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I Pays to Advertise In the Rising Son
Weight of Ceean Cablet.
In Cyrus Field's original cnblo the
weight of the ocean section was a ton
for every nautical mile, 107 pounds be
ing the weight of the copper conduct
ing wire, the remainder being the
weight of the Insulating material and
protecting sheaths of laid Iron wire.
The French cable of 1898, typical of
the modern cables, has a weight of
661 pounds of copper conductors, and
400 pounds of gutta percha insulating
material to the nautical mile.
Flow of Rivers.
The flow of rivers, as might be sup
posed, Is the slowest at the bottom of
the water and highest at the top. The
average velocity of the entire stream
it found, as a rule, at about six-tenths
of the depth. The friction of the bot
tom which retards the movement of
the deepest water Is much greater,
relatively to the whole volume of the
stream, In a shallow river than In a
deep one.
Treasure In Russian Churches.
The treasures of the various Rus
sian churches are of fabulous value.
St.. Isaac's cathedral, In St. Peters
burg, is said to have cost (50,000,000.
Its copper roof Is overlaid with pure
gold. In the Cathedral of Kazan the
name of the Almighty blazes In dia
monds from a cloud of beaten gold,
under which are solid sliver doors,
twenty feet blgh.
f tit?- aw
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t Si Ml f miiliVis I
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f 4.T"I 1 flM M XT' MATI"
Chinese Persimmons.
There is a curious thing about Chi
nese persimmons the greater portion
are grown from grafts on the "black
date" tree. The young date tree Is
cut off square, and the graft made on
top. This results in a most curious
appearance of a mature persimmon
orchard. To a hlght of about four
feet there is the rough dark bark of
the date tree, and then a sharp
change to tho light-colored smooth
bark of the persimmon tree.
Lives In Fear of Daylight.
There are instances of men whose
only exercise is taken in til hours of
darkness. An eccentric millionaire
who has a villa at Clmiez, on the Rivi
era, fears the light of day as he would
the plague owing to a witch's prophe
cy, and walks out only at night, a
closed and shuttered carriage always
In attendance lest any accident might
possibly delay him till the dreaded
Praises Korean Women.
An English missionary to Korea,
John Perry, wrote to an English friend
defending the good looks of Korean
women, saying that "they have very
good complexions, are tall and grace
ful, and when seen In their own rooms
exceedingly picturesque, their pretty
colored clothing often sweeping the
ground, and they are also most attrac
tive and affectionate."
for It Reaches More Homes of Colored People
Persians a Race of Dreamers.
According to Henry Savage Landor,
who has spent much time studying
business methods among these people,
the Persian hates anything that sav
ors of promptness, lie is a dreamer,
and, although he cannot be called ab
solutely lazy, as he is usually absorb
ed In deep thought, still he seldom
has little leisure for anything else.
The returns for his work, however
beneficent, are too Biuall for his ex
pectations. Importance of Home Life.
French literature has ever savored
largely of sensualism. Its society char
acterized by libertinism. Given the
same conditions In America and the
tame results will follow. If the Unit
ed States, England and Germany are
leaders among the nations In moral
culture and sane advancement, it is
because they have preserved the In
tegrity of their ho;r life. New York
For Those That Are Nervous.
For a diet, milk, oysters, butter,
eggs (raw or soft), cocoa, graham or
gluten bread, beef, fowl, mutton, lamb
or fish. Among vegetables, spinach,
lettuce, string beans, brussels sprouts
or stewed fruits are best. He very
careful not to eat too much. Rest of
all, forget that you are nervous. Get
busy and shut it out. If necessary,
even ttop thinking.
i 12, 11K)?
Derivation of Fork.
The fork takes its name from tho
Latin furoa, a yoke looking like nn
Inverted V. From this conu-s the
Italian forca m.d forclietta (Uttlo
fork). The latter word gives tho
Frenrh their fourchette, while the
EhkII.sIi po hack to the fcirttier nn.l re-,
tain the harder Rounding "fork."
From P. M. Moneil's "Forks" in St.
Much Dcrends on Worker.
The man who mixes the mortar, the
man who lays the grnniie. the man
who saws, digs, hews or liarles upon
each of these the hoiiexty ;f the
world depends. You may lie
In your throat, mid no one to he the
worse of It; to lie with the hands Is
to add a stone to the fahrie of the
world's dlsKfticc;. New York Times.
