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Cowboys quit gambling
Licensed Games of Chance to Be Abolished in
Handlers of the Roulette Wheel and the Faro Deck Ready
to Surrender to Public Opinion Without a Fight - Lit
tie High Play of Late Years, Anyhow -Even
Euchre Is Now Forbidden in the City
of Prescott, Arizona.
Raton. X. M. By the middle of thla
year licensed public gambling will
probably have disappeared from the
territories of the United Statca. The
Mic and apparent willingness with
which the tiger has surrendered sur
prises 6omo people who looked for a
Hut the end has been approached ho
gradually, through regulation and
high license, that even the gamblers
themselves were prepared for It. It
Is a complete surrender by what was
pnee regarded as an Impregnably in
trenched evil. This passing of the
professional gambler shows the ad
vance of public sentiment due to per
sistent agitation, and It follows natur
ally the disappearance of the frontier.
There arc no longer any wickedest
Where the gamblers will go or what
they will do is not rertaln. The Arl
r.ona closing law becomes effective
April 1, and it Is expected that by
July 1 a similar law will be In effect
!n New Mexico. A number of the
Arizona professionals will doubtless
ronie up Into New Mexico to think the
matter over, and then drift down into
old Mexico, or over into Nevada,
where everything is still wide open.
Business No Longer Pays.
fine reason why the gamblers hnve
Riven up is that the business of pub
lie gambling no longer pays there is
nothing in it. The high license fee In
this territory $100 a year for each
Raton's Leading
table, and the disappearance of cow
towns and mining camps have caused
the profits to dwindle. The writer has
Wen at Raton for about two months.
nd in that time has not seen or
heard of a game worth mentioning.
1'nless a stranger wanders Into a
(a loon he would never suspect that
public gambling is a source of reve
nue for the support of the. public
Bchools here. Last summer, when a
couple of new railroads were being
tiullt into this city, there was high
play, but since then the business has
been dead.
There Is practically no playing at
All in daytime, and at night there are
only a few Isolated games of poker.
Once a month, on the occasion of a
railroad payday, the roulette wheels
may whirl for a night, and then dust
nettles on them again. Nor Is there
perceptible anywhere 1he demoraliza
tion which is supposed to accompany
the legal recognition of public gam
bling. This town of fi.OOO Inhabitants
Is as quiet and orderly and clean tnor
Ally as any town of like size In the
United Stales.
Leading Gambler Talks.
When tlio leading gambler of Raton
was questioned us to the outlook he
said :
, "They've got the drop on us and we
must submit. It's poor consolation,
but si 111 a consolation that we haven't
much to give up. Some games will
stop intirely and a number of sports
will leue the territory; the rest will
b" driven to cover."
"Are there any big games now run
ning in lids territory?"
"None that an old gambler would
call big. Of course there is stiff play
in Albuquerque, where the profligate
tons hi' new rich men abound, but
mich games are raerly public. There
is only one blooded player In Santa
"The only really profitable games
are away out In the mining camps or
at the front of new railroads. About
the deadest town in New Mexico Is
Cimarron, which was once to tlio south
what Julesbiirg was to the north.
"With the disappearance of the
cowboy and the petering out of new
mining camps gambling for high
stakes has died out. When the gam
bling spirit subsides it doesn't mutter
much what the law is so we simply
don't care whether or not the legisla
ture prohibits public gambling."
Some of the liquor sellers and gam
blers of New Mexico are men of su
perior Intelligence. The other day a
tenderfoot had occasion to consult a
book "The Land of Sunshine," by Lil
lian Whiting. The only available copy
in town was the property of a gam
bler. When he went to return the
book he found a barkeeper Immersed
In an abstruse scientific work. Desir
ing an expert opinion on the new cor
poration law passed by the territorial
legislature, the same visitor was re
ferred to a saloonkeeper ns the only
man in town who had made a study
of It.
