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The Rising son. [volume] (Kansas City, Mo.) 1896-19??, January 05, 1907, Image 8

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Tin ft 1 11 i i i t -: i it Jiiduos linve l.ctn
tlwtil to ctiy lii'iuli. cxi't'pl. tlin
riiintniil l-csu-h. What will t'.iry ln
li pi t i(1uiii,. t'.n ir claims in Hie mini
fy ami ri!. In tlii coiiinninll y ;m
omu' ii i ii i n t ii in ii ms that mi' lu ll
linlfs :n:i tin' ninht ilamtial ! jiLio s
fur I in- downfall cf niiiiu lmys ;itil
i;ii ls. 'I'h Mi' is tml iim clnli at tliU
wi itin that Is cetiiitt d f:oiu this
cumi'iiiuu anil liiat Is tin- 'a;ti is Cat-
rilU Assrlation at U'.'". It.ill iiiun
a place fur tln uat Im i of all the
waiters jitul r.iilniail purlivs !n
wl.sli fur a plan- to stay whili- tlicy
a iv waitlni; for lii'iirs .if watch to lie- '
Kin. Now tli( rest, (if the place t.ir
Son Intends with lis tlmiisaiiils (if
supporters liotli Mark anil white to
( any on an iincoiiiprninlsiiiK ami tin-1
fliiu'hiim campaign against them '
l.lkt' Frederick Douglas, the meat tie-
jiro torch-In arer who cried out: "Is
tiod iv-ul?" Will the living n't Jus
tice? Will the negroes rise up and
sniil( their ureatest evil dead? Will
the nepro preachers arouse themselves
and orpani.e u committer to wait on
the republican Judges and have them
ith all the power at the command of
the white man to close these places?
The preacher who hesitates In this
cull from (rod, nhall go down on rec
rd In the KisiiiK Son before Its many
readers as weaklings. This paper
shall not cease Its writings until our
Kreatet race menace has been smitten
lead. Every Judge In county and city
takes this paper. I-t them be moved
I y (iod to dn their duty by the negro
race, .lust to think of the mothers
broken hearted, thinking of the mis
deeds and wild career of their sons
and daughters. Kon't you hear that
song, "Oh. w here Is my wandering boy
tonight. Oli. where Is my boy tonight.
Oh! Stop und think of the many old
mothers tottering to their graves by
the grief of the strong influences that
c.irry their children to their graves by j
a premature death. Oh! Listen to,
I he voice of .lesus calling on the ne
groes to get right. Will the noble
men of the Negro Unco rise up and j
assert themselves. I.ay on MacUulT! I
Lay mi! nine forth out of styglan '
darkness! Let there be light! The j
real ship of Ite.Miny in which the ne
gio is riding, i i there be a strong
pilot at tile helm .e( llie powers to
P" among the white people come to
( in assistance. Let Judges llruiiiliack.
MrCiint, Patterson. Coodrich, I'aiks,
and our own noble I. It. Klmbl'ell
come tn our rescue. Let the negroes
gel a petition ami have every Judge
and while mail of Influence sign to!
close these clubs. Oil! Let (bid lilov
us to better our race.
has been grand master of the grand
lodge for a number of years and was
re-elected at the close this week.
This body stands for the highest
development of the race, self respect,
self Independence and self help. It. be
lieves that there is a possibility for
the race in Mississippi, and by Indus-M-,
honesty and tbrltt the race will
carve out for Itself a bright future.
To thU e?, home Imvitig lias beep
i iH'oih.U!cd. the grand lodge Itself liav-
iiu puicha.-i d I, acres of land in
the 1'illa. and wliith will eventually
pro lib1 for tiie support of the aged
lie-tube's of lhe cralt. touether with
widows and orphans i.f deceased mem
Im is of I lie craft.
Tie1 opening session was held last
Tuesday, and w as at tended by many
of the citl, ns. lion John W. Stimuli
i r. one of the leading business nu n In
the lN ltu. an undertaker In (ireenvllle.
acted as master of ceremonies and he
was well up. ev. ('. T. Stamps made
the opening praeyr and this was fol
lowed by music by the choir St.
Matliew A. M. E church, of which the
Ilcv. u. A. Adams Is pastor.
Maor William Yerger. delivered an
address of welcome. In which he com
mended the body of colored men upon
their neat appearance, as each Mason
wore full dress with but few excep
tions. He said that he had lived in
the state, and around (ireenvllle nil
of his life and had always found col
ored people to be his friends ami
he was a friend to the race. "And why
not?"' he said.
lining Master Iampton responded
to the first address. He told themay
or and Editor Smith that the negroes
of Mississippi were m it satisfied, be
cause In some places mmchcrs of their
race ewre hanged without trial, burned
at the stake, shot down and mistreat
ed In other ways, then in addition
t.i these mistreatments there was talk
of bringing foreigners Into the state
to take the place- of negroes. "We
cannot lie satisfied when our Job Is
tit stake.'
E. E. I'erklsn. secretary and treas
urer of the Masonic Benefit sasocla
tlon. which is one of the most Im
portant adjuncts t otbe grand lodee
made his annual report. This report
look up imletails the amount of moil
( received and paid out, the at 'ount
paid 'o each widow and orphan. The
receipts amounted to flL'ti.tiiin :iji
.i.oul JI'O. i paid out to the widow
and orphans. This was considered a
good i-liowlng, ami in the future crick
will nceive at death $iinu. Ste, by
siep the grand bulge Is going up irid
isp tepaiing for the tace. It is now
the strongest organization in the
whole south, and Is doing more to
Inspire the negro.
lireenville. Miss., Dec. 7. Perhaps
the largest and most aggressive body
of negro men Hiat has ever met in this
citv, was the Stringer (irsnd lidge of
Mason, which assembled here during
the week, and has brought to Hie city
representative men I loin nil p'H of
the slate numbering loin.
Tills body shows the progress made
? our people since I si'.."i. as in the
hod was to be toiiml. doctors, law
jcis, merchants ministers of high
(.landing, planters, post masters, clerks
bankers and other repiesentative men
of I hi' race. The body was presided
over lij Kev. E. W. Lampion, ,l I).,
grand, master, and who Is also finan
clal seen lai v of the African Metho
dist Episcopal church Willi heaibpiar
ers in Washington. I). C. Or. l-implon
Do the negroes want a good negro
newspaper in Kansas City, If you do
please send us all the news so that
we can fill our newspaper with live,
fresh matter. If you do please pay
cntr subscription promptly, when our
agents appear or drop by our office
and nettle up. The negroes need an
authentic colored Journal In this city.
Have you readers enough race pride
to do your duty with this paper. We
are far behind when It comes to de
tail work for us to perform as u
race. Will yon manage to save out
i nough money for your paper. Will
you wake up from your lethargy?
Wanted: Educated colored men to
travel and distribute samples and cir
culars of our gissU among their own
people. Salary SU per month and ex
penses. Saunders Co., Desk 10, Jack
son Itoulevard, Chicago.
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