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fubllsbed Every Week
ft r.r. ..
ati mom ui . . .
f hrM month
Busts.. ..
wlftl plrt In sdrtnc
ImUnd at tht Port Offle of JTaiUM CW7.
M 5x.d t'iww Mmtltr.
Correspondent wanted to e?sr city
as4 town in tliiM utaie. Write as.
All news matter Intended for pub
lication should reach our office not la
ter than Tutuday, of each week and
nun be signed by the writer not for
publication, but an guarantee of auth
enticity. )FFICIi-No. 117 West Slitf.
Kansas City, Me.
Ad vertialiiu Rnte,
for ess lsh. on Insertion M
or on Inch, each suhsrqusnt Insertion JU
f two laches, three month t.Ut
Frtwo lach, sli month too
for two Inch, ntn month 10 00
Ts two IseLst twelvs months It 00
Yhe paid circulation
of The Rising Son
is more than double
, , . ,
inc comoinca circu -
iation of all the other
Kansas City Colored
Weekly nCVSpaperS. ;
The interests of the tax payers of
Kansas City have been duly protect- j
ed t,y the city treasurer, Mr. Holmes,
during his incumbency. This pleasant '
feature of his administration entitles
him to renominatlon and cdectlon.
The Son wishes to again announce
the fact that at every election sever
al campaign sheets hob up. not for
legitmate business but to hold up the
central committee and the candidates,
squeeze the business men out of all
they possibly can, then slip out of
sight. The Son proposes to show
must be watched.
Hcprescntative Kitchen, in an ad
dress before the North Carolina So
ciety of New York recently said:
"Let us tint forget that the Negro
is our neighbor and that we must
look after his rights, his liberty and
his prosperity."
Tills sounds good coming from a
North Carolinian. We commend his
gracious sentiments to the citi.eus of
Springfield, Ohio.
live in the same government?" It Is
The proposition to extend the Mil-,),,, V(.rv K,,.test problem that con
ropolitan franchise ten years in re-j ,,., ,,, k(,,,,c in ti.s(, opening
turn for which the company Is to pro- V(,.lls r u,,w rrtury, and it will
vide a public drive way through! the ; n.,ti.,. ,,, ,,,.,, ,.ffo.ts ,)f ,
proposed tunnel Is arresting attention ,,,, (o fM(, , r,Kht sollI,,on to lt
of the aldermen. The people of Kan-!Tm, ,,.,v , Kno ,, , llltt.rPst ()f
his City do not look upon the proposi-; ,,, rlr,,Hi ,s W(. ,s ,,,,,,, ))e
tion with favor. They do not desire ; HO i,.n,ocrats nnd Republicans have
that the common council of Kansas, nw ,iqa, ,Iltprpst , formulating
City shall turn over to the Metropoli-1 lht rondi,ins wliPh shall retrieve
tan millions of dollars, so to speak, j whatever ,.,.,ors may have been com
for nothing. It Is hoped that the ad- j ...., im.i 1.111illr(. 11(,ilries under the
ministration will consider the matter
carefully before any action is taken.
i tion maintained. The burdens of re
The Infamous lynch law found its j K,M,nslblHty Is larg.Hy upon the South,
origin in the South among the law- j Uw Sollth R)louI,i not 1e ,p(t to
less element of white Negro haters. : truggle under it unaided by the other
The iwrpctrators of this fancy of S(.Pt(ms of tl)p union, In which the
Justice in most cases were upheld by j ,.,, ls ,,.H1, nn(l consequently more
the courts. The rcvuii U we find ! P11sily dealt with.
that lynching of Negroes is carried! e reproduce the opening idea of
on In all sections of the Cnited xhos. White, in the Freeman, on the
States. tHily recently Springfield, I jibove subject.
Ohio, added a new chapter to the re- i
voltiug history of which America tins j
become famous. The cause of the ;
outbreak in Springfield was the mur-
der of a white man by two Negroes, j
When the members of the mob found
that the Negro murderers had been J
safely jailed, their base appetite for
vengeance found relief in setting fire
to the hollies of innocent and peace
able Negroes of Springfield. Thus it
is plainly shown in such cases that a
law-abiding Negro as well as the
criminal Negro is at the mercy of a
mob whose members are also crim
inals. Key West Kla., Aug. IRtli. 10H4.
