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Prove It
By the Oven Fire
Put llie lvnnrlrrfnl KC HiV.
infl Powder to the tett. ft a
can on approval. Your money
will be returned if you don't
acree that all we claim is true.
You'll be delighted with the de
licious, wholesome things that
. ounces roja
will bring to life in your oven.
IC C. lialcSnif VntiAr im ton.
imstZTtC! thirds cheaper and makes purer.
k JcJ bcttcr more healthful food than
vnujpr outer powders anywhere near
7 K C Dual it v. H nunrrt (nr
25 cents, t, et it to-day I
Wend ft poatal for
"Book of PrtMuu."
Bualneaa Academy for Women.
The people of the duchy of Cobnrg
Intend to give the young Duke Charles
Kdwurd a wedding present of a sum of
money sufficient to restore tho Luther
church In the old castle of CoburK In
which Luther lived and preached 370
years ago.
Atk Your Dealer for Allen's Foot-Eat
A powder. It nsts the foci. Cures Swollon,
bore, lint, Callous. Aching, Sweating Feet
and Ingrowing Nails. A tall Drueeisti and
iSlioe stores. 25 cents. Accept do substitute.
Sample mailed KKKK. Address. Allou S.
Olmsted, LieKoy, N. Y.
' Logical Deduction.
"So you think I play the fool more
than I did six months ago, eh?" said
the husband. "How do you figure It
"I think: It must be due to the fact
that the days are lonser now," an
swered tho better half of the combine.
Insist on Getting It.
Some grocers say they don't kep
Defiance Starch. This is because the
have a stock on hand of other brands
containing only 12 ox In a package,
which they won't be able to sell llrst.
because Defiance contains 16 oz. for
the same money.
Do you want 16 oz. Instead of 12 oz.
for same money? Then buy Dcfiauce
Starch. Requires no cooking.
Edward Honors Japanese.
King Edward VII. has made Count
Katsura, prime minister of Japan, a
member of the Order of the Bath, and
liaron Komtira a member of the Oi
der of St. Micliial and St. George.
Mr. Jlggs Knew Worse Trial Than
Stretching the TruthMisfortune,
Not Affliction Another Pescs Con
ference of Considerable Importance
Putting a Good Face On It.
Young William Makepeace Thack
eray had broken his nose by Jamming
It carelessly against another boy's
"Well," he said, as he looked at him
self in the mirror, "I'd rather have a
nose of that kind that one like J.
Pierpont Morgan's."
At a subsequent period, however,
he avenged himself by making faces
at the entire aggregation of English
Just So.
We have never neard of a business
man going to a pool hall la search
of an office boy.
Defiance Starch
rhould be In every household, none so
K"od, besides 4 oz. more for 10 cents
than nny other brand of cold water
I'erhaps they call them "captains of
finance" because some of them are
so rank.
A lnr?! 2-or.. iKirkiun Hrl Chisk Hnll Ulim, only
6 uvula. Tu Hurb Company, 3oiuh. Ueud, luU.
This would bo a drenry world In
deed if there were uo rainbows to
chase occasionally.
Plso'sCuro for Consumption Is an Infallible
medicine for couch and colun.-N. W. Samusl,
Occun Grove, N, J., Feb. 17, 1000.
It Is better to be known as a good
man than to be known as a good fellow.
Farmers and Merchants
will be interested In announcement of
"Acetylene Jones" In this paper.
In the race for wealth tho men who
are distanced often reap tho greatest
The Machine which skims the
cream from milk does not lose a drop,
while the old skimming process was
crudo and wasteful. Washing u.-.-chines,
which will relieve woman of the
drudgery of cleaning clothes have not
proved an encouraging success up to
date, but when it comes to manufac
turing exclusively by machinery with
out the touch of human hands, there
is nothing more interesting than the
history of Pillsbury's Vltos the best
breakfast food in the market to-day.
The white heart of the wheat ker
nel Is cut out by steel rolls, conveyed
to sterilizers, and then packed In two
pound, air-tight packages (this Is the
whole story), all by polished steel ap
pliances, no handling, no cooking, no
coloring, no adulteration. Just the
while heart of the wheat berry steril
ized, nothing added, nothing taken
Pillsbury's Vltos Is therefore a
healthful, substantial breakfast dish,
actually the "Meat of the Wheat."
Price 15c.
A puckage will supply a week's
breakfast for five persons.
See the economy.
Ask your r-rrr to-dnv.
Four envoys in a navy yard
With solemn care debated.
And meanwhile on a distant field
The warring forces waited,
Ono word, and each opposing brave
Would fall upon his brother;
Ono word, and battle's lust for blood
Would love and pity smother.
