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Pays to Advertise In the Rising Gon
Clock Made of Slate.
Perhaps the most unique timepiece
In existence Is owned by Humphrey
O. Prltchard, a slate quarryman of
Delta, Pa. The varieties he used In
clude the Peach Bottom blue slate anJ
the red, green and purple slate of Ver
mont. Ono hundred and sixty-four
separate pieces of this material were
used In the construction and are held
together by twenty-thne dozen small
metal screws. Many of the, slate
sheets are as thin as paper, and scores
were broken before the timepiece was
The clock Is four feet high, two feet
wide and one foot deep. It has a
cathedral gong and Is lighted by nine
Incandescent bulbs. The work, which
Is really artistic, was done by Prltch
ard during idle moments at the quarry,
and eight months' time was required
in its completion.
There has been much discussion as
to the origin of the term "O. K." It
seems that In the Choctaw language
there is a word, "okeh," which means
"If Is correct," or "I agree to ap
prove." It Is often used alone to give
assent or approval to a suggestion or
proposal. "Okeh" was in common use
among whites who had dealings with
the Choctaws more than thirty years
before the Van Buren campaign. It
was a convenient expression where
nartlea understood each other's Inn
'gunge imperfectly and was usell to
mean "understand you and and np
prove what you say," or "I understand
your statement and vouch for its cor
Queer Ceremony.
Residents of Valle Magglo, torn
bardy, go through an odd ceremony In
September every year. The region is
infested with vipers. The celebrants
form a procession, every man, woman
and child carrying a huge figure of
a snake stuffed with cotton. As they
pass along they weep and lament, be
lieving that by this explanation they
make themselves proof against snake
bite during the grape harvest.
Unique Present.
Seven quarts of liquor In a glass
bottle three feet high was started from
New York recem.y on its way to
Nicaragua as a gift to President
Zelaya from a syndicate that has ob
tained mining and railroad conces
Blons from tne Nacaraguan govern
ment. The bottle contains claret, bour
bon, rye and Scotch whisky and three
cordials. It was shipped to Mobile,
whence it will finish its journey by
Painful Reminder.
Ruffon Wratz No. I didn't git
cent out o' the counnel. He didn't give
me no chance. As soon as I'd said
"Say, Loss," he kicked me down the
Saymond Storey Sarved ye right.
ye durn fool. Ef you'r been readln1
the elctlon returns you'd a' knowed he
ain't no boss no more. Chicago Trl
Greatly begin! Though thou
Greatly begin! Though thou have time
But for a line, be that sublime;
Not failure, but low aim is crime.
James Russell Lowell
Hurry & Worry attract lots of at
tention, but Slow & Sure do the bulk
of the business.
The Jevil knew his business when
be invented the furnace.
The man who makes nothing but
money goes out of the world desti
tute. Some people put so much trust in
God thnt they get too lazy to help
Cheerupathy Is a school of medi
cine that requires no entrance fee or
Some people are always willing to
tell the truth when It Is disagreeable
to somebody else.
This is the season when the rock
ing chair on the veranda resigns in
favor of the parlor sofa.
Tea a Perfect Invigorant.
Tea when properly made and used
before the tannin Is extracted is one
oi the most grateful beverages known
tc man. It acts as a refreshing agent
to the whole system, specifically act
ing on the brain, palliating at least.
ll not curing, nervous hoBrtaqlfps. It
stimulates thought and hel parpen tal
labor. Exchange.
Great Author's Literary Output.
It has been claimed for the elder
Dumas, though It Is open to doubt.
that he wrote twenty-three novels In
a single year. Thin meant a steady
output of more than 1.25o,000 words,
a feat of authorship nil the more re
markable when the high literary qual
ity of the stories is taken into ac
count. Effect cf Pest Bounty.
Some years ago the government of
Java offered a reward for all croco
diles killed or captured. For a time
enormous numbers of them were
brought to the authorities. Then it
was discovered that nearly all the na
tives had gone to raising crocodiles,
so the reward was withdrawn.
