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"Unwritten Law
Notable Instances
of Its Application.
-Tra Application Bereaved tbe
Emperor of Austria, Who Took
Xo Revenge for tbe Killing vf
His Son Prince Baldwin ot
Belgium, Heir Apparent to toe
Throne, Violated Its Provi
sions, and His Sla ver un Indigo
n.int Husband, Was Sever
Troubled by the Authorities-
It Has a Relation. Too. in Jin
topean Countries to the Duel,
to Cheating and to Suicide.
According to U the Co-respond'
tut in a Pii vrce Case Is Ex
I ected to' Per u re Ihm-rit Like
a Gentleman' V tales Stan
ford While Was AttuallY
Caught in tbe An of Insulting
Mr? Ilarrv Than. Her ,.
hand Was Sot Just i6ed in Kill
iuC fh:n I'nderthr I'd nttea
La ..
Of all the popular phr:iso of the
Kti tiii.-h latimiam' Uifru is nono 1 lint
is iiioro r.ilsnsi'cj atbl niisiniiliTsiiinil
t ban iliat nf "unwritri'ii law." Anil
just at tho i.resi'iu tinn: it is on every
boily's lips in coimei'timi with the
trial for murder of Harry K. Thaw.
To JmK'o from jidpular comment,
one would Imagine that. Its jurisdic
tion was restrlcti d exclusively to one
or at the most two particular classes
of homicide. lUi'. It covers u far
lamer croutid imd ufl'i-cts almost
every phase of our life.
Anions the several stories current
ronci in in l; the mysterious tragedy of
MeyerUm:, which rohbeil the vener
alde emperor of Austria of his only
won. the most pcnerally acrepted
version is that ho was slain hy thf
line les of llaroness Marie Votsera or
else that he was subjected by them
to such bodily injuries that he blow
his brains out. the men havini; learned
of the prince's Intention to cut adrift
from the girl. In compliance with his
pledge to his parents. Instead of
marrying her nfttcr seeurlni; a di
vorce from frown Princess Stephanie.
Prince Baldwin Paid Penalty.
In Itrussels, in the Avenue l,ouis,
foreign visitors aro still shown a do
sorted house, where Prince lialdwlu of
liolKiutn, favorite nephew of Kins? Leo
pold, anil heir apparent to the throne,
was killed by an indignant husband
of princely but not. royal rank. In
.his instance, however, tho tragedy
was followed by a separation of the
noble couple Involved. I'.aldwln of
lleli;luiii. In spite of his popularity,
was universally regarded as having
received his deserts, and his assailant
looked upon us having compiled with
the requirements of the code of social
ethics. Nor was he ever troubled by
the authorities In connection there-
with, and remained a respected mem
ber of his class, and ot the communi
ty In general, and of society, byth at
home and abroad.
. When the late Edward Parker Dea
con founc' A. Abeil'.o, JAe French club-
'''''' ' ' .
" """" lj
fzt A xvt ur irrr nr irTum Mii n '
man and rare horse owner, In the
apartments of Mrs. Iieaoon on that
memorable nlnht In the hotel at Nice,
and shot him as he endeavored to
conceal himself behind a sofa, ho
acted strictly In accordance with the
demands of unwritten law, and It may
safely he assumed that If he had been
a Frenchman instead of a foreigner,
and an American at. that, ho would
never have been sentenced to even
the brief term of imprisonment to
which he was condemned.
Unwritten Law and the Duello.
luelPnii Is even more strictly for
hidden by law in Knslnntl than on the
continent. Hut If a member of the
Kn.ulisl diplomatic service, or an offi
cer of the Kngllsh army or navy, re
ceives while abroad a challenge to
(l-'ht. or is made the subject of an In
dlcn'.ty calling for redress to fight, he
Is forced to nsign not only his com
mission but also the membership of
his clubs. Not even all the Immense
social influence of colonel the Hon.
Frederick YVollesley, brother of the
late Karl Cowley, and now husband
of the widowed Huchess of Welling
ton was able to save him from a fate
such ns this while acting tia charge
d'affaires of (Trent liritain at Vienna
some 12 or 1." years ago. Col. Welles
ley, who was also A. 1). C. to Queen
Victoria, became Involved In the Aus
trian capital In a quarrel about a wom
an with an Austrian nobleman, Count
K., who resented to such an extent
his behavior, as well as his remarks,
that he struck him with his glove
i across the face and challenged him to
light. Wellesley refused, however, to
accept the challenge on the ground
that by so doing he would render lilm-f-elf
liable to dismissal from the army,
owing to th' fact that the Knglish
articles of war proscribe the penalty
of being cashiered for every officer
Involved in a duel either as a princi
pal or as :i second.
