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Ten Thousand
If Pays to Advertise In the Rising Son
Great Prosperity Among the Negroes
in this Community, Especially in
the South End of Town.
Prosperity comes from labor. If
one in making a comparison of tbe
varying conditions of the Negroes
.you can see that within tbe last few
years in this city he has accumulated
a vast amount of property. Booker
T. Washington says for the Negro to
get property and start a hank ac
count. In Kansas City to a great
extent he has done tills. Going from
one part of the city to the other
there are a very few places where
one can find that the Negro don't own
some, kind of property In the vicinity.
This is very gratifying to the watch
ful members of the raca. The white
real estate men in tVie last few years
have begun to deny to him any
house ono could really call decent.
They have driven hlpl; out of most all
respectable neighborhoods and have
even begun to set nlni back In alleys
to live, and also are building old
barns into houses for them to make
their homes and rear their families.
Some of our bast Negroes have taken
exception to this treatment and their
great object notf'ls to buy them n
piece of property. . In some places
the Negro owns homes to such a
large extent tliaf the places have
been given nick-names such as Quality
Hill, Negro Hyde Park, Vanderbilfs
Lane, Big Four Hundred Neighbor
hood and many other names that
could just as readily be applied. Vino
street. Flora, Highland, Woodland,
and, in fact, Forest to Montgall east
from 12th to 26th South, and also
Including scattering portions of other
precincts, you can see an awakening
along the real estate line.
What does all this mean? It means
that the Negro Is leaving that old
crude state of Ante-Bellum days and
aw going to the front as men and
women to take part in the commer
cial warfare that is being waged.
Some of those who boldly struck out
to better their condition were the
McCampbell's, Love's, Howard's Wor-isas
tham's Shannon's, White's. Pul-
The referee who was appointed by
Judge Powell to report on the grant
ing of a charter for the I. 11. P. O.
Elks reported the matter in an un
favorable manner to the Court. Claim
in the main that there were some un
desirable characters in the Ixidge.
The Negro Elks In other States have
been granted a charter and we don't
see why that It can not be done in
Missouri. This matter should have
the serious attention of ever' Negro
Interested In Secret order work.
Mrs. R. E. Hughes and little daugh
ter left June 18 for a six weeks'
visit in Lexington, Mo., and will visit
in Hlgginsville, Mo.
In the west side a little dog that
makes his home around the River
view station was thought to be hav
ing a fit. Many persons were fright
ened. He bit a little colored child on
the leg. Correspondent
Messrs, L. D. HInes, Thos. Welch,
T. J. Benjamin and the tonsorial art
ists of Cowden's barber shop will
superintend a trolley party to Olathe,
Kan., Sunday, June 30, In the inter
est of Rev. J. Logan Craw, paBtor of
A. M. E. church there. Rev. Craw
and congregation are making great
preparations for the entertainment
of all who come and extend a cordial
welcome- to all. This is bis "grand
rally day" and $100 Is to be raised.
Join the party.
Negroes Read this Paper
. .
lam's. Allen's, Day's, Hawkins,
Patterson's, Jones', Garrett's. Foxe's,
Knoji's. WnHhtnirtnn'n. Griffin's. I
Cook's, Yates', Bailey's, Cole's.
els. Wiley's, and an Innumerable
host of others wnich this paper has
failed to give, but who shalj be
named at a future time, as this is only
an impartial list. But tbes are for tjhe
purpose of demonstrating tthat the
Negroe is not only coming, but is
here. The stronger the opposition, !
the bett.-r will the race be fitted for j ganlzatlon throughout the State anil
the harder parts yet to come. Som" ' discreet management, we can do
think that the race is going back, and much toward creating a healthy pub
that the prejudice is Increasing, but lie opinion in regard to ail n.iu
as viewed t.iiough the eyes of the , bearing upon the interests of our
newspaper this cannot possibly be. raoa.
