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It Pays to Advertise In the Rising Son
The Burns Chapel, corner 19th and
Woodland, continues to move on nice-
I )y under the pastorate of Rev. Dr. J.
Harris. Sunday November 19, was
' Quarterly meeting day; the collection
was $44. Collections for the quar-
fter amounted to $508.40.
Tuesday, December 5, the literary
Veopens for the winter season. A fine
programme will be rendered each
Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock.
,j,,,'i Sunday, December 17, is Missionary
. Bally uay. z:3U annual sermon oy
;, t',ev. G. O. Logan, A. M., D. D., Holly
t Serines. Miss.
V;') , Annual ioniereuce luei-uus, iitu
'p' 14. Lexineton. Mo.
Jf' R. B., Secretary.
I V A B-.. Sofia!,,
. ; .T " ....
! A young married woman, who was
?o 1i"passlng the summer alone on account
ySot her husband having been summoned
Oljto Europe on a ousiness mauer, nau
caller one morning, who asked if she
VAiwere not lonely without her husband.
"A little lonely," was the qualified
"But surely," said the visitor, "you
miss your husband very much, now he
1s away?"
"Oh, no," she said. "At breakfast
and at dinner I just stand his news
paper up In front of his place, and half
the time I forget he isn't there."
Cincinnati Enquirer.
Each hour has Its appointed sound,
All life is set In rhythmic times;
The notes escape earth's narrow
But God is ringing out the chimes.
Helen Hunt.
A Triumph Over Obstacles.
Her first venture at cooking dinner
in her own home had passed success
fully, and they sat in silence at the
opposite ends of the table, wondering
at the novelty of it all, and gazing
at each other.
Bequeaths Money and Anatomy.
General Isaac J. WIstar, founder
and patron of the WIstar institute of
anatomy and biology at the University
of Pennsylvania, who died, not only
leaves the greater part of his estate
of $2,000,000 to that institution, but
also bequeaths to It his right arm and
brain to aid the cause of anatomical
Among Those Missing.
The football player with the bandag
ed t.ead was limping over the scene
of the desperate conflict the next day.
"Fighting the battle over again, are
you? some one asked him.
"Not at all," he answered, with dig
nity. "I am looking for my ear."
They Get the Point Too.
Yeast: They say your friend is as
good at telling stories as he is at
Crlmsonbeak: He Is, You see, when
he's fishing and commences telling
stories, the fish all gather about trying
to catch the point.
Circumstantial Evidence.
Pickpocket (to lawyer who has got
him free) Even you believed me
Lawyer Oh, no, not In the least.
"Then why did you leave your watch
and pocketbook at home?" Meg
gendorfor Blnlter.
Nothing Can Be Done.
If the President dpes not see any
action that our govrnment can take
to stop the horrows now being enacted
in Rusia, it is obvious that nothing
can be done. Boston Globe.
Football Is a game of chance
Zip! boom! sizz! hurrah! and then
Broken bones and ambulance
Fuees ne'er the same again.
Houston Post.
Pertinent Query.
"Let us become one.'' murmured the
young man who was anxious to break
into the matrimonal game.
"Which one?" queried the fair widow
who possessed wisdom begotten of ex
perience. Columbia Dispatch.
Quarterly meeting was held at the
A. M. E. church Sunday. The pre
siding elder, Rev. Barksdale preached
at 11 a. m. Rev. Clark of the M. E.
church preached at 3 p. m. Rev.
Reed preached at 7:30 p. m. Every
one seemed to enjoy each service.
There was preaching at the Bap
tist church Sunday by a minister
whom we was unable to find out his
Mr. William Brooker Is no better.
Mr. Al Cooley is Improving slowly.
Mrs. Gundey Berton is quite sick.
Mr. Henry Colley of Independence
was in the city Sunday.
Rev. Berry of the Christian church
returned home Tuesday. He reports
he had a splendid meeting where he
Mr. Samuel Berry went to K. C.
Sunday on business.
Mrs. Phinas McGIll and her sister
of Sedalia are in the city visiting his
mother, relatives and friends.
Mr. Ad Ray the proprietor of the
restaurant paid up his subscription
for the Rising Son.
Miss Mary Olden one of our young
ladles of this city who has been a
reader of the Son for more then a
year paid up her subscription and we
hope others will do likewise.
