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It Pays to Advertise In the Rising Son
Who acted at Toastmaster at the
Hon. Gardner I.athrop, the brilliant
-.attorney who acted aa toastmaster at
the Warner banquet, In his opening
wremarKs stated tnat he was like the
.llssourl Congressman on such an oc-
casion, he was too full "too utter."
5? However, the noted Kansas Cltyan
was at his best and brought forth
much applause. Mr. Lathrop Is now
general solicitor for the great Santa
Fe system.
Honored by the Republicans of the
State of Missouri.
One of the most elaborate banquets
ever witnessed In this city was ten
dered Senator Warner last Wednes
night at the Midland Hotel by the
Republican party leaders of this state.
The occasion was one of special
honor for the grand old leader who
for more than a quarter of a century
has figured as a leader in the Repub
lican party. The attendance was very
large and comprised many of the
most noted leaders from the different
sections of the state. The big ban
quet room was adorned in national
colors, superbly arranged.
Y. v. Jr..
I Hon. Gardner Lathrop acted as
toastmaster for the occasion. Among
the noted Republican leaders were:
Thos. K. Neidrlnghaus, T. J. Aklns,
Jos. McCoy, Jno. H. Bothwell, Wm.
L. Morsey, Cyrus P. Walbrldge, Ex-
Congressman Joy of St. Louis, David
W. Hill. Frank Wightmun, Jno. C.
MeKlnley, A. C. Pettijohn and others.
Mayor Ncff made the address of wel
: come. Addresses were delivered by
Representative E. C. Ellis, Thos. K.
; Neidrlnghaus, T.. J. Akin, Gov. Hoch
of Kansas. Senator Wm. Warner
spoke upon National issues.
There is always a mystery about
bow the people next door live.
Lots of people take offense when
.there Is none In sight.
Edible 8eaweed.
It Is not a little astonishing to find
what a number of seaweeds are really
edible and nourishing, says The Lan
cet. Perhaps 'the best-known example
In this country is lavrr, which Is a
kind of stew made from a weed, an
alga. The laver made on the Devon
shire coast and to be found In some
London shops is excellent.
Hold Farm Since 1300.
Recently the stock was sold on a
farm In Dumfriesshire, Scotland,
which had been held by a family nam
ed Moffat since the year 13 J. when
King Robert Bruce made a grant of
the land to the Moffats. They held It
for 300 years as owners, and the rest
of the time as tenants of the Dukes of
Commit Sport by Proxy.
"Vandal," a well known writer on
sports, said In a recent Issue of the
London Express: "The sports of this
country are absolutely rotten un
sound to the core. This nation is no
longer a nation of sportsmen. It Is a
nation of odds-taking people who com
mit sport by proxy."
Self-Winding Alarm Clock.
Joseph Blythe, a resident of Ches
ter, Pa., has recently obtained a pat
ent on a self-winding alarm clock,
which Is said to have several very
novel features. The winding is done
by electricity and when once set will
ring every day at the same hour if de
sired. Kipling as Critic.
Here Is Rudyard Kipling's advice to
an author who submitted a story for
his criticism: "Tear out second chap
ter and scatter broadcast. Change
name of hero and name of story; then
get down to business and rewrite the
whole thing." Atlanta Constitution.
Black- Rot In Cabbage.
Soaking the seed for fifteen min
utes in a 1:1000 corrosive sublimate
solution or in a 0.4 per cent formalin
solution Just before planting is sug
gested as a cheap and effective means
of destroying the germs upon the
Firemen Start a Blaze.
When the volunteer Are department
of Tunbrtdge Wells, England, was on
parade a spark from one of the en
gines set fire to a haystack, and the
fire burned Itself out, for the volun
teers proved unable to extinguish it.
Many Schools in Hong Kong.
For Its size Hong Kong has an
enormous number of schools. The
population of the Island is about 330,
000 and there are over 100 schools,
the great majority of which are under
government supervision.
Church in Farmyard.
Few more curious places for a
church could be found than one at
Sotuham Delabere, Eng., which stands
in the middle of a farmyard. The only
means of entrance is by passing
through the yard.