I used only one bottle of Ford's
Pomade and my hair has stopped
breaking off and has greatly improv
ed. When I started using this wonder
ful preparation my hair was seven
inches long and now It Is ien or more.
I beg to remain, yours truly,
SH Southard St.
Booker T. Washington's timely ad
vice to Nick Childs of the Topeku
Plain Dealer along the line of cautious
treatment of questions and matters ef
fecting the two races, especially those
problems which appear more vexatious
to the white and colored alike, U ad
mired by the Son as It has always been
her policy to be conservative In mat
'ters of a similar nuture.
IliTonlly at n private mtislcale, Rob
ert Ctisradrn (iliiycil a Ilothoven se
lection which railed forth this com
ment from one of his Rushing feminine
iiilmiri'i's: 'Perfectly heavenly!" I
hitwn't hearil that for 11 long time.
Tlie Inxt time wan when It was ren
dered for me by a jdionoRrnph. Did
you ever hear it on a phonograph, Mr.
Ciiseaden?" "No," said the violinist.
"I don't care care for music fried In
Model Dairy Farm.
Two lii-otliers. Albert and Harry
Knlu nsturk. have n model dairy farm
at (Junker Mot torn valley, in Halllmore
county. anl the other day they had
the members of the Haltlmore stock
exchange out to look at It. The visit
or! were driven over the Co0 acres In
nnuoiiK drawn by teams of eight nice
ly matched gray I'ercheron horsed,
and they found the dairymen and the
Miihh-mcn all neatly uniformed. It
Is aNo reported that they found n
scene of "unusual pastoral beauty."
There are hills. vallos and tumbling
splashing waters on the oig farm, and
the ke.Mioie of the management Is or
giuiiation and .system. The result is
The Winning Ticket Named Harmony
and Dignity Feature of the
The Republicans assembled In Con
vention Hall last Tuesday and nomin
ated a ticket of clean and able men
.w" wi" s,"k Rrrve th,! 1,t"",k' 1,1
city government for thu next two
A better
selction of men for the
,v,,,al ",!,,lon" 0o",,, not hi,vp ,,,,"n
made. TheheadoftheticketMr.lt.
r. n.anlsle.v is regarded as n tower
of strength and the opposition will find
. . ,.nll . . ...,. r Trf.n..,rr
K. Holmes and Auditor Koehler
Wt.rp r,.mimnn,od ,,y ,.,,.,,. f navlnK
(.on(1,.,j ,,,. , ,,1Islmsl,.
like and efficient manner. The upper
nnd lower house nominees nre men of
Integrity and business worth. The
ticket as a whole Is worthy of the
support of the people of Kansas City.
j The Negro Race Problem.
Nothing Is more certainly written In
! the book of fate than these people are
jto be free, nor Is It less certain that
the two races, equally free, cannot
live In the same government. This
I was the prophecy of Thomas Jefferson,
writing In lS2t. in the evening of his
long life, and only five years before
his death, lmg since has the first
j part of the prediction been filled; it
came forty years after he wrote amid
j the thunders and lightnings of the
, civil war. Since then another forty
years have nearly passed away and
the nation Is face to face with the
question -"Can two races equally free.
operations of which social order shall
! be concerned and our common civlliza-
Gates a Good spunder.
Report lias it that .John W. (Sates
is making all the other plungers at.
Saratoga look small, (iates thinks
and acts In thousands where the
average man does the same things in
dollar bills. He hardly recognizes
small change when he sees It. His
bets at the races are all up in three
figures, he pays a dollar for a shave
anil tosses another dollar to the boy
wlm shines his shoes. He buys a
good dlniiiT for a large party al a
time and gives the biggest tips ever
heard of. The chances are thut even
with his bix expenses he will break
even or better on the present meet.