Mr. James Epps who has been in
Odessa, Mo., building an M. E.
church has completed the work and
returned home.
An editor sweat and fumed and swore
As he searched the office o'er and o'er
For his trenchant weapon of steel.
Some thief had entered his den that
And stole his Instrument of might,
And mayhap pawned It for a meal.
He cried aloud in sore dismay:
"A hundred plunks I'll give today
To he who brings my weapon
And every man who heard the bribe
Searched himself and kindred tribe,
And dug his sleuthy Sherlock dome.
They brought a hundred pens to him,
And carried pencils old and grim,
But none appeased his gravest
But by and by the office hoy.
With heart o'erflowed with hope and
Brought to light the long lost
A. U. Mayfield, In Denver News.
Life on the Water.
On all the great lakes of China are
found floating islands, which are enor
mous rafts of bamboo, overlaid with
earth, and upholding above the sur-
face of the water pretty houses and
gardens. They are, in fact, aquatic
farms, bearing crops of rice and veg
etables, large sails being attached to
the dwelling house as well as to each
corner of the island whenever it Is
desired to move about. After gath
erlng a crop of grain or garden truck
from the surface of the lake, the float
farmer casts his net Into the water
and from their depths brings up a
supply of fish for his family.
Odor of the Mountains.
If you notice a strong spicy and
"woodsy" odor about any woman these
days, do not imagine that she has
adopted a new perfume. It is balsam
that you smell, for the lady has Just
returned from the Adirondacks and
brought with her a balsam pillow as
a souvenir of her stay in the moun
tains. Of course she JJammed the
pillow Into a corner of her trunk
when Bhe packed up to come home,
and equally, of course, the strong
smell of balsam permeated every
thing. It is as much a mark of the
returning vacationist as Is the coat
of tan. New York Tress.
Edward Honors Japanese.
King Edward VII. has made Count
Katsura, prime minister of Japan, a
member of the Order of the Bath, and
Baron Komura a member of the Or
der of St. Mlchial and St. George.
for It Reaches More Homes of Colored People than any othei Paper
The football game played in St.
Louis on Thanksgiving Day between
the Lincoln Institute Tigers and
Chicago Maroons resulted in a score
of 11 to 6 In favor of the Tigers.
Williams and Schwelch. All of
these young people, members of the
class of '05, are engaged in teaching,
have excellent positions and express
themselves as very much pleased with
their work.
Dr. Allen delivered an address on
Saturday before the Montgomery
County Institute, on "The Best Gifts"
that was highly appreciated by the
large audience of white and colored
citizens present on that occasion.
The work of Misses Geneva Ander
son, Mildred Williams, Messrs. Abing
don and Ross before the Institute as
sembled was in every sense highly
commendable, and as graduates of Lin
coln Institute, they are demonstrating
in a most satisfactory manner the kind
of material which Lincoln Institute is
supplying to this state and other sec
tions. The banquet recently tendered the
teachers by the ZIon A. M. E. church
of Jefferson City was a fine affair and
well attended.
Beer in Mugs and Glasses.
Bavarians have long insisted that
beer Is better and more wholesome If
drunk out of stone mugs than out of
glass. Dr. W. Schultze has now ex
amined tne matter scvlentlfically ann1
has found that beer Is made injurious
by a chemical process which dis
solves the oxide of lead In the glass.
Her Test.
Her Do you think this photograph
looks like me?
Him Yes.
Her Then all Is over between us.
I know now that you are In love wltlf
me for my money alone.
More Steam Needed.
Many a time It is the prencher that
alls the congregation. You can pull
a heavy train up a hill with a pony
engine. Denver News.
Roosevelt's Classmate.
Louis M. Brown of Glens Falls, N.
Y., who was recently nominated for
Justice of the supremo court by the
Fourth Judicial district Democrats,
was a member with President Roose
velt of the Harvard class og '80.
An absentmlnded aeronaut in Mas-
sachusetts discovered that he had left
his moneywrench on the ground, after
he had gone Into the air 000 feet, and
started to walk back for It, when he
stepped on a cloud with a hole In It
and fell so as to wrench one of his
ankles. Denver News.
Time Would Have Allayed Suspicion.
Madam Gossip compelled a dear
young bride of three months, at
Greeley, Colo., to show her marriage
certificate before the naughty old ton
gue would cease to wag. Tho wed
ding had been kept a secret. Had
gossip kept it hands off until the
honeymoon wore off tho contract
might have been kept a secret for
years without suspicion of undue at
tention being paid each other. Den
ver News.
