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That Moneyed Interests Retain Rep
resentatives at the Capitol to
Corrupt Statesmen Is
Fixed Idea.
The advance guard of the People's
Lobby has arrived In Washington. Its
members are familiarizing themselves
with the looks of the capltol, the
Washington monument, the Smithson
ian Institution and the Botanical Oar
dens. The People's Lobby Is based In part
upon a belief that Is firmly fixed and
widespread among a certain class of
people throughout the United' States,
namely, that Washington Is littered
and clustered with "lobbyists for big
Interests" while congress Is in session.
This belief Is a curious instance ol
how tenacious of old stories a certain
element of the American population Is.
Dellef In the perennial existence of
a big Washington lobby is a sort of
tradition. A great many yean ago.
and especially during the period Ira
mMllately following too cival war,
there were a few well-known high liv
ers) in Washington who had the name,
whether rightly or not, of being pretty
strong at the capltol. -
TheBe men were all In their graves
long before the beginning of the ninth
decade of the nineteenth century. They
all died In obscurity and as a rule In
poverty. Whntever pull they had ever
enjoyed and used had been taken away
from them.
Around these few men clustered the
vast bunch of bribery stories that have
been handed down through the years.
Most of these yarns are simply Incred
ible. The lato John Chamberlain, than
whom no man of his day knew more
of the Inside doings in Washington,
used to lie back in his big chair and
laugh until his sides ached when these
narratives were repeated to him.
For example, there Is the old, old
story of the poor but stubborn repre
sentative In congress whose vote was
badly needed In certain Paciflc rail
road legislation. He took dinner with
the so-called Pacific lobbyist one even
In x. The lobbyist helped him on with
his overcoat when he took his depart
ure. Out in the street the poor but stub
born representative dug his hand Into
his right hand overcoat pocket to get
his gloves. Instead of his gloves he
found some things in that pocket that
tracklud most pleasantly. Ho took
the pleasantly crackling things out of
the pocket and carried them to the
light of a street lamp to have a look
at them.
They were five $10,000 bills. The
poor but stubborn representative was
sot, of course, required to entertain
any Idea as to how those five $10,000
bills got Into his right hand overcoat
pocket. He voted for the measure In
which the lobbyist was interested, of
This yarn has been resurrected and
reburnished year In and year out ever
since the reconstruction period. The
reasonableness of the story Is Indicat
ed by the kind of currency the lobby
1st is said to use in his business
$10,000 bills.
Almost all of the money In the over
coat pocket yarns make the bills of
the $10,000 variety. A poor repre
sentatlve In congress, struggling along
on his salary in so expensive a city as
Washington, would of course be fixed
out by a smart lobbyist with $10,000
bills as being the Kind of money that
would attract the least attention when
he began to spend it.
Yarns In which lobbyists are pic
tured as purposely losing vast sums
of money at poker to senators and rep
resentatives whose votes they wanted
all date hack to ante-bellum antiquity,
but once in a while this old legend la
rehashed even in modern tiroes.
There are scores and hundreds of
lobbyist stories, most of them In
sort of hereditary circulation In the
weBt and south, that are wholly and
absurdly unbelievable by- any sane
man familiar with legislative condi
tlons In Washington at this or any
previous period. Many of the yarns
are the more or less exaggerated stor
ies of lobbyist happenings In connec
tion with corrupt state legislatures
adapted to non-existent conditions in
The mythical woman lobbyist of
Washington, too, has bee ludicrously
exploited, very often In novels that
pretend to portray official and leglsla
ttve Washington. The woman lobby
ist la generally a strapping, queenly
person, with Inky masses of hair and
flashing black eyes the conventional
stage adventuress of the ten-twent'-
thlrt' theatrical circuit who holds the
destinies of dozens of madly Infatu
ated senators and representatives in
the palm of her lily hand, who visits
them In their homo libraries In the
middle of the night to demand that
they do her legislative bidding or be
cr-r-ushed, and who sweeps with The
odora stride through the corridors of
the capltol, withering her enslaved
lawmaking victims with her baleful
glares and at the same time diffusing
a captivating aroma of orris.
Right along, every year, session
after session, men come to Washing
ton to attend to matters before con
gress. They represent certain Inter
ests and they make ao bones about
acknowledging It. They always know
what they or their principals want
If they get it, well and good. In that
case they pack up their grlrs and go
away from here well pleased. If they
don't get it, they pack up their grips
and go away from here not pleatwd at
el), New York Sun.
Profit by the Experience of One Who
Has Found Relief.
