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A mltllnnnlr .it In Ms wlttrlv
Ami nirtiir.l xlih pctirll n ml rind:
Tl.i' mil itn'i ' i"tnxl mit nn liln fui i-lir-nd-A
.ne lb it .im tnuililtiK a nil ami.
Ho rli.Trc. it tip nn los a f w H'"mi,
lti nlt nf n tiilli'iito siiui'i-70.
Fiil'ti n 'i'il sunn' i'u 1 1 l I ! tit loin
Alnl lt.-8 of Uil i-i'lnl Nlil fi'rit.
Tb'n s-ntly l:o lrnk In W f.'imlly
'I I I' iiwful m il ti iill li' in w.-i
Tli-y l;:nl tn utiip !m"lilim tln lr nuto,
No Imnft-r h .Miclit i i'ulil tin y use.
Tliry n.il.lioil ns tln-y rnillr.i-il mln,
Tlip il'iyn 'f Hu ll rii lii s wimp Rone;
Ho .inly iui.l Ml nf tils fiitttitm
'1 liv Bum In' hsiil nll laxrK upon.
(Oniy light, lSUfi, by
S'uMcnly nil ns still.
A ghatTy wlrti'Mi-tiS settled over
the t!iln, yearning fare on I ho pillow,
iui.l peace look the place of pain.
Tli. rn.l of a lifo of uuijugal mis
mating lul l como at last.
"fan vim i:ot forgive me ,'! the
wrong you havo suffered nt my hands
before vim go?" In' hail asked.
She hal remained Mlenf. with
averted 'cs ntnl n faint llusu over
spreading the wan features.
The minister hail Joined the father
nn.l son t tin; bedside a short time
lii-fon. nnd was watching the passage
of his parishioner to the world be
yond. It Is your duly. Mrs. Marshall." ho
had said. -It Is a dreadful thins to
po Into the other world with unfor
glvenoss In your heart. It la so easy
to speak that now. nnd afterward so
Impossible. The ronsiiiiienccs to both
of you are terrible. "
He had said no more, hut waited.
They nil waited.
At last she spoko.
"If you have ever wronged me,
Henry." sin- said. "I forgive you. aa I
hope to he forgiven."
-if I have ever wronged yon." he
eehoeil. "I certainly have, and It Is
so noble of you to say those words."
"Hut I have need to ho forgiven
also," she hald said. "You will not
"Tin-re Is nothing to forgive, Mary,"
he had said. "Hut If there were any
thing for tno to forgive In you, It la
given freely. I am only sorry It Is
said now, at the elose of our lives
tope! her. instead of at the beginning."
The woman had caught her breath
feebly, and nil was over.
The physician had entered from
the adjoining room nt that tnstnnt,
snd he gazed at her a moment.
"It Is all over." be said. "The soul
has left the body."
-Hi r soul h ft her body many years
ago," said the husband, bending over
her nnd plarlng his face In his hands,
between the fingers of which the
tears slowly trickled.
When the undertaker arrived he
was led away gently, and the sad ar
rangements were poreeeded with.
"What did they have to forgive
each other for?" was the rurrent form
of gosnip through the nelgbhorhood.
No one knew. Neither had ever
mentioned It to any "no lu the circle
tn which they moved.
In the funeral discourse the min
ister talked very profoundly and feel
ingly on the subject of forgiveness,
hut he floundered In his remarks bo
cause he did not know.
"Father," said the young man, the
evening of the day nfter they had re
turned from the cemetery, "why did
you nnd mother always treat each
other so coldly?"
"Herause there was no love be
tween r.s"
"Hut why. Was It nlw.iys 60?"
"Won't you tell me why?"
"U-t's take a walk down the road
and I will see if I can."
They all waited.
"Certainly, i.iiiur u not speak
If It is anything against her."
"It Is nothing against her."
"I am so glad, becanso you know
how dearly I loved her, and how 1 re
vere her memory."
"The trouble began from tho very
beginning of our married life In fact,
before our marriage."
They had v nlked till they reached
the edge of a little wood by this
time, the cool breezo from which
came out with insisiert r'ifshment
to their heated brows and faces flush
ed from the tears which had coursed
over them from their streaming eyes.
"I had presumed to think that i
lVilly Stoiy Pub. Co.)
might make your mother my wife, but
had little prospect of Riiecess. Sev
eral other sought her hand. The only
difference was, maybe, that I was the
most persistent of the lot. A young
man came Into the neighborhood from
Chicago. He was a summer boarder
at a neighboring farm house. His
rnme was Hubbard Sidney Hubbard.