A Sheep grower says that he can
produce 1,000 lbs of mutton with the
wool on as cheaply as he or any other
man can produce 1,000 lbs of beef.
The state of Colorado Includes
nearly double the amount of forest
reserve of any other state In the union.
We have never neard of a business
man going to a pool hall Iq search
of an office boy.
The man with millions can never
understand why men with Jobs should
go out on a strike.
There are still two things that Glas
gow does not do for Its citizens: Pick
out their neckties and their cigars.
The pocketbook nerve of some men
Is much more sensitive than their
domestic nerve.
THURSDAY, DEC. 7, l!K)5.
The Interstate Literary Associa
tion 'of Kansas and tho West will con
vene in annual session at Kansas City;
Mo., December 20, 27, 28.
Each Literary Society is entitled to
representation by threo delegates,
(one of whom may have a place on
the program), and threo alternates.
Ncr Societies, and those not having
been enrolled at the last session of
tho Association, will be required to
pay it membership fee of $1.50. So
cieties enrolled at the last session will
pay S1.00 membership fee.
The Executive Committee will con
vene In November for tho purpose of
makt.'.g up the program.
Any Society may become a member
of the Association by application to
tho President or Corresponding Secre
tary in -or before the first day of De
cember, . sending therewith the re
quired fee.
JAS. H. GUY, President,
429 Kansas Ave., Topeka, Kan.
I. M. HORTON, Chairman Ex, Com.,
1C08 E. 13th St., Kansas City, Mo.
MISS A. F. MOORE, Cor. Sec,
1214 Vine St., Kansas City, Mo.
Skeltons In Trenches.
A curious discovery has been made
in th course of some excavations that
hare been In progress in St, Martin
do Re, in France. The excavators un
earthed trenches In which lay skele
tons which were presumably those of
the citizens who fell fighting there In
defending the town against tho Eng
lish In 1C27. Among the skeletons
was found a spherical Iron bomb con
taining a most black powder, which
was found to consist of about a third
of nitre, a third of carbon, and a fifth
of sulphur, tho remainder being Iron
oxide derived from tho rustlhg of the
Iron shell.
The Bear Dance.
Llttlo Bobble Pa, I want to see
another bejar dunre, like tho ono that
come along the street last week.
Papa I don't know where to find
It, son, but you run In and tell mam
ma that we will go down to tho comic
opera tonight and see tho big ballet.
Kansas City Drovers Telegram.
Detroit Free Press: "Is It truo that
you havo senatorial aspirations?"
asked the reporter over the 'phono
"Yes," remarked tho girl whoso num
ber had been called by mistake, "but
I'm not sure that I can land him."
Puck: Mr. Got rox When I was
your age, sir, I didn't have a dollar.
( holly Gotrox Well, dud, when I am
your age I probably won't havo a dol
Tho mnn In the brown stone palace
may enjoy life nftor n fashion, but
ho misses the satisfaction of the hum
ble cottager who can sit In tho front
yard In his shirt sleeves nml talk
over the fence with his neighbor.
Not a Dnuhtei
"P.l havn von know. Hlr." said tho
pompous Individual, "that I'm a self-
made mnn."
"All Indeed " rohiinod tbo meek
and lowly person, "I thought there
was a home-tuado nlr about you."
l hlcngo News.
The Fad for Restitution,
Another embezzler who escaped to
Mexico years ago Is sending back tho
money to cover his defalcations and
pay nil his creditors. In It possible
this tiling. Is to become a fad? St
Louis Globe-Democrat.
It's Impossible for a man to see tho
point of a Joke and feel It slmultan
A man Is as old as he looks, but a
woman is seldom as young as she
thinks she looks,
Bessie, dor.'t you want to stay In
tho parlor here your papa and Mr.
Kawler are?"
When All Others Fall.
Dispatches tell us that but for a
heavy rain which set In JuBt as tho fire
department hnd exhausted all Its en
ergy, Butte, Mont., would have been
completely wlpod from the map. An
other evidence of the necessity of be
ing In touch with providence.
. - .
Icandal Disturbs Serenity of Inhabi
tants of Bingvil e.