In bis message to the legislature
Gov. Hngerman advocated the passage
of a stringent anti-gambling law pro
viding penalties of from $200 to $5,000
fine, and imprisonment of from two
months to one year, and recommended
that any deficit be made up by In
creasing the amount of the liquor li
censes. At present two-thirds of the
net amount received by the territory
from liquor and gambling licenses is
paid into the district school funds and
Wide Open Gambling Shop Bar on
one-third into the general county
school funds. This open indorsement
of public gambling is objectionable to
citizens generally and peculiarly so to
prospective settlers from the east.
The number of retail liquor licenses
in the territory in 1905 was 585, whole
sale licenses 23, and gambling licenses
ntiO. The total income therefrom to
the territory was only $104,000, of
which less than half came from gam
bling licenses. The figures for 1907
show no material change.
In the city of Raton there are 19
saloons and 17 licensed gambling
tables. The former pay to the city
$400 a year and the latter $200 a year
each. Kqual sums are paid to the ter
ritory for the county and district
school funds.
Most Games Unfair.
In the towns of Roswell and Artesla
gambling has been abolished by ordin
ance, and the experiment of exceed
ingly high liquor licenses, as much as
$2,000. has been made with satisfac
tory results".
That most of the games are unfair
requires no proof. In Ills message
(!ov. Hagcrman treats of this feature
"Some of the games as played here
afford the player 2."0 per cent, less
chauce of winning than similar games
afford In the large gambling estab
lishments of Kurope. whioh pay enor
mous dividends to their stockholders
. . . The games most general In New
Mexico are so arranged that the
chances are many times in favor of
the proprietors."
There has been long nnd gradual
preparation in New Mexico for the
Impending pruhililiiou of public gam
bling. About lS'.HI the female warb
lers, or concert hall singers, were put
oat of business by teriitoria.1 enact
ment. Then came a further tightening of
the Hues which did not become ef
fective without a struggle -the iavr
against packing guni. Hy the six-
shooter law every mAn on arrlral In
a town or city was compelled to shed
hla revolvers and cartridges and leave
them In the custody of some resident
until he was ready to go home, or to
pay a fine of from $"0 to $300 If he
refused or neglected to do so. Still
heavier fines were Imposed for using
or brandishing a deadly weapon.
8trinjjent Law Propoaad.
Now the territorial council la con
sidering a hill providing that "any
person within the territory of New
Mexico who denls, plays, carries on,
opens, or causes to be opened, or con
ducts either as owner or employe,
whether for hire or not, any game of
faro, inonte, roulette, lansquenet,
rouge-et-noir, rondo, fantan, poker,
seven-and-a-half, twenty-one, chucka
luck, slot machine, or any banking
or percentage game, or any other kind
of game played with cards, dice, or
any device, for money, checks, credit,
or any other representative of value.
Is guilty of a misdemeanor, and shall
be punished by a fine of not more
than $3,000 or by Imprisonment in the
county Jail for not more than one
year, or both."
As In all reforms the impelling
force has been a gradually crystall
ing public opinion. Iloth Arizona and
New Mexico have ambitions in the di
rection of statehood. The defeat of
the Joint proposition Inst fall has In
creased the rivalry between them.
Th threat of the Llttlefield bill
put Arl.otin on her good behavior, and
now New M"ico Is compelled to fol
low piilt. In their excess of zeal,
however, some Arizona municipalities
have gone too far.
All Carries of Chance Prohibited.
The Arizona gambling law is due
to take effect April 1. Uut Trescott.
the capital city, could not wait until
then to show off her newly donned
white robes of virtue, and passed an
anti-gambling ordinance, effective Feb
ruary 1, which shut down all 40 of her
public games and interfered seriously
with social diversions.
The ordinance prohibits the playing
of euchre for prizes, and all other
gambling games popular In social cir
cles are likewise put under ban.