Hl-Tlmad Wit.
"Did h leave you anything when ha
died ?"
I nuked nf the fatherless clrl. who cried,
"Oh, yea, he did!" And I questioned
"What wits It?" "He left me an orphan,
Cleveland Leader.
Girls' Best Safeguard.
Let us teach our daughters that
life Is not only tennis and parties. Let
us endow tbem with the best of In
surances a profession at their fing
ers' ends. Woman.
Pills Cause Peritonitis.
Death from peritonitis, due to ex
cessive taking of pills, was stated to
be the cause of a woman's death at a
Bristol (England) Inquest.
British Railroads Well Manned.
American railroads have six em
ployes for every mile of track and
the British roads have twenty-elgbt.
Income of Oxford College.
The income of Oxford University ts
lightly under $350,000 a year.
for It Reaches More
Mr. Daniel Jones, one of our oldest
citizens, tiled October 29th near 80
yenrs of age.
Miss Lillie Chrisinan and Hut tie
Hughes have gone to Jefferson City
to attend the Lincoln Institute.
Mr. W. G. Tucker spent the day In
Pleasant Hill Visiting his daughter,
Mrs. Minnie Bryant, Sunday. Oct. 22.
Mrs. Martha Ross has gone to To
peka, Kan., where she will spend the
winter with her daughters.
Mrs. Lucy Price and Miss Henrietta
Haydon left for the annual conference
in Higginsvillo, Saturday morning,
October 21.
Misses Naomi Williams, Flossie
Yarnell and Minnie Dehoney, who have
been sick, ore now nblt to be out
Rev. J. 11. Wlnrow and Mrs. Mollle
Rhodes are attending the Baptist Na
tional convention in Chicago. 111.
Mrs. Millie Rosellt; is now visiting
friends in this city.
Rev. J. C. Caldwell and wife of St.
Joseph were t lie guest, of Mrs. M. I.
and Agnes Jenkins last week.
Rev. J. H. Allen nnd family are vis
iting friends In Higginsville, Mo.
Rev. Norrls and wife left lieTe on
the 2t!th for Kansas City, Kansas,
where they will make their future
home in their new residenceUjey have
Just bought.
Mr. William Booker who has been
quite ill is now better.
Mr. Ad Coley is quite 111; also Mr.
A. W. Walker Is on the sick list.
Rev. John Caves was In the city
Mr. Reuben Hill ono of our oldest
citizens nnd best colored farmer is
vtTy 111. Wo hope he will recover
The Clerk Whistled.
A Scotch minister Instructed his
clerk, who sat among the congrega
tion during Bervice, to give a low
whistle if anything in her sermon ap
peared to be exaggerated. On hear
ing the minister say: "In those days
there were snakes fifty feet long,"
the clerk gave a subdued whistle. "I
should have said thirty feet." added
the minister. Another whistle from
the clerk. On sonsultlng Thompson's
Concordance," said the minister, "I
see the length is twenty feet." Still
another whistle; whereupon the
preached leaned over and said In a
stage whisper: "Ye can whistle as
much as ye like MasPherson, but I'll
no take anlther foot off for anybody!"
In Crimean Times.
In Crimean times (says the "Tat
tler") the Highland regiments were
so full of Hlberians that many stories
were current exploiting the iact. One
gallant Scottish colonel, it was I aid,
resolved to take the sense of the reg
Iment on the vital question of adopt
ing the plaid as an essential part of
the uniform. When the orderly came
to report the result, tho colonel was
scandalized to find that only two of
his men favored the suggestion, "And
who are there two gallant Highland
ers?" he asked. "Ooch!" replied the
orderly, "sure It's Corporal O'Brien
an' Private O'Callaghan, sorr!"
The Color Line.
If, as Is now claimed by un enstern
Individual. St. Peter Is or was a color
ed man, tho "white trash" will have a
hard time getting past him, while the
mere fact thnt "culled pusson" pur
loined a nice juicy hen while living In
Denver will not be considered so
serious as to bar him from tho New
Jerusalem. Denver News.
Arranging His Toilet.
