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Pays to Advertise In the Rising Son
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Who Is now at the head of the Douglas Hospital and who Is the in
stigation of bringing Booker T. Washington to Kansas City. It will be
hoove every negro in the two cities to go and hear the great leader at
Convention Hall on the 4th of May.
Two of them Declared Innocent.
Around the statue of the Goddess of
Liberty at Springfield, Missouri cen
ters one of the most revolting trage
dies ever recorded in the annals of
crime. The negro men were lynched
and burned on the night of the 14th
of April. Two of the unfortunate men
were charged with attacking a white
woman and her escort and the other
one was charged with murder.
The tragedy stands all the more re
volting by reason of the fact that the
police officials and others declare
that the men were not guilty of the
crimes with which they were charged.
The sheriff was warned that a mob
was forming but he laughed at the
idea. He held his position. Other
officials of peace were conspicuous
by their absence. In the meantime the
doors of the jail were broken down,
and three defenceless negroes were
sacrificed to a bloodthirsty crowd of
hoodlums. In the midst of their car
nage they danced like savages until
the human frames had been reduced
to ashes. And then on Easter morn
the younger generation, the little
girls and boys on their way to Sun
day school searched the ashes for
relics that they might keep until per
chance they reach the age of maturi
ty when they could refer back to
brutal scenes provoked by mere cast
prejudice. What a startling travesty
upon civilization! Every chapter ad
ded to this already complete volume
of crime gives new features of bru
tality and savagery. The tide must
change. There Is a remedy and the
good thinking and fair-minded people
of this country will have to apply it
sooner or later.
"Missouri has looked well to the
educational opportunities of the chil
dren of the colored people and has
provided In Lincoln Institute at Jef
ferson city one of the best schools
In the country for the preparation of
colored teachers. The nature of the
work of this normal school differs
from that of the others only as the
different needs and attitude of the
race seem to require. , The courses of
instruction are broad, the arrange
ment is liberal and the faculty con
sists of the best colored educators the
state can procure.
In addition to several other en
gagements, President Allen has ac
cepted an invitations from the man
agement of the High School, Kansas
City, Kansas, to deliver to the grad
uating class the annual address and
the diplomas.
Indications point to an unusually
large attendance upon Lincoln Insti
tute's Summer School. For full infor
mtnlon address Dr. B. F. Allen, Presi
dent. PROGRAM.
Master of ceremonies, D. N. Cros
thwaite, D.D. G.C., Chancellor Com
mander of the day, John Yates, Pre
late, J. McCarthy.
1. Voluntary, organ.
2. Song "God Bless our Pythian
3. Invocation, by Knights and Pre
4. Anthem, choir.
5. Pythlanlsm, Sir J. P. Maynard.
6. Military Deportment. Capt. B.
E. Watklns.
7. Solo, Edward Hardy.
8. State of the Order In Missouri,
Sir A. W. lioyd, G. C. of St.
' Louis.
9. Calanthe, Mrs. A. E. Walker,
Grand Inspectress.
10. Hymn, "Come Thou Fount."
11. Sermon, Sir. J. E. Addison.
13. "God be with you till we meet
again," congregation.
14. Benediction.
Thus concluded one of the most
Interesting celebrations ever record
ed by the great order of K. P.'s in this
Jurisdiction. A large crowd of
Pythians and their friends filled the
spacious Allen Chapel to witness the
ceremony. Pythians in Missouri was
never In a more flourishing condition
than It Is at this time. Grand Chan
cellor H. W. Loyd has w.orked earnest
ly and zealously In the Interest of the
order and has Increased the member
ship almost two-fold.
The more men fall In love with a girl
the bigger her danger or becoming an
old maid while she Is trying to make
her choice.
for It Reaches More Monies of Colored Beipie
Many Talfed Kittens. ..-
Cats with nine lives and cats Vftfe,
out tails have always been plentiful la
Wapakoneta. O., but cats with two or
three talis were never seen there be
fore. Pelsler brothers are the proud
possessors of three kittens with seven'
tails, two have two tails each, ind
one has only one common till. The
extra tails grow out of the kittens'
backs along the backbone, are fully
developed and almost as long as the
natural tails. Exchange. '" :
Word Is Overworked.