He met your mother, and she fell In
love with him at once. None of us
had any chanco then. Practically,
we all gave It up. Hut one evening,
toward the close of the season, I was
passing tho house where he boarded
"I had killed him.'
nnd was astonished to see lilm In
earnest talk with a girl whom I had
never seen before. They were stand
ing at tho open window, ami he had
nn arm around her. I watched them
a moment, nnd then turned to go
nway. I had gone toward the house
of your mother's family, with the In
tention of telling my story, when I
met your mother and brought her at
once to Iho plnco where I had stood.
Wo heard him use endearing terms to
her, saw him kiss her. and then heard
him promise to go with her at once.
I took your mother home and left her
nlniost completely prostrated. She
did not say a word of what she had
Kern to any one. She was very proud
nnd high spirited. Tho young man
and young woman disappeared that
night; nnd, as soon ns your mother
had recovered sufllcientiy, I renewed
my Full, and she accepted me, on con
dition that I should take her away
from tho neighborhood. We did not
wait to get married, but left at once,
and were married at tho first place
whero we stopped.
"Your mother never returned to the
old place, her family having removed
also a short time afterward. They had
lived there but a short time and had
no Intimates, so none of them ever
heard from the neighborhood again,
1 went out there to settle up some of
my affairs, and heard that Hubbard
Had been there, learned the story, and
inquired my address. A few weeks
afterward, I went out during tho late
aftertioon, for a walk, as we are doing
now, and met him right here. He
licensed me of treachery to him, and
said that tho lady whom we had seen
him In company with was his sister,
who had come after hlni to aid her In
untangling sonio property matter,
which p-quired their Immediate atten
tion. He made Borne slighting remark
to me. saying he was going to the
house to see your mother, with whom
lie would have nn explanation, wind
ing up with the remark that I had de
frauded hi in of her, and he would have
her yet. Ono word led to another
and finally he struck me. I returned
the blow with interest, and he fell,
striking that rock there," pointing to
a large rock by the road -tide, "after
which he never stirred. I had lulled
him, but had not Intended to do so.
I dug a grave over there," pointing to
a mound so slight as not to be notice
able, "and hurled him."
"Did mother ever know?"
"No, my boy."
"Did any one else?"
'"Hut that Is why you and mother
were always estrauged from each
"Oh, well, cheer up, father. It
was not so bad the killing, I mean.
You did the only thing yon could do.
Tho estrangement was terrible. It
might have bees better if you bad told
"It would not under the circum
stances." "Well, don't dwell on It now. We
will co home now, and nuke the beat
of It, clear old father."
"nut 1 am not your father."
"You are not my father? Then
who Is?"
"The man sleeping under that
mound there."
And the elderly man walked deliber
ately Into the dark wood, leaving the
younger one sitting on the rock where
his father .rid breathed hla last.
Girl Will Cash Bond en Bank of Por
tugal for That Amount.
KlRht thousand dollars' reward for
nn off-hand kindness conferred four
years ago on a destitute and partially
sick sailor In Uncle Sam's navy Is the
Christmas present that pretty Annie
Josephine Saucier, a shop girl and
former mill hand of the city of Lewis
ton, Mass., Is to receive soon, says
the Philadelphia Inquirer.
The day of fairyland wonders Is
not past, so the iwlston girl thinks,
for to-day she Is the practical posses
sor of nearly $8,000 that is to come to
her on account of tho almple giving
of a 20-cent piece at Newport, R. I., to
a strange man wearing the uniform of
the United States navy.
At the moment that she granted the
strange request of the sailor he passed
to her a small scrfptlike piece of pa
per, saying: "Keep this for your kind
ness. Some day you will find that
you have lost nothing by the favor you
have done me."
Cnrrled In her pocketbook and laid
about her home among many of the
most worthless trifles that might
easily have been thrown away, this
scriptlike keepsako has now brought
a fortune to this poor shop girl of
The piece of script that the young
girl carried with dress samples, cards
and small odd3 and ends that fill the
pocketbooks or reticules 'of young
Indies has proved to he a bond of the
Hank of Portugal, calling for payment
to the holder of $3,000 in the year 1900
with Interest nt 5 per cent., compound
ed annually, and as the note matures
this month the sura total she will re
ceive from the bank shortly will be
very nearly $3,000.
For Editor's Benefit.
"Mark Twain," at the dinner In
honor of his seventieth birthday, ad
vised a young novelist not to shun
Judicious self-advertisement.
"On one of my first visits to New
York," he said, "I was taken on a
sisht-seelng tour by a successful Joke
writer. I learned during this tour
something about the way to succeed.
