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Remember pleaxe
It' tne little blu we collect here ana i iere
but enable ui to run from year to year."
Eugene Brown, brother of Mrs.
Richardson, Is very sick at 1325 East
Sixteenth street.
National Printing Co., has moved
from 6th and Delaware to 1311 Inde
pendence avenue.
Miss Lena Williams has Just recoV'
ored from a two weeks' lllneHs at
1327 East Sixteenth street.
Women are like men in one re
spect; some are good and some are
It doesn't matter whether you
want to buy, sell, trade or room, don't
move until you see Weaver.
Monday and Thursday night, danc
ing at the Arlington Hall. Class,
Wednesday night. Hall, $15 per night.
Dr. Wm. J. Thompklns, recently of
the staff of physicians and surgeons
of Freedman's hospital, Washington,
D. C, wishes to announce his office
at 704 East 12th street; residence,
Compton hotel. Both phones.
Dan Francis, who shot and killed
his wife and Mrs. Dora Jackson, was
hanged last week in Chicago. He was
once a prominent Negro citizen ot
this community and he is also the
brother of Bass Francis, a prominent
Negro Mason.
Mr. Weaver sold one of his room
ing houses to Mrs. Reed, 1000 Locust,
who desires railroad porters and walt-
Mlss Nora Reynolds, of lOlOTroost,
has returned from Carrollton, Mo.,
where she has been visiting her relatives.
WANTED. Fifty more comedians,
dancers or singers for the Great Un
bleached Minstrel show. Cull Home
East 2G10.
October 21st the following subject
will be discussed: The subject of
the possibilities of our young men In
Kansas City.
Mrs. Edna Moody, of 1330 East Six
teenth street, sister of Mrs. W. J.
Harris, will return Sunday from a
tour In Texns.
October 19th the Bible class will be
organized. Young men desiring to
become members of the class see the
president, Edward Ross, 1512 East
Eighteenth street. Sunday meetings
at 4:00 sharp. Bible meeting even
ing. Young Men's Literary Thursday
evening, 8:00.
The death of Tom Gross last Sut
urday was a sud blow to his friends
and associates. He was a member of
the Lily Lodge No. 8, K. of P., and a
member of the McRay P. T. A. He
was also a member of the Elks. His
remains was carried to Lawrence laBt
Sunday, his old home, by many
Phone your news to the Rising Son,
with an order for a year's subscrip
tion. Bell Phone 4713X Main; Home
Phone 58 Main.
for bills and tickets to the Grent Vn
bleached Minstrels at Convention hall,
November 9th.
The Rising Son wishes to call the
people's attention to a young negro
lawyer, Chas. H. Calloway, who is
doing everything possible to make his
way In this community. His ability
has been shown by his high mark In
the recent state bar examination. He
is also a commissioned Notary Public.
Show your appreclaton by callng on
It will seem quite natural to the
old Kansas Cityan to see the steam
boat and hear the whistles on the
Missouri river once more.
Use Chowley's Anti-Sweat Powder.
For bad odor it has no equal. Price
2.10 by mall. 5113 Dearborn street,
Chicago, 111. Agents wanted.
This elegantly furnished room for
rent at 400 E. Cth street. Bath, gas,
and telephone, 2081 Home. Newly
furnished. Call and Investigate.
T. B. Carter and wife were In the
city Sunday. They were much pleased
over the outlook of the conference
and glad to see their old friends.
Mrs. Dora Fisher, wife of Walter
Fisher, was called to her home on ac
count of the very sick condition of her
sister who Is not expected to live.
Negroes are not the first people
that have been scourged for unfaith
fulness. The Israelites had a hard
time of it, before they learned to cast
away their Idols and seek protection
from the God of Abraham, Isaac nnd
Jacob, and we must make our church
es something stronger and holier than
mere money exchanges or meeting
places to vie with each other In
showy clothing and give Invitations
to parties and dances.
Imperial Lodge No. 101 of the I. B.
P. O. Elks will have an initiation at
1734 Grand avenue, Vendome acad
emy. Some of the officers of the
Lodge are as folows: Chas.T. Watts,
Exalted Ruler; W. Tecumseh Wash
ington, Secretary; A. T. Moore, Es
quire Knight; Walter Fisher, Treas
urer; Dunk Trusty, Lecturing Knight.
This Is a Lodge in which all young
men should join for the betterment of
the race and hel toward each other.
When you want the best news con
cerning the Negro, place your name
on the subscription list of the "Son"
and thus have it delivered to your
Bessie Whitney, a former student
of Uncoln High school of this city
and then of St. Louis High school. Is
attending school this year at Nash
ville, Tenn.
Kansas City's best Negro talent in
their own melodies, scintilating wit
and happy humor at Convention hall,
November 9th.
Unsanitary Graveyard.
