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it Pays to Advertise In the Rising Gon for It Beaches Klore Homes of Colored People than any othei Paper In the Gtato.
Special Rising; Son.
Hon. W. T. Vr, the register of the
United- State treasury was in th!
city January to deliver the emancipa
tion address of the 43rd, year of the
freedom of the Negro. It was through
Rev. L. O. Jordan, the secretary of
the Afro-American council that the
citizens of this community got an op
podtunlty to hear the most .distin
guished orator. While here he was
In the hands of such well known per
sons as Miss Nannie H. Burroughs,
Col. R. W. Thompson, Rev. L. O.
Jordan and Carry B. Lewis.
His address was not political, but
one of advice, encouragement and
hope for the future of x the race.
Throughout his speech he arggued
for the better things that go to make
good cltUenship. H etold most pa
thetically of the part that Negroes
have taken in wars and how they had
tried 'to be of service to this great
republic. He spoke of the work ot
Booker T. Washington and other
race leaders. After discussing in
dustry, sobriety, honesty, unity of
purpose and the higher things that
help his people, to be brought to a
favorable consideration of the Amer
ican people he said,: "The progress
He left the next morning for Lex
ington where he spoke to a large
audience on "The Negro In America."
This has been the best year in
the history of the church. Total
amount collected for all r purposes
since March 25 to date, $2,139.94. An
average of over 200 per month. Of
tbs amount $1,242.70 has been paid
on church Indebtedness. The -Rev.
Dr. J. M. Harris Is a brilliant young
preacher and financier of this church.
Miss Daisy, Lewis is one of the ef
ficient workers. A recent Sunday
she turned In $35 from her club.
Sunday, February 16, will be the
fourth and last quarterly meeting.
The ladles are preparing for the
church bazzar February 12, 13 and
Mr. E. W. Whaley, the Sunday
School Superintendent, died January
You are always welcome at Burns.
The House ot Bishops had a very
successful convention at Allen Chapel.
This paper tried to get the proceed-
I tags of the entire session, but was un
of the, Negro In America since the ni.iB ,n An o because of the Illness
emancipation Is without parallel In of ltg representative. However, we
the history of the world.- The spirit ' H, pUbi8h in our next Issue the
of the AngloSaxon for progress along npph of ribIiod Tvree. and a portion
all lines has been exhlbted by his . of the esresBions of others. Hoping
former slaves, and Che manhood j . ,, .. . BatifP.i0rv to our read-
and Indestrnctble, worth which these erg WJ wl be better nble to glve you
former slaves have exhibited should he factg nn(1 otner ,)nrtlcuInr8. How
appeal for fair treatment to the man-1. those prt.sont of the bishops and
hood of every American. To argue I ra, offlcers of A. M. E. church
that education should be denied him were H M Turnpr of Georgia, W. J.
Is to argue against the best Inter- J Qajne8i Georgia; Abraham Grant, Kan.
ests of the government Our best Ral w B New
citizenship is that which knows its York. R p tx?p nrforce, Ohio;
rights and is accorded them; which ' ,o ph,la(ieiphla, Evans
knows Its duty and performs It. g- - Na'8hvin Tenn.,an1 C. Shaf
norance In a country such as ours , chlcag0, IU. General officers as
can not be made the mother of de-, New Vork clty.
votlon. which is another name for pa-i , Nashville. Tenn.. B.
triotlsm. upon which rests the safety I Wat8on',inUadell)nIa Pe; H. W.
of the republic. In war the Negro 1 rraRk Mc.
has a record that he is not ashamed k H T
of Let us not be content on our past gjjf Kansas C ty Prof H T.
efforts for race security. Let our ac- Kfa""f n" w a i-ouls
complements of the past be a JWpJJ. Femu and A. Louls.
1"ZL his be t in making them welcome.
uniiy oi purpose "u uu"j n tilii- - - . 0-.v.
. ' . ... .i. . .i I Mr. Geo. Teeters saw to It that eacn
have always meant much In the lives
of nations.