Hereafter the I'rcscott woman who
offers her guests prizes for winning
any game of chance or skill puts her
self exactly on the same plane, so far
as liability to arrest and punishment
is concerned, with the gambler, who
Opposite Side of Room.
backs a crap game. Fear of enforce
ment of the new ordinance has also
stopped the giving of prizes ut parlies
and church entertainments.
Largest Flesh-Eating Animal In the
World Big at Three Lione.
Very few persons really know that
the largest flesh-eating animals In the
world are found In America, People
generally believe that the African lion
is the king of beasts, but he is not
nearly as large or as powerful an ani
mal as the large brown bear of
The bears are not as ferocious or
combative as the lions, nor are they
nearly as vicious as they are given
credit for being, but the largest of
them are much larger and more pow
erful than any of the lions.
It Is safe to say that the largest of
the brown bears of the north would
weigh three times as much as the
largest specimen of lion, and Is be
yond all question greatly superior In
If brought together In combat the
bear would at first appear very
clumsy. It would not be cupable of
the quick rush or the catliko spring
of the lion.
It would not attack, but It would
remain entirely on the defensive,
meeting; its adversary with blows of
such rapidity and terrific force as at
once to illustrate lis superiority not
only In strength but in action.
I do not believe that there is an
animal In the world that can act
inoro quickly or effectively or can aim
Its blows with greater certainty than
the hour.
The bears are flesh eaters, yet
there are none of them that depend
upon tlesh for food, and with most of
them tlesh comprises but a very
small percentage of their food.
Scrlbuer's Magazln'
Maa a New Recipe for Breakfast
Light muffins depend upon the way
In which the Ingredients are put to.
getber as well as on the recipe itself.
A housekeeper who la known for her
fluffy breakfast muffins, which are al
ways as light as tho proverbial feather,
nses sour nillk In making them, but
decries the old-time way of using It.
According to traditional processes tho
soda Is mixed with sour milk In-fore
tho flour Is added. This method, ar
gues the housewife In question, al
lows the effervescence to be over be
fore the Hour goes in. Her way is to
mix Willi the sour milk the flour, salt
and sugar, ami then to add soda dis
solved In a little hot water, lty this
means the entire mass rises. Tin
Itibt thing hero re the batter Is turned
Into the puns a beaten CKU Is folded
This Is her recipe: Two cupfuls of
Hour, one cupful of sour milk, a half
ic.'KpoiiiU'ul of soda, one tenspoouful
:r sugar, a hair teaspoonrul of salt
and one eg.
Sewing Hints Considered Valuable by
Woman's Life.
Melal eyes which protrude beyond
the edge of the material, where n
hook and eye fao"v!'iig is employed,
should alwavs be carefully and neatly
covered with buttonhole stitching,
anys Woman's Life.
Needles should never be kept in
flantiel-liued needlcbooks. ns sulphur
often enters Into the composition of
this material. Sulphur invariably rusts
the needles in time.
Hent pieces of whalebone can he
strengthened by being placed in cold
water for two or three hours. This
will make them pliable. They should
then bo pressed under u heavy weight.
When making a skirt, It Is always
best to try it on the first time on the
wrong side, then reverse it and liul.sh
it on the right side.
Waldcrf-Astoria Curried Oysters.
Peel and cut Into thin slices a hall
of a r.ieiliimi-sizi'd Spanish onion. Put
a tali'esioonful butter in a frying pan.
ad I the c.nion and fry broxvn. Stir
in a tniiN'spoonfiil and n half curry
powder, adding another tablespoonful
butter. Mix well, then pour in gradu
ally a cup of hroih; cover and let
come to a boil. Peel and chop n
small sour apple and grate half a
eocoannt. Put into the pan xviili the
other ingredients and cook slowly
until the cocennut Is tender. Mix n
ta'despiionful Hour in a little xvatei
and thli'!:e:i the mixture; seaion with
salt and pepper and cook Ihe min
utes. Put a cup of strained tomato
into a stexvpan xviili T0 oysters, their
liquor and half ihe milk of a cocoa
uut. Simmer for a few .noiiients, stir
ring occasionally. Add to the first
mixture with a tablespoonful lemon
Juice; then turn the curry on to a Inft
dish, ga.ni-.di with croutons ami serve
with a separate dish of rice.