The king of gamblers sat alone
With a mirror In his hand:
One of his Fridays came nlong
And took bis watchful stand.
"Why this mirror, O my king?"
Thus did tho Friday prate.
"Thnt I might see," the king replied,
"If my lid Is still on straight." A.
r. Mayfleld, Denver News.
Homes of Colored People than any othei Paper
FBI0AY, NOV. 10, 15)05.
The Inter-State Literary Associa
tion of Kansas and the West will con
vene' in annual session at Kansas City,
Mo., December 20, 27, 28.
Each Literary Society Is entitled to
representation by three delegates,
(one of whom may have a place on
the program), and three alternates.
New Societies, and those not having
been enrolled at the last session of
the Association, will be required to
pay a membership feo of $t.i0. Se
cludes enrolled at. the last session will
pay $1.00 membership fee.
The Executive Committee will con
vene in November for the purpose of
making up the program.
Any Society may become a member
of . the Association by application to
the, President or Corresponding Secre
tary on or before the first day of De
cemlKr. sending therewith the re
quired fee.
i .TAS. H. GUY, President,
J 420 Kansas Ave., Topeka, Kan.
T. M. HORTON. Chairman Ex. Com.,
100S E. inth St., Kansas City, Mo.
MISS A. F. MOORE, Cor. Sec.
1211 Vino St., Kansas City, Mo.
Skeltons in Trenches.
A curious discovery has been made
In the course of some excavations that
have been in progress in St. Martin
de Re, In France. The excavators un
es-i.hed IrenchesCIi which lay skele
tons which were presumably those of
the citizens who fell fighting there in
defending the town against the Eng
lish In 1C2T. Among the skeletons
was found a spherical Iron bomb con
taining a most black powder, which
was found to consist of about a third
of nitre, a third of carbon, and a fifth
of sulphur, the remainder being Iron
oxide derived from the rusting of the
iron shell.
The Bear Dance,
Little Bobbie Pa, I wont to see
another bejar dance, like the one that
come along the street last week.
Papa I don't know where to find
It, son, but you run In and tell mam
ma that we will go down to the comic
opera tonight and see the big ballet.
Kansas City Drovers Telegram.
Detroit Free Press: "Is It true that
you have senatorial aspirations?"
asked tho reporter over the 'phone.
"Yes," remarked the girl whoso num
ber had been called by mistake, "but
I'm not sure that I can land him."
Puck: Mr. Gotrox When I was
your nge, sir, I didn't have a dollar.
Cholly Gotrox Well, dad, when I am
your age I probably won't have a dol
lar! The man In the brown stone palace
may enjoy life after n fashion, but
he misses the satisfaction of tho hum
ble cottager who can sit In tho front
yard In his shirt sleeves and talk
over the fence with bis neighbor.
Not a Doubter.
"I'd have you know, sir," said the
pompous Individual, "that I'm a self
made man."
"Ah, indeed," rejoined the meek
and lowly person, "I thought there
was a home-mude air about you."
Chicago News.
The Fad for Restitution,
Another embezzler who escnped to
Mexico years ago Is sending back the
money to cover his defalcations nnd
pay all his creditors. Is it possible
tills thing Is to become a fad? St.
Louis Globe-Democrat.
It's impossible for a man to nee tho
point of a joke and feel It simultan
eously. A man Is as obi as he looks, but n
woman Is seldom as young us she
thinks she lookH.
Bessie, dof.'t you want to stay In
the parlor hore your papa and Mr.
Kawler ai-e?"
When All Others Fall.
Dispatches tell us that but for n
heavy rain which set In Just as tho fire
department had exhausted all Its en
ergy, Butte, Mont., would have been
completely wiped from the map. An
other evldenco of tho necessity of be
ing In touch with providence.
Icandal Disturbs Serenity of Inhabi
tants of Bingvil e.