Tho cannon boomed, the bells rang
And loud was the rejoicing.
While gray-haired parents laughed
and wept.
Their happy feelings voicing.
Thus precious lives, the flower of
Were saved a thankful nation.
Tbo Yalevard-Princerah ' foot ball
Was played by arbitration.
New York Sun
Analysis of Medicines Open to All.
"There is no public demand and
there Is not the slightest public nec
essity for a law compelling the publi
cation of the formula of proprietary
medicines," says the Committee on
Legislation of the Proprietary Asso
ciation. "Every Health Commissioner
and every Pure Food Commissioner
in the country, as well as every pri
vate physician or chemist, If he
pleases, has the right to make an
analysis of any proprietary medicine
and to publish the result and to tell
the public what he thinks, and there
Is nothing in the world to prevent
such action. But that is not what the
agitators for such legislation want.
Their object Is to destroy the sale of
ucb remedies entirely."
Some churches tbnt talk about re
vivals would better talk about resurrections.
All Up-to-Date Housekeepers
use Defiance Cold Water Starch, be
cause It is better, and J os. more of It
(or same money.
The pocketbook nerve of some men
is much more sensitive than their
domestic nerve.
Every housekeeper should know
that If they will buy Defiance Cold
Water Starch for laundry use they
will save not only time, because It
never sticks to the Iron, but because
each package contalus 16 oz. one full
pound while all other Cold Water
Starches are put up in 94-pound pack
ages, and the price is the same, 10
cents. Then again because Defiance
Starch is free from all Injurious chem
icals. If your grocer tries to sell you
a 12-oz. pucksge it Is because he has
a stock on hand which he wishes to
dispose of before he puts In Defiance.
He knows that Deflauce Starch has
printed on every package In large let.
ters and figures "16 o.a." Demand Do
fiance and save much time and money
and the annoyance of the iron stick
ing. Defiance never sticks.
There are still two things that Glas
gow doe not do for Its citizens: Pick
wt their neckties sjid their clears.
Bulk From the West.
Tho bulk of the commercial honey
crop comes from the West and South
west, and this year the supply is
likely to be short. From Colorado,
Utah and Nevada the yield Is reported
to bo . poor to fair. California baa a
moderate crop, and other producing
States only a fair crop. Producers
are holding their slock at an advance
over last year's prices, the advance
amounting to about two cents per
Leaves When You Quit and Use Pos
A lady who unconsciously drifted
Into nervous prostration brought on by
coffee, says:
"I have been a coffee drinker all
my life, and used It regularly, three
times a day.
"A year or two ago I became sub
ject to nervous neuralgia, attacks of
nervous headache and general ner
vous prostration which not only in
capacitated roe for doing my house
work, but frequently made it neces
sary for me to remain in a dark room
for two or three days at a time.
"I employed several good doctors,
one after the other, but none of them
was sble to give me permanent relief.
"Eight months ago a friend sug
gested that perhaps coffee was the
cause of my troubles and that I try
Postum Food Coffee and give up the
old kind. I am glad I took her advice,
for my health has been entirely re
stored. I have no more neuralgia, nor
have I had one solitary headache In
all theso eight months. No more of
my days are wasted in solitary con
finement In a dark room. I do all my
own work with ease. The flesh that
I lost during the years of my nervous
prostration has come back to me
during these months, and I am once
more a happy, healthy woman. 1 en
close a list of names of friends who
can vouch for the truth of the state
ment." Name given by Postum Co,
Cattle Crefk. Mich.
There's a reason.
Ten days' trial leaving off coffee
snd uslcg Postuo Is sufficient All
Illggs There are times when a
man has to lie to bis wife.
Jlggs And worse than thnt, there
are times when be has to tell the
The Cause of His Going.
"Wow!" growled the old man. re
turning to the bedroom, "I stubbed my
"Wen." replied his wife, "that's
what you get for going down stairs In
your stocking feet."
"That's so. If I hadn't gone down
In my stocking feet thrt young man ol
Edith's might have heard me and got
away before I reached him."
A Man of His Word.
"I've been trying that physician you
recommended so highly to mo."
"Ah! And you found him all that I
said reliable in every respect, eh?"
"Well, he assured mo ho would put
me on my feet Inside of two months.'
"And did he do It?"
"That's what he did. I've Just sold
my automobile in order to pay his
Accident on Uganda Railroad.
The following Is an official report
sent to his superior by the station
master at Nimbu, on the. Uganda rail
way: "To station Nairobi, from station
Venanl. From station master. Guard
No. 2 reports struck giraffe at mile
158. No damage to permanent way or
train. Driver states giraffu ran off
Another Peace Conference.