Sanitary caution is not new, though
, loubtless It has grown. An eight-
tenin century rector was ourying one
f his parishioners in the churchyard,
when he was interrupted by a woman
who demanded immediate speech with
aim. "You must wait until I have fln
shed," said he. "No. sir. I must
peak at once." "Well, then, what's
the matter?" he inquired. "Why, sir,"
txclalmed the poor woman, "you are
burying a man who died of the small
pox next my poor husband, who never
tad It." N. Y. Tribune.
Mirs. George M. Plearson, of Poca
tello, Idaho, is visiting her aunt, Mrs.
Josephine Catterdo, at 1733 Bell view
street. She expects to visit Kansas
City for three weeks.
Mr. Henry Compton has succeeded
Bob McRay In the hotel venture at
721 Charlotte street. No man is bet
ter fitted to take charge of this place
than Mr. Compton.
Mrs. T. W. Rich, formerly .Mrs.
Madge Jones, has returned from a
trip to the northern states and will
stay with her sister. Mrs. Richardson,
at 1325 East Sixteenth street.
Mr. Arthur Steel was elected pres
ident of the Young Men's Literary of
the Y. M. C. A. Mr. Steel is a grad
uate of Lincoln High school He Is
also a moral young man of which the
Y. M. C. A. is very proud.
Geo. P. Craig, Ph. C formerly of
Smith's drug store and then a drug
gist at the People's and also In Mus
cogee, Ind. Ter.. passed through Kan
sas City en route to Chicago, where
he will take a io8t graduating course.
Spread of Contract System.
The contract system of supply, the
London Mail remarks, Is being ex
:ended to every branch of the public's
aeresHlties. A London Arm. for 1100
l year, received in installments. If de
llred, will supply one dress suit, one
lounge suit, one morning suit, one
flannel suit, one frock coat suit, two
vercoati, one winter, one summer. A
Manchester firm supplies other cloth
ing, hosiery, shirts, gloves, etc., for
flxed quartely sum.
Chicago Milkmen Prosecuted.
The Illinois state dairy and food
The Word of Appreciation.
Suppose the word of appreciation la
never said to you, suppose your life of
commissioner haa brought about 100 'Bcir-denlal Is accepted merely as a
autts against Chicago milkmen for tha ,, ha, Kh.u .in? tt
breaking of tha state law MlatWa to ke col(1 rniforli i,t JOu must
signs and names on wagons, selling tr n(J be brave vo fftn ana
keep on doing that which Is right.
aktm milk for whole milk and for wa
tering milk. Much of the milk being
old for the use of children In the
poorer quarters was found to be wa
tered. Some of the caaea are due to
the use of formaldehyde In the mrlk,
but these caaea are not reported nu
The knowing thnt one l doing tho
oest that one can for those who need
help Is. after all. a great reward. The
Knowledge that somebody else is a
lttle warmer, has a little better food.
r that a younger brother or RNter Is
Sleeping Sickness Spreading.
It Is estimated that from 400.000 ta
500,000 natives have died in Africa of
sleeping sickness in the last ten years.
The disease is, moreover, spreading
with alarming rapidity, yet nothing
Is done to check It. The weight of
opinion is that no prrnon once infect
ed ever recovers. Petpite Its name,
sleep ii not an Important symptom,
s It occurs only toward the end of
the disease in a small number of
merous. The best part of the proae- oetnR trained to be helpful this Is
cutiona consliU In the publication In fine, even if the word of commenda
the dally papera of the names of tha tlon never comes In this world, and
men being prosecuted and the chargee with It to feel in your heart that God
against them. Thus In the list printed approves,
laat week we Jad that there are
charges against 17 for selling adulter
ated milk, chargee against ten for hav
ing no labels on their cana of skim
milk and also for selling adulterated
milk, and against nine for selling skim
milk contrary to law and violating the
label law. The other prosecutions are
for the violation of the label law.
Why all this toll for iriuiupiia of aa
hour? Young.
Life's a short summer man Is but
a flower. Dr. Johnson.
By turns we eati-h the fatal breath
and die. Pope.
The cradle and the tomb, alas! how
oigh! Prior.
To be is better fur than not to be.
Though all man's life may seem a
tragedy. Spencer.
But light cares speak when mighty
griefs are dumb Daniel.
The. bottom is but shallow whence
they come Sir "Wajter Raleigh.
Habit Stronger Than Nature.
"Habit a second nature! Habit la
ten times nature," said -Lord Welling
ton. There was profound philosophy
in this remark, and It was philosophy
born of experience, for Wellington,
who In childhood was considered such
a dunce his own mother could not
bear to have him near her. became
one of the greatest soldiers, diplomat
ists and statesmen of his age by as
siduously cultivating the habits of
thorough preparation and quick decision.
Rlckett I say, Easyun, how did you
happen to marry a widow?
Easyun Oh, I did my courting as
I do everything else along the line
of least resistance. Chicago Dally
Tny fattj . mu tuuiuiuii fate of all.
