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Queen Victoria' Cats.
Qurrn Victoria wan a erca' lover of
C.it. and win :i the ;:! iriledil wart
ivi n: r t .1 Li .i r .vi: ir caravan
nf c.i's 1 r-!.i:i. V: -ti
--o :il". i .M' :!-. .
-.i. It.r : ,: i
r La- ,iit:t.h.'ii . ' -
I.imiit !..- (: . IV". . :
!! . :i u..a ; :: . 1
,ii -. : !: v.- ' :i i i
.v. ;-. ! ir. ,: v. - '
; r. I ! : -i :l.i.
CJi -ck S-.V.- e .i F
f-o-.. Mil.
i r.ivclf I In
:. Windsor
-t tic C.li1
.,'. id -.illicit
. I. :
H'l llhicll
! . in.-.-; i i -
( - i . t i ri
II- : i'-
, : -.:n 1
--. ;.l !
- in 'l:i
; i-' i. r-t
t:.. la.-t
C V V- frj.
!.y !:-:
r- i -i
- ;- ' i:
.;!-! 1 '. t
1..- . i i
.-! ! ' i' i -'i - ' ! !.:;
" : ', :- -it ;:
' I .: . - r
Scots :f Oat-rao.
- , .- i..;- ,. if.. --I
i . it.tpu a-
. of an oT.l
; ; . ' i M i iiiuni
m :. . I".. v. .,;-. ii;i ar
n- C , ; -, ! . i.ll 1
:!.:ti.l hi . i . iii.-!ii !
I '. : ,, i i., (
. ;! 1 1 I 1 -'a'. 1
Better Education for Girts.
The greatest proMi-tn of education
unsolved today n tales to elrls. Here
tofore their education has heen n more
ropy of that lotitt Avo cHtahllshed fur
l . Some day n pctiltis wi',1 rorn
n'.on and conceive thought which
Mini! f.:,ii the hasls- of all education
which shall l''p i;!il to all their host
1 o. sil l liii s wl'linu' ltss-it itiii their
s' i i I im h on iiio-s of esTort stHhllshetl
for n in. res in some ns i f:s -n : I rI y
j ll'.fTi i i I:1 - Co'li. i 'k W't hl.i .
Rcriedy for Ir.fluenza.
..jtI.;;.. Is II cool oMf.l-ll-
lorn , lo'itrry run for nil 'nlliu tia lit-
i t.u i I'.i l a l u -'o Spanish onion.
; niii.lo r t . i fn;rths and put It Into
I n c.iuci p:: it wiili half a a!' -poonl'ii of
; fiiit. tiv diiiicrs cf liufcr and a dn?
of in! I ,i'i r. lit it fluinuT uintly
! i.i'.'ii If ) ijulto I. adcf. thi ti .oiir Into
.'I lli'.,!.i howl, ill'.o :i ;iti!o :i'Ppor
I'vir I' an 1 i at it as lint as pos.-lble
1 I't '.'.'f p.ii n in I - l
I Followed Husband in Death.
! A c.is.. i t a widow ln: iilim is ro
i poviid from Miirt-'i ur villain- in t!"'
1fitit-.ii) dis'rii-t India. A woiiinn who
lost h r liu!-atid Inn or tlin'c yi ars
fto ficrii: ni.-idi- a fiint r;il pytc. s't
l'.ri- l i il and iiiNlud In tin- IPiiih-m
In tin- iii'siii' i' ot a hirui' ihhiiIh r
of pi isolis. All i ' f.'o ;' ' to (lisMnido lii-r
j-riMd iii.ivaiiin.: T!u po'.iicdid not
nrrivo In liir.o to .-hm In r life.
' Tricks That Do Not Pay.
Tin- m.'.y taiin-s t'li-.: i!o not pay arc
ra f.u I u: iivs, tm m:i li iip.lous. low i
t : i i ! . i . and i ln np cuiinii t;. or hiipcr- I
Ii-lal sin irMn ss. a'l of whicli. w hile
uiiili in.-in ii-.M s-y.-ti ins. Minn wi-ar fin-in-n-lvi
s i.'it mill li i -vpii.-'tm 'in if wi ali-
lii - s in ul until' fii'iiio. iv-i i-ni ualc .
tin a'ii !;ir.- stii n-'h and so-rlitm j
woi'h o: si:.i i ; iii . - I.u.s Anpdi-s
'I inn s
I Lincoln Institute
4404 0
o o
z ?