The Rich Father "So you want to
marry my daughter, young man?"
The Young Man "That's the Idea,
"Well, I consent. That's settled."
"Yes. sir; now we will consider the
proposition for n concession of lauds
and a money indemnity."
Papa Made the Roof.
Little Pauline, after questioning het
eunt as to who bad made their house!
and being Informed that Jim Welch:
had done so, replied:
"Why, auntie, C-ort made our house I
God made our front room and our hall,
and our kitchie, but papa made tin!
roof." (Her father is a tinners
Magazine of Fun.
The Dealer Was Wise.
To make Cheap Gas-light for
Country Homes
TAKE a common Clay Pipe.
Put a simple "Acetylene" Gasburntr on its
Bind the two in position with a tight-fitting pirce
of Rubber llosc.
Then till the bowl of the pipe with fine-ground Cal
cium Carbide.
Next tic a rag over licad ot the bowl to kcrp in the
Now put the pipe into a Glass of
atcr, as in picture. 'O 0 '.
There you have a complete GaS'
plant for 25 rents.
Touch a match to the Tlnrnrr
and you'll get a beautiful White Gas
Of course, this is onlv nn experi
ment, but it shows the wonderful Jim
flinty of Acetylene Lighting.
That very simplicity gave Acetylene
Z VT -IL1 11 I 1
Light a setback, at first.
It seemed so simple to turn Calt ium Carbide into
Gas-light that over 000 different kinds of "tanks" and
"Acetylene Machines" were invented, patented, and
marketed for the purpose, by about as many different
Well, the thing to be expected certainly happened !
About 5.V of these "Acetylene Machines" had been
invented and sold by people who knew more about
Tiimare than they did about lias-making.
The "Calcium Carbide" was all right all the time,
but 5.to of the machines for turning it into Gas were
all wrong all the time.
So Acetylene (ias "got a bad name." though it is
clear enough noir that it never deserved it at any time.
It was like selling Wood Steves to bum Hard Coal
in, and then blaming the Coal for nut burning.
Lots of things happened to grieve the Owners of
these 5 .to makes of alleged "Acetylene Machines."
lint very few aeeidents occurred from them even in
the days of rank experiment and dense ignorance,
among, "Generator" Makers. '
Of course, a gun will eo off unexpectedly, now and
then, if the trigger be pulled by a person who "didn't
know it was loaded."
Hut, that's no fault of the Ammunition is it?
Well, finally the Insurance Companies got after
tlice sto odd makes nf "Acetylene Machines" that
wouldn't Acetlate, ami the Insurance Hoard made an
investigation of all Generators that were submitted 'to
Then, nut of the doo odd "Machines" patented,
onlv about 70 were "permitted" by the Insurance Hoard
to be used.
Oh, what a howl was there!
Hv "permitted" I mean that lrV Insurance Boarfl
was willing that any building should be Insured, with
out extra charge, which used any nnf of tl rse 70
AccHlenc Generators it had found safe, ami effective,
just as it pcrnntud houses to be piped for City lias,
or wired for Klcctricity, under proper conditions.
Now, the Insurance Companies cii'if to know
whether or not these To different makes of Acetylene
Generators were absolutely Safe to use.
Because, they have to pay the bills, if Fire or F'x
plosion occurs, from any one of the Acetylene Gener
ators they authonc.
And, here's a proof of their good judgment.
Though there arc now Two Million people using
Acetylene Light in America, there have only been four
l'ires from it in one year, against Fires from
Kerosene and Gasoline.
There have also been 4?) Fires front l'.lectricity,
IO" l'ires from City (ias, and .s.'o I-ires from Candles.
Besides these there have been .'( Fires from the
Sun's rays. Hut. only four l'ires from Acetylene.
That shows boy careful the Insurance Hoard was
in its cxam111.1t i.i of Acetylene Generators, and ill
"permitting" only the 70 makes that were ahove sus
fieion, out of the Ooo mucins that were once on
the market.
Well. the boom in Acetvlene Lighting made loiter
frices possible on the material it is ihrncd from, vi.,
Calcium Carbide, a material that looks like Granite
but acts like Magic.
Today. Acetylene Light is a full thud eheaper than
Kerosene Light, or Gasoline 1 ight. per Candle Power.
It is not more than half the price of l.kitric Light,
nor three fourths that of City Gas.
If 1 can't fv;r these statements to your full satis
faction my name is not "Acetylene Jones."