Doubtless the most over-worked
word In the English language, conver
sationally. Is the word "proposition."
Once you begin to notice It, It gets on
your nerveB. Some people can't talk
thirty seconds without using it. A
friend of ours used It twenty times in
the course of two minutes talk. It is
maddenfng. Stop It. A little pictur
esque conversation goes a great way.
Chicago News.
Hubby's Precious Pipe.
"Where Is my new meerschaum
pipe?" he bawled anxiously from the
library. "Oh, here It is, dear," cried
his wife, running to him with a queer
dark object in her hand. "I knew how
hard and unsuccessfully you had been
trying to color it ami so this afternoon
I got out my paints and painted it in
this lovely drawnwork pattern of
brown and green and blue."
First Shedding of Tears.
It will be news to many that as a
rule we do not weep until after the
fourth month of life. One of the lead
ing physicians of Europe says that he
has been unable to satisfy himself that
any asserted Instance of weeping at an
earlier age is genuine. Moans,
screams, etc., go for nothing. Tho
question has to do with shedding
Mexico Cave Dwellers,
The cave-dwellers of Mexico can
travel a distance of 170 miles at a
stretch, going at a slow but steady
trot. Frequently a letter has been
carried a distance of over 000 miles In
five days, the carrier living all the
time on a simple diet of pinole, a
finely ground corn, mixed with water
Into a thin paste.
If You Invite Anybody
Don't glvo vague Invitations; they
do not seem, and probably are not. In
tended seriously, and no one Is com
plimented by a courtesy of that sort.
If you really want a visitor, Indicate
the time or times when you will be
free, and leave the Invited to fix the
date, or ask the visitor for a definite
Wealth In Old Hotel Structure.
In altering an old hotel In New
York city It has been found that the
beams, floor boards and woodwork are
of solid mahogany. The structure
would prove a perfect mine of wealth
If It could be razed, but the owner
refuses to allow this to be dono un
der any circumstances.
Church Trumpet.
At Braybrooke church, England, !s
still to be seen a monster trumpet,
sixty-six Inches long, which was used
In the early part of the last century to
summon the people to church Instead
of church ells. It was also formerly
used by ths choir leader during serv
ice. An Old Puzzle Revived.
Dancing men and others have a
difficulty Mtli tho new fashions In
finding their partners' waists. A cen
tury ago tte Observer, In referring to
a similar puzzle, exclaimed: "Tho
heart that used to pant above the tuck
er now bents below the waist."
Colombia Tin Deposits.
Some of the finest tin deposits (ln
tho world occur in Colombia. Miiuy
of the tin mines are worked bv for
eign companies.
Burden on English Ratepayers.
It Is es'.'.mated that the paupers In
the United Kingdom cost the ratepay
ers 8C5,('00 per annum for c'othicg.
W sW
Derivation of Pork.
The fork takes its name from thp
latin furca, a yoke looking like an
Id verted V. From this
Lallan forca ar.d forchetta (little
fork). The latter word gives the
Fj-enchlhelr fourchette. while the
English go back to the former and re-.
taHh the harder soundlntr "fork."
j rtora D. M. Morrell's "Forks" In St.
Much Defends on Worker.
(The man who mixes the mortar, the
mn who lays the granite, the man
who saws, digs, hews or harles -upon
each of these the honesty of tho
world depends. You may lie
in your throat, and no one to be the
worse of It; to lie with the hands Is
to add a ikone to the fabric of the
weld's disgrace. New York Times.
i Honeymoons Cut Short.
Brevlty and economy in honey
moons, thft 1-ondon Express says, are
becoming the fashion. Even wealthy
people, It says, are "showing a tenden
cy to limit the wedding tours to three
or four days In Paris." Many no
straight to their new home from tlie
ehjarch and stay there.
Chinese Stamps.
J JJearl. jll Chlneso stamps bear
diagons, hideous beyond description,
as their central figures. Other stamps
depict great pagodas and sacred tow
ers, being supposed to guard the
"luck" of a place and propitiate the
spirits and frighten away tho evil
Brutal Suggestion.