Al present li Is away ahead of the
The man who laughs his way
through the world leaves It with Just
as much In his possession as fie man
who fights his way through.
Adarnsvllle, Ala., Sept., ,10, 1 ;.
Dear Friends: I only used Ford's
Ozonized Ox Marrow once nnd it made
a great Improvement on my hair.
Elegant flats for colored people,
Northwest corner Sixteen and I.ydla,
modern, gas, bath four and five
rooinrf. Ready April 1. Apply
CORBETT'S, 1025 Main.
Couldn't Catch Him.
Farmer Foddershucks "Yes, M'rln,
then Washington politicians tried ter
hunker me, but I was too smart fer
Let Ut Do Our Duty.
I.pt us do our duly In our thop or
fur kitchen, the market, the atreet,
the office, the school, the home, Just
as faithfully as If we stood In the
fiont rank of some great battle, and
we knew that victory for mankind de-l-emltd
on our bravery, strength and
kill. When we do that, the humblest
tf u will ha serving In that great
atmy which achieves the welfare of
the world Theodore Parker.
The Diner's Pet Joke.
"I never do things by halves," re
marked Blffklns, and the waiter at
IiIk elbow put on an expectant grin.
He had only expected a fiu-cent tip
maybe the gontleran would give him
more. "As I was saying," said Biff
kins, pushing bark his chair and ac
cepting his hat, "I never do things by
1 alves. Especially In tipping. I al
v. ays use quarters. Here you are."
Cleveland Leader.
- Small Village; Small Pledge.
Here is an English story: A fac
tory foreman used to drink inordin
ately: afterward he reformed, and
then there was a conspicuous relapse.
His employer rebuked him for not
sticking to his solemn agreement. But
the man. In good faith and with per
fect gravity, explained, "I only took
the pledge in a small village quite a
small village, In Yorkshire."
Judge's Kind Admonition,
On one occasion Judge Dewey of
floston had before him a couple of
girls charged with stealing ribbons
from wreaths on graves. As the evi
dence of their guilt was not satisfac
tory, he ordered their discharge, ac
companying It with this admonition:
"Girls, keep out of the cemeteries at
long as you can." Law Notes.
Free Manners.
Manners appear to get freer with
every generation. Modesty, which is
the crown of maidenhood, never ap
pears to characterize sweet seventeen.
What one generation thinks dreadful
ly fast. If not shattering to the repu
tation. Is the common practice of the
l.ext. I,ady Helen Forbes, In Black
pud White.
Drink Beer From Mugs.
Bavarians have long Insisted that
beer is better and more wholesome
If drunk out of stone mugs than out
of glass. Dr. W. Schultze has now ex
amined the matter scientifically, and
has found that beer ls made injurious
by a chemical process which dissolves
ihe oxide of lead In the glass.
Danger in Overwork.
What ver tends to diminish disease
if- conducive to longevity but In our
endeavor to promote It we must have
regard to mental as well as to bodily
hygiene, A great deal of premature
decline in force and energy Is due to
overuse of the brain and nervous
m stem.
In Days of Old.
"I guess I'm an old sorehead," re
marked the J anayunk philosopher,
"but I can't fer the life of me imagine
Abraham Lincoln at the age of 10 goln"
round with football hair, an his
britches turned up over a pair of low
quarter shoes an' openwork socks."
Honor the Laying Hen.
The Swiss village of .odfingen. In
the Cantou of Aargau. was decorated
with flags recently in honor of a hen
which had laid her thousandth egg.
Five adjacent villages sent deputa
tions, accompanied by bands, which
serenaded the Industrious hen.
Would Reform Japanese Writing.
Japan has a new periodical, Te
gaml Zasshl, the aim of which is to
teach the writing of sensible letters.
The editor warns his readers, among
other things, against the habit of in
troducing sentimental phrases into
business letters.
Buys Old Teeth.
An advertiser in a British magazine
says: "Old artificial teeth bought.
Call, or if forwarded by post, utmost
value per return. Messrs. Smith,
manufacturing dentists, Oxford street,
London. Established one hundred
Protects Cats From Dogs.