Cream of Potato Soup.
Pari' four small potatoes, cover
.'ith boiling wan r, boil rapidly for
live minutes. Throw the .valor away
and cover with a pint and a half ol
boiling water. Add a slice of onion,
a bay leaf, an I a few celery tops
chopped fine - the Kn ell leaves of Ihe
celery xx ill answer the purpose;
cover ;:iid boil I.", niinniey. or unlil llu
pola:i,:s an' soli. While these arc
boiling, pnl a pint of mill, in the
doiibl ludler. add u table spoonful oi
butter nnd one of Hour rubbed to
gether; pu-ss Ihe potatoes through a
line sieve, using the water In which
they were boiled; add this mixture to
the hot mill, in the double boiler. Sltr
u:ii!l thoroughly healed ami serve.
Brown Broth.
Put txvo tablespoon!' ills of butler In
a frying pan; add txvo tablespoonful
of chopped onions, two of chopped
carrots and cook until a golden broxvn.
Put these in u kettle xxiib u quart of
boiling water and a bay leaf and sim
mer l.'i minutes; press through a
sieve. W'llile (lie soup Is simmering
put about a tablespoonful of sugar into
an Iron saucepan and when it browns
and burns add two tablespooiifuls of
chopped unions, then txvo or three
spoonfuls of water. Add this to the
soup; add a tenspoouful of salt and a
salipoonlul of pi ppcr. Strain the
soup, return it and settle; add half a
phil i I blocks of bread that have I n
stirred up with be, Hen eggs; bring to
i boil and serve with grated cheese.
Venison on Toast.
i'or a chafing dish A cup of butter,
l cup of grape or curraul jelly, one
hall cup ol rhi'iry, sail and pepper to
lastc. Thoroughly cle:in ihe venison,
xiping wilh a dry cloth, cut into dice,
-i ml xvla-n above mixture is last boil
ing li'M the xc iiis hi and allow il lo
:oi,. from three lo live minutes. Avoid
linger i oi Mug or It v. il! toughen.
.-'i'!Xe on toast, using a liberal annum!
of the deliei.ui.-. graxv All you pre
pare will fast disappear.
For Tired F eet.
Path'.- the Pel in old water, if po-
I'll--; if cold v.atei ia unpleasant, u -"
x, : 1 1 1 1 1 inil ! t i ii plain, un.Kcenleil
Put three ilmps ol carbolic
acid in the xxuicr. ley thoroughly
wilh a soft loixel and then sponge off
xvlih equal purls of water and alcohol
Hew to Make a Buttonhole.
Here Is the way a dressmaker cuts
biitioiil oles in mateiial that frayed
"asily. First she inai ked the billion
idle, then stitched close around it on
he sewing machine, before cutting It.
"bin prevented the fraxing und gave
iouiLihlug II nu lo work uu.
Round About New York
Gossip of People and Things
in the Great Metropolis
THAT Wall street has been look
ing forward to anxiously ami
with iimrh speculation for several
years has actually come to pass In
the "House of .Morgan." The "old
man." as .1. I'lerpont Morgan Is gen
erally called in ' the street." has to all
intents and piu-oscs gone Into retire
ment, and in his place In the most fa
moiis hanking house In America there
reigns .1. P. Morgan. Jr.. or "Jack."