To obviate the unseemhitly sight of
women Interrupters at elo'tlon meet
Ings being forcibly ejected, tho pro
posal has been made tint at every
hall a mouse should be lept, which
could be let loose if necessary. Ixn
don Telegraph.
Professional Tooth-Stainers
Tho trade of tooth-stnlner is pecu
liar to Eastern Asia. The t.allvcs pre
fer black tee'ii to tho whiter kind,
and tho tooth-stalner. with a little box
of brushes and coloring matter, calls
on his customers and stains their
To Restore Calf Bindings.
Wash lightly with a sort sponge
dipped In a preparation of best el no.
which add a teaspoonfid of glycerin
and a little flour paste. Rub well
with chamois leather when dry.
Relief from Hiccoughs.
Hiccough may be relieved by sip
ping cold water, or holding the breath
may also effectually check It. If these
methods fall, a teaspoonful of Men r
bonato of soda in a half tumbler of
water should be taken.
A Man in the Moon.
Although the moon Is not a riotous
ly luxuriant abode, It Is anything but
the lifeless orb commonly supposed.
It may be desolato and cold; but it
Is not altogether dead. Scientific
Where to Have a Boil.
Thomas Bailey Aldrlch, commenting
onco upon the trials of Job, remarked
that the only proper place to have a
boll was between "John" and
Still Poisonous Snakes in Europe.
The Tyrolese government still pays
for the extermination of poisonous
snakes. It Is the one Kiiropean gov
ernment which now does so.
Sudan Ostrich Feather Trade.
The ostrich feather trade In tho Su
t in seems doomed, owlni; to the sue
!oss of tho South African ostrich
Ice on Telegraph Wires.
Ice forming on telegraph wires
lometlmes Increases t'.iulr weight to
.ess than 90 per cent.
American Oysters for Shanghai,
American oysters are sent as far as
than any oth ei Paper
Plenty of Shelter at Hand.
A Swede and an Irishman were out
walking together when a storm came
up. The rain fell violently. They
took refuge under a tree. The tree
for about fifteen minutes made a good
refuge. Then It began to leak. The
cold raindrops began to fall down the
Irishman's neck and he began to com
plain. "Oh, never mind." unlet the
Swede; "there are plenty of trees. As
soon as this one Is wet through we'll
go under another."
Ducks Like Men.
"Ducks, their characters, virtues,
and history," are the subject of an
article In the Imdon Spectator. The
duck, says the writer. Is very like
the average man, hating what he does
not understand. An anec Into Is given
to point the remark. "A drake was
suspected of murdering a merelo-lous
hen, solely because he objected to her
color. It was unlike his family's, so
he slew her."
For Anti-Vlvisectionsts.
Antl-vlvlsectlonists have often sug
gested that medical Investigators
should make experiments on them
selves rather than on animals. They
do not seem to bo aware, or perhaps
they shut their eyes to the fact, that
Investigators often do exuerliuent.ju
themselves; not n few have fallen vic
tims to their zeal for knowledge.
llrltlsh Medical Journal.
French Rural Postmen.
The French postman of rural neigh
borhoods ekes out the small salary of
his governmental position by doing all
kinds of errands In the village for
people who live along bis route, lie
makes a small Income from the fees
received for these services. In sum
mer, nowadays, he sotnel lines goes
his rounds on a bicycle, but In winter
he has to walk.
Dinner Perils.
Do not nt dinner sit next to the
person with a hobby. It may be gar
dening, It may be the collecting of
"Moonlight" soap wrappers, It may bo
and then heaven help you! golf.
On whatever line his conversation
may start, you will find that all mails
lead to the hobby. Hon. Mary Caven
dish In The l.ady.
Robins as Weather Prophets.
When robins sing In low hedges or
garden shrubberies rain may be ex
pected; when they sing at a high alti
tude It will generally be fine. The
high flight of swallows Indicates that
It will bo fine and vice versa. Tho
bleating of sheep In winter evenings
Is nearly always followed by severe
French Tailor's English,
A French tailor, who advertised
"English spoken," was sometimes at
a loss for the right word. On one
occasion, wishing to tell a customer
that her girdle was too high, lie hesi
tated a moment, then, with a look of
Inspiration he said: "Madyamo, your
curvature Is too upstairs."
Important Duty of Life.
