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A. W, Walker, Agent, Lexington, Mo.
Remember please
It' the little bin we collect here nnd there
fia enables ui to run from year to year."
Mr. John
quite ill.
Duy Is reported to be
The Inights of rythtns (colored)
hnve changed their hall to 1734 Grand
Get the habit of going to MeCamp
bell & Houston's Drug Store, 2300
Vino St.
Mr. Phillip Wheeler died March C
of pneumonia at the residence of his
sister, Mrs. Scott, 6th and Troost
The Convention hall entertainment
given for the benefit of the Old Folks
Home was. a big success. More than
$700 was cleared.
FOR RENT: Hall In good shape
with gas and water, at 529 Missouri
Ave. Anyone in need of such will
please Inquire in the saloon under
the hall.
To the readers of , the Son In
Kansas City, Kas: Our collector will
soon be around to see you. We hope
you will be in a position to respond.
When you want the best news con
cerning the Negro, place your name
on the subscription list of the "Son"
and thus have It delivered to your
Milwaukee, Wis., June 23rd, 1893,
Gentlemen: Please send me two
bottles of Ford's Ozonized Ox Marrow
for the hair. I think It is one of the
best hair pomades made.
The Rev. Dr. Bacote touched upon
the "Clansman" last Sunday. His
address was very pleasing and in
structive to the large audience. Next
Sunday he will touch upon the "Goers
and Comers."
The Knights of Pythias Lodge will
hold its grand' session in Kansas City
In July and will go in encampment
for a week. There will be a big time
among the members of the fraternity
and urrungements are now under
Another Negro school scandal Is
brewing. The Son Is not In a post
tlon to say when all facts ore to ma
terialize but the clouds are ugly and
the storm will be Intense. The peo
ple of this community may feel a
reluctance in asserting their rights
In connection with this school ques
tion but it Is up to J hem and they
must act. Otherwise the Negro
youth of Kansas City would be a
thousand times better off with the
school doors tightly closed unless a
more wholesome Influence Is brought
to bear..
The young people of the Fifth Epis
copal District, comprising the states
of Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Colo
rado, Utah, Wyoming, New Mexico
Territory, Washington and California,
are called to meet In a young people's
convention in accordance with the ac
tions of the Missouri, North Missouri,
Kansas nnd Colorado conferences at
their last session, deciding that a
young people's convention should be
held in this district. Said convention
to be held at Allen chapel, Kansas
City, Mo., July 5, 6, 7 and 8, for the
purpose of creating a deeper Interest
and a greater enthusiasm In the work
of the church and race.
Several days ago we bad a casual
talk with a factory representative of
the Chicago typewriter and much to
our surprise we learned that one of
the big typewriter companies In the
EaBt declared a dividend of 65 per
cent in one year. We had supposed
that typewriters, like many other
things, were domineered by trusts, but
such an enormous dividend In a sin
gle year banished all possible doubt.
We had contemplated buying a ma
chine and after finding that the Chi
cago typewriter possessed so many Im
provements over other machines we
concluded to equip our office with one.
A good article complete for $35.00
gives us assurance the Chicago type
writer is not under Jhe domineering
influence of a trust
Th Kits In Ancient Times.
Individuals of princely rank once ex
pected the kiss of respect from their
Inferiors, but this custom Is almost
obsolete. A kiss was conferred as a
formal mark of favor by crowned
heads at jousts and tournaments. Prln
cess Margaret, daughter of James I. of
Scotland, kissed the poet Alain Char
tier for saying so many nice things
about her, though he was one of the
ugliest men In the kingdom.
Nation's Timekeeper.
Americans get their correct time
from a little room in the naval observ
atory on Georgetown heights, in tb
suburbs of Washington. The observa
tory was originally Intended to detect
errors In ship chronometers and te
egnlate them properly. This work
Constitutes one department at the In
stitution, but perhaps its most import
ant function Is that of being the na
tion's timekeeper.
Fishing Nets Are Sacred.
To appreciate the dignity of the net
maker's profession one needs to know
the sacredness of the fishing net, and
the protection whlrh the law affords.
At Gloucester they used to quarantine
a town stricken with smallpox by
placing fishing nets about It. for the
legal penalty for disturbing the nets
was so great that no one dared to
break through.
No Place for Her.
v Mrs. Grundy Is out of place any
where east of Suez. The extrava
gance and eccentricities of social life
would outrage her fabled dignity. No
one asks questions it you use a latch
key or play billiards on Sundays or
countenance the Macao lottery by tak
ing a $10 chance. They are not scan
dalized if you attend a wedding In a
Panama hat or a funeral In a white
BUit. South China Post, Hongkong.
European Newspapers.
