Injurious to the weliare of
Mr Lewis Wivods t'"' body. 1 Here has thus come about
Publishing Co.. Kansas City. Mn.
Nothing Doing.
A German who invented a telamobilo
skop To delect when a vessel is approach
ing Another vessel on the ocean,
Chose a mighty bad name
For a fellow to make a limerick out of.
Kansas City Drovers Telegram.
tional Business League has accom
plished a great deal of good among the
Negroes of the United States nnd
more interest from the We-st is due
Let Not Your Angry Temper Rise.
"Look her, waiter, I've been sitting
here forty minutes waiting for my din
ner. You told mo everything was
ready to serve."
"It was, sir."
"Then why didn't you bring it? You
keep a fellow waiting so long that he
eats a lot more. Seems to me It would
be cheaper to serve quickly."
"No, sir lioss; you see, when he gets
so hungry he could eat everything, we
keep him waiting till he gits so durn
mad he can't ent nothin". Them's our
orders, sir. What's left clar gain
He May Repent.
Mr. Bryan asumes a tremendous re-
sponsibility by leaving the country for
lear Sir; I regret ttiat you were
not able to attend the recent session
of the National Negro
League, held in New York. August 10
17, IS. It was in many ways the most
successful session we have held. I
am very anxious that you continue
a sentiment that the cravings of the .v, al " "8 ""'. no may ue com
ippetiie for f 1 are to bo fully sat- I" i1,m1 r,'n,'nt in ckcloth and ashes
isfled, that this in merely .obedience
to nature's laws. This Idea, however.
Business (s f,,n,i;in,entallv wrong. Any one
'.villi a little persistence can change
his or her habits of life, change the
whole order of cravings, thus demon
strating that the latter are purely ar-
that he permitted his curiosity to bi!
hold strange lands and people to lure
him from his place on the watchtower,
It is nou recorded that either of the
Gracchi left Rome while the crisis was
still on. New York Globe,
your interest in the organization, and tifielal. and that they have no neces
.mi f..r i hut reason writ im' in u.oM-nst : ' otniect ion with the welfare or
Hint you send nt once check for $2.00
covering annual dues.
We shnll lie aide lo place your name
in tne rroceemngs or ine -League, :usse!l n. Chittenden's "Economy
soon to lie published, if we hear from u Foou" in the Century.
you within the next few days. We
needs of the body. In other words,
di 'lie requirements are to he founded
not upon so-called instinct and crav
ing, but upon reason and intelligence.
shall see, of course, that a copy of the
Proceedings of the league is sent to
you as soon as published. Your badge
will also be sent forward by the Reg
istrar. Very truly yours,
In the Art Gallery.
SofHelgh I feel great reverence
wni'n I stand before one of those old
masters. Don't you?
N. Pock Yes, I am greatly awed by
one I have at home. Kansas City
Drovers Telegram.
The colored people of .Kansas City
are lo be commended for the'ninnly
stand they have taken In the defense
of their rights, and also in securing
one of the greatest lawyers In the
United States to defend them. Hon.
B. P. Waggener, general attorney for
the Missouri Pacific and the state
Senator, has given his assistance In
this case, and also the firm of Waters
and Waters, the senior member of
Will Be Cheaper.
Life insurance In some of the Eur
opean companies costs' Just one-halt
as much as it does In this country. Wo
shall get It much cheaper, however,
when the leaks have been stopped and
the graft knocked out of some of the
big companies. Philadelphia Press
It. Is very easy to make excuses for
those we love.
It does not take much courage to
be a hero In the homelight.
East Side Suit Club and
Ladies' Wardrobe
Ladies' Garments Carefully Cleaned,
Pressed, UiqiHired or Remodeled.
Telephone Main KI7. ,1. T. PA It KIN.
S. t. Cor. 1th and Heimss, Kansas City. Mo
norm west roiiNKK
isrii sr. and Woodland a v.
TI1K t'OI.OKKI) 1'Kori.K
50 ) May Street, Kinsas City, Mo.
Home Phone 4097 Main.
For First Class Work.
107 East 14th St. Kansas City, Mo.
Kinky, Curly
Hair Straight
It Is not only the BEST DRESSING!
ruuie for the Hair, but
Noble Man.
Mrs. Nuwed Come right In, you
poor man, and I will give you someth
ing to eat. I suppose you were not
always in this unhappy condition.
Selydm Wirk Indeed I was not,
mnm. Fifteen years ago I was rich
and prosperous.
Mrs. Nnwed And what brought you
to tills unfortunate condition?
Seldym Wlrk In 189(5, mum, I saw
dat do honor of (lis great country
was threatened by repudlators, an'
I sacrificed me Immense fortune t
save It from the unprinclpaled wreck
ers what was seeking to ruin It, It
was mo patriotism, mum, dat brought
me to (lis imfortynit condition.
Thanky, mum, f'r dls fine spread.
Cramp in the Legs.
People who ure subject to cramp
In the legs should always be provid
ed wilh a good strong piece of cord,
especially in their bed rooms. When
the cramp conies on take the coru.
Wind It around the leg over the place
where he is cramped, take an end in
each hand and give it a sharp pull,
one that will hurt a little, and the
cramp will cease Instantly. People
much subject to cramp In bed have
found great relief from wearing on
each leg a garter of wlJe tape which
has several thin slices of thin cork
stitched on It.
Henpecked, ,
The Indiana man who had died anj
was called back to life by the screams
of his wife was evidently afraid to
die without her consent.
business if he could put up as good a
front as the average woman can when
a fashionable neighbor happens to
call on wash day.
WCTCfNTC CTDMfiHTINP lsnllknyof the other rjnlr preparation on the
HlilJUlU SllrtlUIim market. It containa no powerful or dantfi-roua
chemli-ala, and la therefore ahtelutcly HARMLESS. It worka directly upon ibe acalp
and riHiiaof the Hair, removi'a dandruff and other diaeawa of the acalp and nkin,
nourishing and alimutathi(f the rootaof the Hair, thereby cauHing It to irrow rich,
lonirand luxurious, at thn aame time atoppiiur it from aplittinir. breaking off or
falling out. STRAIUHTINE kei-pa the Hair aoft and pliable, making It easy lo do up
la any at) le. Delightfully perfumed.
NELSON'S STRAIQHTINE Is aold by dm(r;t and agenta everywhere. PRICE. 25
CENTS A CN. If you cannnt get it from vour druggist or one of our agenta, SEND
US M CENTS, In Btamps, ailver or Money Order, and we will aend you one large can
(one ninmh'a treatment! by mail, aecurely wrapped, together with our great
Writ fur Tenia aad Harticalara
NELSON M'F'Q CO., Richmond, Va.
Hell Phone Main 1190 X PIANO FURNISHED.
J5he MINOR HALL to Rent
For Dances, Socials,
Entertainments, Etc.
To Respectable Colored People only.
MHm. A. V. MINOR. Mgr., 404 W. Bih Bt., Kaneee City. Mo.
Thn emnlover always knows the FOR ALL STOVES AND RANGES.
man who Is so anxious to wash up and
quit that he anticipates the whistle p., fiJEJZNER '"XSlttSSmZ''-
VJ H Ullliuic
Willie's Suspicion.
Say pa!"
"Co on, Willie." remarked th3 pastor
of the Staenth Avenue church.
'When a watchmaker fills a watcn
case It means there alnt much In It,
don't It?"
'Yes son."
"Then what do you mean, when you
say you ' nre going, to fill the pulpit
next Sunday?" Kansas City Drovers

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