"The strongest of the race should
help the weakest. ThoBe who see
the light should point the way to
thoes who see It not. We should
seek tjo reform those of the race
whose tread has been other than up
ward. To go amongst these with a
spirit of Christ showing them their
weakness and convincing them of
their errors is not only a duty to
them, but to ourselves. These
weights that are about us must be
changed to instruments of hepful
fulness, and we who are leaders must
labor for the masses. As was said
In Holy Writ, ."Righteousness ex
nlteth a nation." oS, rectlture of con
duct, industry, sobriety and a strug
gle for the higher things of life will
bring us to the favorable considera
tion of the American people."
After the speaking he was given a
crand reception at the Women s In
dnstrlal Club rooms, 728 Walnut
Mr. Geo. Teeters saw
was comfortably located, and Nelson
C. Crews did himself proud In his
masterful address to that solemn
bodv. Hia subject was "The History
of the Church since its Beginning."
Piano and furniture mover,
Packing, shipping and storage.
Pianos all are made to play,
Yet on pianos we work all day,
Pianos heavy or loud in tones
Are easily moved by George Jones.
Office 900 E. Tenth Street.
The Kansas City Federation of Col
ored Women's Clubs extends an In
vltatkm to the Missouri State Federa
tion to meet In Kansas City for the
convention of 1906..
In acceptance of the invitation and
In - accordance with the constitution
we call the state federation into con
vention at Kansas City, Mo., Decem
ber 27th and 28th, 1906 at the 2nd Bap
tist church.
The objects of this meeting are:
To know what our organizations
throughout the statd are doing for the
Improvement of the conditions ot
the race.
To compare plans and methods of
work and suggest ways and means by
which the women ot the race may do
more effective work in advancing its
moral and social stundlng.
To organize more thoroughly the
colored women of the state for con
certed action.
To elect officers for the yenr 1907.
hi the National convention at
Detroit, Missouri bore no small part
In making that great meeting a suc
cess. 'Iet us do as well In our state
The times demand our most earnest
endeavor. On every side are ranged
the ranks of the enemy, re-inforced by
our former friendd. What can the wo
men ot the race do? There is work
for us and we must not shirk it. Let
us confer as to the best ways of do
In? it, not at sonic future time, but
Each woman's club in the state of
Missouri is entitled to send one del
egate and one alternate for every ten
members, and two delegates and two
altemntes'-ut-large. Each delegate
must be provided with credentials
certificates of election signed by
the president and secretary of her re
spective club, which must be pre
sented to the chairman of committee
on credentials before admission to
the body assembled In convention.
Remember that the dueB are but
5 cents per capita.
Delegates will be at no expense
for board and lodging during the two
days of the session.
For homes for delegates write Mrs.
Luclndu Day, President City Feder
ation. 141:1 Lydla Avenue. Kansas
City, Mo.
2414 Montgnll. Avenue, Kansas City.
2CG0 Morgan fjtreet, St. Louis.
The Great Republican Ship of Jack
son County is Tottering.
Two years ago a gang of white re
publican wire fixers got together and
framed a ticket pledge to the platform
of Tneodore Roosevelt. This platform
mind you, had In it the unwritten
pledge that If the ticket was success
ful the negro would come In for his
share ot recognition. Through that
vivid personality ot Roosevelt and the
blind following of 5,500 the negro vo
ters that ticket was successful. When
overpowered by numbers, used
as a tool, he became rest
less and with a band of fol
lowers he fled the city and at Cap
un, he addressed his followers urging
them to stand together. In a burst
of eloquence he cried out "O! Rome!
Rome! Thou has been a tender nurse
to me. Thou hast taught me how to
pay you back. It you be men then
follow me. Strike down yon guard.
the negro knocked at the door of i Gain the mountain pass. Do bloody
hope; .it was slammed in his black I work as did your sires at old Ther
face.! 'V ,moolyae. Is Sparta dead? is the old
Grecian blood frozen within thy
veins-? If we must fight let us fight
for ourselves. If we must slaughter;
and Into the shadows of death I shall
fear no evil. Thy rod and staff they
comfort me. Lord, God of host be
with us yet lest we forget, lest we for
get. Nos mortuos, te salutmus unto
the end.