"As we rode down Hroadway on a
car my friend suddenly looked up
from the comic paper he was reading,
gave a hearty laugh and then read
aloud to me a joke.
"'Isn't that great? he cried. "Oh,
ha, ha, ha, ha'. Isn't that the fun
niest Joke ho, ho, ho! you ever
"Just then we rose to get off. When
we reached the sidewalk I said to
my friend:
" 'You showed me that joke before,
you know. It is one of your own, Isn't
"He smiled at my puzzled face and
" 'Yes. But you didn't notice the
man who sat opposite us, did you?
He Is the editor who buys most of my
stuff and he doesn't know nie person
ally. See?'"
Maimed Birds Did Well.
"Maimed birds show remarkable in
telligence In getting food for them
selves." said a naturalist.
"I once found in my garden a blue
bird that a stone had wounded badly.
The poor little creature could neither
walk nor fly. I put It In a cucumber
frame and fed It regularly, but I sup
pose I didn't give it enough, for It
foraged industriously all the time.
Lying on the earth, It would cover it
self with leaves only its small eyes
would bo visible. Then, when a fly
alighted somewhere near swoop, the
bluebird's head and neck would dart
from the covering of leaves and the
fly would be devoured.
"A finch with a broken wing lived
high all one summer In my garden at
the expense of the spiders. It pillaged
their webs. It made a round of some
twenty webs a day and fattened on
the contents of those filmy larders
Not Darkest Before Dawn.
The Idea that tho darkest hour Is
just before dawn is poetical hut in
correct. Tho darkest hour is mid
way between sunset nnd dawn, and
the legend Is of a piece with the
statement often mado that the hour
preceding dawn Is the coldest.
In many countries there is a fixed
belief that just before the break of
day there conies nn ebb when nature
crows cold and pulseless and life flut
terlng In tho breast of the dying man
finally expires.
According to seienco such dissohi
tlon should occur between three and
four o'clock, Investigation extending
over a period of several years having
proved that the temperature Is lowest
then. Montreal Herald.
The Next Ice Age.
Sir Robert Hall, professor of astron
omy at Cambridge, Kngland. says that
80,000 years ago the track of the earth
was oval. In the terrible Journey
away from the sun to the far end of
the ellipse the hemisphere turned
away from the source of light, and
kent accumulating more ice and snow
The brief summers failed to melt It,
and so the great Ice cap was formed
and Its duration we now call the Ice
Age. "We are a long way from the
last Ice Age," Sir Robert added, "and
It U eualiy certain that another Ice
Age will come on the earth, but It
rr.iy be ome satisfaction to us to
know that we need not expect It foi
more than 200,000 years.
Where the Neck Joke Originated
Boy Wanted Compensation After
All Hit Trouble Timid Suitor In
Very Hot Water.
In Chicago.
They were near a dark alley, both
with revolvers drawn.
Just ready to give the warning
money or your life!" they recognized
each other.
'Hello, Is that you?" asked one. "I
Jldn't recognize you."
"Beg pardon," said the other, "I
was Just about to hold you up, too.
No offense."
"Met any live ones?"
"A cop, and I worked the pocket-
book game on one gjy." Indlanap-
lis Star.
Neck Joke Origin.
:w .4.
Gentleman Monk They say woman
ivants to be loved.
Lady Giraffe Yes, but I always get
It In the neck.
Lazy Philosophy.
Mrs. Ascum Doesn't that lazy hus
band of yours work for you at all?
Mrs. Jackson 'Deed, ma'am, he say
he ain't gwlno ter, kase he's a-tryln' to
lib up to the bible teachln'.
Mrs. Ascum What bible teaching?
Mrs. Jackson He say de bible done
tell us dat "Contentment am bettalt
Jan great riches," so he des nacher'ly
bound ter be contented. Philadelphia
Not the Millennium.
"Here!" shouted the depot official,
what do you mean by throwing ihose
trunks around like that?"
The baggageman gasped In aston
ishment and several travelers pinched
themselves to make sure that It was
real. Then the official spoke again to
the baggageman.
"Don't you see that you're making
big dents in this concrete platform!"
Smart Set.
Making It Worse.
Suitor (timidly) I I wish to to
marry your daughter, sir.
Pater (angrily) What's that, sir.
Where's my cane?
Suitor (hastily) Oh, sir I didn't
mean that I don't want to marry her
Pater (furiously) Don't, eh?
Where's my gun? Cleveland Leader.
Full Strength of Ice.
'That Ice cream freezer you sold
me," complained the Irate customer,
"Is a fraud. It doesn't do the work
you claim for It at all."