Good Example of Self-Denlal.
A convict member of the Utah State
Prison Christian Endesvor society is
saving his monthly tobacco allowance
of 25 cents-, and sending It to aid in
raising the quarter-centennial mem
orial fund. He contracted the tobacco
habit when eight years old, -and has
Just abandoned it.
Chinese Studying in Japan.
Nearly 2. 400 Chinese students, the
greater part of whom are supported
by the government and the viceroys
of various provinces, are now study
ing in Japan, while a very great nuu
ber of Japanese teachers are engaged
Ir. educational work In China.
German Military Penalty.
From picking up an apple while on
a march and not dropping it Im
mediately when ordered to do so by
a sergeant, a soldier of the Sixty
ninth (German) Infantry has been
sentenced to eight months' imprison
ment at Treves.
May Make Good Diamonds.
Experiments lately made In France
and England strengthen the belief
that it may be possible, some day, to
produce in the laboratory of the
chemist diamond' of sufficient size
and perfection to compete with nat
ural diamonds.
Guards Drill on Boulevard.
In Van Ness avenue, San Francis
co, a long avenue, 125 feet wide, as
phalted and without car tracks, the
city has placed an extra number of
electric lights, so as to make It bet
ter for the night drills of the National
A Horse on Richard.
"A horse! a horse!" murmured the
Shakespearean commentator. "Ah! in
this exclamation we see Richard's
grimly humorous acceptance of the
fact that Richard had at last got the
laugh on him." Boston Transcript.
Some Commercial Ambiguity.
From a window In the city: "Buy
our boots. Every pair will bring the
customer back " This Is not clear.
Will the customer be Inside the boots
or outside them? Punch.
Murder Case Operators.
The Pall Mall Gazette, citing time
cases, says: "It Is remarkable now
the operator In a murder case licms
to affect a suit of gray."
The Philosopher of Folly.
They tell me that young Nocount
has gone to the dogs. Very sad but
my sympathy is all with the dogs.
Cleveland Leader.
Dry Fish Packing House.
The largest dry-fish packing hcuso
In the world is at Halifax. It had 45,
000 square feet of floor space.
Removing Verdigris from Brass.
Salt and vinegar will remove verdl
trig from braas.
for It Reaches More Homes of Colored People
Rev. A. A. Gilbert started protrat-
ed meetings ut the A. M. E. Church
Sunday night.
Rev. Clark, pastor of the M. E.
Church hns been quite ill with In-
grip. Is now some better.
Mr. Gus Hurley was in Kansas City
Tuesday and we suppose making nr-'
rangenients to commence the bridge
across the river, as he is the only
man that can build it and we hope the
work will commence soon.
Mrs. T. H. Nix, the G. W.VC. of E.
V. and H. K. or P. and Mrs. Mottle
Anderson of Kansas City were the
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Cone-"
way this week.
Mr. Win. Hunter is Btill in the groc
ery business.
Mr. Eugene Conawny Is still In the
bnrber business.
Mr. Ad Ray is in the restaurant
business and we wish them nil a
happy new year und that they muy bo
successful in their business and con
tinue to take the Rising Sun.
Mr. Juke Fugett will be a candidate
for the same office and we hope he
will be elected.
Mrs. Henry Elem, one of our oldest
and best citizens was burled last week
by the KnfRnTS of Tabor. He nlways'
took nn active part In politics, was a
strong Republican and a lover of his
race. He leaves a wife and several
children to mourn his loss. We ex
tend our heart felt sympathy to the
IV. B. F. Allen has just returned
from a lecture trip to Boston, where
he was Invited to address the Boston
Literary Association, the oldest and
most Influential organization of its
kind In the "Hub."
The address, the subject of which
was "The American Negro nnd Mod-
Lern Education," was received as was
the spenker, with rounds of applause,
from a large nnd appreciative audience
and was widely commented upon by
the press. Tiie "Guardian Devotes"
gives considerable time to Its discus
sion and among other good things
says: "The subject was particularly
well chosen and was treated In a
truly scholarly style."