Honeymoons Cut Short.
Hrevily and economy la honey
moons, the London Kxpiess says, are
becoming the fashion. Kven wealthy
people. It says, are "showing a Tend n
cy to llndt the wedding tour.-i to three
or four days in l'.iris." .X'any yi
Bt might to thir new home from the
chureh and May there.
0 Chinese St.in.ps.
Nearly all Chinese st;imps hear
drag"HH, liiil i)US l.eynnd i!es i ipt i n,
os their central figures. (Mher stamps
depict great pagodas and sTcred tow
ers, being supposed to guard the
luck" ( f a niece unit nronlt int e the
spirits und fiiglitiu away the eil
Brutal Suggestion.
To obviate the uiisennltiely sight of
won: it Interrupters at elc tion meet
ings being forcibly ejecte 1, the pro
posal has been made that at every
hull n mouse should be l--ept, which
could be let loose if necessary. Lon
don Telegraph.
Professional Tooth-Stainen
The trade of tootli !-talner Is pecu
liar to Kustern Asia. The i.atlves pre
fer black tee'l to the whiter kind.
ii ml the tootli-stnlncr, with n little box
of brushes und cohirln mutter, calls
on his customers and stains their
To Restore Calf Bindings.
Wash lightly with a soft spongo
dipped In a j-reparatlon of best glue,
dissolved In a pint of hot water, to
which mid a tcaspoonful of glycerin
nnd n little flour paste. Rub well
with chnmoiu lea' her when dry.
Relief from Hiccoughs.
Hiccough may be relieved by sip
ping cold water, or holding the breath
may also ffcctunlly check It. If these
methods fall, a leasooiiful of bicar
bonate of soila in a half tumbler of
water should be taken.
A Van in the Moon.
Although the moon Is not a riotous
ly luxuriant abode. It Is anything but
i the lifeless orb commonly supposed.
It may he desolate nnd cnH; but It
Is not altogether dead. -Scientific
Where to Have a Boil.
Thomas llalley Ablrlch, commenting
once upon tho trials of Job, remarked
i hat the only proper place to have n
boll was between "John" and
Still Poisonous Snakes in Europe.
The Tyrolesf government still pays
for the extermination of poisonous
imnkes. It is the one Fnropcan gov
ernment which now docs so.
Sudan Ostrich Feather Trade.
The ostrich feather trade in the Sit
Ian seems doomed, owing to the sue
ess of tho South African ostrich
Ice on Telegraph Wires.
Ice forming on telegraph wires
lometlmes Increases their weight CO
.ess than 90 per cent.
American Oysters for Shanghai.
American oysters are sent as far ai
than any othei Paper
Do yntt know that our Knglish word
Easter Is a survival of the Saxon
name F.astro or Ostara. who was
their goddess of spring, or of nature's
resurrection after the long death of
winter? So dearly was Kastre loved
hy the old Teutons that when Chris
tianity was first preached to them
they refused to give m their "White
I.ady," or to reduce her to the rank
of "demon." So. instead, they gavu
her name to the great Christian fes
Kastre was known and loved In dif
ferent parts of (e rmany under differ
ent names; hut ia all the places she
presided over and cared for all things
new and heainHul - -the (lowers and
the birds, harbingers of spring; the
h:lics, typical of the productiveness
of the earth. Ami In the hollow
mountain In which she was believed
to live she cared for the souls of the
unborn babes; here, too, she watched
over the agriculture of the land. car
Ins for every plant, which her infant
troop watered, each carrying for that
purpose a tiny can.
Kaslcr K'liietinies passed over the
land, moving through the air without
wings, followed and surrounded by
tlny-wlnged infants, by birds and but
lerllics and storks. In her hand she
carried a wnnd laden at one end with
flowers, while with the other she scat
tered them over the earth.