It Is rumored on rellnbio authority
.lint Hen Wilson has left his wife
I gain owing to some martal trouble
etween them. This Is lot the nrst
line Hen and Sar Aun have had mar
tal trouble. The : ltd. tlmo before this
3a ry Ann struck H.'n wl'.n n roiling
aln above the left eye and be went out
f the house and d(l not. return for
teveral weeks. Son e says he went
;o tho Co. seat and ipent most of bis
line in a hospital. Finally no returned
ionic a sadder and Riser man and
ilm and Sary Ann made up again and
darted out together to try to live a
lifferent life with fie dive of peace
lorchod above the!:- hearthstone, as1
iu mlRht say.
But now ruction nwlft and terrible
ins broken out in their midst ncnin.
vVo Rot this straight or wo wouldn't
my anything about It in print. Mrs.
vVllson herself told Mrs. Caroline
looper thnt Hen had left homo fid
owed by all the cooking utensils In
no kitchen. Mrs. Hooper told It to
Jell Wade's wife and Ben Wade's wifv
old it to Mrs. Widow Heiu'erson who
old us.
Sary Ann lias a quick temper nnd
when she gets mad there seems to be
lothlng else to do but for Hen to din
ut for a while and wait until the
;louds roll by. What tli. trouble wan
:hls time wns that Hen went right Into
the house like a durn fool and set hls
olf down on n new soft pillow which
Mrs. Wilson had Just finished. Mrs
Wilson slated that Hen might think
hat sofa pillows were made to sit on.
but he was mistaken. Hen's where
abouts ',s at present unknown. "Illng
t'ille Bugle Items'' In the Boston Post.
John Ruskin's Self Introduction to Hit
The London Outlook tells n pretty
story of the late John Itiiskln, artist,
author, reformer, which snows that
courtly and chlvalrlc gentleman anil
groat writer In a playful mooil:
Mr. Ruskln wan taking a movnlng
walk down the road Just in front of
Ilrantwood, when he saw a liuly seat
ed on n rampstool making a sketch
if (lie house, ami, with a coin Irons
rnco which was Intensely his own. lie
addressed her. Inquiring her reason
for choosing the house In question lor
her subject. '
"It Is the house of (ho famous John
Ruskln." she frankly asked.
"Have you met Ruskln?" she was
' No, Indeed," she replied. "If I had.
I would have deemed It one of tlio
greatest privileges of my life."
"Then, madam. If ini care to fol
low me, f w ill slum- him to vou "
In a twinkling the stool and easel
were packed up nnd the artist eagerly
followed the guide. To her surpriso
and gratification, lie led her up to th
house, and erteilng. bnile tiis guest
follow, which she loadilv did. On
n. arched the stranger into the draw
Ing room; Mien, placing his back to the
Ireplace, a familiar attitude, lie ex
rlaimrd, to the nmnemeut of his com
pardon :
"Now. what i!o you think of Rus
from "The Giaour"
lt who hnlh ln'it him nvrr llm h-;id
Kie the III! liny nf li-nlli N n.l.
Ttn firt ihirk il.iv nf NMhiitviM mm,
l'h lai liiini-fi find itnj4
'Hi-fin li-n'H I'ft.lrinu Iiukt
M;iv- xw.'pl the Inns whi-ie Ksauty line
'"t rrinl'f'l lh- llil fini'elir nr
Th rapture of Hi n'i that's h're.
Mill' IIXi'll VI I I. II. I. I II. ills lll.lt MH.'lk
Th" liiiiKiior of tto plie I'l i hi i
A r i 1 lint fur llit sail Him mil.--! vr.
Thnt ftn- mil v.Iiim not, umi-im riot now
nd hut fur that hill, oluilitf '"-h hiol
WlKTf fold I lliNI Ili'llOfi'x iiimthv
i hi li lite If.ixlrm nioiirnrl'K i,,irl,
Vi If In hlin It fuiild liiinn
The ihiotii ho iire-it-.. w-t ilurlls upon,
V"1. hut for lh'. in;,; thi-.m- nloiio.
Some inomi'iits, nyi inn- ln-iii hi'iottfi
it ittll mliilit itonh' tho Tvi-mfs power;
n fair hm -.-ilm. 'i MilHv .'tl 1
fll" flfMl. lawl llMik hv ih-nth levenlr'1'
ll W the :ip." I of I hi.' "Iiolo.
'I'M 'lloert-. hilt ll illli ;-rre no niorf !