Hut Acetylene is m,rr tlw:ti the safest and eheafest
Light of the year Ipiv
It is also the Whitest Light the nearest to natural
Sunlight in health giving lilur anil Violet ravs, and
because of tins, with its freedom from linker, it is
the easiest of all Artificial Light on the I'.yes.
It is so much like real Sunlight that it has made
plants grow l hours per day in tl.it k cellars where no
ray of Sunlight could reach them. It m ule them crow
t'.tiee as fast as similar plants that had only the Sun
light of day time, i., half the time.
That was proven hv Cornell I 'niversity in a three
months' experiment made this very year.
Now, I've saved up for the lat a point more im-
fortant to you than all the others about Acetylene
.ight. .
It consumes only one-fourth as much of the vital
0.ry.s.vii from the Air of Living rooms or lied rooms,
as either Kerosene or City (ias-Light consumes.
That's a tremendous difference in a lifetime, mark
you- three fourths of a difference.
Because,- Ci v'cii is Life.
Ami every bit of Oxygen stolen from the lungs of
Women, Children mid Men, tliroiieh Lighting, is a
loss that ran never be made good again.
A 2 Candle -Power A 'etyleiic Light costs you only
t;vo fifths of a cent per hour.
That's about SS.s per year, if burned every night
in the year for four steady hours
A Istioseue 1 amp of eipial capacity would cost you
a third nio;e, vi.: time tilths of a tent p 1 hour for
Kerosene alone, or $S 75 per year.
That's exclusive of broken lamp ehinmevs, new
wicks, ami the everlasting drudgery and danger of
1 hailing, Idling ami ti miming daily.
1 want to feore these tigures to you, Header, if you
ore a house owner or storekeeper.
'fell me how many rootn you've got and I'll tell you
what it will cost to light lh in with lit 1II1.11U, beautiful,
Sanitary, eye-saving Acetylene.
Write me today for my lice I look about "Sunlight
on Tap."
Just addicss mc here as
"Acetylene Tones,"
8 Adams St ,
Chicago, Tilt
'I rnnsiilrr Mull's CtatM Tnnir III vrivl-sl niritu ini- I h;i rrt l;iketi. Mv l'mai li
-;( ill Mir-li a ta) r mil it ion tli;it iiMIimiu t.toi .1 nvlil Ai"l On so, a)1 iiiiiniiiit of faml lli.tl I w .1 ,
tap t'l C1I iliilll I tri-m Ol tin miiv '!. I lf .1 (tie Mi II i vims lli.it sl,.,.p , .is iiiiiii.hiIiI,i My
FlitMivill i'.ivr nut unit I tii'i .tiiir rtli.insli'il ami e iiii el. li I v I nil ilinvii. I linn i iiiiimriu fit In
tain Mult t C , I .- if liinir anl liv llii lilur I It . I tmi-4irl lu li-itll.-i mv lo-.ilrl, tilnoiol. I
liuw lelish my fnuil ami cull sleep .e, will At rvrt . 'lilts IS My 1 1 I N I All V I IS I I Mi i Y "
MKS. I. 1.1AM. 1 I I. vl S loll. I SI., ..n I. III.
Continual constipation will inevitably result seriously or tin: sullen r. No one t an let ihii
ifTliclioii go unuolieed w ithout losing his health. It brin,; , on
Blood Poison, S 11 in Disease, Sores, Pimples.StomachTrouble,
Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Sudden llowel Trouble, Diarrhea,
Cholera, Etc., Nervousness, Insomnia, and llindred Diseases.
You hnvt) ni right to Miller from constipation or any of these diseases. Then is no
necessity or excuse lor it. There is ono potitive, nnturnl, hnrndrta c ure and only one - for
tlieae trouble and w are going to Rive you enough free to prove it.
Cut out ihu coupon below and wc will give you absolutely lire ul charge a bottle of
tha only permanent, natural cure for constipation snd all bowel troubles and indigestion and all Hotnaeh trouble.
MULL'S (il A I K T( INK- cures by strengthening and resioi nig Hie tissues and miiseles of all I lie digestive oig.ins, mid
by putting the whole digestive sy ,tem in a perfect, strong, healthy condition. It does not slunk ami weaUen tin oi gans a
purgatives and physics do and thus aggravate thei tioulle and inaLe a h id mailer unise. lis ellei I is lo Imild up and restine,
and not tear down and destroy. It cures the disease l) puttiny the digestive oig.uib in a condition to oven nine it. Sin. b a cuts
amounts to something - it is perfect and permanent.
You feel better and stronger all the tune you use- it not wealtenrd rue! run down a'i in the ease of drugs and physic.