"No?" replied the new salesman
'Perhaps you er didn't use the best
quality of Ice. It's very Important to
have the Ice very cold, you know."
Doubled Up.
"I understand, professor, that you
have thirty-five boys at your school
this year," said Mr. Naybor.
"Ordinarily, ye.s," replied Prof,
Bright, "but last Wednesday they were
"Indeed? How was that?"
"They broke Into my hothouse and
ate a lot of green cucumbers."
Hard Work.
Bvstander Vou shouldn't hit htui
when he's down.
Uoy on Top Say, mister, if you
knew all the trouble I had to get him
down you wouldn't talk like dat.
No Tin.
"Your card asks your customers to
report to the cnshlcr If dlssatlsneu.
said the cranky diner, "and I want to
say that I don't like the way that
waiter served me."
"How odd," replied the caahler. "He
was Just telling me he didn't like the
way you berved him."
The Solitaire.
Tess litooklelgh proposed to her,
didn't he?
Jess Yes, but she sized him up for
a counterfeit.
Teas How was thatt
Jess -Why. he didn't hart the prop
r rtnt- about hlm-
Dyeravllle Doings.
Lady Qrimmel hat a rery
Jane Hunter commenced working
for Mrs. A. Focll Wednesday.
Mrs. Kllmartln was seen at our
depot recently.
Paul Duster has finished working
(or Matt Pfulfer and ia now resting up
or spring.
Air. and Mrs. Frank Bumper went
Eo Dubuque Friday. Dyeravllle (la.)
Be Genteel.
'Now the vested Interests." began
(Mr. Nurltch.
"Oh, don't talk that way, pa," re
monstrated Mrs. Nurltch. "Vested In
terests sounds so vulgar. Say waist-
coated Interests."
No Change.
'A college professor says that twen
ty years from now women will be rul
ing the world."
I don't doubt it I see no immedi
ate prospects for man gaining the
TawUI KtnolA VllnAW .ImUI,. ft - AIM I.
" - .uniHiiv uu KIKir 11
CkI quality all the time. Your dealer or
wis' Factory, Pooria, 11L
Bread-baklnK tins, made of aluml-
Pum, and In the use of which the us
al "greasing" is quite unnecessary,
are now being placed on the market.
It is also claimed for these tins that
the loaves and biscuit escape that
burned smell Which often nccomnanlen
them when made of the ordinary tins.
There Is a sweeter side to both the
orange and the peach, and this Is the
side which Is farthest from the stem.
The stem halt of the orange Is us
ually not so sweet and Juicy as the
other half, not because it receives less
sunshine, but probably because the
dulce gravitates to the lawer half.
AVegetable Preparationfor As
similating thcFoodandBegula
ling the Stoinoctts and Dowels of
Promotes Digestion-Cheerfu
ness and Rest.Contalns neither
Opium.Morphine nor rlmcral.
Not Xak c otic .
fcyv tfOMO-SAKlTLPTTCiait
Jtx .tmn
A perfect Remedy forConsCpa-
nun, ouui siuukKii.uiarriHJca
Worms .Convulsiuns.Feverish
ncss and Loss of Sleep.
Facsimile Signature of
Euiii mm au
No matter how biff tho bird, no motto how hoomr Ito nlumaoo or owtft tto
flight, you cao bring It to
Winchaator Repeating bhotcun.
five tho beat reaults In field, fowl or trap shooting, and or sold within
reach of everybody's pocfetbook.
FREE; Stag mamtandaddrm
Uncle John' Great Record.
Uncle John Holder Is the longest
bearded, longest haired and tallest
human curiosity of the old Fort Ar
huckle neighborhood. He smelled lots
of Yankee powder while serving In
the Confederate army; he took part
in the very last battle lougnt on tne
Rio Grande during the Civil War; he
helped eat six dogs, thinking It was
goat ment; he attended the Texas
whiskey college, where he learned to
drink all the whiskey he could get
without getting drunk. Mr. Holder
is a naturalist. He has a petrified
rattlesnake, and one of his Cottonwood
trees Is adorned with an eagle'a nest
as big as a straw stack. Oklahoma
State Capital.
a nntnrlnua brlzand In Andalusia.
named Vlvlllo, having relieved his
countrymen of almost a million plas
ters, has decided to reform, and will
now live In ease, and respect the law.
His laet feat was to stop at a farm
house near Seville, pretending to be
an officer In quest of Vlvlllo. He
was well entertained, and then he
compelled the farmer to give up about
fifteen thousand dollars, which the
latter had drawn from the bank on
the previous day.