Called to Task by His General.
Wellesley was at. once relieved of
his odieo of charge d'affaires at the
suggestion of the Viennese court,
which did not. relish the Idea of being
compelled to accord diplomatic hon
ors to a man who had thus shown the
white feather, and shortly after his
return to London one of hlu fellow
ofhVors of the Ciiiards, ('apt. .lolin Del
acoiir. who had witnessed the affair
nt Vienna, brought the matter before
the notice of tho other members of
the corps.. In due course It readied
the oars "f the old duke of Cambridge,
cousin of Queen Victoria and general
issimo of the llritish army. He sent
for Col. Wellesley and asked him if
it were true that he hail taken shelter
behind the army regulations to avoid
Archduke Orro
the. consequence of a quarrel at
Vienna, thereby bringing discredit to
tho corps of officers of the famous
regiment to which he belonged. Wells
ley, of course, was obliged to
i admit that he had been guilty of tho
charge. "Then," said tho duke, "you
had better leave tho army."
"Leave the nrmy, sir?" exclaimed
tho colonel. "Hut what am I to do if
I leave tho army?"
"Turn dancing master and be
damned to you!" replied the tmrlj
old royal prince, swinging on his heel
and ordering his aide-de-camp In wait
lng to show the colonel to the door.
A few days later It was announced
that Col. Wellesley, who In hl boy
hood had been a page of honor of
Queen Victoria, had been "graciously
permitted" to resign h!j commission
In the army.
How an Emperor Avenge. a Blow.
In the same way that European of
ficers are debarred from fighting
duels with people of tho working
classes, so aro they precluded from
meeting royal personages and crowned
heads on the field of honor. If a young
ofllcer during a heated argument
with some comrade of royal or Im
perial rank receives a blow, he has no
alternative but to blow his own
brains out.
On one memorable occasion Km
peror Francis Joseph Intervened In
person to prevent an act of self-destruction
of this kind. The late Arch
duke Otto, his nephew, while en
deavoring In a drunken freak to con-
3t.-fmV.--r T-tlTIIlfttMK-aTatTMt-tTMtTatM "vfS X
ltosf.PJ?sicoMl fay
duct a bacchanalian party of men and
women into the apartments of his
wife, tho Archduchess Marie Josepha
in order, as he explained, that they
might son what an archduchess
looked like in bed was stopped in the
corridor leading to her apartments by
his aide-de-camp, who drawing his
sabre, threatened to run through the
body anyone excepting the archduke
who endeavored to pass him.
The crowd, sobered by the serious
ness of tho situation, hesitated and
then withdrew. Hut the archduke was
so beside himself with rago at being
balked in his project that he struck
the young officer a blow In the face.
The matter was brought to the imme
diate notice of the commander of the
garri.-on, who communicated by tele
graph with the emperor. Francis
Joseph ordered that the young officer
be prevented from doing himself any
harm, nt all costs, hastened to the
scene from Vienna and, having as
sembled all the principal officers sum
moned both his nephew, Archduke
Otto, and the young aide-de-camp to
his presence.
Apostrophizing the latter in his
kindliest manner, ho exclaimed: "I
have to express my gratitude to you,
sir, for having undertaken the de
fense of my dear niece at a momeat
when she was In urgent need of your
protection. In so doing you received
a blow for which you yourself cannot
obtain satisfaction and which you
could not. return. Hut I can redress
that Indignity for you;" and with that
he strode up to Archduke Otto, and
hefore all present slapped his face,
thereupon ordering him under arrest
for a period of six months, and de
prived him of his command. The
young ofllcer was promoted and deco
rated. Hut had It not been for the
emperor's interference and for the
manner in which ho avenged the nf
front Imposed upon the young A. D.
C, the latter would have been com
pelled by unwritten law to have blown
out his brr.ins.
Unwritten Law and Perjury.