James R. Keeler, retired farmer, of
Fanner street, Cazenovla, N. T., says:
"About fifteen years
ago I suffered with
my back and kid
neys. I doctored and
used many remedies
without getting re
lief. Beginning with
Doan's Kidney Pills,
I found relief from
the first box, r.nd
two boxes restored
me to good, sound condition. My wife
and many of my friends have used
Doan's Kidney Pills with good results
and I can earnestly recommend them."
Sold by all dealers. 60 cents a box.
roster-Mllburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y.
Unearthing the Briber.
During a recent campaign In Eng.
land a certain woman called on a la
borer's wife and asked if her husband
would vote for Lord Blank. "No, he
won't," was the reply. "But, remem
ber the blankets and coals you got
from the clergyman." "Never mind
them. He's been promised a new pair
of trousers If he votes for Mr. Dash."
Suspecting that this was a case of
bribery that must be outdone, the
woman canvasser offered a sovereign
If the woman would tell her who had
promised the trousers. The money
paid over, the woman smiled. "I
promised thorn," Bho said, "nnd I'll
buy them out of your sovereign."
Stats or Onto. City or Toledo, !
Vn.Tk J. cur.yiT makes oath ttaat be la senior
l.lTHAS ClltlTY. I
partner of the Brm of K. .1. CusxtT a Co., d lu
(..!, In turn I'M of Toledo. County aud Hiate
forea!d. and that aald Ann will par the sum of
ONK lll'SUHEU DOLLARS for each and ecrf
ease of Catarkii that cannot lie cured bj lbs uisuf
Hall's t
ftvnm tn hefnre me and subscribed la mi uruseoce.
tblsiiili da o icemb.!r, A. i.. I", .
) Notut rri.io.
ll. n'. catarrh Cam la taken Internally and sx-ta
fllrrrtlf un the blood and mucous surfaces of tbs
System. Vend for testimonials, frre.
Sold by all Drurolsia. Vol.
lake llaU aifauilij rills for constipation. r
Thinks Clergy Are Losing Ground.
Mr. Charles Booth, the great social
scientist, In his volume on "Religion
In London" is convinced that the
clergy are losing ground by becoming
scrvets of tables and organizers of
charity Instead of spiritual guides to
their flocks.
Farmers's Plea Had Weight Among
Brother Agriculturists.
In the eay forties, on a certain
"town meetin' day" in one of the small
farming communities of the Granite
state, there was more than the usual
Interest and excitement. Some auda
cious Philistine had secured the inser
tion In the warrant of an article "To
see If the town will appropriate $500
for a new schoolbouse."
The sturdy yeomanry were out In
force to fight down this proposition.
The sympathetic moderator didn't
"moderate" them worth a cent. The
so-called "toney" advocates, conscious
from the start of their numerical
weakness, were conciliatory and per
suasive, In the hope of thus winning
to their standard sufficient of the op
position to carry the day. These hopes
were dashed, however, when a vet
eran farmer, the Nestor of tho guild,
got the floor, and shouted in foghorn
"W hat do you want of skulehouses,
anyway? This eddlcation talk Is rais
in' the old Harry with the boys on the
farm! There's that Danny Web
ster 's likely a young man 's ever
raised in these 'ere parts! Got this
eddication idee into his head left the
farm never's heard of afterward!"
This was a settler. The "toneys"
fled the scene, and the "noes" had It
But Change of Food Gave Final Relief.
Most diseases start In the aliment
ary canal stomach and bowels.
A great deal of our stomach and
bowel troubles come from eating too
much starchy and greasy food.
The stomach docs not digest any of
the starchy food we eat white bread,
pastry, potatoes, oats, etc. these
things are digested In the small intes
tines, and If we eat too much, as most
of us do, the organs that should di
gest this kind of food are overcome
by excc&B of work, so that fermenta
tion. Indigestion, and a long train
of ails result.
Too much fat also Is hard to digest.
and this is changed Into acids, sour
stomach, belching gas, and a bloaty,
heavy feeling.
In these conditions a change from
Indigestible, foods to Grape-Nuts will
work wonders In not only relieving
the distress but in building up a
strong digestion, clear brain and
steady nerves. A Wash, woman
"About five years ago I suffered with
bad Btomaoh dyspepsia. Indigestion,
constipation caused, 1 know now,
from eating starchy and greasy food.
"I doctored for two years without
any benefit. The doctor told me there
was no cure for me. I could not eat
anything without suffering severe
pain in my back and sides, and I be
came discouraged.
"A friend recommended Grape-Nuts
and I began to use It. In less than
two weeks I began to feel better, and
Inside of two months I was a well
woman and have been ever since.