These actions and acquisitions show I The Negro Is under criticism; he
to the contrary. What argument can needs defense; his civil and political
the white peopl.? present against that rights are In Jeopardy, he needs pro
wall of solid facts? None, as they can tection. For these reasons the dele
only accept facts as they are. Could gallon adopted a resolution while as
anything be more positively proven? . seinblud in the A. M. E. Cnurch, Jef
Does these facts show great prosper-1 ferson City, Mo., February 13th, 1907,
lty among the. Negroes? In many ,
cases th2 families buying have Jobs
that, don't pay theon over $50.00 per
month. Another thing that can be
carefujlv noted Is that the Negro bus-,
Incss places are picking up in busi
ness, as the thousands of Negroes are
beginning to realize their duty to
ward Negro business places. Another
phase of the proposition Is that those
who have no property are very anx
ious to became property owners. A
spirit which is no doubt akin to the
Kansas City 'spirit of raising (he
Standard. Some of these changes
have been brought about in a very
few years. One can fairly guess the
Negro is going forward. Let the good
work go on. Let all Negro citizens
band together for common welfare of
all. In another decade the Negro will
have made for himself a prominent
commercial value In ths community
The Negroes of Kansas City are
taking a rebound to the front. No
force can stop their progress. Kan-
City Negroes are nn example for
Mr. W. B. Coutee has composed
several pieces of music . and he is
sending them to the Jamestown expo
sition. His last composition la a mas
terpiece In that It shows the deptTis
of negro genius, besides the most
difficult tec. nlc and harmony, It
has a tendency toward the intona
tions of Gill cart. The foundation of
the song comes from tloethe. If tills
piece In the contest takes the prize
It will place Kansas City in first place
along the musical line.
Iast Tuesday night was one of the
grandest affairs of the season. The
new hall is the swellest place In Lie
city for colored people. The larga
electric fans made the hall as cool
as if you were In the open air. Do
not fall to go whenever you see the
name of Yeompn Hall mentioned.
Three newiy papered and painted
rooms at S68 Cottage Lane. Apply
to R. E. 8chryock, Pot-tal Telegraph
Bldg, 8th and Delaware-.
Mr. Geo. Walker. G2 West 133d
street, a ni' Tiher or tne meainrai
company of Willlnmg & WalKer. pain
the Rising Son a visit Sunday. He
was visiting the city for a couple or
days nnd.left on the 4:45 train en
route for Lawrence to visit his fam
ily. You can rent the Yoemen Hall for
any occasion. Call on Managers Daw-
scon and Trimble. 804 E. 10th or
818 E. 10th, flat, H.
for It Reaches MOre Homes of Colored People than any othei Paper
To the Cltlze.is of. the State of
. Missouri:
On February 13th, 1907, firty dele
gates, representing ten counties am.
the lyfwst cities in the State, as
sembled In the State House in Jeffer-
son City to enter their protest against
the separate car law, wnich had al
' ready passed the State Senate, and to
I appeal to the reason, liberality and
good judgment of the Railroad coin-
niittee and other members or the
House of Representatives who were
Fran-'present, to keep th proposed bill
from becoming a law. We are thanK-
ful to say that the better judgment
of that body prevailed and we nave
teen spared the humiliation to which
our people are subjected in many of
the other States. The success which
attended our efforts upon tais occas-
Ion, Indicates clearly, that with or-
Instructing qhe President una Bene-
tarv of that gathering to Invite a sol
earn convocation of the people of
Missouri through their representa
tives, for tae purpose of considering
the advisability of a per.nanent organ
The meeting Is .hereby called to
convene In St. IjoiiIs, Mo., opening in
Central Baptist Church. July 10th, at
9 a. m.. und closing tin St. Paul A.
M. E. Church, July 11th. All religious
dunominutlons. educational institu
tions, charitable associations, secret
societies, and any other organizations
in the btate not Included in tins num
ber are requested to send at least
ono delegate from each city, coinmun
itv and precinct to be present at said
conventions at the time herein des
Abraham Grant, President.
George E. Stevens, St. Louis,
Jefferson City Committee:
William T. Washington, Kansas
B. W. Stewart, St, Iiuis.
K. Farley Fisher, Jefferson City
IT. Homer Franklin, Jefferson City
C has. Turner, St. Louis
F. J. Shannon. M. IX. Kansas City,
lon H. Jordan, Kansas City.
B. B. Tully, Uolden.
J. T. Smlt.i, Jefferson City.
I R. Woolrlch, I,exington.
George B. Vasbon. St Louis.
A. W. Boyd, St. UuU.
T. B. Carter. Jefferson 'City.
J. C. Caldwell, St. Joseph.
J. H. Garnett, D. I).. Macon.
J. M. Rutledge, Jefferson City.
1oon Hill, M. I)., Boonvllle.
W. B. Brooks, Boonvllle.
' J. W. Unwell, Jefferson City.
U. F. Allen, Jefferson City.
Nelson C. Crews. Kansas City.
Homer C. Phillips, Sednlla.
J. B. Parsons, Jevferson City.
C. H. McKensle,. St. Louis.
Duke Dlggs. Jefferson City.
P. C. Glvens.
John Coins. Jefferson City.
J. C. Campbell. St. Louis.
W. C. Hiieston, Kansas City.
Thomas Bass, Mexico.
W. H. Huston. Pettis Co.
O. N. Grlsham, Kansas City.
Herbert Beach, Chilllcothe.
A. A. Gilbert, U'xlngton.
George E. Thompson, Knnsas City.