COLUHIiSi C iisiical. Colii-ii J'ronaratorv. Xortn-vl. Sub-N'ormsl.
O Model Trai ni n if .tdiooi, Musio (Instru neiitnl a:.d Vocal),
iiartiouiii, rnuiing, 1 ype writing', fccwutp1, looking and
ADV ANTAil3Hl (.md Location, Fret Tuition, New Dormitorle
with Modern Improvcincn t. ltuildinps fleiited by Steam,
j ip!oinif are lli-i nrea to teach to any public suhool in the
htatfi. A few ilcserT'.n? Mil lents aro assisted in their efforts
to earn their nay. All applicants must present testimonials
O of jfouil moral ciiaractor. For further inforinttion writs to
Drnivlinr. (Kino Arts and Mechanical), Carpentry, Woodwork
i ttr. UliichMiiithitijf, Machinery, .Slioe-miikin(r, Farming? and
(iardeniiiK't I'linting, ly pewritlng-, Kewiiiir, Cooking and
&f)c Siccltzing Sio)e and Hardbuare Co.
v e a m 0 v w
I r ' u .' ' 1 1
It v.:.- I:
!f--fUll.i 1 ' I
i .- I. : i
i: . a .
; ic
in :
I :h
l.ot I
i-i . a s
n a:- I
..- an I
! ..r
i . i.ii
. -M-! ; ;f
o.n il.o
M !' I i
en. In:;
I aid. a
i;mi !
m i'-'-, :
In-..- :..
I i.:!i
V. oil' 1 , Ii
"Wo f Children."
! 'in .. :;ou a I n ' ,i i.ci s of
ii t: I .i -. o. i ur; i-.l in tiortli
In Ii-- ' ' it. oic an I
'!!. :-. will v-s l;a o f i i,'-
iiii d i.;f inlnii; ;. a!i a s
. ; hii. i - 1 1
i i . i ' ii o-;
gl-'!3'-!W8Bi' V'.V- WtJt)
Kent Htn M ill.
l.HrKfint Htuck In Cltf.
lrli.i the Ltiirtiat.
Whctnat, and Uttait Ts,r trt rrfm
Igmntj Jar-..- ' - ' ' - " '
Expert tvuln-cr.
Wh.-a I.' .. in a I .i..-! tin i '
If j, a 1 : .1.1 ..m-I v ! -ii i." -"' -I
' . a I .u n.. . ii !...! I oi . " ud
:. i .1. r'.-. w if- lo .- i -u:. '. "I'.ir."
i,. : i.'d I ii" i ; in a I . " n iml Is l.o
A hi Ii Ii" is :.' h ' :i"'i ' '!' lady
C 1 1" l!i" inn . ."i I ! ! i . "Wiu-ti lo"
I : a! lii'lii" In- i a ii-ii. all' "." -I.oll-il.
tl Mail
A Care-0! M;rr.ra..c Man.
A pioiniin n 1 it dti .-s n.-iii of .Mi r
riinac. Mas., m i : ulirn: a ho -;"
t int. as if - o-1. i i. .1 f i l.if. who
f.iid: '!": 1 1 " a li n. I " T i t'lis lli"
Mi niinac iiiati I p'i ! ' N--. sir. I
lin i" on'y I tvn it ,!..-. a'l : I hit" to
l.l . p hill oil I' I I ' ..I '. Illld ll.K
ntlii'l' oil In- w a 1 1
Judicial R-s-i-vc.
It may In- don. !i d v' ' '' i the lin;
lish hi ni'ii is al I" to iii.naiaiii I.")
same r"-i':i" u. n ii was ono of lis
i liaraclii is' ii s In,;, in ul" 111. ill a i Ii-.
t is ty ai;o. We hi'... . 1 1 In .ud of
I' at nod jii I-.".-! Iioiiir ' ii jninpiui! in
to mi n i Iiii si in ( or I .-' 1 1 i t. - Sulii i
tors' Journal.