Money has a mighty persuasive
tongue, but a sadly deficient band,
when It comes to delivering the goods.
How frequently dee a head line simi
lar to the above greet us In the newfj
papers. The ruth, ptiah and strenuous'
ties of tho American people hft a strong,
tendency to lend up to valvular and othnr
affections of the hnart, attended by ir
MKular action, palpitation, dltiiness,v
smothered sensation and other distress
Injr symptoms.
ran nf thn ttromlnent Inrrredlenta of
wnicn lr. fierce s uuiuen laeaieai un
covnry Is made are recommended by some
of the leading writers on Materia Media
for the cure of just such cases. Ueiden
Seal root, for Instance, Is said by the
Umitkd Nt atkb DiapcRSATonr, a stand
ard authority, "to Impart tone and In
creased power to the heart's action."
Numerous other lending authorities rep
resent Golden Heal as an unsurpassed
tonic for tho muscular system in general,
and as the heart is almoat wholly com
posed of muscular tissue, It naturally
follows that it must be greatly strength
ened! by this superb, general tonic. But
probably the most Important Ingredient
of Goldim Medical Discovery, o far
as Its marvelous cures of valvular and
other affections of the heart are con
cerned, Is Stono root, or Ctlitcmlci Can.,
Prof. Wm. Paine, author of Palne'a
Kpltomy of Medicine, says of It:
I. nut lone since, had patient who til
so much oppressed with fulf dlnraae of
the heart that his friend want obllgd to
crrjr blm up-stsln. lia. however, ert.ilut.llr
recovered under the Influence of Colllntonla
(medicinal principle extracted from Stone
root), and U now attndtn to hi butlneu.
Heretofore phynkitn knew of no remedr
for the retnoral of o cll-.tres-.lnr and no dan
erous a mldr. With thrm it wm ll
rue-.-work. nd It fearfully warned the
elHIeted that dwath wan near at hand. Oul
llnsontn umiuostlonably affords relief In
urh casca. and In most Instance effects a
Stone root Is also recommended by Dra.
Tlale and Elliugwood, of Chicago, for
valvular and other diseases of the heart. ,
The latter says: . "It is a heart tonic of
direct and permanent Influence."
"Goldon Medical Discovery," not only
cures serious heart affections, but Is a
most efllclent general tonic and Invlgor
ator, strengthening the stomach, Invig
orating the liver, regulating the bowels
and curing catarrh! affections In ail
part of the system.
Dr. Plerce'a Pellets cure Constipation.
For Infants and Children.
aw mm mm
L ine Kind you Have
Always Bough!
Bears the
For Over
Thirty Years
baa; with looa-. atrona-. atralfht bootls-
Raault aro what count. The always
en a postal card for osr larf ttlmtirmUi Mfalor,
1 IW
Q3i 0 31- KASSA3 CITY, Mo. (mam ii or rict at 3t toun.j
Duty on 8cotch Pipe.
There Is a duty of $5.35 on Scotch
pipe coming into Canada. This, of
course, would be adequate protection
to the Canadian concerns were con
ditions affecting the manufacture of
pipe equal In the two countries, but
they are not Scotch pipe can be
manufactured much cheaper than Ca
nadian. Btat or Ono, Citt o Tolido,
Fraitk J. CJHsxsr makes oath that he la eenlne
partuer of the firm of V. J. CulNsr o) Co., dulug
buelneei In the c:tir of Toledo. CJoumy end Utaie
foresaid, and thai eald firm will pjr the emit of
ONK HCNIiKKD Dni.LAIi for eauh and every
eaaenf C4TaK that cannot bs cured br Ibsuesof
UaLL'S Ci.tA.nut Cubs.
Sworn to before me end uu.orllKsU lu air preaeuc.
Ibli Sin day of Uecaialwr, A. !., luxe.
l i A. W. OLE ASON,
lifif N0T4 PcSLia.
Hall's Catarrh Car Is taken Internally and arte
dtn-cily on the blood and mucous surfacoe of tn
system. Bend fur testimonial, tree.
. F.J. CIISNBXCO.,Toloo,0.
Bold by sll nrniNjt.il. 7Jc.
Take UaU'tFaiully I'lln for conitlpaUoa.
George's Punishment.
Quoth Mr. Washington, quoth he,
Quoth Mr. Washington, quoth he,
"You neither dine nor sup,
Since you've cut down my cherry tree.
Until you've cut It up."
Could there be anything more
brutal than a six-day bicycle race?"
"Not without breaking the Sabbath.
Maw Orleans Times-Democrat,

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