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Fays to Advertise In the Rising Gon
Nominated for Mayor by the
The Ticket a Credit To The Commu
nity. Let Us Help Elect It.
Tht Republican city ticket which la
now before the people In quest of
their suffrage on April 3, is on Ideal
one In every way. It Is made up of
men of character, Integrity and abili
ty and they are worthy of the support
of the colored voters of this communi
ty. That which Is good for the white
citizens is likewise good for the negro
citizen. The election of this ticket,
headed by an honest, honorable and
able man, means a good, clean and
competent administration of the af
fairs of Kansas City. Every candi
date from Hon. H. M. Beardsley down,
merits our united support. It has
been the policy of the Son at all
times to advise our people to support
whatever measure, political or other
wise, that Is and has been advanta
geous to the entire community. In
this policy we have tried to be hon
est, and unselfish, conservative and
fair. In urging the support of the
voters of our race for this ticket of
able and worthy men our minds re
vert back to our present Republican
administration, under whose good of
fices, many of our negro citizens are
enjoying honorable and lucrative po
sition. Four negro citizens are en
Joying clerical positions. Several ne
gro street foremen have been employ
ed during the past two years. Several
negro guards have been steadily em
ployed at the work house and many
other minor places are in possession
of negroes. Compare this with the
patronage given negroes under the
nut Democratic city administration and
you will find a proposition of ten to
one In favor of the argument we are
making for a Republican supremacy
In so far as It benefits the negroes.
Vnder the Democratic administration
even the janitors at the City Hall
were white. Out of the several hun
dred placs, only one negro foreman
was employed, a reward that went to
1 r . I XjWL ' -
Photo by Thomson.
Republicans of Kansas City '
him by virtue of his flopping over to
the Democratic party. Now let us go
back and ask the question, why should
we not urge the colored voters to sui
port the Republican ticket. Is it not
a question of evil or good, with com
mon sense, fairness, and gratitude on
one side and absurdity, injustice and
base Ingratitude on the other. It is
our duty to ponder wisely and como
to the conclusion to vote the straight
Republican ticket on the 3 of April and
thus contribute our mite to the cnuse
of good government.
The officers of the Tuskogee Nor
mal and Industrial Institute are mak
Inu extensive preparations for the
celebration of the Twenty-fifth Anni
versary of the school on Wednesday,
Thursday and Friday, April 4, S and
G. Assurances have been received
from Mr. Andrew Carnegie, President
Charles W. Eliot, of Harvard Univer
sity, Secretary William H. Taft, Mr.
Robert C. Ogden, President of South
ern Educational Board, and Hon. Seth
Ijow, former mayor of New York, and
many others, saying that they Intend
being present on that occasion. Mr.
Robert C. Ogden, of New York, Presi
dent of the Board of Trustees, plans
to bring from New York a special train
with 112 persons as his gueats. The
speakers on this occasion are the fol
lowing: Bishop William Croswell
Doane, of Albany, N. Y., who will
preach the anniversary sermon on
Sunday, April 1; Dr. M. C. B. Mason,
Cor. Secretary, Freedmen's Aid and
Southern Education Soclty of the M.
E. Church, Cincinnati, Ohio; Principal
Booker T. Washington, of Tuskogee
Institute; Mr. Robert C. Ogden, of New
York; Judge W. H. Hurt, of Tuskogee;
Prof. 8. G. Atkins, Sec'y Board of Edu
cation, A. M. E. Zlon Church Winston
3aletn, N. C; Rev. A. Grant, Bishop
A. M. E. Church, Kansas City, Kan
sas; Hon. Seth Ixiw, former Mayor of
New York; Mr. J. C. Napier, PreBt.,
One Cent Savings Bank, Nashville,
Tenn; President John H. Abercrom
bio. University of Alabama; Dr. E. C.
Mnrrls, President National Paptlht
Convention, Helena, Ark.; Dr. Lyman
Abbott, Editor of the Outlook, New
for It Reaches More Homes of Colored People than any othei Paper
York; President Chuiiws W. Eliot, of
Harvard University; Dr. It. B. Frls
sell, Principal of Hampton Institute;
Dr. W. Bruce Evans, Principal Arm
strong Manual Training School, Wash
ington, D. C; Hon. William 11. Taft,
Secretary of War; Bishop G. B. Gal-,
loway, of the M. E. Church, South,
Jackson, Miss.; Mr. Oswald Carrlson
Villard, Editor New York Evening
Post, Mr. Andrew Carnegie, of New
York; besides five graduates of the
school representing various Academic
and Industrial departments. The rail
roads have granted a one fare rato
plus 25 cents, round trip, for the cele
bration. ' '
Famous Russian Poetess.