Tracing the tendencies of education
from the beginning, the speaker grad
ually led up to the broader spirit
which characterizes the present day
educations, including a full nnd com
prehensive account of the methods
and results of learning.
"Modern education," said the speak
er, "Inspires self-confidence, enables
us to have the courage of our convic
tions and places us ut the happy med
ium between self-reliance and mod
esty." Referring to. tho negro said
he, "The success of the negro and
the spirit of modern educations are
school teachers and the homo training
and the responsibilities resting on the
muer cannot oo over-esumaien. n u
is necessary to send the white boy to ,.m 0fra,j you wouldn't have been so
college to tench him to cope with life, njce t0 me na,j you known that I am
then it is necessary to send the negro a married man."
to college. If ho Is the equul of the "Oh, as to thnt," quickly and pleas
white man. ho needs training. If he is ' nntly responded the charming young
Inferior, he needs better training, If woman, "you haven't the least ndvan
i, i. o , ia.. I tage of me. I nm an escaped lunatic.'
hi. ni i ik t n iiu Hi- iUQ iiwt v r!n. i
Dr. Allen entered Boston by way
of Niagra Falls nnd Canada, and re
turning stopped In New York and
Washington too. Bolte faculty and
students heartily enjoyed tho vivid de
scription of tho winter scenery nt the
Fulls, In Canada, nnd other points of
interest of which ho talked entertain
ingly. Professor Elliff, Inspector of High
Schools that articulate with Columbia
I'niversity, was the honored guest of
tho inanition a few days since. The
entire day -was spent In the various
classrooms, and on leaving, Professor
Ellirf stated that although he hud
spent twenty-five years in Missouri
, 190
I officially connected with the schools,
hgjiad no Idea that such high class
and thorough work ns he found was
being done in the Institution.
A forty man Is wise, 'tis said, or
At furl v lirfmiist know t!m wava nf
And speak In sounding praise or toil
with pen
In some broad sphere of humanly en
deavor. To prove himself efficient, bright or
Or own himself n failure. H by then
Success Is far, 'tis vain to try again:
Halt, cease to hope, and loll no more
forever. v v
What sophistry! What "bogus sage
So devilish a doctrine? Who is wise
At forty nay at fifty? Truth la
Only by the eternal verities.
At sixty only Is true wisdom sound
ed. And then by few. Old saws are most
ly lies.
'Three-score Is the age of wisdom and
If then a man display a judgment
-Nor fall-in line withPolly1 -nnd pro
cession. He may be called discreet "of
age," I menn
But not till then. Truth forces this
Four-score Is nearer to It than four
teen. St. Iouis Post Dispatch.
His Fair Companion flippantly
Force of Ccience.
Aeethylith Is calcium cnrblno sur
rounded with an envelope of sugar.
It Is claimed to be of advnntnge
In acetylene lighting on n small scole,
as, unlike the pure carbide, It stops
generating gas when tho witter Is
turned off, and begins again when
more water Is supplied. This avoids
tho generation of an excess of gas,
which Is wasted If no gasometer is at
hand for storage.
A novel means of propelling boats
has been devised In Europe by A. Fnr
cot of the Buchet factory. It con
sists of b framework of steel tubing,
supporting a Buchet vertical motor
of 31 horse-power, with electric lg-
, nltlon, the motor driving two paddle
wheels with vertical blades. The pad
dle wheels and motor are fixed nt the
stern of the boat. They are mounted
on- a pivot, making It practicable to
steer the boat In any direction, nnd
giving facilities for geltng nt the ma
chinery for oiling and repairs.
She Had a "Cinch on Him.
A prominent, railroad man repeals
with grent enjoyment a slory thnt lie
heard from a conductor on one of the
limited expresses between New York
and tho West.
It appenrs thnt n dapper chap In the
first chair enr hnd mnnnged lo become
unusually friendly with an attractive
voung man In nn ndjolning seat.