"Pawning Agsnt."
A Woiiiiui w'.ai ii i i :i: "il M -l I.oti
ilim police i oil! i lie i .t ii--r day wiis
i!escriin'd as a "pan ion.-. a:.-ii!." Shu
tual.es lo r liiin .v p-ii.inn thiir.'.H
for hi r neiniil.oi . m i- - pay l.e: u c-oill-t'lission
lii-eau- M'. Ii li ,.- die cm
n cure l.u iii-r l'M'i Iii. in Im v couid.
Nothing Mere Amiirirg.
There Is haivly an., i him; inoriV
nmiisltiK than in wfcli a inlllioiialfij
Paia-aiiiinr: o.' r a p. nny. tu: thn
cl-anei s ai" thai if he had not liar
raireil he would never haw hei nine :
laillionaiii - i in- l-'u ie ricsn-, Vi-i-iitia.
Ancient Military Ltaders.
F'lntiiicli re'i.tis i!,.it win n Ha-inl-hul
was l.sl , i It ;n i " tic --i eat est
military leade-. s in iii" u .aid's his
tory, he .'live the . I-t pl.iie to ' r
ihus. the sei oad tu sVtpio, his o'.itl
cotuiueior. hlnis.-lf t a 1. 1;.-- thirl (date.
Family Umbrella.
There has: liei u iii -i ivcm d nt
flrrenoi Ii, linuhitid. tin old fashioned
ii ti.) hi Uii wi'h w ha'.elii.ne rilis. which
llitlst he ipille l.'o ii us old. Winn
opened It affords nhelter lor a wholo
f: inily.
His Aoology.
"I'd lihe to take ion homo to dinner,
tild chap," said Mr. Yiniiiuliiishnii.t,
"hut this is inn- of tin- days my wife
mid the hiri 1 rirl no I i loohiuy
tnhoul." Woman's Home ('oa.panion.
Uncovers Famoys Picture.
Leonardo da Vlii' i s --Mona Lisa" In
the Paris Louvre has n n w fianm
"Khirh reveals an t-iire of the fanioiia
jilctui'c liendofore rovrrtil.
and i iiii
:, -1
His. a:iais i f.lki'v '.u.i---; -"-i
f .,. m-,s, ! Vjfei-l;
ii av hei-n ; rn'T"r:ir?
I alter I In
TI- a.-, Ie,le I, ..in. ham ; $J tt&&ZMl ''fl! '-Vl
f',.1,1 a I. dine hi l.r llollaml, r. i it'TlT iJt
male la.-.. n. I: h. ii..n,i,i-;.iu wliai a j :i'3ts&Zd?'
Steel Ranges, Steel Oven Cook Stoves, Base Bur
ntrs, Furnaces, and all (joods made by the-
Panlnaular S-tovs C
(irtmitn llrntrr. Hot t foul llm-rhritter. tola's Ho
IliHKt, Air Tliitit fur l'ol nml Wnuil, ('larmuni
Oak btors, Srlilll Mrel Kiii;a and Farnac
TIN WOn K a Spoolalty
A nf w Itnao?
Window and Door Screens and Refrigerator-.
'Phone 1451.
1329 Grand Ave.
11 11 1 o I -. c of min one lime's who. no
(inula ) r. .in I'liiiiies of call 1 in i) . lead
mi" In I 1 Ii. 10 thai 1 In- ma! 1 . r Is I lie
oil:. I itiii alum:. I i.ndoti I'iiikIi.
Eximp'es Influence Boys.
I'lin 1 -mi was ri.-hl when he said,
"We s. ml our .os lo school that thu
teachers may eiliicate ihem. Imt In
s!",id the hois nlioin tiny meet there
1 dui-ate thci!!." The ui.-.i'est intl't
n cos mi r inis ii 1 a. the oNamples ami
sen ! inien' .-. of their associates K-cl;ai'.:;o
Why on Earth?