Germany leads European countries
In the number of publications with
15,500 newspapers, of which 800 are
failles. England Is second with 3,000,
of which 809 are dailies. France,
Italy, Austria-Hungary, Spain, Russia
Greece and Switzerland follow In
order. Asia has not less than 3,000
periodical papers, and Africa 200 dall
lies. America has 17.223 publications,
of which 2,215 are dallies.
Needs of California Juries.
The Jury that recently tried State
Senator Emmons for bribery, at Sac
ramento. Cal., sat twenty-six days.
During that, time It consumed thirty
six $1 meals a day, 150 quarts of clar
et, 200 bottles of beer, sixteen quarts
of white wine and thirty-six quart bdt
ties of whisky. All this at the restau
rant, besides over two dozen bottles
of whisky sent to the Jury room.
One of the most Interesting sights
in connection with the rush of Christ
mas shoppers is the big Dry Goods
store of Emery, Bird, Thayer Co. The
store is being furnished with an annex
or addition on the north, which is near
ly completed. A more attractive or
complete store cannot be found west
of the Mississippi. Every convenience
to make shopping easy and practical
has been considered and put In use by
the owners of the store until now
there is no comfort for the great army
of buyers but what has been supplid
It Is a great Santa Claus hohse for
the little folks.
I knocked at tbe gate of my lord,
I stormed his threshold with eager
I love him, the prize of my soul, no
Dbt he barred the gate lest I step
And after Ixve took my heart to mate.
And we built us a home in the wll
A stranger Is beating against our
Crying: "Let me in! It Is I, Sue
Author Unknown.
No. Cordellia. It isn't necessary to
act fjollsh in order to live the simple
Newspaper Enterprise.
People do not appreciate the earnest
endeavor of the press to furnish news
quickly. Some wonderful examples
have been furnished in recent years
of quick publication of current events,
but none can excel a recent "scoop"
landed by the Freeborn (la.) Courier,
It Is self-explanatory:
"We came pretty near getting
scooped on an item this week, but if
it were not for the fact that we al
ways have our weather eye open, we
would have been left in the cold. Just
as we go to press Oscar Sanborn Is
having three fingers cut off by a
threshing machine. A doctor has been
sent for. Details In next Issue." Ex
A fuzzy taste the next morning
makes a fellow feel down In the
Ahe fat that age commands vener
ation possibly explains why thero are
so many old reprobates.
There is a skeleton In every closet,
but tills Is no excuse for a continual
rattling of the bones.
What nothing earthly gives or can
The soul's calm sunshine, and the
heartfelt Joy,
Is virtue's prize.
Pope's "Essay on Man."
Mrs. Booker T. Washington and son
were In our city Inst week enroute to
I .ob Angeles Cal., where she has gone
to Improve the health of her son.
While here she was the guest of Mrs.
D. N. Crowsthwatte of 1020 Virginia.
She was given a drive through the
city by Mrs. Jno. Lnnge, and was
highly pleased with the visits to the
public schools.
The Money We Burn at the 8hrlne of
Lady Nicotine.
Tobacco Leaf reports the manufac
ture in this country during the fiscal
year ended June 30, 1905, of 7.C89,-
337,107 cigars, an increase of 183,020,-
437 over the output of the preceding
year. Our export trade In these goods
s quite Insignificant, and Import trade
in foreign made cigars is Utile more
than an inconsiderable incident. Our
population of males who may be re
garded as of "cigar age" is probably
a little less than 24,000,000. Our do
mestic output was sufficient to sup
ply eac . one of these with about 320
smokes during the year. As the cen
sus returns do not include statistics
of smokers and nonsmokers, It is Im
possible to carry ihe calculation be
yond ti at point.
The cigarette crdp for the year was
3,ri8,212,740. an increase of 141.530,
479 over 1904. We produced 21,131,
801 pounds of snuff, an Increase of
947,281 pounds. The output of smok
lng and chewing tobacco increased
only about 2 per cent., from 328, C50,-
710 pounds to 334,489,110 pounds. The
total value of all this Is not given, but
the figures of the smaller ostput of
that year are given by the census of
1900 as follows:
Tobacco, chewing, smoking
and snuff $10;,754,3(i2
Tobacco, cigars and cigar
ettes 100,223,152
Total $203,977,514
The development of this industry
Is indicated by the census figures,
which show the value of the product
for 1880 as $110,772,631; for 1890 as
$195,530,802, and for 1900 as 2C3,977,
514. The increase for last year will
certainly oring the figures to more
than $300,000,000, which Is a very pret
ty sum to spend for this form of com
Compared with our domestic trade,
our foreign commerce in the weed
amounts to little. Our total importa
tion last yeru of tobacco in all its
forms amounted to $22,145,846 and
our exportation to $37,123,514.
Estimating our consumption by
weignt. It appears that we burned at
the shrine of our Lady Nicotine some
thing like 300,000 tons of tobacco last
year. New York Sun.