"I can eat anything I wish with
pleasure. We eat Grape-Nuts and
cream for breakfast, and are very
fond of It," Name given by Postum
Co., Battle Creek, Mich. Read the
littlo book. "Tho Road to Wellvllle,"
'a pkgs. "There's a reason,"
God has many names, though he Is
only one being. Aristotle.
Lewis' Single Binder straight 8c cignr.
Made of extra quality totxieeo. Your
dealer or Lewis' Factory, Peoria, 111.
On Par with Austrian Capital.
The population of Chicago now al
most exactly equals that of Vienna.
FITS, St. Vitus Pnnre and all Nervous
Diseases permanently cured by Dr. Kline's
Great Nerve Restorer. Send for Free $2.00
trial bottle and treatise. Dr. R. II. Kline,
Ld.t 031 Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Lives by Ralelng Queen Bees.
Miss Flora Mclntyre, sophomore
tn Berkeley University, California,
pays her board and tuition fees by
the sale of queen bees she raises.
To prevent that tired feeling on
Ironing day Use Defiance' Starch
saves time saves labor saves annoy
ance, will not stick to the Iron. The
big 1C oz. package for 10c, at your gro
cer's. New Market for Herrings.
A new market for Yarmouth her
rings has been opened In the Caucasus,
some Scotch merchants having sent an
experimental shipment there. The
flsh are being handled by Prince Louis
Napoleon Mil rat.
That an article may be good as well
as cheap, and give entire satisfaction,
is proven by the extraordinary sale of
Defiance Starch, each package con
taining one-third more Starch than
can be had of any other brand for the
same money.
Australia's Chief Engineer.
T. Roberts, chief mechanical en
gineer of the South Australian gov
ernment, has been appointed, subject
to the ratification of the various Aus
tralian governments, consulting min
ing engineer for the whole of Aus
tralia, with an office In London. The
nomination comes from tho Australian
commissioner of railways.
Worth Knowing.
That Allcock's Plasters are the
highest result of medical science and
skill, and in Ingredients and method
have never been equaled.
That they are the original and gen
uine porous plasters upon whoso rep
utation Imitators trado.
That Allcock's Plasters never fall to
perform their remedial work quickly
and effectually.
That for Weak Back, Rheumatism,
Colds, Lung Trouble. Strains and all
Local Pains they are Invaluable.
That when you buy Allcock's Pias
ters you obtain the best plasters made.
Missed Chance for Fame.
The astronomer, Lnlande, narrowly
escaped being made famous by a dis
covery. He accidentally struck Nep
tune with his glass on May 8, li85.
but supposed it was a star. He put it
down in his notebook as a star and
recorded Its exact situation. Two
days later he struck It once more and
made a record of it. But when he
looked over his notes he found he had
down as being in two different
places, and as a star cannot move In
48 hours he supposed he had made
mistake in one of his notes. If he
had used his mind a little less me
chanically he easily might have been
A New Sleeping Car Story.
Among the railroad visitors in town
yesterday was F. A. Miller, general
passenger agent of the Chicago, Mil
waukee & St, Paul Railway, lie vis
ited all of tho general offices in town
and at the Hollenden Hotel yesterday
told a story of ono of the sleeping ear
porters who was recently found
asleep while on duty. This Is con
trary to the rules of The St. Paul
Road, and the negro man was in
trouble when found by tho Inspector
on The Pioneer Limited. He had his
wits about him, however, and In re
sponse to tho inspector's Inquiry as
to what he was doing nsleep, ho Bald:
"I'll tell you how It was, boss. I
have only been with the company a
short tlmo and before coming hero
I was working on such and such a
railroad. The line was so rough that
I could not get any sleep. Slnco I
have been working for tho The St.
Paul the road has been so smooth
that I just could not keep awake."
Mr. Miller says that while the ne
gro had violated the rules, he was
permitted to keep his job on account
of his wit. Cleveland Leader.
May Throw Light on History.
While excitement regarding the Ho
henlohe memoirs is still rife in Eu
rope, there is subdued talk In British
military circles regarding the forth
coming appearance of a book which
will contain some of the late duke of
Cambridge's voluminous correspond
ence. A diary kept by Emperor Fred
erick of Germany Is in safekeeping in
England and the day may not be far
distant when It also will be published.
Correct answers to numerous histor
ical enigmas may be expected froar
such a publication.
VLSSSM.SSS isa'asssaamswsmssmmmaasssmaaaasaasp
Fingla liimler Mrniplit 5c cigar,
dealer or Lewis' Factory, Peoria,
Habit Is stronger than
Qulntus Curtltis Rufus.