All the Jim Crew Negroes are not
dead yet. One died In Nebraska last
week. The relatives had nothing for
a Negro undertaker to do. The white
man who did bury the body told the
relatives that it had been so long
since he had burled a Negro that he
did not know how to embalm a mixed
Negro and Indian.
Emery. Bird. Thayer Co.. Brown-
2 ing (& King. Nebraska. Clothing Co.. 2
Stevenson's. Hubbard's Shoe Store
2 and all the largest white business 2
firms advertise with, us.
J Because, our circulation is twice the combined circulation or all aj
the other Negro weekly'newspapers. Besides, standing of ten years
in the community, from a point of authenticity we are foremost. From
. a point of educational instructlveness we stand preeminent. Our rep- m
reientati ves are the most Intelligent Negroes in the journallstlo field of
m today. Our circulation Is increasing at a wonderful rapidity, and as H
soon as It reaches the lO.QOO mark we will change it into a daily. Oo
m on, Rling Son, keep on Rising! a
The seventh annual session of the
Missouri State Federation of clubs
met at the Second Baptist church,
December 27 and 28, 1900. The two
davs' sessions were well attended.
The addresses were able and intruc
tive. The annual address by the
president. Miss Anna Jones, wus a
scholarly production. The convention
voted to have It published so it will
soon be In the handta. of those who
were not fortunate enough to hear It
at the meeting. The reports showed
that much work had been done dur
ing the past year and that the women
were taking an active1 part in charit
able work. Through the efforts oi
the federation a state reform school
has been built for colored girls. A
committee was appointed to continue
the work In the interest of the school
The Women's league of Kansas City
reported having bought a house which
they hope to be able to use soon as
a home for working girls. Mrs. J. SI
lone Yates was elected president.
V Committee
' Mrs. Ruth Lnnge, deputy grand
counselor, installed Ivanhoe Court
No. 26 'at their regular meeting. She
went through a very Impressive cere
Mr. F. J. Weaver has bought him
splendid driving horse In Elwood. Kan
It will be shipped here this week.
409 E. Phelps St.
Springfield, Mo., Dec. 28, '06.
Editor Rising Son:
Allow me to say a word relative to
your paper that you have recently
assumed editorship.
We note with pleasure the steps you
are taking to Improve the paper in
order that it may be a clean, newsy
progressive Negro Journal, commen
surate with the enterprfcdng city of
which you nro an Integral part. May
the day hasten when the "Son" will
have competent retorters; at least In
the principal cities of Missouri. The
obvious signs of Improvements; and
the IkiUI stand you have taken against
the vice and destructive places of re
sort, have prompted the writing of
this letter.
Hoping yon Success I am Yours
watching with Interest the Negro in
the journalist le field.
(Formerly pastor of Anbury M. H.
Chun-h for 5 years.!
Just a few weeks ago that same
gangj of wire pullers and same ticket
subMitted itself to the black voters
for renewed support. At the outset let us slaughter our oppressors
the negroes were up In arms, swear- we must die, let it be under
ing vengeance on the ticket and those clear blue sky. My (he bright water
responsible for the ticket. The Son In noble, honorable battle." Must, the
believes that if the election had oc- negro continue to stand year In and
curred then the. negroes would sure' year out the Indignant ahuse heaped
lv have defeated the entire ticket, upon us by the demagogues of old
Thos. R. Murks was made chairman line politicians In the republican pur-
of the county committee. - He made a ty? Let us not mention Lincoln and
hurried summons of a few negro lead- Garrison and Sumner ami Phillips.
