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It Pays to Advertise In the Rising Gon for It Reaches More Homes of Colored People than any othet Paper In the State.
Mr. J. P. Craig, a member of the
Second Baptist church and a high Ma
son will have charge of church and
lodge news. Mr. Craig Is a biblical
scholar and fully competent to render
efficient sarvlce. A young minister
of the educated type, and has the
highest respect and good will of a
host of friends. All churches, lodges
etc., are requested to make out your
schedule and bring It Into the office
of the Son, No. 914 E. 12th street.
Both phones 780 main and grand.
Rpeorter of Lodges and Churches.
Black Diamond
Development Company
Rev. Mrs. Fannie Brown and daugh
ter and Mrs. Cox are visiting iu Den
ver, Colorado.
Miss Ida TuckeT who has been
quite ill since the death of her father
is able to leave her home again.
The churches are having quite a
success here with protracted effort.
Dr. Phenix has quits a practice
here, we hope the report about him
going to leave our city Isn't true.
Parents open your eyes. It .. will
soon be time to elect teachers again.
Prof. China and wife of
visited in our city Sunday.
Rev. Brown, pastor of the M. E.
church preached a noble sermon last
night, it being his last sermon for
this conference year.
A $2,000 RALLY.
The following business and pro
fessional men of Kansas City have
signified their willingness to assist
the Y. M. C. A. In raising $2,000 by
the first of June as a building fund.
That the public may know who Is In
let ested In this effort we will print
tne names and the amounts paid in
cash and pledged to be paid by June
first. The ministers, physicians, teach
ers, barbers, mail carriers, postoffice
employees, hotel men, police and fire
man. Executive Board Y. M. C. A.: Ed
ward Ross, James A. Lee, John Hun
bord, D. C. Klrby, Tames Ford, J. V.
Chicago, March U, 19t7.
Dear Friend:
As per request of Prof. T. W. H.
Williams, our Kansas City agent, we
are herewith enclosing to you some
printed information pertaining to the
Bluck Diamond Development company.
The pamphlet of the managers report
of November 14 covers quite a his
tory of the Muck Diamond Develop
ment company from the date of in
corporation up to that time, which
will give you a very good Idea of what
this company has done.
Since the issuing of this report I
wish to say that well No. 6 has been
drilled and finished and proves to be
another good gas well; also the con
necting up of our wells to the Kansas
Natural Gas company's pipe Hue has
been pushed with all energy and is
nea'ring completion.
This work would have been com
plted much sooner, but account of the
high water In the Neosho river and
the bad weather which has prevailed
In Kansas for several weeks, we
have been unable to get pipe delivered
from the city of Chanute, to our prop
erties, six miles east.
Fred A. Westcott, our manager. Just
returned from the Kansas field last
Wednesday where he spoilt several
days looking after the Intersts of the
company, and the work that is being
done Is certainly very gratifying, and.
barring accidents and unavoidable de
lays Kansas City will be burning
Black Diamond company's gas within
the next 30 days.
Everv stockholder will Join us in
rejoicing over the good work which
has been done by this company in Its
first year of existence, and the grand
succees we have made.
The time will come in the near fu
ture when the name of Black Dia
mond Development company will be
heralded in every community through
out the United States us one of the
grand successes achieved by "Grace,
Greenbacks and Grit."
The Black Diamond Development
company is another strong example of
co-operation and consolidation of
brains, money and energy, to which
ever ystockholder has contributed his
or her share in building Its success.
In regard to there beng any stock
for sale will say, that there is a small
amount of stock which can be had if
taken at once, price being uGc per
share with an allowance of 10 ikt
cent discount for cash in amounts of
$100.00 or more.
In addition to this will say that
there will be no stock for sale In a
very short time as the company's fi
nances are in good condition, as with
the amount of stock now under con
tract will have sufficient money for
all necessary needs to put on a divi
dend paying basis, und consequently
the sale of stock will be closed as soon
as the last share of this block of
stock Is contracted for.
Hoping you will give this .matter
your immediate consideration und ad
vise me of your wishes, I remain,
for session 190t!-19t7 the largest I A few dllV8 tm, N(U
number in the history of the depart-I Xvrto Elks, which, like the Mai-
Mr. Edward Baker, Jr., Is collector
for the Rising Son. Please pay him
your subscription and tell him where
he can get a new subscription. Now
don't give him the same old song that
you slopped the paper six months ago
or. ordered it stopped.
W. G. Smith, artistic painter and
interior decorator, of Cleveland,
Ohio, will have an Interesting ex
hibit of designs made especially for
this occasion. He has had twenty
years of active experience ,and stands
high in his calling one In which few
men of the race are engaged. He
has had charge of the Interior decora
tion of many public auditoriums and
private dwellings in different sections
of the country, and his work is en
tirely satisfactory. The embellish
ment of the St. Thomas Episcopaal
church In Chicago and the beauti
ful, decorations In the home of the
late Senator M. A .Hanna in Cleve
land, are samples of what he can do
in his line. At Jamestown, Mr. Smith
will have two artistic celling designs,
two types of mural decoration, and
five panels. Bhowlng five different
grains of wood used In making up the
decoration scheme in buildings of va
rious kinds.