Perjury 13 according to every crim
inal code of Europe a felony, yet the
co-respondent In a divorce case, no
matter how guilty, is compelled by tho
unwritten law to perjure himself In
the witness box "Uko a gentleman,"
and failure to comply with this re
quirement entails an ostracism which
by many is regarded as worse than
death, as one of the most eminent
of Knglish statesmen found to his
co.'t. In endeavoring to exculpate him
self Df tho unfounded charge of hav
ing betrayed a young marrlod woman
whom he had known from childhood,
ho admitted under examination that
he had been guilty of too great In
timacy with her mother. This confei-
slon, extorted from htm In a moment
of exasperation and when smarting
under a sense of Injustice, resulted In
the ruin of his political career and In
his being blacklisted by English so
ciety. Perhaps the moat mortal of all sins
In the eyes of unwritten law Is unfair
play at cards, and there are few fami
lies of birth and breeding on either
side of the Atlantic who would not In
finitely prefer to have a murderer
among their relatives than a mart
who has been caught cheating at the
card table. For It Inflicts a stain upon
the family escutcheon which can
never be effaced, and which Is remem
bered against the house concerned
from generation to generation. A
man caught In the act of unfair play
Is exempt from punishment by the
tribunals of the land. Hut the penalty
Imposed upon him by unwritten law
Is Immeasurably more Bevere than
anything that statute could devise.
For lnstetad of being restricted to
himself, It extends to those who are
nearest and dearest to him, and ho
fohA&D PJPrttf flcACOS.
has no alternative but either to kill
himself or else to disappear and seek
his fortune in some remote foreign
country, where, disguised as to ap
pearance, silent a3 to his origin, and
under an assumed name, he passes
his time In fear and trembling lest he
should he recognized and be once
more driven forth like tho wandering
Jew of old from his tenipc-rary refuge.
Construed Insults.
There aro all sorts of 'Minor pro
visions of the unwritten lv which It
would tako too much timn ind space
to enumerate here, but anting which
may be mentioned the rule which con
strues It as an Insult when a man In
filling his neighbor's glass slants the
bottle backward instead of forward.
More than one sanguinary duel has
been fought to the persop-U knowl
edge of tho writer In Austria for a
breach of etiquette of thli kind. In
the same way In the orient, It In
showing the blade of a swrd to an
acquaintance one happens V turn the
edge thereof toward him be will con
sider his honor Impugned, and if by
any chance he Is a Japanese of rank
he Is capable of going off and commit
ting suicide by ripping himself open,
leaving a document statlnK that hav
ing been Insulted hono demanded
that he should commit hara-kiri, and
calling upon his nearest, relatives to
avenge him.
In Relation to the Thaw Case.
With regard to the application of
tho unwritten law to Uj case of
Harry Thaw, there are wveral con
siderations to be noted In endeavoring
to bring it to boar upon the tragedy
of Madison Square roof garden. If
young Mrs. Thw had been wlt!out
any stormy antecedents, and had bten
subjected by Stanford White to Indig
nities and Inaultlue proposals sine)
her marriage, her hu-'riind would have
been Justified, according to the terms
of tho unwritten law, as understood
abroad, In shooting him, though of
course it would have been more chiv
alrous to have given him a chance of
defending himself 'instead of taking
him at a disadvantage and unarmed.
Hut, unfortunately, young Mrs.
Thaw Is not without a past; that she
was educated at the cost of White,
and had known him first as a school
girl, then as a model, and finally as a
chorus girl, for several years prior to
her marrlago, cannot be denied. Her
.fdatlona with White Peforo becoming
Mrs. Thaw, and also her career in
New York and Paris prior to her mar
rlago were of a nature to debar her
husband from shooting White unless
ho had actually caught him in the
very act of Insulting her. That at
least Is the status of the Thaw-White
drama from the point of view of un
written law. New York World.
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Value of the Newspaper.
Some Republican congressmen were
discussing tho president's suggestion
to shut out from the mails such news
papers as have been printing indecent
details of the Thaw trial in New
York. Mr. Llttlefleld of Maine in
dulged In a general review of the
press, its powers, functions and priv
ileges. "If It were not for the vigilant
press of this country, with Its trained
corps of representatives In Washing
ton," be said, "I don't know whether
1 would care to serve in congress. My
experience here has taught me that
tho newspapers perform a service of
inestimable value to the country. I
sometimes think that congress would
drift Into many excesses If the press
gallery were not here to keep us la
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