When tho train pulled Into Buffalo,
(he masher. In Inking leave of the
fair one remnrked:
"Do you know, I must Ihnnk you for
mi.. -i nin..nt il,nn ln.i
New York Tribune.
A naval officer, according to the
Buffalo Commercial, told of the trials
of a colleague In marrying off his
ninny daughters. In the same family
wns a son, nn observant lad of ten
yeors. Toward the close of the winter
the officer Informed his son that he
was going to lose his sister Ethel,
who was engaged to wed a young lieu
tenant. "I'm sorry to hear that dad,"
said the younester, "because I'm aw
fully fond of Ethel. Still, we'll have
Alice and Eva and Maud and Susie,
won't we?" Then, nfter a moment's
reflection, ho added: "By the way,
dad, this arrangement will advance
Alice a number, won't It?"
than any othei Paper
Documentary Proof of Idiocy. I
"Look here, old chap. I'll give yon
a valuable tip," paid the experienced
married man to the prospective bride
groom. "Don't let your wife keep a
diary on the hotieymon. My wife did
that, anil now whenever we quarrel
she brings It out and rends some of
the Idiotic thlncs I Faid to her then."
London Tit -Bits.
All Around Athlete.
Aid. W. Anker Simmons, of Henley-on-Thnnies
town council, hns Just ac
complished n remarkable feat nenr the
famous reneh of the Thames nt lien
ley. He wnlked, ran. cycled, rowed
and then swam 2('i yards all under
eight minutes. As Mr. Simmon Is IS
yenrs of age, I ho feat Is all the inure
Find Wealth in Bag
Discovering a bag In the streets of
Sydney. Australia, n man took it lo
the police station, where It was found
to contain gold and banknotes to the
value of 8."0, and subsequently a
hatlcss old man. a lunatic, who una
wandering aimlessly through the
streets, was found to be the owner.
Eighteenth Century Earrings.
The eighteenth century saw the
glorification of the earring, fashion
fb!o beaut lea outvying ench oilier with
the rarest and most beautiful jewels.
There Is no doubt that the earring Is
one of the prelllest feminine adore
n.enl and ns such well deserves Its
frcsent popularity.
Worth More Than a Smile.
A generous slork visited a certain
home uptown nnd lefi n pair of babies.
A few days afterward the father nnd
a frienil who congratulated him nnd
snld: "I benr the Ixml has smiled up
on you." "Smiled:" exclaimed the
proud parent; "He IniiKhed aloud sir!"
A Lost Opportunity.
"Woman Just dropped dead In the
bargain crush at lite ribbon counter!"
cried the floorwnlked excitedly. "How
Inopportune!" exclaimed Hie bend of
the firm. "Our undertaking depart
ment won't be open until next Mon
day!" Catholic Slandard.
A Language Lesson.
Hans Hansen called lo see how his
friend Ole Olsen was making out with
his line new Job slreet sweeping.
Says Olsen: "Vail, I lank I like the
shob all right." At which angrily re
torted Hansen: "Khob? Dunn say
"shob;" say 'yob'."
Eaiy to Identify Sisters.
It Is nn easy matter to pick out sis
ters In a group of children on the con
tinent, for girls of (he same family
are dresesd Just alike. In the Breton
provinces, where the gain dress is
quaint, the effect Is fantastic on felo
Benefit of Iron in Water.
Bits of Iron will prevent water from
becoming putrid. Sheet Iron or Iron
t r I tn in I n p h ate the best. The offen
t've smell of water In vases of flowers
would be avoided by putting u few
una 1 1 nails In the bottom of Hie vases.
No Use for Beef.
In I'rugnay, until within a few
years, the sales of hides was the only
pari of the cattle industry that yield
ed any cash, the meal being mostly
discarded us of no value.
Must Keep Shoes Shined.
In I'uiIh even the poor in an stops
nn his way to work to have his shoes
stined. It costs htm only 2 cents, mid
he might lose his job If he did not.