Tl'.o ma.i'.i i: ni nui' 1 lai'.es preM-nt
for :he ciiiishl. rut inn ot the curioin j
one or two pi 1 iii 1 1 ms. The first is, ,
"Why on earth ilint woman married '
thai man?" The si 1 ond is. "Why i n
earth that man mairi' d lh.it woman'.'"
Harry I';. in in The Tilii-r.
Improving on Tennyson.
"IlliN to lln- litlll of us. hills to th(
left of us, hills that aie ruinous;"
papa dear lliiitidend "Frightful the
haiue was made! Si ns'-li ss the price
on paid!" Tin 11 on the lahh- laid
! i liei-U for sIn him In , 1 I.om' II ( Ma.sj.)
1 ei.iz. n.
Cross Breeding cf P'ants.
It I-, only iii'hlu a ceiilury that
hi In :d!a:loii or tin- cross iTt-i'.l itivr of
I a mis has heen pruetice 1. Yet It
seems lo have lieeli in l.in-d nacon's
mind, as 1 thim; to he achieved, mora
than u 1 ( i'ls he!o:e.
Love's Labor Lost.
A f iliv i-ser who was l'i niaily (n
tert.iin. d al a lions,., filially ashed the
man who had talked with him for his
vote. ' I'm nni un the revisit r." was
the icspotis.. Tin only i huilify."
London Alls'Ael's.
Reversing Things.
"A man's hum lor he.iltn,'- nahl the
Iihilosopher, "is not eomlucted mi the
nsiiil rules of races, for he never
stalls in pursuit nl il i.niil he find- It
is already run dow 11."-- liallimoru
Ainei icau.
Have YOU ever been
in Chicago?
If .. ..u hif.w tin- i Nirem. iy cmivi nl.-nt hicatmn of LA SAI.I.I" STRKKT
If y.,11 nr.. :i slritiu.r In the city, I1..W1 nr. It Is of uriat lmnirtnnce that
y.iii liiru i.li ait this ni.iu ill ii !.t ami mmpnr.itlvt ly in-w terminal, ust-il Jointly
I. y It. iek Isl.in.l I'rise.. I. hi. s i-. It. I. - I". t!y. mid ('. K. 1. It It.
It Is la .-irest tin- li. irt of ih.. lity elusely niljoiuiiiK the liiislness nectlon
within niv walking ilisfun I' St a.- fitriet shopping centt-r unit nil the prlu-
cifnl lmli !s.
An ol her ailvnr.t li'i- ..f entering the city throiiKh Ii Salle Station Is the
s n.l-st. iy via. Im t iliivetly enn.-ct inii the main waltlnu-rixHil with the Kle-
vai. .l Itailr.in l Innp ymi ran . e h tin- North, Northwest. West or South slili-H
i.f if.- city hi eli-vat. . I traps f..r a .-.-cent fare WTTI lol'T 1 aKSC'ICNDINO TO
THU STKI'lil'. Vim thus :iv..iil tiie daiiKirs and ilehiya of the Kreat, crowdid
The It.-, k Islaml lauht-i.f-ivav Into 'hicano Is t-h-i ati tl for mure than c-lj;ht
iiiih s mil throiiL'h th" siil.url.s. I'riunpt tirrtval at ChiciiKo terminal is thus iih
sim l . Kiiuh'W'oii.l I'nioM Station, m un niil. s out, affords ready access to
smit lo r 11 si:lnii-is nil through lialns stup here.
Sunnier 1 Mansion ti. ki Is I.. ('hieiyo on snle nt all points in Kansas, e-lira.-k
1. ami 1 olorailo daiii . Ji.m.. 1 t.i Sei.iemlier .-!o.
C o. : fare anl one . thiol l a- the round trip, with minimum of S-.li. l'ull
il. in! 11 .111
Ceneral Agent Passenger Department,
412-413 Bryant Building,
When Male Vanity Shows Itself.
After a man has heen told that hi
hair is i;etiini' thin on top for the
first tinia In his life he finds out how
to liandlo it hand "lass.
Oysters in Ye Olden Dayes.
In Dresden, Biiii years 11 go, "epi
cures" used to eat Wnetian oysters
that had been 011 the way three weeks.
Don't Worry.