The Sons of Allen, were entertained
by brother C. D. Frazler Thursday
eve, January 4, nt the residence of
Mr. Montgomery, 919 Central St.
with about thirty-five members and
friends present. Brllher Frazler-spar
ed no pains to entertain the club royal
ly. There were two additions to the
club. Remarks by Prof. Doilley and
others. The affair was a grand one.
Next business meeting will be held
at the residence of Prof. Doilley, 2411
Forest Ave., Wednesday eve, January
The club will next be entertained
by brothers L. I). Hlnes nnd W. M.
Rice, Thursday eve, February 1, at
the residence of Mrs Burnetts, 811i
Charlotte St. All members are re
quested to be present.
B. F. CAROYLR. Pres.
WM. RICE. Sec.
Debts of Russia an Japan.
Since the beginning of the war
Japan has increased her debt from
about $290,000,000 to $981,000,000, but
of tills amount she has on hand per
haps ns much as $175,000,000 unex
pended. In the same time Russia's
debt has Increased from 3,282,ft00,000
to about $37nO,OOO,0OO.- Japan will
probably receive about $100,000,000
from Russia In payment for the main
tenance of prisoners of war, ami Huh
sla must also borrow money for her
Immediate needs at home. Japan
therefore, seems to come out of the
war in better financial conditions than
RusKla, K spite of the latter country's
vastly greater resources.
No Call Fai ftumnathu
- - .. .,.... 'j .
"I nsked Jones why he didn't pay
mo that twenty he has owo me so
"What did ho Rnv?"
"He seemed to hnve somo sort of
Impediment in ,hls speech."
"Well. I Wouldn't mnrrv nlinut Hint
The impediment in his pockcthook is
a good deal more serious." Cleveland
Plain Dealer.
Addition Is Easy.
Miss Oansslp Of course, that's only
a rumor, but you can put one anil one
together nnd make two.
Miss Sharpe (cautiously) Yes, in
dealing with rumors some people can
put almost anything together and
make anything they please.
No Stoic.
The waiter laid a bill of fare be
fore him.
"No." said Ardup, Ignoring It, "I
haven't fortitude enough to look
through It. Bring me coffe and dough
nuts." Chicago Tribune.
Dr. T. C. Chapman, Dentist, has
moved to 9 West Ninth street. This
Is strictly in the shopping district and
only four doors from the Junction.
Why He Proposes to Stand Pat en a
Protection Ace Full.
A bright and brainy Missouri editor
who shapes the rollcy of the Central
Missouri Republican of Poonesvllle,
and shapes it well indeed, displays a
clear comprehension of the doctrine
and workings of protection, along
with an expert familiarity with the
elementary principles of the game of
poker. In a recent aniele headed. "We
Stand Pat." This entertnlnlng writer
Is not without high authority "nd
eminent sanction In his use of the
euphemistic technology of the great
American game. For example we find
that In his speech at the dinner given
to the Russian peace envoys at the
Metropolitan club in New York on
the evening of Sept. 7. President Hart
ley of Yale college, tapped the same
fountain when he said:
"The great deeds of history in the
past In whlrh Russia and America
have been associated have been ex
pressed much better than l could put
them. I wish to express my personal
appreciation of Mr. Witte and Mr.
Rosen, who have brought things to a
definite conclusion.
"Their task was difficult, their sue
cess surprising. lt was puliaps best
summed up in the words of a man on
the street who remarked: 'I admire
above everything else a man who
dares call on a pair of two spots.' The
remark was not quite true, for Rus
sia had at Portsmouth at least a pair
of kings, but It takes nerve to call
when one's adversary has all the evi
dence of holding a straight flush.
"We admire the man who can see
that that straight flush Is tinged with
the suspicion of a bobtail."
While somewhat bewildered with
the sequence of scholastic slmnes em
braced In the allusions to the "call on
a pair of two spots." "a pair of kings,"
"holding a straight flush." and "the
suspicion of a bobtail," we fe .1 bound
to conclude that the tlfst' igivshed
educator knew all about t'-ni and
used them advisedly.
We infer similarly as to ", Mis
souri man's unflinching determination
to "stand pat" on "an ace full." Ac-,
cording to Information from reliable
sources we are convinced that an ace
full Is a good hand to stand pat on,
nnd that none but a very foolish man
would think of asking for more cards
when In possession of such a collec
tion dealt to him the first time nround.
To the fortunate holder of thre aces
and a pair of tens right off the reel
there could be, as we are advised,
no temptation to discard nnd dally
with the draw. Serene compi.uency
and entire content would be bis, what
time the other gentlemen were Indi
cating to the dealer their require
ments. Under surh circumstances
none hut a raw amateur, or chump,
so to speak, would do otherwise than
stand pat.
