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f Pays to Advertise In the Rising Son for It Reaches More Homes of Colored People than any othei Paper In the State.
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At the Grand, May 6.
lluvtltf mid Seiinion Imve bci'ii very sum ssfnl of late f'H''i;ill.v in tlio
(lircctiim of inusiciil fiinicily production, lull tlx'.v Imve siirpiisst'd themselves
with "Kufus Uastns" a teal coon show, in which they are rtarritii; Krnest
Ilonn, who Is known the world over as "the unbleached American." The
attraction which will be presented to the (irand audiences ilnriitK the week
of .May tith differs entirely from the Hetienil run of these musical plays. Not
only on account of Its cast beins of a dark had", but also for the reason
that every style of trayety and frivolity, wums and dances for which the
colored race Is known, will be Introduced Is sufficient guarantee, that "Kufus
ltastus" Is a well diirestable offering. "Mowm Is a whole show by himself."
Htiyn the Philadelphia item. In 'Ituf us RaM us" he Is depicted as a Southern
ction with a proclivity for constantly tfettinu into trouble and ridiculous
situations. The opening of the farce is at I once de I, eon Hotel. St. Augus
tine, Kla.. where he has been stranded willi an "I'ncle Tom" show. From
the scene of action Is moved to Madison Square (iardt n. New York, on the
nijjht of a ran-tlme masque ball. In the Metropolis he suddenly becomes
luckv and the finish or the piece Is a Pod one to the measly moke. Through
out the production which Is put on with elaborate effect In every detail, the
coniedv is wholesome and thorotmhly typical of the Southern nenro. 1 he
aim of the performers is to create nothing but comedy and they mote than
succeed In their effects.
.Matinee Sunday, Thursday and Saturday. Poor open 1:4) p. m. Curtain
raises 2:45 p.
In Affliction's School.
One month In the school of affliction
will tench thee more than the great
precepts of Aristotle In seven yearn;
for thou canst never Jude rightly of
human affairs, unless thou hast first
felt the blows and found out the de
ceits of fortune. Fuller.
Tends Monkeys and Men.
The monkey house ot the London
zoo Is helm? cleaned, difinfected and
partly reconstructed. The Field re
marks: "The work will lie done un
der the supervision of Mr. nrdon, the
expert, who has been In charge of the
sanitation ot the House or Commons."
It Is indeed ad to see so man of
our colored girls out of employment
and wandering nroundfrom pUoe to
place. Many of them are too proud
to work Tor their own people and
many of them ore too lazy to work
for the white people. Of course
are some honorable exceptions. TTie
colored set v:' nt s should remember
that they can be ladies and gentle
men in l lie kitchen and dining room
as well as they can in 1 lie parlor.
There are lots of young men and wo
men writ king out as servants and can
command respect If they respect
themselves. Hut the condition of
many of the colored servants today
Is heart-rendcl ing. Many of them
are not wanted because they are not
reliable and unclean in appearance.
The large hotels are dispensing with
the colored waiters, bell boys and
colored cooks. Ilarber shops that
have heretofore been couducjtcil 1'T
colored men are fast being dWSrasSMI
bv white barbers. The Italians haveT:
pushed the colored bootblack aside
and established modern and up-to-date
pallors. The Chinaman and up-to-date
laundries have taken the place
of the colored washerwoman, and the
colored nurs( s no longer lire seen
upon the public streets. What will la
the future of the colored servant Is
the question? The colored pulpit lias
thrown aside religion and joined the
army of money grafters. Instead of
religion in the colored church being
preached, begging for money to carry
into effect speculation schemes from
which many of them receive a per
centage. What will be the future of
the colored seivaut Is the question
that ought to lie considered by the
pulpit. The time Is ripe for the col
ored people in this city to be look
ing about them. The colored servant
is passing out of existence fast.
The l!ee.
The Hoard of ltegenls, represented
by its president, lion. 1). C. Met lung
of .Jefferson City, Hon. K. C. Wilson
of Mexico and Secretary N. C.
Iturch made an official inspection of
the institution, April 2.