Learn to take lliincs ns they are
marked on the caleiiil.tr of lite. !e
meinln r that 1; Is nm to nmrroiv Hint
you will lite, hul it is to day that you
are living'.
Immense Sums for Charity.
London's ..ord Mayors have, during
the past decade collecied more than
$1ihi.iio'ii,iiimi for charilahle and benev
olent purposes.
European Plan All Modern Improvements
721-723 Charlotte St., K. C, Mo
ftoom and Ilonnl $.1.00 per week, llonnn without iloard 2.
Blngle Meals cents. Hot and Cold Hatha Included.
Not New or Experimental, but an Old, Reliable
Preparation of Proven Merit.
Nelson's Hir Draiin( I an ideal Hnlr Pomnde. It contain no rtronjr,
daniirrmiii cncimial unit can iu any .y injure the hair. You run me it just an loiift
you wi.h. . r utop it anv time viil'.oiit any bnri effects. It doe not effrct the coler of the
hair. Nelson's Hair Dressing anflcna har.h. MuUborn. refractory hnlr. ytr
vents it tiom liecomiiiKury and buttle, ami enahtea y.-n 1 1 do It up in an tvle consistent
with ita length, at the same time giviutt U that rich, glossy look so much desired..
As s Heir Grower we consider Nelson's Hair Dressing the equal
of anything tnaiie. It supplies the needed oil di-ectl . to the roctsol the li.nr, soft, nsand
invigorates the scalp, thetehv remoi-tng driiidruff and nromotiuK the growth of the hair.
Stops the hair from fMling nit. hreskirg oil and splitting at the ends, which is nearly
always due to luck of natural oil in the huir. t
Nelson's Itair Dresffiiiff is an excellent remedy for all kinds of Scalp
Diseases such as Tetter, ltcmng ami bialitig of the Scnlp, Daudruff, etc.
Nelson's Hair Dressing is delightfully nrfunied; put up in hindsome
4-ounce square tin buses (like one shown in cull, and sold evervwliere hv drucgists aud
agents at i cents b n. If vou cannot find it in your .wu, sead us 30 cents iu stamps
and we will mail you a full size bos, postage paid. Address,
Nelson Manufacturing Co., Richmond, Va.
BEN McRAY. Prop, and Mgr.
Shed Antlers Once a Year.
Deer shed their antlers ouco a year,
ahout midw Inter. Ascertaining the uiie
01 a deer by their antlers is rattier uncertain.
Aged Silver In riots.
The Hank of Kimlamt contains sll.
ver ingots which have lain In the
vaults Bitif-e lt'i'.h'i.
Spanish Nobles.
Every fifteenth man In SpaJn la n
Kelley's Best
Beats all tho Qest.
Kelley Milling Co.
K. C. U. 5. A.
Our new Spring
Goods Have Arrived
In the most Com
plete Styles for
Furnishing Goods
Stetson Hats $1.50 Cleaned and Blocked.
BOSS Main Street, Kansas City
"Hot Springs Special"
Long looked for Improved Train Service between Kansas City
and Hot Springs, Arkansas, an d return daily, Is now provided for by
Leaving Kansas City at 11:00 a. m. daily. Arrive In Hot Springs to
Breakfast. This train runs via Paola, Garnett, Neodesha, Indepen.
dence (Kan.), Coffeyville, Ft. Smith and Little Rock. Through
Sleepers and Chair Cars (all ssats free) to Hot Springs. A special
feature on this "Hot Springs Special" is the Elegant Dining Cars.
This train connects at Little Rock with the Iron Mountain Trains for
all Southeastern Points' In Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas.
Hot Springs Night Express 9:35 p. m. dally.
For Excursion Tickets, Sleeping Car Berths and all information,
call or address
E. S. JEWETT, Gen'l Agt. Passenger Dept.
901 Main Street. KANSAS CITY MO.
Home Telephone 6327 Main. Bell Telephone 740 Hickory
M. IBrancato & "Bro. I
Staple and Fancy Groceries, Fresh and I
Salt Meats, Oysters and Game in Season
Btll Thcnt 213 Main y 211 W (ft h V
film. Than, 3393 1 1 w

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