Mrs. Wlnaloss's ftoolhlnsj Vrnp.
FVir rhliilrvn trrrlmia-, softens t;ie mints, truiu-es In.
amiuaiioa snaye iin,cura wiudooltu. tfru a Lottie.
Seeks Practical Knowledge.
The Montenegrin minister of agri
culture Is a practical man. Poultry
breeding Is at present engaging his at
tention, and In his office he has had
a hen sitting to hatch a special brood
of chickens. There are now nine
chickens chirping round his chair.
Suffered for Three Years with Itching
Humor Cruiser Newark U. 8. N.
Man Cured by Cutlcura.
"1 suffered with humor for about
threo years off and on. I finally saw a
doctor and he gave me remedies that
did mo no good, so I tried Cutlcura
when my limb below the knee to the
ankle was as raw as a piece of beet.
All I used was tho Cutlcura Sonp and
the Ointment. I bathed with Cutlcura
Soap every day, and used about six
or seven boxes of Cutlcura Ointment.
I was thoroughly cured of the humor
In three weeks, and haven't boon nf-
foe ted with It since. I use no other
Soap than Cutlcura now. II. J. Myers,
U. S N.. V. S. S. Newark, New York,
July 8. 1003."
Young Man Extensive Traveler.
Lord Ronaldshay, thounh only
thirty years of age, probably has dono
nioro traveling for his age than any
man living. Few people know more
than he about the Himalayas and Per
sia. He has also found tinio to ex
plore Kashmir, Baluchistan, Lndak,
Thibet and the Persian gulf, to say
nothing of Ceylon.
At?gctable Preparation for As -simulating
the Food nnd Regula
ting ihcStoinarhs indBowcis of
Promotes Digeslion.Chrorfur
ness and Rest. Contains neither
Opitim.Morpliine nor Mineral.
Not HAiic otic.
Xx .favMT
Aperiecl Remedy forfonslipa
non, Sour Stomach, Diarrhoea
Worms .Convulsioits.rcvcrish
ness and Loss of Sleep.
Tac Simile Signature of
Von slwars ret full ridim In
For Emergencies at Home
For the Stock on the Farm
Sloaote Limmeivt
Is awhole medicine chest
Price 25c 50c 6 I OO
Sand For Free Booklet on Horses.C&tile,Hofis fcrWrry.
Address Dr. Earl S. Sloan Boston, Mass.
suffer every month In silence, tortures that would drive a man to the edge of des
pair. The ailments peculiar to women are not only painful but dangerous and
should receive prompt treatment before they grow worse. If you suffer from pain,
irregular functions, falling feelings, headache, side ache, dizziness, tired feeling, etc.,
follow the example of
ands of women who have
been relieved or cured, and
take Wine of Cardul.
Sold by all Druggists
All Cloth ITat. Children's Drews etv.
made to li-nk like new with IT'l'XAM
Success Is often a hundred-to-one
shot that the talent overlooks.
National Pure Food and Drugs Act.
The Oitrfirlil Ten (Vmtinnv's prepara
tions reiniily in rverv reptvt with the
rcmiirements of The National l ine rood
and limps Act. .Tune 301 It, 1006. Serial
No. IW4, afwignril by the Uoveminont, will
appear un every package of their goods.
Rich Prize for Scientists.
The person who discovers a method
of communication between planets will
receive $20,000 from the French Acad
emy of Science.
To Wash Velveteen.
Velveteen may be washed by shaking
it nlioiil in warm Ivory Soap uN; then
rinse thoroughly and let it drip dry. tin
no account squeeze or wring it. He care
ful to hang it straight on the line, for
otherwise it will be crooked when dry.
Held to Life to the Last.
An old woman, who has Just died at
Wisbech, Germany, at tho ago of 84,
wrote her own obituary notice on the
day before her death and also made
a list of all the friends tn whom she
wished memorial cards to be sent
For Infanta and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
For Over
Thirty Years
tmc f Straus! castMN. Ntw rtism oirv.
Thousands of Women
Posltlvelf corl T
these Littlo Pills.
Tucy alo relieve Dis
tress from Pyspopsia, In
digestion and Too ucarty
Eating. A perfect rcm
ertjr tor Dizziness, Nausea,
Drowsiness, Dad Taste
tn the Moutn, Coaled
Tongue, Pain In tho Bide,
regulate toe Bowels, purely Vegetable.
Genuine. Must Bear
Fac-Simile Signature
DPATIPDC of this paper de
nEsnilCIld tiring to buy ny
asBBBBBssBBBaBaBB thing advertised in
tta columns should Insist upon havinf
what they ask lor, refusing all substi
tulss or imitations.