All Negroes who don't desire this
paper please notify this office 780 M.
and 780 G. Don't wait until our col
lector conies around. This paper is
going to the front by the good loyal
Negroes who want an enterprising
Negro Journal. This paper cannot
exist on air and news. We must have
the money. Pleuse take notice.
Mrs. D. A. C. Jones, of Washing
ton. D. C. an energetic business wo
man, who entered the hotel business
twenty years ago with fifty cents and
has now amassed a fortune of over
J70.000, is collecting an unique ex
hibit, and will give much of her time
to the- work of making the Negro de
partment a success.
der General George Washington
moved forward to overtake the Brit
ish under General Gates, a gun of
curious make was left ut the camp.
which happened to be on the outskirts
of a farm owned by a colored man.
John Iewls by name. This gun,
which has been preserved In the fam
ily of John Lewis as a sacred heir
loom, has bwn kindly loaned to the
Negro Exhibit, and will be found in
the Negro Building tit Jamestown.
Scores of relics of the Revolution
ary and Civil Wars, related to Inci
dents In which Negroes have had a
part will be among the striking ex
hibits in the Negro Building at
The field agents are asking promi
nent citizens of the various states to
cooperate with them In the work of
collecting exhibits, and are meeting
with favorable responses at the hands
of the substantial people everywhere.
In 1776. when the Colonial army tin-
In answer to numerous requests
the Committee states that there are
no funds to be used In paying per
sons for making exhibits for miscel
laneoiis advertising, holding meet
lugs, etc. All of the available funds
are used in the construction and
maintenance of the building at James
town, the employment of the few
field agents for the transportation of
exhibits to the building. Much of
the work done by individuals must,
of necessity, lie a labor of love and a
contribution to a cause which carries
benefits in which every member of
the race will share in euqal proportion.
nwnt and most of the students are
graduates of high schools or have an
equivalent preliminary education. The
Medical and Dental Colleges are in
full accord with their respective Na
tional Associations, and Howard I'ul
versity diplomas are recognized in
every state and territory of the I'nited
The time has now come when our
graduates need the facilities and in
struction offered by a post-graduate
course and polyclinic, and the Medical
Faculty Is ready to respond to their
call hence It has been decided to
Inaugurate a School of Post-Graduate
Instruction In May and June. 1!07.
and we believe that this new feature
will mark a very Important epoch In
the history of the school and attract
a large number of practitioners to
avail themselves of the ample facili
ties Of the New Fivednien's Hospital,
which Is costing more than half a
million dollars, is national in char
acter, and scope, and is destined to
be a center of polyclinic education.
Undergraduates attending the
School of Medicine will Increase
Just In proportion as this polyclinic
Is a success. Parent will naturally
wish their children to study at a
school where ample facilities are af
forded in every branch of medical,
dental and pharmaceutic instruction.
As' Howard University Is the best
place for the colored professional man
or woman to specialize after a
thorough course of study, It is th
place to send the children to prepare
for their life work.
Howard University will then It
doing her whole duty standing for
higher education along all lines for
those who desire sticn instruction anil
carrying out what was in the mind of
the man whom we all love and honor
-the great founder of Howard Unl
erslty. General O. O. Howard.
Night School.
Secretary Sliadd contemplates rec
ommending to the Faculty that nlgiif
instruction lie given to those employ
d during the day. provided the As
sociation of American Medical t ol-
leges will approve of his suggestion.
President Thlrkield and Dean Rey-
burn consider It feasible and pust to
the many bright young men and wo
men who have passed the Civil Ser
vice and have positions In the De
partment ut Washington. Many of
these are well prepared for profes
sional studies. The matter will be
definitely settled at the meeting
which will be held in the City May 0.
1907. As a large number of persons
were refused admission iai wi-mm-i.
Secretary Sliadd desire the names of
all who wish to matriculate "its or
tober so that be may have data upon
which to predict his request that
Howard University lie allowed to add
this feature to the curriculum.
With a Post -Graduate Course and
f.,Knlliiie ii five year's course lor
night classes and Quiz Corps to pre
pare graduates for State Hoard Kx
animations. Howard University will
like first rank as u place for higher
Emery. Bird. Thayer Co.. Brown-
ing (EL King. Nebraska Clothing Co..
Stevenson's. Hubbard's Shoe Store
and all the largest white business
firms advertise with us.
Because, our circulation is twice the combined circulation of all
the other Negro weekly newspapers. Besides, a standing of ten years
in the community, from a point of authenticity we re foremost. From
a point of eduoational instruct! veness we stand preeminent, our rep.
resentatives are the most Intelligent Negroes In the jouica :tic Held of B
today. Our circulation is Increasing at a wonderful p dity, and as
soon as it reaches the 10,000 mark we will change it it cal'.y. Go
on, Rising Son, keep on Rising!
in Newport News, is associated wIKi
the Howard faction, applied to the
Stat. Corporation Commission for a
charter similar to the one now held
by Dr. Atkins' faction. Judge D. T.