ers. He took great care in calling in nut let us rattier pledge in our heart a
few that, he believed he could enn-"solemn promise that wo will wait pa
trol. lle promised these' negroes that tlenily until our time nrnl then we will
few of their friends would be taken all rise up ami smile our enemy dead.
care of in the end. Unsuspectingly ea though I walk into the valley
but like a Judas to their race a few
f these negroes with honey in their
mouth and sugar on their tongue and; fffl 4. 9 IWE St 9- &
yrup flowing in words told the poor." 3m Cr & 9 fr 93m MM 9 Af? ftO
innocent and humble negroes of their i .... . . . , .
ate that all was well. They had YOU Will haVC tO h-tiffY it VOU Want OtlC Ot thOSC SWCll,
Keen the powers to be and that a i (dean, 3-room apattmfnts. just completed at 416-18 East Sixth
Street. Terms $9. and $J2. per month.
Vse Chowley's Ant I Sweat Powder.
Fur 1 tn (1 odor It has no equal. IMlce
2-"n by mall. 51t.1 Dearborn street,
Chicago, III. Agents wanted.
F. J. WEAVER, The Locator
Office, 911 Oak. Home Phone 236 Main.
Moved! Moved!
Take notice, the office; of the
emu pipmlse had been exacted from!
eveiy cnuillilate. : Now supposedly
ogro wire pullers, what have you to
say of tills state of affairs? What is
your remedy for the evil? What an
swer and explanation have you to car
ry back to your people? Why are your
heads hung down? Why those silent
tongues? Is It the funeral song of
our political career they are sing
ing? The "humble negro never forgets.
For in slavery he was taught never
to break a promise or forget, n wrong.
At this wilting the Son is only able to
name but one negro who stood out un
compromising, unflinchingly, undaunt
ed to almost the very end.
lie rend between the lines and
like a black Titan, ' yes like
black Horatlus, nt the bridge
lie stood alone. Alone save the still
ness of the night air and the cd
refreshing bree.e to give hlni cour
age, it was Nelson i'. crews; every
other negro leader who had been
called in this conference could not
read between the lines. Hut Crewn
as the NVstor in negro political cir
cles saw the pitfall and like a t Icero
uttered his strong oratory against it.
rinullii I..- 4l.A nnltlllllliwl tlt.rMllllHlllll
l.iniij .... . I I ff . .. . .t I
of every negro he was induced to lay around and pay your suDscription to tnc manager, or pcrnaps,
down his fight. The Son under the
management of Lewis Woods went
farther und refused absolutely to swal
low the whole republican ticket. The
negro was finally persuaded to lay
down his fight and work In harmony
with the ticket. The party was suc
cessful and Crews in his closing
Hieerh said ho would stay by the
flag one more time, lie would ask
the negro to try tliein once more and
If the party did not hew to the line,
lie would put a stick of dynamite un
der the ship and Idow up the entire
ship and send It to hell.
The time has collie for In the coun
ty is Frank D. Ross, Oscar llochland
and Samuel Buyer wh" promised the
negro recognition and broke theitr
promise nd there are many more
all except the marshal..
The negro Is fast facing a great Is
sue. It Is the negro pitted against
certain mean republicans who refuse
to give us our rights. Away back in
the time of Roman history when Ci
cero hurled his great thundering or
atory at Culallne, and when Mark An
thony aroused the poople into a fren.y
and caused them to go searching like
wild beast for Casslus aud Brutus,
there lived a gladiator named 8par-
tlcus. Bound and chained and forced
to do his master's bidding, und
has been moved to
914 East 12th Street
Come around and pay the new owner a vuit. Come
send it in by mail. Thanking yon for whatjyou have done in
the past.
Bring us your news, and let us know what is going on
in society. Phone your news to 780 Main, Home, or 780
Grand, Bell. Now come on, all together, and let us make
this paper the Leading Journal in the West. Let us have
from 10,000 to 15,000 subscribers.
We Give Sis Months'
Guarantee Coupon
$1,50 PER mi BOX
Save Darning and Make
Your Feel Happy

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