The poets' corner" In the cemetery
of the Alexander Newskl cloister lu
St. Petersburg has been augmented
by the grave of Myrrha Lochwlzitaya
(Ybert), one of the few Russian wo
men who have nttainci eminence for
their poetry. She was the daughter
of a prominent lawyer In St. Peters
burg, where she was born In 18C9. In
1800 her first volume of poems was
lssue.1, three other volumes followed.
Her verse Is characterized by Orien
tal touches, and her favorite theme Is
The closing administration of cily
treasurer, A. E. Holmes, marks one
of the most successful in the history
of that orfice. When Mr. Holmes
was elected two years ago, one of the
first things that occurred to him was
to inaugurate such methods as would
tend to reduce to a minimum the pos
sibility of error and thus secure to
the tax payers and business men bet
ter facility and a higher degree of ue
curack in the matter of tax pay-
meats. The originality which Mr.
Holmes has employed In handling the
affairs of his office is a source of
much favorable comment by the cll
l.ens of this city and his renomlnu
tlon met the approval of everyone.
Aside from giving the public an ideal
administration Mr. Holmes has evi
denced a spirit of fairness by appoint
ing a colored man on his office force
In the person of Mr. R. U Bailey
who has served two years. We are
confident that the colored voters will
assert their appreciation by giving
Mr. Holmes their united support at
the polls next Tuesday.
Few British Whalers.
Dundee Is the only port In the Brltlsl
Isles that owns wbaleshlps. TowarJ
the end of the century before last
nearly all the east coast ports bad
whalers of their own. London bd
thirty-four ships. The falling oft ol
the Indus'r;' Is due chiefly to the
scarcity of "right" whales; but the
turning point of the decay was taken
when coal gas was discovered, an4
there was a fall in the Importance of
I oils as llluminnnts. But each season
j Dundee sends her whaling fleet to the
Arctic. So few are "right" whales
within the circle now that the Dundee
experts know them all, It is said.
Wags aver that the Dundee harpoon
erg have names for each of them.
i f j
" 1 1
We with to call your attention to a cartoon which has been published
by the Democratic Campaigners of this City, In order to prejudice the white
people against the Negroes and bring about race hatred.
WE, THE NEGROES OF KANSAS CITY, denounce the action of the
Negro, John Allen, for his actions, while in the employ of the city at the
For raising his hand to strike a woman, though she was unfortunate in
this community. It is to be regretted by all, but does that mean that the
entire Negro race should be prosecuted by drawing a picture in the most
savage way, that it could be produced, in order to gain votes for the Demo
cratic ticket.
We believe that at this hour, the patriotism of this City, amonq all
classes of white people is beyond and above such slum. No good citizen, at
this time, will raise his hand or do anything to off set a struggling race, as
( te black race.
!' We appeal to every Negro in Kansas City and Jackson County, from this
( v on to show to the producer of this circular that he is going to denounce
him, and it must be done at the ballot-box and the proper remedy is to vote
(the REPUBLICAN ticket.
' The Republican party is the ship of safety for the black man, or all
if at Sea.
How can a black man afford, to, at this particular time stand and vote
with the party, who will allow him. and his feelings to be cremated in such
a manner?
You must assert your manhood NOW. And if you will do your duty
to yourselves, to ycur Flag, to your Country, to your Home, to your Mother,
Wife and Children, then you will take nothing for the journey, but will walk
p to the ballot-box like a man, and there cast your vote for Henry M.
Beardsley, and the entire Republican ticket from top to bottom, and in the
-nguage of Theodore Roosevelt. "ALL MEN UP, AND NO MEN DOWN."
Our standard bearer for Mayor is the highest type of manhood. He
stands for all that is good, pure, upright and just. In addition to that, he is
backed up with a splendid type of good citizens of the Upper House. W. C.
Brooks, John P. Hillhoff, George H. Edwards, John F. Weidcnmann, W. A.
Blinker, Joseph D. Havens and O. A. Thompson, whose lives stand as an
open book, and we can make no mistake, and will have nothing to regret
after Tuesday next.
As cur future in this country will depend largely upen the success of the
Few men Indeed have gone out In
quest of public suffrage possessing
the rare qualities enjoyed by imr
mayoralty aspirant, Hon. H. M.
Heardrfley. His bearing Is Tar loo
lofty to cimuge lu personalities and
he has prosecuted his campaign in
mi honorable, clean anil manly way
until he has gained the admiration of
many of his political antagonists.