Brooks and several other prominent
lawyers of Norfolk, represented the
Howard contingent.
Dr. Atkins engaged the services of
Judge Sidney J. Dudley and the Hon.
S. Gordon dimming and a protest
was made against the granting or
the charter to the Norfolk lodge. Th
attorneys for Dr. Atkins contended
that the Howard faction desired to
infringe upon the rights granted their
faction in the Virginia charter.
Judge Crump, the chairman of the
Commission, informed the attorneys
for Dr. Atkins that the Commission
has decided to refuse the application
of the Norfolk Lodge and therefor,
under the terms of Dr. Atkins' char
ter the Howard faction will likely be
unable to contlniK' doing business In
The Atkins faction has been rapid
Iv Increasing since the fiulit started
last summer and with the decision of
the Corporation Commission. How.
srd's faction has suffered the great
est defeat yet.
Richmond has one of the most pro
gresslve lodges of the improved Ben
evolent and Protective Order of Elks
In the country. For years it stood
loyal to the Howard side, but on De
cember fith, Iflnfi. by unanimous vote
it withdrew from the Howard side
and Joined the Atkins forces. It num
tiers iu Its members of more than a
hundred members many of the most
substantial citizens of Richmond
Tile members are progressive and en
thuslastir. Arranueuients tire being
made for a great public Installation in
the near future. This promises t
be one of the most Interesting enter
tainments ever given Iu Richmond
Among the officers of the l.odgi
ar: Mr. Andrew J. Brown, of lh
Richmond post-office. Exalted Ruler:
Mr. A. D. Price. Trustee. Wr. Wm. M.
Monroe, Trustee, Mr. Edward Cook.
Trustee; Mr. Richard Washington.
Treasurer; Mr. W. P. Burrell. Finan
cial Secretary; Mr. Walter Cowan.
Recording Secretary; Mr. W. F. Wil
liams. Esteemed leading Knight. Dr.
W. H Hughes, Messrs. Waller Pey
ton. J. H. Hayes. Esq.. W. M Miller.
Edward Clay. W. Isaac Johnson. E.
W. Brown and other well known men
are among the members. Dr. R. E.
Jones Is the Grand Medical Examiner
for the United Staled, and he I also
Past Exalted Ruler of Capital City
Lodire. Mr. W. .1 Benjamin, also of
this Lodge. Is the Grand District Dep
uty. Grand Exulted Ruler. Dr. W E At
kins will be in Richmond soon, and
will install the officers.
(Front Page!
Beginning with April the 1st lb s
paper Is going to give a diamond ring
to the solicitor who can bring tn the
greutist number of subscribers. A
free ticket to the Jamestown Exposi
tion to the subscriber who gets Hi"
lucky number. A gold watch to the
next highest number.
For the Best Regular Meals, and
Eiigh Class A-la-Carte Service go to
TDne DdeaD Catfe
One of the Finest American and European
Dining Rooms in the West
The New White Front at 910 East Twelfth St.
is tiie best; our cooks are the best; accomodation cant Im
Howard University Post-Graduate
Corse and Polyclinic.
The history of the Medical Depart
ment of Howard University has shown
that It Is alive to the advanced pro
gress made In Medicine, Surgery and
Dentistry. The fixed and definite
liolicy has been to make the school
the equal of the best in the country
and to prepare graduates for state
board examinations. The Alumni, as
a rule, are doing well and reflect
credit on their Alma Mnter.
"Nothing succeeds ltke Buccess."
and the school has prospered every
time and advance Is made In raising
the standard and the curriculum.
Day instruction has been a success
and the number of matriculates has
Increased. There were 288 registered
State Corporation Comrr-ision Re
fuses Charter Asked for by Howard
Faction Put. B. F. Howard Out
of the State Commission Held
Norfolk Would Infringe on Rights
Already Granted Dr. Adkin's Fac
tion-Howard Operates Under Ken
tucky Charter.
The branch of the Negro Elks, of
which Dr. William E. Atkins.
Hamilton, is the grand exalted ruler
has won a big victory before the Vir
cinia State Corporation Commission
The decision of the Corporation
Cmmlshion was announced a few days
nao and It now seems possible f tin
11 V Howard, who heads the otlie
hmacli of the belliuerent Elks, will
lie prevented from doing business in
the old Dominion.
Dr Atkins and his faction secure.
a charter from the Commission last
summer and Howard has been operat
Ina under a charter granted him I
Our fsd
Give us a trial, if we please you. tell others; if we do nol please y..,..
tell us.
Long experience has taught us how to give the people the best servie
nt popular prices.
Chas.H.Thomas, Prop.
Kansas City, Mo.
The Latonia
Cafe and Restaurant
912 East Twelfth Street
.i..:.. . II i.r'til
u remodeling, and attached a prtvaie mnnig
U Is now one of the
nicest of Its kind In the City, with its n-w electric
w mrrv the best the market can
seasons are Hlack llass, Catfish, Croppies. Ovsters,
Steaks, Chops and Fowls of all kinds.
Among which In their
Spring Chicken, Fancy
Neat wa
Iters and everything served first class, with soft drinks.

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