S. W. Parr. St. I-ouls.
Abraham Reynolds, Warrensburg.
W. S. Carrion, M. D St. Joseph.
J. R. A. Crossland, M. P., St. Joseph.
George W. Dupee. Jefferson City.
C. G. Williams, Boonvllle.
Richardson Ferguson, Sedalla.
C. W. Holllday. Sedalla.
W. D. Cook, St. Ijouis.
James Thomas, Warrensburg.
T. C. I'nthank, Kansas City.
F. J. Peck, Peck D. P.. Kansas
I J. T. Caston. M. D.. Jefferson City
Because They
Mr. C. H. Coimtee Is manager .if
tin undertaking firm of ( ounti" Bros.
With the assistance and cu -workmar
ship of his father. Rev. R. N. Connie.',
who Is well known, and bis brother
W. 11. Countee, they set. about to cs
talilish their undertaking linn I.
years ago. Through obstacles ami
niiii.erous disadvantages i,ny ili-
played that Ingenuity which Is well
known In them, of stlek-ti illvcncss.
until they paved the way and .wide it
possible I Mat a legitimate business
which is solely dependent upon tin
colo'fd iM'ople for xupport could
thrive, thereby making It easier for
others who wished to embark In the
same enterprise.
Wi have no need to mention to ear
renders that Counter if.;;:, are cour
teous mid gentlemanly as the best
Their continued success Is proof
enough for that fart. They have Just
f-omnU'ied the remodeling of their
place of business. Their morgue room
Is nicely arranged, their chapel is
grand, the display of casket h nml i
robes Is very good, their office and
reception room Is not to be coiuuared
with any, it Is- second to none. A
visit through their place will thor
oughly convince you of the above
facts. The next good feature of their
business method Is they have none
but experienced assistants to look
after the work. Mr. Countee lias
unite recent lv been elect ej Worship
ful MasT of Rone Iidge No. lir,, A
F. and A. M. thereby establishing th
fa el l bat ho Is well thought of in this
community, lie- Is the youngest man
that we have known to be elected
Master of any Masonic Lodge in Kan
sas City. Mr. C. H. and W. B. Coun
tee are also members of nearly all
the various lodges of Kansas City.
They are both energetic young :n'n
who believe strongly In advancement
and the success of any and all good
Dr. T. R. McUiln of Denver, Colo.,
passed thru the city last night with
his newly wedded bride, m rout" for
Denver, where they will resld
Don't Stay away from the employ
ment office because you have no
money. They will locate you so
that you will always have money.
(A m it
Know Our Cause Is Just.
The eight annual session of the
National Negro Business League Is
to be held .it Topeka, Kansas. Wed
ncsdny, Thursday and Friday. August
11th, loth and lutli, l!n. The Cen
tral Passenger Association Is Just
preparing nut Ice of its . nrraiigcm. ni,
of a one and one-third round trip
rate to be joined by the other passen
ger associations of the country for
the coming meeting of the League.
Mr. E. P. Booze, of Colorado
Springs. Colorado, is arranging to s. -
cure a special car with a party of
about twenty-five representative Peo
ple of bis section to attend the com
ing meeting of the League.
Mr. F. P. Patterson. Fourth Vic
President of the National League, and
manager of the carriage building
firm of C. II. Patterson K- Sons.
Grc nflehl, Ohio, Is taking an active
pari In Increasing the Influence ef
the organization In the state of Ohio.
A large number of delegates, from
this section will likely attend the
Topeka session of the League than
at any previous meeting.
A unique feature of the com'nu
meeting will he the presence, from
the Business Course liepartiueiit i.f
Western I'niversity. Prof. Albert
Boss, Director, of a number of Ne
gro young men and women steno
graphers and tye writers, trained In
this school, who are to be located In
the convention hall, ready to tnl.e
dictation for such business men who
would want to coiicsiniihI with their
l,tin!es or friends in this way din
ing their stay In Topeka.
The League will be tendered a
grand picnic at the iiiagnil'ieenl
pleasure resort "Vlnewood." about
six miles from the ciUv. On the even
lug of President Booker T. Washing'
ton's anneal address, the tnecilnu
will be held in the Auditorium, 'i
large assembly hall
thousand five bundled
League Lit 1 1 1 1 1 K-t . o he
scaling four
persons. The
served by one
of the leading caterers
of the slat-.',
will also be held in the Auditorium.