Unmingled Joys here no man befall
"A girl out west was driven Insane
by the sight of a railway train the
other day."
"Gee! It must have been on time"
Houston Post.
Chrisitlke Living.
We should seek to be like Christ In
His wonderful optimism. If find
ourselves turning every s;ght and
sound of earth Into sadness. stould
take ourselves resolutely Id hand We
are living wastefuily, slnfulfy. while
we submit to such mood, and we
should set ourselves to work to change
the miserable trend and habit Into
something more beautiful nd hole
some. Part of the work of Christ is
us Is to transform us in'o songful,
cheerful, rejoicing Christians. St. Paul
learned during his long life, in what
soever state he was. therein to t con
tent. He carried the secret of cuntent
In his own heart, so that he ws not
dependent on this world's weather for
the tcniperature of his inner llfs.
In Time of Perplexity.
Whit h way Is forward, is a question
which Is liable to occur to one under
certain circumstances In life, and yet
Is not always easily answered. A per
son walking In the forest or In a dense
fog. may easily mistake backward for
forward, and move in the direction of
the point whence he started, rather
than In the opposite direition. The
same difficulty often present ltelf In
the moral and spiritual life. There
may be times when it will be exceed
ingly difficult to say which way is for
ward. But we may be helped by re
membering that Ti arer to Christ is
always forward, and that the office
of the Spirit is to afford illumination
In Just such circumstance..
Ho! for Cold Weather
And for warmly-clad and
stylishly-clad feet ! !
Our Fall and Winter Showing of Styles in
Dorothy Dodd, the Faultless Fitting Shoe
are by far the prettiest we have ever had
the good fortune to pre- CQ nnr) CO Cfl
sent. All stvles and sizes U WJi JU
Men! Here are to be
Found Your
Favorite Shoes!!
and a more complete showing of
proper Fall and Winter Styles in such
well-known and dependable makes as
Come down and inspect them.
1105 Main Street, Kansas City.
Henry Patton's
926 Wyandotte Street,
Lady Cashier
in attendance.
Bell Phone. 2170 Main
Home Phone 5646 Main.
DR. E. C. BUNCH, Dentist.
Office Hours
8 To 12m. 1 To 5 P. M.
Sunday by Appointment.
805 Independence Avenue.
Home or Bell Phones 253 West.
Prompt Service.
9 to 12 a. m , t to 5 p. m.
1014 North 5th St..
Kansas City, Kansas.
The Question Before the House
It Is a qtioHtion of where you h..? a to what you Ri-t In. Pianos of
lower price. Tho record of our past l your best protection. For more
than n quarter of n century we have Impii nclling In Kansas City the best
Pianos In the world in each class. We have built up here the greatest
Piano business In the West and have done it by fair, square dealing . We
shall continue to travel that rona We shall stick to one price to nil alike.
We do not pay commissions to anyone for brlnglna or senillni; piano cus
tomers to us. Our price Is so low we cannot do It.
We sell $17r. Pianos for $1S5. Wo sell $2.".0 Pianos for l!0. We sell
IMrt Plnnos for $210
Any of our Pianos may lie paid for In cash, or part cash. tn or more
down, and $0 or more a month. The price Is the same whether you pay
cash or buy on time. There in no Increase for time payments, only In
terest at 6 per cent per annum for such time as you actually tHke a
very small Item Indeed.
We carry over 500 Pianos In stock. Come nnd see. Count them your
selfone, two, three, four, etc.
J. W. Jenkins' Sons Music Co.
S. W. Agents (or the Mttrorfylc Pianola. Bert Place to Buy a Piano.
Home Phone saaj Main.
Bell Phone East 338 X.
Lady Attendant,
A. T. Moore Undertaking Co.
Funeral Director and EmbaJmera.
i 1
: 1
I! Il:
Parlors IS20 fast 18th SI.,
The Best Paying Business
For lhe Least Amount of Money Invested
Having a Billiard and Pool Room
No Bad Debts.
Cash in the Drawer Every Night
We can fit you out with a complete Hall
for very Little money.
Gfo K. C. Billiard Table MfoJX
1321 Main Street.
Home 'Phone 5478 Main
llrll 'Phone WSh Mit
Mouses For Sale
On Easy Terms, Like Rent.
127 NAoak. 8th Btraat
T SAMUEL DIGGS, a member of McKinley Lodge
' No. 31, am engaged in the undertaking business,
and wish your lodge and brethren to give me a call
whenever you need anything in my line. It is my
aim in this great highway as a business man of the
race to give first class accommodation and quick
service. Will be pleased to have rach and all of the
brethren to pay my place a call at any time.
Yours fraternally,
Undertaker, Embalmer and
Funeral Director.
1012 North Third St., Kansas City, Kan.
Home Phone, 905 West; Bell Phone, 1094 West.
TMt Oharlotta Street, Kanaaa City, Mo.
all float if Mala a. COMITON, Mr.

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