So it is with the editor of the Cen
tral Missouri Republican. Being
neither nn amateur nor a chump he
positively and peremptorily ftsmls
pat on the protection aee full. This
is how he rates his hand:
Ace of clubs: High wages In all
Aee of diamonds: The great home
Aee of spades: Increasing domestic
and export trade.
Ten of diamonds: Savinss bank de
posits of over $3.000. OOii.iiiio.
Ten of hearts: Sound money and
plenty of it; unlimited credit; busi
ness stability.
Holding such cards ns these the
Boorevllle editor may well exclaim:
"We stand pat on the Republican
protective tariff. It's a full hand,
dealt ns by old Nelson Pingley, God
bless him! And It's good horse sense
in polities, as It is in poker, to siand
pat on a full band.
"We are standing p-it and playing
these cards for a country unsurpassed
for prosperity, intclllrei ce nnd wealth
by any country In the world: for a
people free, happy, progressive and In
dependent, enjoying a civilization
ahead of any ever known before: for
a future brighter and bette r than man
ever dreamed of.
"'Standing pat?' You bet we are."
Reciprocity and Trusts.
"Reciprocity means you patronize
me and I will paironlV vn.i. How
much better than the selll-li inclplo
of a high protective tariff fostering
tru-ts." I incoln (III.) Courier.
But suppose tbe other f :,( w has
nothing to sell except thlim. which
you are makfni; fur vonrsclf In abun
dant (uantltlis. Would you buy things
you did not wsnl lut for tie mke of
patronizing the other fellow? Of
course you wouldn't. You'd he a fool
if yon did. As to trusts. tliy flourish
as well without as with a protective
tariff. Free trade Great rtrltaln l as a
large number of trusty. The Mrgcst
trust In the world. Standard Oil, has
no tariff protection. Reciptoclty
would help the fruits, not hurl them.
Our only existing r ilnroclty dicker,
that with Cuba. Is milling many mill
ions of dollars to the already swollen
profits of the sugar trust and the to
bacco and cigar trust.
No Fotsiliiation.
The New York Sun wastes words
In using a column and a quarter to
argue for "tariff stability, but no fos
slllzatloii." Nobody is asking for tar
iff fossillzatlon. What the producing
Interests Including American labor
ask Is that cranks, reformers and
scheming politicians shall not be per
mitted to play monkey tricks with a
tariff that Is doing for the country far
more good than a "reformed" tariff
would be likely to do. Better stand
! pat for what we know is good than
take cnances on me son or paten
work tariff that the "reformers" have
always cursed the country with.
Cor belt J&yjtem
1025 Main St., Kansas City, Mo.
Q, Our Spring Goods are now
V 1
Suits to order from $20 and up
Come earfy and
To our magnificent new store al
I 108-1 1 10 Grand Avenue
Is sure to be of great interest to both the casual visitor and lo the pros"
pective buyer. Under no one roof has a more magnificent exposition of
Ever been exhibit; our store is a beauty. No mistake about it. We want
you to see it. We wanf you to see our
Bis four Pianos
Chickering, Emrrson,
Sterling, Huntington,
We Save You Money.
To (California
for $25
One-way tickets from Kansas City good In Pull
man tout 1st sleeping ears upon payment of berth
rate, or in reclining chair cars seats free
On sale daily
February 15 to April 7, inclusive
Two dally through trains over (lie Hock Island
via HI Paso- leaving Kansas City it: .111 a. m. and
1I:mi p. in. Through tout 1st car la Colorado al.
1 I :l!o a. in. daily.
IlluHttated California book in colors our
tourist folder and full information upon request.
City TicketXMfice. 900 Main Street
You can Supply all your wan-to at
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Dry Goods, Clothing, Gents Furnishing Goods
Boots and Shoes, Hats and Caps, Notions,
Queensware, all Kinds Household Goods.
N. B. Wc arc making a Specialty of Smoked and Salt
Meats, Flour, Coffee and Teas, Tobacco, Etc.
Secret of Greatness.
Ambitious Youth "Knther, I am tin-
lllliiK to ko tliiouuli life a uoiiody. I
wish to leave a name. I lout to
breathe the nveet atmosphere of lame.
1 am resolved to become Kt'"at. Will
you advise me?"
Wise Father ' With pleasure. The
on exhibition and we invite
you to coll and inspect same
and leave your order for
your Easter suit.
uvercoats to order trom $zo and up
Trousers to order from $6 and up
order your suit and
the rush.
Orand Av
General Agent
foundation of greatness is a e d edu
cation." A. V. "I am laying H."
W. V. "Next, you need Industry and
good habits."
A. V. "Yes. What else?"
W. V. "AlwayH be polite to news
paper men." .

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