"SirulSt Thompson's Eje Water
W. N. U., Kansas City, No. 50, 1906.
If You Want a Good
Time Get an Edison
With an E.ll-
pnn P h tn o
Ii. ir nil tho
new "j.il.tr
fMM.on vvlntti
t lit-v nm new
tlio l.l.vt
litt, th hf-t
hand niti-li.
dtiiro tii'i-i',
t h f n ' f I
Hlltl'.!. jllMt II!
the) nf imp:'.
The I. 1 I null
riimi'V'rn tti
ri'inh r! r
fiTilv in ti - i c
uihl t:ilkin. It n tha II flic t nml tlm nmt
calM.ii ttn rnt rt.iittiT ynt rait pet. on Ul
iM-viT n tt'et the iiMtin'V wpMil fir nn illnn
I'liMimui ii. h It will fwitt-rtmi vtmr f.iuilly, aini
tt will utlii to tho lit-H (ili l of jour (rU'uils.
Is Ittcrc Anybody S?U!nfl Edi
son Phonoflrnnhs In tills Town?
If mil, w wrmlil llkn 1o honr from Poinr livo
If ilt r who h it n tnrfum. on rt .t:l.1ietl triult
In tttlirr linen, ln wtlnrt to mH ttio Kilion
Plmii'ntili at ii Kith hno. Wo T"iiii-i ymi
Hint It W ill limn ri;is tn t it mM lint iiidI 1t -t
nim ft ln;r 1' ti t of yniir lnilnr If ynu yuU It
ftnictly. riM if I ttiniiry to 1m iii.nlo out f
Mtllitiig tho Kdi nn Plinimtrnil-ti Ihviiiii U ii fro
popular n ttli overyouo w l.o Imirv it.
laBkealde Avenue, Oranfir, N.
ThK tpftflmnnF of limn
MU nit tliir.iisl Hi i!il
tl'lll 11 III 1 1 I fill. I'liil It
Ufkl licM Wral.
rtir t't )cfr ( ii sy f i -riiitut:i
rt ur tin Imw tii-
t-fl'-IMMt III V.lllllH' It Mil lit
VfihiM, nml I'll i hM 'uim -it
:n iti-ihiiii'i'i ni'iB
l4fA NiiTi IKKi: id
evety tinim lido tviilri-
Some of the Advantages
Ttm ihPim'itiiiiil Innr:.) In rn.Niiy innrntr
run hi Imicn nml in it tirlu-s - (,in hul :n hi,.s iy,i-i .t
I It'll nt Dm roil ul i v W : I til ft i',r n-itrti of d.ttti ii-s,,
k' li'iuis, hi.tikitih, rlii up tiii'l ntul t'vurjr niciUiu
I'llllV I'llllMH-lV
l li. MM I V Mil I.InN ftf'1IKl. WIIKATt mi
l if I Iiit i m. ill num IIM mi Hhi tiiiim-i'if
Wi"i'in t innuiii. ui'Uti limu iliii ii suiisj of oin'f
grimi. 'iihI tn"iit
h'r ml i cp iinl ii'fiirMi.iiloti tii1'lPHi itm Fl'l'l' i;
IM KNOKN l "I IMMh.UA 1 HN ml im. I liii.inJa,
nr iiny w ui hnii veil Isovei imictil Ati-lii.
i. S. CRAWFORD, No. 125 W. Ninth Strtrt,
Kansas Ciljr, Missouri.
A (illAMt IAMII.V J. 11 ( ATOII.
It not onlv answers yniir qnnstlonsl
lln KnrllliiK. I'ruouncUtiun, Diliullion,!
I New Words, Ktc .but slsoanswrrs quas-l
Itlnna In (Innffrulihv. IliooTauhV. Fiction, I
iKon-lcTi Words and Plirnsos, the Trades,!
I Am mit Hi'iimcaa. Guuu Illustrations. I
I23H0 1'nres. A nnoessity In every cul l
I tared homo. It Is tliewit Curialiiins giit-l
1 1WI .fi.nrnl M'l.f"''!''" II'V "' "'lll" I"! I
I a-diti.tua. II It'i'-" iKi i' " uliulmliuns.
I VJ.O. r.."T1,.. ,. .f M l'..vL " , nt O
Id. &C. MKKKIAM CO., Spriiip; Held. Mass.
AMI i. r us
l'Kll I'uln.i.ll.
J. M I I. II II. I., ISIOI ,V (lit, KIVV A.
I f lVER
I pills.
Ait ill

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