These gentlemen were accom
panied by ex-Secretary of Stale Sam
H. Cook, Attorney Charles A. Wins
ton end Col. Sam Kcliar, (ilobe I loiuo
era I correspondent.
The entire parly partook or a
seven course dinner prepared by the
young ladies of the cooking class In
the model kitchen of the Domestic
Science Department and served in
the model dining room.
The following editorial from the
Jefferson City Kepublican Review
speaks for itself:
Lincoln Institute.
A party of Jefferson City men went
over to Lincoln Institute yesterday
to inspect the work of that school
and came away with a high opinion
of its management and teachers.
They were deeply impressed with
the standards of work in all tin1
departments, but they were particu
larly impressed with the work which
isc being done In the industrial de
partment. In t hat department tiny
found young men gleaning practical
information in blacksmil hlng, carpen
try in nil Its branches, Including wood
moulding and other useful trades, and
the girls acquiring the rudiments, nyo
more, a practical and working knowl
edge of domestic science in all its
They were shown exhibits of the
sewing, laundering, fancy needle
work, etc., done by the girls, and
they were not only shown, but ate
a wholesome dinner prepared by the
students and served in the spacious
dinlng-mom of the new girls' dor-
, ; . fY' v CVV ''
. ... .v;-y. V--'?&Vva
:;y v
The Woman Who Thinks, is Alwavs
lililory. All the tni ll have been seen
today, and while there is not a simile
one of them bin that ale twice a )
much as he should, none of I In in
are sick, which serves to show thai
Hie girls of Lincoln Institute will
never shorten the lives of the good
nu n they will marry some day by bail
I'residenl Allen and the teachers In
the various departments are a unod
lot and vlsitms are always shown ev
ery courtesy due them.
I'or infill Illation lelatlve to Lincoln
Institute's famous sunnie r school ad
dress, Dr. It. I'. Allen, president.
A Man in the Moon.
Abhoiigh the inonti is I'."' a i ii it i his
ly luxuriant aboile, Is aintliiiii: hut
the lifeless orb coiumonl ' "-upi'iise-l.
It may be desolate and coll; lint II
is not. altogether dead .-VI. ntltir
lining Soiueiliiiig Huil Is Intel i si inn
Woodland Avenue
to (Hie
Call at 1 Slil.l
Where to Have a Boil.
Thomas Hailey Aldtich. cotntnent in
once upon the trials of .lob, n marked
'hat. the only proper place to h.io a
bull was betvvieu "Julia" and
I) Heilly "
Still Poisonous Snakes in Europe.
The Twolesc tuvi riui.ei.t Mill as
for the extermination "f I nlsonons
stli.lil'H. ll Is the one Lilt opi all
Miitnent which now does so.
Sudan Ostrich Feather Trade.
The ostrich feather ti'tde In Hie Su
I. in seems doomed, ouing to tin- suc
ess of the South African ostrich
Ice on Telegraph Wires.
Ice forming on telegraph wires
lometinies Increases Hielr weight CO
ess than 9T per cent.
American Oysters for Shanghai,
American oysters are bent as far as
"Real Comfort" Is Norn.il.
All tte Olllll In ivpeel v. , ,,i.l
nrti.-tic If oi ehoose. but cuiepb I
lil events. Tli.ii is quit ,. nour'i
m.ybody. Winn surplus uenl'h conns,
let the comfort "mv In'o li'Mirj Id'
l v.-i ar i 's m p inn I'm ttlnr I'or nn-
attainable ihinr-s. to bar'i r lionor for
then,. s
could .e
Ing this
In living
Sheer lolly.
I . me Ji i lo tin
tlieic vould b
if Hie
e glia
wot hi
er Joy
Oldest University. '
The iildot uniM t.- ii in the world In
at 1'ekln. t Is call, d Hie "Si bool lot
Hie Sons oi the l" 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 " I's ant iipitiy
Is ciy eiiat. and a :ia'nl I istir,
ClillsiKtlllg o itol'.e C'lbltllt: . 111
liuinliil. cniilailis tin names of r.ii.mi'i
gradilati s.