Of course, this is tin old tale, but
It Is well for us to know Hie history
of the name of the great feast, espe
cially us all its customs have conic
to us ami are followed today. In
tho old time they celebrated the day
hy exchanging presents, as we do;
especially by an exchange of colored
eggs, typical of the lile breaking fi'om
the tomb ns when the little chick
breaks its shell and comes out into
In some parts of Germany the chil
dren went to bed early, even as we
do at Christmas time, so that tho
White Hare might come ami leave
for each otie who hail been kind und
obedient ami good and truthful n
beautiful colored egg. The hare al
ways came when nil was still and ev
ery olio was sleeping, anil in the
morning such a hunt ns there was for
the presents, in ull sorts of out-of-the-way
Of course the mothers prepared the
eggs, wrapping each in a piece of col
ored print stuff, or calico, as we call
it, some pink, some red, or blue or
green, and when the eggti were boiled
in these cloths all the color was left
on tho shell. You can do that now.
wrapping the eggs up tightly nnd
separately In a piece of bright color
ed calico, smoothing It and sing It
In place, liut be sure that the dyo Is
Parasols rnd 8unihades.
"I always thought." remarked an
English judge, "that ti parasol and a
sunshade wero the same." "No," ro
I lied the witness on the stand; "n
sunshade Is to keep tho sun off; a
parasol Is to flirt with."
Spider Builds Raft.
The raft spider gets the name from
Its habit of building a tuft of dry
leaves and other light materials fast
ened together firmly by threads of
silk, In order to pursue Its prey In tlm
Three Causes of Death.
There tiro only three Immediate
causes of death: The stoppage ot tho
functions of the cerebrospinal nerv
ous system, of the lunys, or of tho
In the State.
not a fast color, or It will not come
off onto the shell. The commonest
prints should be used, those that will
"fade," and the designs will bo repro
duced on tho egg.
P.ggs may be really glided by going
over them with gum or varnish by
means of a brush and then laying on
gold leaf. These In some countries
were reserved for the nobility only;
but almost as pretty nn effect may
lie produced by using "gold paint,"
which may bo bought at any drug
Coiling eggs In ordinary dye water
is a common way of treating them for
Master, but n great Improvement on
that Is to draw a design on the shell
with tallow, or any greasy substance,
and the dye will not color thoso
parts; so that the design win stand
out In white.
Sometimes Easter eggs are burled
in a deep dish filled with .sand; the
Mud sold In bird stores Is nice for
the purpose. This "ostrich nest" Is
then passed around, and each keeps
the epg that he draws cut of It.
Another pretty custom Is to hide
the eggs nil over the house, each
with a name nl Inched to It, and have
the members of Hie patty hunt for
those belonging to thctn.
('rent sport Is witnessed every Fas
ter In the White House grounds at
Washington. I liiinlieds of boys and
girls play games Willi their eggs, roll-
tbeni down hill. Two roll their
ercs toj-et In r, and the one whose
egg is unbroken lakes the oilier This
i. port Is indulged in at llasier by I lie
boys and girls of many lamltt.
The queer looking ecus In the
tine show some other was ol d
nling them.
Easter Di inci Glad Message.
Mori; ili;iii a mere coincidence Is
the lime or Hie Master festival. Those
who have laid the forms of loved ones
In the grave, i.inj those who are ap-p'-)ach:iig
the end of their own lives,
li. ;k anxiously the question uttered
long cent Miles ago by the patriarch:
"If a man die, shall he live again'.'"
Looking on the face of one on whom
death has done Its work, ami noting
the fearful havoc It lias made, we may
be forgiven for our f iltering faith. It
does not seem possible that the man
can live again. Millions have passed
out of that dread gate, am! not mu
comes back, or utters a word audible
to mortal ears. What reason have e
to hope for anything beyond'.' To the
anxious believer conies the assurance
of Christ: "I am the resurrection and
the life;" nnd after Ills words had
been put to the proof, His declaration,
"I am Ho that llveth nnd was dead;
and behold. I am alive ior evermore."
Origin ef Modern Home.
In the Middle Ages there were two
forms of house, the castle, built of
stone and designed especially for de
fense, mid tho miserable hut of tho
peasant, built of timber ami stucco
and thatch. Wh-n feudalism fell nnd
tho world became more secure, tho
modern home, designed for residence
and not for defense, replaced the fort
ress. Value of Elephants.
An African elephant Is of value only
for Its Ivory, of which a full grown
animal yields from JL'i to flbm worth.
On the other hand, a working Indian
elephant can not be bought for les3
than fZ.jHo to $:),nuu. This Is becauso
of tho greater Intelligence of tho
Asiatic animal, which makes him valu
ably as a Bfci vuut. t
I lug

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