as he is more frequently called and
spoken of In the same district. No
nne can cry. "The King Is dead'
Long live the King:" for the head of
the house Is very much alive. Only
he has handed over the practical ad
ministration of his banking concerns
to his son. while In his magnificent
new library on Fast Thirty-sixth
street he Is spending the exciting of
his days In the pleasure of the col
lector am Id his collections. Like nil
the things the elder Morgan does,
this change In his banking house was
accomplished with little nourishing of
trumpets. So quiet and gradual has
been the process that until the last
few weeks but little attention has
been paid to the Important change
which has for several years been go
ing on In the house of Morgan. Of
late Morgan, Sr., has not been in
any too good health, and for more
thau a mouth has not been in the
; i l . ,vii
THI-: heart of New York's China
town, which was wiped out olli
dully at a recent meeiing of the
board of estimate, when a new park
to occupy the acre and a half block
bounded by the Itowcry. 1 lovers. Pell
and Moti streets was authorized, i-s
owned largely by Chinese firms and
Individuals and includes the Chinese
theater, in which several Chinese re
cently were shot to death In a high
hinder war. the joss house, and all
Ihe oilier oriental features which
have made the locality the most pic
turesque plague sl in the city. I'.e
fore the year is ou' niosl of ihe In
habitants xvlll have moved to Hrook
lyn, where they are establishing a
nexv Chinatown, and the narrow,
crooked streets around Chatham
Squaie are alTording their last pic
turesque spectacle to the "rubber
neck" tourists in the celebration of
EKiHTKKN thousand lawxers are
liting more or less luxuriously be
rause of the controversies of indi
viduals and the results of crime In
the metropolis. Ninety two others,
candidates I mm the law schools. wen
admitted to the New Yoi k bar a few
days ago, anil there Is scacccly n
week In which it locally piominent
legal light fiom some olhec part of
Ihe country, seeking a wbliT field and
higher fees. Is not added to the stead
ily Increasing number. Nexv York has '
a population of approximately I. .'ata. - j
ouo, and this means that there Is one'
lawyer to every 2."i0 Individuals; not !
a very large number from which lo j
dm xv a clientele, Il would seem, when I
the lawyers themselves and those:
who cannot afford the luxury of law
are subl rncled. Yet most of them 1
have an opulent look that speaks eh- :
qucutly of prosin'ritv and suggests
Kit WSION builders
a re planning to 1
ITl invest 'u. uiiu.tiiiu within
along til" oneinile stretch of
aires" Itow. in fifth avenue
a vear
Kiiclt has piactically i -lo e a deal
for the purchaM' of the Lennox Ii
br.-iry site in Fifth axeiiue. Im i ween
Seventieth and Sexent v first street.
1'he properly is in tin' mldsl of the
storm eeiiier of the !u" " and its
dimensions are L'nii I ;;.". loci The
library trustees have a.ded b'gi.la
tixe peiiuis-iou to -ell the gro.o.d
The pi ice asked Is said to lie M.i'il'i,
bun. Mr l-'t icl. now ha i a leu tear
i a of tbe (iem ge YilUib'lbllt ni in
.ion. on 'lie Kilty first slreeet corner,
at f'U.oou a xo.ir. during Cie pust
few month.- more than .mmi .(hmi has
been paid fur mansion sites in upper
I.';,. I, .......... I,.U ,,f I I....:.. I, iim.iv i
llllll ,1, -11,,-. i. ........
wiil elect homes to cost double tin
price of the land, tubers who haxi
been holding costly sites I'oi the j,j3t J
financial district at nil. Every time
the stock market tumbles dlsquletini;
reports are circulated from one end
of Wall street to the other thai the
"old man" Is seriously ill. and in
spile of frequent denials from other
members of ihe linn. Including
".lack." the reports persist nnd come
to the sin face at every laxor.ible op
portunity. 1 1 ut l here seems to be
nothing immediately alarming in Mr.