The simple truth Is that no young
woman, and equally no young man.
ran be better or more wisely en
gaged than In trying to find a suit
able partner for life, und In fining
herself or himself to be worthy ot
that partner when found. Helen Old
field. Tends Monkeys and Men,
The monkey house al the London
zoo Is being cleaned, disinfected and
partly reconstructed. The Field re
marks: "The work will be done un
der the supervision of Ir. (iordon, the
expert, who has been In charge of the
sanitation of the House o' ('ominous."
Jjpanese Engagement Token.
The Japanese lover, instead of an
ei :ragement ring, may give his future
hrt.lo a piece of beautiful siik to lie
worn as a sash.
Book Worth $1,500,000.
The most valuable hook In the lirit
ish Museum Is "TIih Codex Alexan
drlnus," said to be worth $l,5u0,0ou.
in the State.
Corks from Waste Paper,
A remarkable Invention has Just
been perfected and patented. It Is a
machine which makes corks out of
waste paper and paper pulp. All
kinds of waste paper can be made Into
corks, which are superior to the regu
lar sort, as they are not affected by
acids or oils; they have been tested
by leading chemists and the largest
users of corks, and It Is claimed for
them that they are far superior to the
old stylo 111 every way.
Courts Are Particular.
Anton Bnlas, tho registrar of births,
deaths and marriages at Miskolc,, in
Hungary, resolved to comtr.lt suicide,
but before carrying out his purpose
entered his death In the register in tho
regular manner. After his ileal h. how
ever, tho courts decided that, as tho
registrar was alive when he made the
miry it was Irregular, and according
ly IllKtructed his successor to strike It
out and then reenter the particulars.
Cause of Curly Hair.
Curly hair Is a constitutional hered
itary phenomenon. The curly hair
curls because It Is Hat. Straight halt
Is cylindrical. Helng lint, the hair lm
a natural tendency to assume a spiral
shape. Cutting has no effect, as the
cause ot the flatness lies In the shape
of the follicle. Hair Issuing from a
Blunting, crooKcd follicle Is hound to
ho flatletied and twisted.
Same as the Donkey.
On tin1 day when the late puke of
Westminster was promoted lo bis
dukedom bo visited bis child nil's
qunrters to i (iniintinlcate the news to
them. "What, do you think I hoy have
made mo now?" ho said, "i'hey have
Uiiulo mo a duke." "Why, father." ex
claimed one of tho younger deiil.cns
of the nursery, "that's what we call
our donkey."
Animal Instinct.
Many animals are born with nn In
herited antipathy for other animals.
The excessive fear shown by young
rabbits which for the first time smell
a ferret, and of young turkeys which
hear the shrill crv of a hawk thev
have never heard or seen before, are
proved examples of the strength of
these Instinctive antipathies.
Fast Voyage of Sailing Ships.
The llrltlsh ship Thermopyla In
1 S&8 made a wonderful voyage to
Melbourne from London, which was
speedier than most freight voyages of
to-day. It accomplished it In sixty
days, or an average for the trip of
twelve knots an hour, and afterward
came home from China In ninety-one.
Victoria Cross.
Tho Victoria Cross was Instituted
fifty years ago, Jan S!t. Since then
only r2 persons have received It, 517
of them sol Hers or sailors ami three
of tliem civilians who were acting in
a military capacity when they did "in
the face of tho enemy" the gallant
deed which won them the cross.
Weather Still Uncertain.
This appeared on the bulletin board
of a certain public library: "Will tho
gentleman who took a horn-handled
umbrella from the stand on Wednes
day kindly return It to the librarian?"
Some one wrote beiientli In pencil:
"Certainly not; weather still un
settled." In Affliction's School.
One month In the school of affliction
will teach thee more than the great
precepts of Aristotle in seven years;
for thou canst never Judge lightly of
human affairs, unless thou hast (list
felt the blows and found out the de
ceits of fortune. Fuller.
Grecian Tobacco.
The quality of the tobacco rnlsod
ill (irepce varies grently; some of It
sells as low as 2 ciijls, some as high
as 21 cents a pound.
People on the Sea.
About S.uIhi.oimi people aro on the
sea. either as passengers or seamen,
every day la the year.

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