You feel this wonderful and beneficial ellei Is ot Mull ( iiape I nine at nine. You will know that it will cure you
as soon you begin it use. I hat I why we let you try it tree.
Semi this ennpon with nnf nnirif. Hurt a ,1,lr-i.4 anil tntir t1rii-i-lr.l'a nanit, for a Irea
bottia u Hull a lameli i'otilii. l'inititaoiili Cuic uml IIiihhI runner
148 Third Aftnua, Rock Itland, III.
Oloa rail Aa-,,a ana Writ, rialalj
Thffl W hntila contalne -itmrlr Hire I imaa I lip Hie. nl.e. A t ilniy tiirf-i. The fiannlns
has H lino uml mi Mi tier iatliitit mi (h liiliel - t.iku iiii ul lier f nan .mir il rutin '-a
Purchaser Whon you sold mo this
horse you said ho whh without faults.
Now I find he's lanio.
Horse Denier Well, lameness ain't
a fault It'u mi aflllction.
Avoiding a Greater Expense.
Giffle JlggiiiH must think a good
bit of his wife.
Pplnks Why So?
fjiffle He Hives her an allowance
of $20 a week.
Ppli'ks -Oh, he's foxy. He knows she
could get at least $.'0 alimony.
Wouldn't Stand for It.
"Ileerd there wny. a blK split-lip lu
IChenezer church lust Sunday."
"What wnz the tnnibn ?"
"I'reach'-r said comepln' ag'ln ti
tmclier an' flrundma Pankls, Betsy
Maskett, Aunt Prudy Williams an'
Oranny Stubbs took thflr pipes an"
went over to the ether vhurcb." De
troit Tribune.
tWrlOLOltfon HlVKJiE
npiT ff
i "
I won't full Anfl.Orlfiln to a it'nlpr wlio wort (Juaraau
It. t all lor o.ur MO K V ak I V IT IIO T ' J H K.
'. II'. Ittemer, H. If., Muruifotiirer.JrMrf , Wo,
olor mora ooodt bnahtnr and latter color than ant othar dm. Ono 10c package colon all floor. Thr nV in cold water hatter than ant other dye. You can 4a
nr garment without noDino apart. Write tor Ire booklet Hon to Ure, Bleach and Mia Colon. MONROE DRUQ CO., Unlonvlll; MlmtourL
$16 AN ACREji
in Western
Canada is the
amount many
farmers will
realize from
their wheat
23 Bushels to the Aero Will be the
Average Ylold of Wheat.
Thn hind that thin wiib Krowo on rrmt many ot
tho furmrm uti'-nlntt'ly nutiiliii,', wlilln those
who wUhist to U' til to tin Itvn iktcm the (jovrrn
on ul f rants, cuu buy land uiljuluink' ul frum K
tu f 10 au acre.
Climate spli nillil, school o tTinli t.t, rullaay
close ut hum!, Uiich low.
Send for pnmiiliU't "Snth Ontury Canada"
niul full particulars rcifuntlfiK rate, eui., to
SupTintcodLi.t, of linuilt rallun, OUuwu.
Camilla, or to tho following authorlrri
Canadian Uovernmeut Agent J. S. C'rtwfonl
No. 125 W. Ninth Street KanaaaCil; MlkauurL
(aleoutoa una Ukpcr )
lalaWataiaf DRV TWOTMTOW ttlWOH-ioJi 0k 31 KAH3
END rOH fHCC Illiu TaiaTiu oalirru.
(.-.MM.. With Ni-maf PacMiittaT Mra CiatCD
Kansas city, mo (. m..!.. r m i.miij
Rugs Vot: Old Carpets
Gun rati tit rd to if 10 y(tr, f riff Hit rrrr
Hmnmmm City Hug Co., KMiai City, Mi.
rent III (HIvit wt'l tr!iitf yi ly mull ntai
KNIl'lf Hli-I ItilK't i ' - i U t It .fit1rt. Atfcqit,
wautr t. WAHAUll COMPANY. (JrayviUa, IUiaou.1
UftfTUffe". with I
utiicr mwrihH
"DfcF.ANCE '
(till prtt 'KHatH
n'v I hiii nun' rlf nii-i
FOH FARMERS. Put Hie i-'.eaii.
eit and lii-ii. Mrb'l fi'r prl--".
Cliicaja kali Co., Chicagg, 111.
Thompson's Eye Water
W. N. V., KANSAS CITY, NO. 42, 190J
CUHl I iftrttHt ILL Mil fftlli
In fn-'t. s.M tijr tlrtiirtflU.

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