Pc'wUli.irity of Cluctctbisin.
The n liui.it. oi i.i l:n Idhii is clt- d
as an example oi' in ov n i I ion i.Uen by
a gl e 1 1 1 1 ! i ion.- te.icln r lo I 'io low i r
llllll.l.lls. Alolle lioes He' do' Ililie of
llllildiia III I I lie a lici'L litioll lif Hie
ilij;iit of fh ' .ii-r oniii ot animals.
Transforms Vegetables.
M. Moliat.l of I'te is. not saiislled
with Hie usual fial'lni' a.'o.iei, by
Ibit lcnb m ists, lias siai n d to Hans
form m m l bles. It I. said lie ban
siici ) ilci! in tiiniint: a radish into
Polar Hegion i
The Hi-' so pun
ions, mi I r. e ti mil I
that throat a'ld inn::
know u 1 hole. Tli ii l i
ti e I'oL.r reg
iiiiTil inp-robcs,
lip ases are nn
i t ion is iiiso n-
ti'elv flee li'Otu con t a -' !o; i . inaladle.-;.
Speed cf Ectric C'irrent,
The speed of H e elect nc ii'rt n; In
cop.er wire is li.;!..'.'"i,'"i me'em a
si com). The f.is'esi oil an snaiticr
mak.-s only '.' meters a second.
True Friends.
True frl'inds visit us In prosperity
only win'.i invited, luit. in adversity
they (otiie without invitation. --The
plirasi us
Henry Bcr'jh'K Name Honored.
ill IM.U Hie l.,le lb Ill Hell ll rolltld-
e. the Ainei h .in Sin i. I for tin- l'n
m -tit ) in ot ('in. I' lo Animal', an'.l mi
Hi Incol pui at ion lie became lis Inst
president lb- made hllllsi If lb., butt
ol itiii.ii tl.liiiile h his pcrslstetny
In ihscin ei Inc. and l.riiK'in:: lo punish
in: nl those who nlli iided aciinsi im
lllllliafe pill pose. Ilioli. I'p.iiillv as
ceecel tn .1 hm se.,. bill w III ll In- dii d,
in IV a chain ef i iniil.u so. n tic-i
bad beili cslalilidic.1 t ! 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 1 1 Ihii
I 'nioii and In Im lcn 1 1 1 1 1 . s . mid
he was laid ill lionm I h I iiu :: limit He
wot hi. New Yoil, Sun.
S.iyr. Sbr Saw Cbost o( ergius.
At lb" i v a c t : 1 1 1 1 1- of the as.lsllla
Hon nl I In- Knssi.iti Cian. I liii'e Ser
eins his ciidila'i.iii.'i'. ill Hie Alexis
palaci , dedans he opened Hie door
of In r iimiiii. iMV. ied with bleeding
wounds, and exclaimed: Tool,, oiin:;
piine, '"
French Soldiers Cannot Write.
In 1 1 1 . 1 1 r t o l. si i In- quatii .f mini
of In ncli soldiers, a sit of quest inns
a l.iin! ot "geui-Ml p;ip I ' a as. sent
1. 1 slstv two solli is at la ii. bun. Of
tin- sixty two, scoiiiei n c.iil I nut
write, and so did not answm .it all.
Water for Cows.
Lvpei iments short Hi, it a cow. x 1 1 1 1
in In I lluw ol mill,, iliiiil.s Itiun l..'."u
lo nun pniind of u.-iicr a inmiHi. Hi"
a i ri
Ing !
a. h
In I'd. I.cin.
let.tinitied by
I i ' ' i j.oulid-
Man at Thirty.
Love's joiiiil' diiani being once
over, man Is apt to d'H't past one's
conitoi la liie mai limoiial stage. At
Hil ly he needs to be x i i v skilfully
netted.--"Ambrosia." in The World
To Color Hyacinth.
Hy putting the stem of the flower
Into a bottle of red ink, Ii living I'
there for an hour, the hyacinth will
assume a delicate pink color.
Customers of a
upon their tiiiils.
their lefts.
shoe dealer Insist
and they also get

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