Morgan's condition. The affairs of
Ihe great house of Morgan are now in
ihe hands of three men, .1 P. Morgan,
,lr : tii orge W. Pei kins and Charles
Steele. Mr. Steele is the legal man.
so that the heavy financial work, for
merly liie Joy of the "old man's" life,
is in the hands of .lack Moigan and
Perkins. Not that these are the only
members of the firm, but they are the
active ones. The Morgan firm has II
partners, but the members, other
than those mentioned, are little more
than head clerks. .1. P. Morgan. .Ir.
is by no means an Inexperienced boy.
lie is tu years old and bis training
In the Intricacies of banking h is been
long ami thorough. Whether he will
prove the genius In the world of busi
ness that his father has been remains
to be seen, lint if genius consists ir
an cvccsslvo devotion to hard work
he may compare favorably xvlih UU
illustrious father.
the Chinese nexv year, which I; now
on. All the bu-iiiiess transactions of
the last 12 months haxe been closed,
every Chinaman has paid his honest
deb's, all the praters have been sai l,
and the advent of the new year,
which occurred on (be morning of
I'eluuaiy 12, was celebrated with the
explosion of tlioit-ands of firecrack
ers, which a special ordinance of the
board of aldermen, passed al Ihe in
tercession of "Little Tim" Sullixaii,
xx ho ranks next to Confucius In Ihe
Chinese calendar of saints, peimiited
lo be hung In ropes and festoons fioiii
house lo house across the sheets.
Togged out In their biiuhtesi. nanx
garb, the Inhabitants of the quarter
aie making the customary New Year
calls ami imbibing much rice and
liquor. So far not a Mongolian has
been Killed, however, and in that cir
-fiimstaiiee Is read Ihe sad fad that
the glory of Chinatoxvn has dcpailed.
an inquiry inlo the methods b which
Il has been acquired There Is I ho
field of politics, of course, an. I ill
New York thai lakes care of many of
the poorer iittoinexs, while praelico
betoie the civil and criminal cmiits
of Ihe cliy and stale accounts for n
goodlx number of pbsobis; bul It Is
to ihe enormous volume of business
t ra nsai'i ions thai Ihe maiorily look
for snppoil Mailt of ihe meal linan
cl.-il and coiuinei cial Institutions hae
prominent laxxyers al Ihelr heads, and
all ol them are equipped xvlth one or
inore s.'ll.llii il employes xt hose legal
advice is iielb tiensable in transac
tions Involving, as the. fiequenlly if it,
millions of dollars. In addition to
these soinces of Inioiue there ver
mine than II.'i.oihi transfers ol leal
esi'iie last tear. Inxolxiug about.
$t.:!I.V"lin.iMtii. and niosl of Hu m pro
vided handsome Ics lor Iiiwot-
lew teats are givim- final in.-b'n tmni
to I heir an hiieels s a re-nli of
the fie l ttate id prosperit t It.' tl.H
swept Ihe einintiy ri'iell'lf it i: plott
nhb 'he la -1 letliaitlillg Xtieanl site.,
a long .M 1 1 1 1 1 oi o i 1 1 Itow w II !. cov
ered b man -don . Pi tie i ate noth
ing h - . than tam-x en proud old
Kilth axetnie. At the s.nph end of
Millionaire.-.' l!ow land i- In iii.Jir'
$r.'.o flour foo'. t the t ii north
end. b.totid iidr-.v C.-i t m-;- ie - man
.ion. p i , sought ai $.". ouo a ironf
t.-.t Vet t lit i ',- land i- lo he ba al
llio.e price.-. None will be for sabt
soon be. -au.se M i l i mail e .' lion Is fill
iug fa a ami ottner- a'e ;o ivoa'lhy
that I liet- do no' tbiiil. ol selling.
When ,ie la .1 few lis are lasen liv
mansion builders the en'ne si retell
of the row XMll be cornered, mi lat as
oiijjers are coticeined. Ii is not
ilifm nil to lori'.-ee a time when n sit,.
on that pail of I'iflU aveuue will t1
UdUUIil pi il t'li.'-iit
; ai iT r rV1 -

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