Vi rohllv vwi.-t. so Hi'iiillv fair
'A e Hlal t fur HomI hi-i-iiis w anting IlierO
Hi li I- the lovellnn-oi In il-alh.
Vhnt part' not rjuit,. with paitlrii; hreatfc:
fill beauty with that fearful bloom.
Thnt hue whph Ll'llilJ ll In t ) - tomb.
Fxpl einlon'H lat reri-diiiir iy,
A Kil'l''t Halo hnveritiK ioi,irid deenv.
1 he fait-w-ll beam nf reeh'iK pat nwav!
Spars of thai flume, pen ha,l uf heaven
ly iiiiin.
Which Kleami. hut warms no mor
iheiUhed tmth.
Lord Hj-ron.
In the State.
How She Made a Speculator Look
Very Small.
Lillian Itussell Saturday took mat
ter Into her own hands to solve the
problem of the ticket speculator. At
'Z o'clock she whiz-zed up to the front
of Proctor's Twenty-third Street the
ater and, as she alighted from Hie ear,
the most persistent of the speculators
sidled up to her and thrusting a bunch
of tickets upon her, said:
"I've tho last twenty good seals in
the house, (live you the best two
for Can't get any at the box. of
fice." Miss Russell took the bunch of
tickets as If to look them over and
makes her selection and walked rapid
ly toward the box office. The specu
lator, who had never had any tickets
taken from lilin before by prospective
purchasers, pressed close upon her
loudly demanding a reliiru of his tick
ets. Miss Russell stepped to tho win
dow nnd handing Hie twenty tickets
to I he i rcasiii'iT, said :
"Here iiiv twenty fill-cent splits. This
speculator tried to sell two of tliein
to me at $l.."o apii (live him $!
for thrill," mid with it smile entered
the theater nnd proceeded to her
dressing room.
Tho speculator frothed at the mouth.
Ho demanded his tickets back, but
tho treasurer, standing upon tho legal
rights of theatrical managers estab
lished in tho courts to the effect that
tickets mo not tratisfci'i'iihlc and thai
they have the rlgnt to revoke the n '
trance and return the money for those "
transferred to persons offensive to tho
management, refused.
"I bought those tickets from ou,"
roared the speculator.
"You certainly did not," said tho box
office man. "I have never sold n
ticket to you and never will. 1 know
you too wtdl. Vou have been thrown
oil) of this lobby a dozen limes with
in (ho last week. Those HcRcIs were
bought by other people, whom you
sent here. They wore transferred to
you by those people. There is your
$10. Now gel out, or I will have you
thrown out."
The speculator made his escape.
New York Commercial.
The Rising Son takes pleasure In
commending 'to the highest tho Kelly
flour whlidi has been used extensively
by one of its managers who tins fs
lablislieil a restaurant lu this city.
This recommendation is made from
experience. All grocers would do well
to keei the flour produced by tho
Kelly Milling Company.
By the signing of a liliynir base
lite Jones 1 1 1 (iooils company and L.
M. .limes anil J. I.. Jones together,
came intii control of nil of Hie block
between Walnut and Main streets mid
Twelfth ami Thirteen streets, except
only tlio Chapman building at Hie
southwest eonier of Twelfth and Wal
nut. The Junes brothers through a
realty corporal Ion control all that is
not now occupied by the Jones I try
(binds company.
This Is the largest ana under n
single control in the retail business
district. In Kansas City. Manufactur
ing concerns, packing houses, slock
yards and tlio like have largo hold
ings, but no merchandising concern
comes near controlling ns many feet
of valuable properly. Tin' frontage
on Main si n et Is l.'o feet and thn
frontage un Walnut street -Inn foot.
While Hie Jones brothers hope that
that some day Hie big while stori' may
need all of the ground, they are not
going to attempt lu cover it imme
diately. Miss I.ovey I'm quite positive that
he loves me deeply. Miss Wise Mow'
lo you know? Miss I.ovey Oh. I can
tell by tho sighs when he Miss
Wise My dear girl, you can't gaugo
tho depth of a man's love by Its sighs.
rhiludelphla Press.

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