Mr .Beardsley became an active
student In early life nliice which
time his every aim has been that
of progresslveuess whether relating
to civic matters, law or literature. He
is a Christian gentleman of high
Ideals and for neatly twenty years
he has been a member of the First
Congregational church. The Y. M.
('. A. owes Its flourishing condition
to his untiring efforts.
Mr. Beardsley Is a ripe student on
municipal government and be has de
voted much of his time and Ivimwl
edge toward making Kansas City
what she is today. He served in the
Common Council (Upper Hons;') from
lS'.tS to !tt2 with credit and distinc
tion. He Is now president of the
l'ppcr I rouse and president of the
Hoard of Public Works. There Is
not a citizen In the whole of Kansas
City but who can afford to vote for
Henry Mr. Beardsley for Mayor.
Among the several Important l.-t-sue
of the day Is the gas question.
The people of Kansas City want cheap
gas, not twenty years hence but now.
The present generation would like
to enjoy the comforts of natural gas
because It Is In our reach. Hut It Is
claimed that the city council has the
power to fix a 7.1 cent rate for arti
ficial gas. If this Is a fact, why have
the people been compelled for yeara
to pay $1.00. Here Is where the peo
ple get food for thought.
Don't delay, but he sure and get
to the polls and vote for H. M.
Beardsley and the Republican ticket.
Republican Nominee Upper House.
Mr. John F. Welderman is a Mis-
sottrian by birth, Was born In West
port and years ami served iu the West
port council with much (list luci Ion
Mr. Weldeininn Is a foremost business
man and conducts one if the largest
grocery establishments in the fash
ionable West port district. Among his
numerous employees are several col
ored men. His splendid public record
of the past entitles him to the favor
able consideration of every voter.
Men of clean records make Ideal
roundlmen and it Is to the interest of
Kansas City that such men receive
the support of her citizens.
New York's "Richest" Rich.
New York has the richest baby, the
richest boy, the richest bachelor, the
richest spinster, the richest, married
man ml the richest widow iu the
whole wide world. Parts of this big
claim might lie overthrown on close
scrutiny but we continually bear of
'itth' John Nicholas Brown, the rich
est baby in the world; James Henry
Smith, the richest bachelor; William
ZlegleT, Jr., the richest boy; Miss
Stlckney, the richest spinster; Rocke
feller, the richest of all, etc.
Beware of the flatterer; he always
has an open object in view.
i -i
In the State
mll T0l0pHlf M04 Mmln.
B. F. Cary Feed & Fuel Co.
. E. Cor. Third mud Orand Avm.
Mr. I.eo Koehler ha.4 made an ad
mil able iifl iclal as cit auditor dm in ;
tile past two veins jitul be is entitled
to another let tn. His adininlst i at imi
has been all that the ritielis ntiil
lax pa et s could u isb
This title parable by an unknown
author teaches Its own lesson:
A hen trod on a duck's foot. Sim
did not mean to do It, ami It did not
hurt (lie duck much; but Hie duck
said, "I II pay you for tluii!" So thu
duck flew at tlie old ben, but lis hIih
did so Iter wings struck an old goose,
wlio stood close by.
"lit pay you for that:" cried thn
goose, and she flew at the duck; but
as hIio ilid ho her foot tore the, fur
of a cat who was just then In
"I'll pay yon for that!" cried
cat, ami she started for the gonsu,
but as she did so her claw cnnr.ht lu
the wool of a sheep.
"I'll pity you for that!" cried tho
shei p. and she rah at the cat, but tiM
she did si) her foot hit the foot of a
dog who lay In the sun.
"I'll pay you for that!" cried h
and Jumped at the sheep; but as ho
did so liis leg struck an old cow who
stood by the gale.
"I'll pay you for that!" cried she,
and she ran at tho dog; but as sbu
did so her horn grazed the skin of a
horse who stood by a treo.
"I'll pay you for that!" cried he,
and he rushed at the cow.
What a nolso there was! The horse
flew at the cow, anil the cow at the
dog, and the dog at the sheep, and
tho sheep at tho cat, and the cat at
the goose, and the goose at tho duck,
and the duck at tho hen. What a fuss
Micro was! And all because tho hen
accidentally stepped on tho ducks'
"III! HI! What's all this?" cried the
man who had the caro of them. "You
may stay here," ho said to the hen;
but ho drove tho duck to the pone
tho goose to tho field, tho cat to tin
burn, tho sheep to her fold, tho dog
to tho house, the cow to her yard,
and the horse to his stall. And so u 1 II
their good tltnei wero over because
tho duck would n,'t overlook a llttld
hurt which was nci Intended.
S. W. King of Kxccllslor Springs Is
building a hotel,

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