A French farmer, who kept a num
ber of dogs and cats, constructed in
geniously, in order to protect the lat
ter from the former, a veritable cat's
nest, which he placed among the
branches of a stunted oak tree.
Character the One Enduring Thing.
Horuce Greeley said: "Fame is u
'fcpor. Popularity Is an accident.
Riches take wings. Those who cheer
today will curse to-morrow. Only
rue thing endures character."
Woman Throws Straight.
It is said that a woman never hits
anything when she throws a roc k, but
she smashes the target when she
throws a hint. Dallas News.
The Professor.
"In the midst of 'life,'" said the pro
fessor, rerlecting on the general un
certainty of things, "there is always
an if.' "
Sure Thing.
Safe to bet on as sure to throw all
comers at the first encounter the
banana peel. Baltimore American.
i London's Water Consumption,
London uses :i1,323,ti(i2 gallons of
. water a day.
C. A. EVAN8,
For First Class Work.
07 East 14th St. Kansas City, Mo.
When your heart Is warm with love,
Even for your enemies;
When your words come from above.
Not from where the venom ls;
When you see the man entire,
Not alone the faults he has;
Find n somewhat to admire
Cnderneath the paltry mass
Not till then, if you are wise,
Will you dare to criticise.
Amos R. Wells.
Nice Old-Fashioned Folk,
Senator Pettus of Albania, wears
shirts made by his wife and socks
which she has knitted. The oIJ couple
live In Selma when not In Washington,
and new manners nnd customs have
changed them little. Since their mar
riage, sixty-two years ago, she has
made all his linen garments. Until
about twenty years ago she adhered
to the -ways of her foremothers and
spurn the flax herself. Now she finds
her eyes are fallng and she buys the
linen from a merchant in Mobile, but
the remainder of the work Is her labor
of love. As she talks to her guests.
whether at home or In Washington,
her fingers nre busy with knitting.
Mrs. Pettus has a remarkable memory
nnd tells entertaining anecodotes in a
quaint, old- fashioned w. On every
anniversary of their marriage the
couple give a reception for the senate,
and great is the shwer of Rifts.
The above is a casual thought giv
en expression by one of our esteemed
contemporaries. It shows the trend
which is fast developing among the
Negro of the serveral sections.
Howell Here's Just what you want
In the way of a vacation place; the ad
vertisement says: 'All the comforts
of home." Powell Those are Just
what I'm trying to get away from.
New York Sun.
. Blow Too Much For Pat.
While Pat Kern, a sturdy young
Irishman of Philadelphia, was stand
ing on a ladder cleaning windows a
lawyer approached and called out to
him that an uncle living In Ireland had
died, leaving him $100,000. Pat
promptly fell from the ladder at the
shock. He was not hurt, however, and
soon went bark to his task.
"When are you going to quit work?"
was nsked.
"When I get the money," came the
Tell me what it is about me
That for you has such a charm."
I was sure she couldn't doubt me
When I answered her "My arm."
Then she looked up with a wink that
I Interpreted meant Haste,
Saying: "If that's true, I think that
We have little time to waist."
"Clever girl," I murmured, "this Is
Happiness! Do you agree?"
"Yes, she answered, "and a kiss is
Cupid's proper repartee."
That's the way of love's beginning
Smooth and simple as a song;
When a girl is worth the winning,
She will help a chap along!
Felix Carmen, in N. Y. Sun.
Keeping Him in Mind of It.
He But I thought you'd forgiven
me for that and promised to forget
She Yes but I didn't promise to
let you forget I'd forgiven it!
Politics: Outsider It your party
should lose its power, and you should
be' thrown out of office, would you be
discouraged and take a drink? Poli
tician No, sir, I'd change .ny politics.
Cleveland Leader.
His Customary Luck.
Mr. Markinbrakea (determined not
to make a blunder this time) I was
delighted with the way1 In which the
little girl recited that selection.
Elderly Matron (one of the guests
You evidently are under the Impres
sion that she Is one of my children.
She Isn't, and I thought her perform
ance was extremely tiresome. Chica
go Tribune.