Nosering a Aid to Beauty.
In New Guinea the ladh s wear nose
rings, piercing the nose In the same
way that, civilized women pierce tho
And Still Most People Do.
Boys wound get very lit tin satis
liiction out of being bad If people ev.
peeled them to be. New York Press.
Peart and Applet.
Tho pear and apple arc from Europe.
In the State.
This title parable by an unknown
author teaches lis own lesson:
A hen trod on a duck's foot. Sho
did not menn lo do it, and it did not
hurt tho duck much; but the duck
said, "I'll pay you for that!" So tho
duck flew nt the old hen, but as sho
did so her wings struck an old goose,
who stood closo by.
"Ill pay you for thai!" cried tho
goose, and site flew at the duck; but
ns she did so her foot tore the fur
of n cat who was Just then lu the
"I'll pny you for that!" cried the
cat, nnd she started for tho gooso;
but as sho did so her claw caught lu
tho wool of n sheep'
"I'll pay you for that!" cried tho
sheep, and slt Hilt at tho cat, but at
sho did ho ber foot hit the foot of a
dog who lay In tho Bun.
"I'll pay you for that!" cried ho
and Jumped at the sheep; but ns ho
did so his leg struck an old cow who
stood by tho gnte.
"I'll pay you for that!" cried she,
and sho ran nt tho dog; but ns sho
did so her horn grazed tho sklu of a
horse who stood by a tree.
"I'll pay you for that!" cried he,
and ho rushed at tho cow.
What n nolso there was! The linrsn
flew nt tho cow, nnd the cow nt tho
dog, nnd the dug nt tho sheep, nnd
tho sheep nt tho cut, nnd tho cut nt
tho goose, nnd tho gooso nt tho duck,
and the duck at the hen. What n fnsa
there was! And nil becnuso tho hen
accidentally stepped on tho ducks'
"Hi! III! What's all this?" cried tho
man who had the care of them. "You
may slay here," ho said to tho hen;
but ho drove the duck to tho pom
tho gooso to tho field, the cat to (Ik
burn, the sheep lo her fold, tho dog
to tho house, tho cow to her yard,
and the horse to his stall. Ami so alll
their good times wero over becnuso
the duck would not overlook a llltlo
hurt which wus not Intended.
Famous Russian Poetess.
Tho pilots' corner" In the cemetery
of the Alexander NewsM cloister lu
SI. Petersburg has been augmented
by the grave of Myrrhu Loehwlzkaya
(Ybeiil, one of tho few Russian wo
men who have nttained emlnetieo for
Ihelr poetry. Sho wns the daughter
of a prominent lawyer lu St. Peters
burg, where she was born in ISO!). In
IN!M her first volume of poems was
Issued, three other Volumes followed.
Her verse h characterized by Orien
tal touches, am! her favorite Hit mo Is
Don't try to be anybody but your
self. Few British Whafers.
Dundee is Hie only port in the Brills.
Isles that owns whaleships. Towar 1
tin' end of the century before last
nearly all the east coast ports bad
whalers of their own. London had
thirty four ships. The falling off of
the IndiiH'r;' is duo chiefly to tho
scarcity of "right" whales; but tho
turning point of tho decay was taken
when coal gas was discovered, and
I hero was a fall in Iho importance of
oils as lllumlnants. But. each season
Dundee sends her whaling fleet to tho
Arctic. So few are "light" whales
within the circle now that tho Dundee
experts know them all, it is said.
Wags aver that lite Iiiindeo harpoon
ers have names for each of litem.
Poor Little Babylonians.
Kniiiiet lliibylnian explorers say thnt
tho multiplication table which the
Babylonian child had to commit to
memory extended to HO times !!0, and
I hut lie was easily conversant with
two languages besides his own. The
school rooms have been discovered
and today It Is possible to examine
(lie school links, the tables with tho
arithmetic lessons still legible npor
them. Baltimore American.
A low corsage never seems so lit
modest to a stout as to a thin wuiuu

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