It Is rumored on reliable authority
hftt Hen Wilson has left, his wife
igaln owing to some niarMnl trouble
between them. This Is tot the first
lme Hen and Sarj Aun have had mar-
,tal trouble. Tho !sl timii before this
5ary Ann struck l!n wltn a rolling
ciln above the left eye and he went out
the house and dli not return for
leveral weeks. Son o Bays ho went
:o the Co. seat and ipent most of his
;lme In a hospital. Finally ne returned
nrao a sadder and wiser man nml
llm and Sary Ann made up again nnd
darted out together to try to live a
UlTerent life with fie dove of pence
)erched above their hearthstone, bp
fou might say.
nut now ruction nwlft nnd terrible
las broken out In their midst again.
We got this straight or we wouldn't
sny anything about It In print. Mrs.
Wilson herself told Mrs. Caroline
looper that Hen bad left home fol
owed by nil the cooking utensils In
ne kitchen. Mrs. Hooper told It to
len Wade's wife nnd Hen Wade's wlfv
old It to Mrs. Widow Henderson whe
.old us.
Sary Ann has a quick temper and
when she gets mad there seems to be
lothlng else to do but for Hen to din
mt for a while nnd wait until the
Montis roll by. What the trouble wart
:hls time was that Hen went right Into
(he house like a durn fool and set his
f down on a new sofa pillow which
Mrs. Wilson had just finished. Mrs.
Wilson stated that Hen might think
hat sofa pillows were made to sit on,
but he was mistaken. Hen's where
abouts '.s st present unknown "Hlng
ville Bugle Items'' In the Huston Post.
John Ruskin'a Self Introduction to Hit
The London Outlook tells a pretty
story of the late John Ituskln, artist,
author, reformer, which snows that
courtly nnd chlvjtrlc gentleman am!
great writer In a playful mood :
Mr. Ruskln wen taking a morulm
walk down the road Just In front of
Hrantwood, when be saw a lady seat
ed on a campsto-il making a sketch
if the house, and, with a courteous
rnce which was Intensely his own, lie
addressed her. Inquiring her reason
for choosing the house In question tor
her subject.
"It is the house of the famous John
Ruskln." she frankly nsked.
"Have you met Huskln?" she was
"No. Indeed," idle replied. "If I had.
I would have deemed It one of tho
greatest privileges of my life."
"Then, madam, if you care to fol
low me, I will show him to von "
In a twinkling the stool nnd easel
wi re packed up nnd the artist eagerly
oillowed the guide. To her surprlso
nnd gratification, he led her up to In
house, and entering, baile his guest
Tollow. which she readily did On
marched the stranger into the draw
Ing room; Mien, placing his hark to the
flriplaep. n familiar attitude, bo ex
rlniund, to the nmaxemeiit of his com
p anion :
"Now, what do ynu think of Hus
Trom "Th Gi.mur.
M who hnlh ln-nt film "mi th"
l-ie ihi- llit 1 1 1 v of I " -Oil I" III
'I'll.- flrt ilo r l ,1.1 V i'f Nullill ("i"N.
!'tii- lnt I'-itiK"! ini'l l"llri-
Hi free ln i:n's i-ff.n lnr tiiU'Ti
Haw swept I hi! llm" wlirn- l'-:illty ling
I ! i.
. r ni'i'l'nl "'llil rili""!!'- nlr
The repturf of R".nn tint's there,
,,. Iixill Ml li lull I Hull- Ilia' hlHMK
I II" IlllllOlnl -f I''" I'llH-lil i I" '
Anil - I'll' fur Hint mil slirninli-1 vc
Mint (Ins mil wins mil. wi"p mil now
ml hill fur tint i lull -lui ritr:- brow
Whi-ri- i-ohl il.mtnii-'lMi'x nuathy
Api'filf lh" iinlng ni'i'irn"! 'h heart,
,i If In him It fiiilil Itnpnrt
The 'lii'iin h- ilrMils, V"l riwolii upon,
V". hnl fur lhe-i". nin! tin si- iiluii".
Some iii'iint'htH, nyf 'nit- Iicjii hi-root
ifn still might ilontit th Tvrniit a pnwn
n fnlr. i'i i-iilm, k'i pnftlv i al'wl.
rhi- flixl last look liv ilinih ri-vpnlfl1
hi li l-i III" nspi-i-l of I hi nh'il".