Value of Freedom and Education.
A free population, ambitious to get
the benefit, of Its own labor and enter
prise. Is the maklon of any country.
With freedom will come more general
education and n great upraise in Mex
ican life wi.i result. By way of con
trast Mexico and Sweden and Norway
offer an interesting study. Mexico,
with peonage and restricted education,
has a wonderful and rich variety of
natural resources. Sweden and Nor
way, with a cold and rather sterile
country, have Individual freedom, and
are the only countries In the world in
which every grown man can read and
write. Therefore the Scandinavians
have prosperity, good homes and a
general and splendid civilization, while
Mexico, with friend climate and
great natural resources, lags behind.
But the signs of advancement are
many ana encouraging, and there is
every reason for taking a cheerful
view of the future of our sister re
public San Francisco Call.
There are two classes of women
thote who like nice clothes and thoso
who are dead. .
DEPARTMENTS: Theological, College. Normal, Sub-Normal and
State Industrial.
COURSES: Classical. College, Preparatory, Normal, Sub Normal, Mu.
sical (Instrumental and Volcal), including piano, organ and har
mony, Drawing (Fine Arts and Mechanical), Carpentry, Printing
and Book Binding, Business Course, Stenography and Typewrit
ing, Tailoring, Dressmaking and Plain Sewing, Cooking, Laun
dering, Farming and Gardening.
ADVANTAGES: Slpendld Location, Healthful Climate, Good Influ
ences and Thorough Teachers.
INFORMATION: For terms, prices and all Inducements offered write
Phones: Office Bell "White" 4302. Residence Bell "WTest 15.
David T. Beals, President.
Edwin W. Zea, Cashier.
Statement of the Condition of the
BtationaJ Bank
As made to the Comptroller of the Currency at the close of
business January 29, 1906.
I .on nil and discount f 6,1M,W5.M
United mates bonds at
psr 1600,000 00
Municipal tone and
ol her high class bonds
t par 42,257.20 l,OR2JS7.20
Cash and sight exchange ,liifill8.u2
Total Sli!,l87,4W.M
lUrectnrs f. W. Whitehead. Kdward (ieorge, I.. T. James, ('. J. Schmelxer, J. P. Mer
rill. O H. IH-an, Geo. W. Jones, I.ee Murk. Ueo. U. Kurd, (J. W. Lovejoy, Kellx 1.. LaKorce.
David T. Beals, Fernando P. Neal, VS'ni. H. Ketger, Edwin W. Zea.
Mrs. W. H. Hubbell's Millinery and Notion Store
1906 Vine Street, Kidsis City, Mo.
Nats made to order. Your old ones made new or
you can purchase anything in the millinery
line you may desire
We also have a nice line of Ladies Hose, Neckwear, Ribbons, etc.
Also Boys waists, Men andWomen's underwear, All kinds ot
We buy our goods at wholesale and can sell to our patrons as
cheap as the downtown stores can. Save car fare and give us a
We keep Ozone Face Powder, Electrical Skin Food, Scalp Soap.
Up-to-Date Grocery and Meat Market
Home Phone 4097 Main.
Wife, Sister or Friend
No matter she and the whole family will
"Just Love It," if it's JERSEY CREAM.
The substitution so often attempted may be
avoided by insisting on the Bread with the
Silver Tag
Made by Matthaei's Bakery
Ask them; ask anybody in good health
they all say the same "I am for something
good to eat."
QUAKER BREAD Xht bread with the blue
Quaker tag. Observe the rigid rules of
cleanliness enforced at Matthaei's Bakery
and you will always ask for Matthaei's
bread. All Grocers.
Matthaei's Bakery
903-6 W. 17th, Kanta City, Klo.
F. P. Neal, Vice President.
W. H. Seeger, Second Vice President
t'npttal mock
MurpUn (and ...
t'ndlvldert pronu
t wn.oao.oo
iuh.iuu 61
I'neitrnvd (nterent
National bank notes outntnndloir Mnnwao
Deposit IU,4MM.I5
Total S12.lK7.iU0 0

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