The Topeka Choral Club of mn
half a bundled veiecs will entertain
the visitors with their engaging
musical renditions dining the ses
sisious. Special selections ate being
rehearsed. All the clticns of Topeka
are assisting in every way posslbl
to make the meeting of the Li-aune
a great success. The stale and cllv
officials are co-operating with the
Negro Business League officers In
preparation for the visitors and .1
hearty welcome on all hands awaits
the delegates and friends. Ai ig
those who will formally welcome
the l.c.ig'le iitlcllillllts are. Hull K.
W. lloch. Governor of the S'ntc,
Mayor William Green, and Hon. ('.
K. Holiday. Tint later will represent
the Commercial Club of Topeka.
The Committee on Home and l o
cation have arranged for nil visitors
and league members to be taken caiv
of at an average rate of $l.u" per
day for board. Then' will be no at
I -iii pt to "hold up the delegates ill
this Hem. The officers of the Topeka
Ij-aiiiie have hist issued a special In-
vltal.inu to all I ulieis of the Na
tional League and their friends, uig
lug them to attend the meeting and
assuring them a prolltahle and inter
esting slay in Kansas. Detailed In
formation along any line and espe
cially as to accomodations can be
furnished by Mr. fia C. Guy. VI. c
Piesiilent or the National Negro
Business League. 311 West llth
Street, Topeka. Kansas.
The sooner the people are rid of all
the NVgro linposters In the various
public positions, tho better for tliu
Have you been to the new Arling
ton Theatre? If not. why not. and
when are you going?
I The Son knows everything that goes
on In this city, so bo careful and help
us make our race a deserving one.
I Stand for something.
In the State,
M'MIiKH 42
The paper Is endeavoring to show
that U ran Just as slrongly endorse
a man as it can repudiate one. In
our stand for the great body of Ne
groes in this city we wish to show
the people we are trying to lie just
and fair. For Ibis reason we lake
lor our sketch Dr. .1. N. Birch who
has .hardly been among us over six
.ars and during thai lime ntn sin
cere work shows for Itself. There
are many others whose names will
appear later on In some other is
suer. Dr. Birch came to Kansas City
with Just $. '.ii, (in and his medical abil
ity and today lie has accumulatel
Real Estate In Kansas City to and
ovrr tho amount of $ IO.oihi.oo. lie
has never missed and we know It by
his successful advancement to better
his office and to benefit his patient.
Dr. Binh has in his oflb-e alone
over II.oiki of Instruments, Medical
and Surgical Paraphernalia. At this
ttnie he has Installed another new
Instrument called "The I nlialltni iuni
for the treatment of cousiimpl Ion.
Asthma. Sypllls, Incipient Phthisis
and Cntarrah.
Searching around for some strong
INisitive force for the prevention of
the disease and the curing of the first
stage ho lias at last hit upon the
"Eureka or enemy of coiisiiinpt Ion.
The new Inhalltoi him was aipilre.l
at a cost of over Ini.n m. Ilesbb s
((Ills lie has In his of I tee the Sialic
and Xray; Tbe Nebulizer and Me
chanical Vibrator, in fact there is no
Instrument of Modern date that lie
1ijis not got In bis oltlee. Dr. Bln-h
leeognizllig the difficulty of Negroe.i
securing good houses hull! a row of
flats that are classified with any
Hats occupied by the white race.
Believing this will halp in a small
way lo inprove the sanitary condi
tion of the Negro. B, -sales ihiH lie
lias a beautiful house on (iai'liebl and
also bis own splendid resilience. So
xoii sec the paper Is taking an boiie.-t
stand to w I out the good from th
bad. To show who is making good
ami who is not. If our posh ion in
pointing toward the in-ciiniula! lug
Negro citicu is prompt, d Irom a
purely unselfish uiolise docs it not
conclusively, show that we are not
trying to run a sensational paper,
lint thai in our right lor right we
are running a paper of the people, by
the people and tor the people.
NO. 1011 OAK, ST.. AND 1712
This paper should not need lo deny
any charge of grafting, for everybody
knows that we have stood In I hi
eonniiunily for nothing but right
Another, thing we would not be
gullly of accepting money from that
source. If anv one knows the public
ihoubl know we stand for right with
out asking compensation. Knowing
Well that the public will uphold u:i.
The Son wishes to announce that,
we have changed the lady ussislaul
in our office, and we have now em
ployt i Miss .lerrine Hill, one of t ti
recent graduates .of Lincoln llluli
If ou want the best work done
cheap bring all of your job printing
to tliu Jdslng Son.
The Son ban a lady attendant who
will be here to transact all business
along the newspaper line."
A copy of this paper can be secured
at !MI E. nth stroet. Phone your or
der and we will send ono of our news
bovB to your home.
The newspaper men of tbe count,!. V
were ably represented.
Some men saw the cloud gather
ing and stnid out of the rain.
Why don't you come In out of tho
rain? Plenty room, Come In.

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