Tli flr'-pi-i- hut living riM-i " no ninr'-T
Vi riihllv M-i-t. ho il"fi'llv fnlr
'.Vp Mart, for Hnnl i "iriM wnriring there
II' tm N lh" lov-lln"!! In di-nili,
1'hnt purls not 'pilu- with ranlnif hrMtfc;
Hnl hfiiutv with thnl foaiful hluum.
That hm- whl'Ti hniintt It to iho tomfc
Kxer'-slon'M hut n-i-pillnf rny,
A hIMpiI Halo hm-eilng rmiml nVray,
Th" fiii'-wi II hpiim of l-'i-r-ll-m past nwn!
Siiark of that flHini", ppri hai. of heaven
ly l.lrlh.
Which Kli-arni hut warms no mor H
cTnTl.-I.e.l eurth.
I-ord Iljron.
In the State.
This title parable by nn unknown
author teaches its own lesson:
A hen trod on a duck's foot. Sho
dbl not mean to do It, nnd It did not
hurt the duck much; but the duck
said, "I'll pay you for that!" So tho
duck flew at the old hen, but as sho
did so her wings struck an old goose,
who stood close by.
"I'll pay you for that!" cried tho
goose, and she flew at the duck; but
ns sho did so her foot tore tho fur
of a cat who was Just then In tho
"I'll pay you for that!" cried tht
cat, and she started for the gooso;
but as sho did so her claw caught tv
tho wool of u sheep.
"I'll pay you for that!" cried tho
sheep, and she rah at the cat, but ns
she did so ber foot hit tho foot of a
dog who lay In tho sun.
"I'll pay you for that!" cried ho
and jumped at the sheep; but as ho
did so bis leg struck an old cow who
stooil by tho gate.
"I'll pay ou for that!" cried she,
and sho ran at tho dog; but ns sho
did so her born grazed the skin of a
horse who stood by a tree,
"I'll pay you for that!" cried ho,
and he ruidied nt tbo row.
What a nolso there whs! Tho horse
flew nt the cow, and the cow nt tho
dog, nnd the dog ut tho sheep, nnd
the sheep nt the cat, and tho cat nt
tho goose, ami tho gooso at the duck,
and Hie duck at the ben. What a ftisa
thero was! And all because, tho hen
accidentally slopped on tho ducks'
"III! 111! What's all this?'' cried tho
man who bad the care of them. "You
may stay here," ho said to the hen;
but ho drovo the duck to the pond
tho gimse to the field, the rat to I Ik
burn, tho sheep to her fold, tho dog
to the house, tho cow to her yard,
and the horse to his stall. Ami so alii
their good times were over becauso
the duck would not overlook a little
hurt which was not Intended.
Famous Russian Poetess.
The poelH' curlier" ill the cemetery
or the Alexander NowsM cloister In
St. Petersburg has l'i n augmented
by the grave of Myrrha Loehwlkava
(Yin-ill. one of the fi-w Russian wo
men who have attained eminence for
their poetry. She was the daughter
of a prominent lawyer in St. Peters
burg, wheiv she was born In In
IS'.m; her first volume of poems was
Issue, I, three other volumes followed.
Her verse In cha raeteilzeil by Orien
tal touches, and her favorite tlu-ine Is
Iion'i try lo be anybody bill your
self. Few British Whalers.
Dundee Is the only port in the llrltlsl
IhIi-h that ow ns w liiib sliips. Townrl
the end of tin- century before last,
nearly nil the east coast ports bad
whalers of their own London had
thirty four ships. Tin- falling off of
tin- Indus' r.' Is due chiefly to tho
scarcity of "right" whales; but. tbo
turning point of the decay was taken
when coal gas was discovered, and
there was a fall In Hie Importance of
oils as illiiinlnanlK. Hut. each season
liuiulee sends her whaling fleet, to tho
Arctic. So few are "right" whabu
within the circle now that the Iniinl'-o
experts know tln-in all, it Is said.
Wags aver that the Dundee harpoon
its have names for each of them.
Poor Little Babylonians.
Kminel I ta li loiau explorers say that
tbo multiplication table which the
Hnby Ionian child had to commit to
memory extended to :n I lines and
that lie was easily conversant with
two languages besides his own. The
school rooms have been discovered
and today ll Is possible to examine
llie si hool links, the tallies with tlie
arithmetic lessons still legible upon
llietu. Hallimore American.
A low corsage never seems so Im
modest to a stout as to a thin woman.

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