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Bomb Found In Boiler.
A nitroglycerine bomb of sufficient
power to have wrecked the plant was
recently discovered In the plant of
the Meyers Stone company at Lake
Hide, a Btatlon on the SouthweBt Mia
aourl electric line, ten miles north
east of Joplln. There had been no
labor troubles or other dlfliculties
and no motive for the attempted
crlmo is known. The bomb was
placed in a boiler of the plant and the
death of Kngineer 1 laker would un
avoidably have followed an explonIon.
i Civil League at Aurora.
On the day the local option law be
came effective in Aurora, an organiza
tion wan perfected known ns the Au
rora Civil le:i(.'iie, which has for Its
purpoHo the better enforcement o!
law, assistance to officers in law en
forcement and the public pleclKe. ol
Its members that they will support
for municipal and local officers, mily
those who stand for civic righteous
ness In its most comprehensive nenae
Partisanship is to be eliminated.
Sedalia Woolen Mills Burned.
The Sedalia woolen mills, a larse
two-story brick bnlldlnx In which 'JC
people were employed, burned re
cently together with its contents. The
origin of the fire Is not known posi
tively, but it Is believed to have been
set on fire nfter being robbed of goods
The water pressure was so low that
the fire department was not able tc
fight the flames successfully. The loss
is about t.Vi.ono, with $?,ri,00(i insur
ance. Stone Presents an Old War Claim.
Senator Stone has undertaken tlif
collection of a claim against the gov
eminent dating back to the Civil wai
when Union forces stabled theli
horses in the Catholic church in New
Hamburg. lie has introduced a bll.
appropriating $25,000 in payment ol
the damage done to the church build
ing. Senator Stone also introduced s
bill appropriating $125,000 for a pub
lie building in Clinton.
Blown Up By Natural Gas.
The home of J. W. Sage, a m
chanlc. was wrecked at St. Joseph b
an explosion of leaking natural gas
The hair was burned off Sage's head
and Hubert lioyd, a deaf mute room
er, was blown through a window
while asleep and badly injured. Al
the doors and windows in the house
were blown out. but other member
of the household escaped harm.
A Realistic Game of Cowboy.
While playing that he was a cowboy
and his four-year-old companion wat
an Indian, Ned H. Siarmer. 11 year
old. shot and killed George lilaksly
at St. Joseph. The Ikjjs were alone
In the room of the Starmer house. A
double barreled shotgun was used
Just one year ago the little sister ol
the dead boy was killed by a horse's
She Never Rode on a Railway.
Miss Margaret Davenport. fC years
old, died recently at her home in Kan
sas City where she was born Janu
ary J.0, 1S41. She was rtie daughter
of James Davenport, who moved tc
this county from Kentucky in 1838
He died In 1SSS. Miss Davenport
never took n railroad journey and wac
neve- outside of Jackson connty.
Clinton County Goes "Cry."
A', the local option election in Clin
ton county the county voted against
the saloons by a majority of 250. Clin
ton county will now be wholly dry
with the exceptiou of Cameron, which
has not voted upon the question.
Plattsburg, the county neat, will be
dry, too, although it gave 24 votes
in favor of saloons.
"Bill Club" to Dine.
"Bill Club No. 1 of the World" has
fixed the date for Its annual banquet.
The dinner will be given at the Snapp
hotel December 31 and the guests will
stay to watch the old year out and
the new year In. Another feature
of this year's dinner will be the ad
mission of the wives and sweethearts
of the members. A list of speakers
is to be announced later.
England Buys Mules.
The Hrltish government has bought
1.500 mules In Missouri, which are be
ing assembled in Lathrop for sMp
ment to New Orleans. The nnirnals
are destined for Hombay. India. A
shipment of 500 mules last year was
so successful that the business prom
ises to develop Into large proportions.
A St. Joseph Musician Dead.
J. Marshall Williams, for ten years
a soloist with Sousa's band in New
York and for two years in grand opera
in the metropolis, died at Chillicothe
recently after u long illness. For six
years he lived in St. Joseph where he
organized one of the bent choirs of
the West.
Found Petrified Log.
Some miners, digging a shaft near
Sarcoxie, discovered a petrified wal
nut log at a depth of 240 feet. The
outside had turned to stone but the i
Inside of the log could be crumbled
between the fingers.
Only One Vote for Liquor.
Only one man knowingly voted for
open saloons in Hume recently. Four
others cast a "wet" ballot by mistake.
The total vote should be 121 "dry,"
one "wet." Hume was already a
dry" town.
Even Drug Stores to Close.
Even the drug stores are to be
closed Sundays in Topekn and per
sons wanting prescriptions filled must
have them attended to Saturday or
else endure their ailments until Mon
day. Some time ago Mayor (Jreen
signed a Sunday closing ordinance
which requires the closing of all
pUces of business, except drug stores,
on Sunday. Even thci;o ure restrict
ed to the sale of necessary medicines.
Hut the dnigihts met and r.n ot them
signed an agreement to cos".
Pastes May Ee Restored.
n. ! Wagirener, attorney for the.
Missouri Pnclllc railroad, KiV-nis to bo
pf the opinion that the new anti-pass
law which becomes eff Ttlve on Jan
uary 1 In KiiDFns is unconstitutional.
"I am not hj hup?." ho nakl recently,
"that people won't ride on passes
next year. I think the law Is uncon
stitutional. It provides that no free
passes shall be issued except to cer
tain favored classes. If this is not
class legislation. I rad the authori
ties wrongly."
To Call Railroads to Time.
Members of the Mercantile club of
Kansas City will appear before the
board of railroad commissioners at Its
meeting and ask for a rehearing at
once to require nil the Kansas rail
roads to erect passenger stations in
Kansas City. The board has made an
order requiring freight stations to be
erected in that city and made a rec
ommendation that passenger depots
be built. The beard could not order
the passenger stations until after a
Buy Their Own Bonds.
Foreign investors will get no
chancechance at the $4t).000of refund
ing bonds to be issued In January by
Cloud county in place of Missouri
Pacific railroad bonds then coming
due and of which $20,000 will be paid.
Home people have subscribed for the
entire issue, there being 22 subscri
bers who take from one to 1G of the
$500 bonds each. The last of the $10,
000 has been subscribed.
County Officers Raid Joints.
The county ofilcers headed by Coun
ty Attorney Charlton and Sheriff
Paxton, raided the saloons of Coffey,
rillo and arretted five Jolntists. A
large quantity of liquor was secured.
The county atorney has started a
court of inquiry which will last sev
eral days and which promises sensa
tional results as far as this city ad
ministration is concerned. Ouster
proceedings are threatened.
Over 300 Attend Farmers' Institutes.
The farmers' institute held at Leotl
was a great success with over 800
farmers and their families to com
pete. Organization was made with
8. E. Lee for president and K. C.
Gerard for secretary. Discussions
were on wheat and live stock.
Messrs. Miller and Kinzer from the
state agricultural college were there
assisted by local speakers.
Saline Lost the Case.
K. Zanditon of Topeka. arrested at
Sallna for conducting an auction
store without a license won a victory
in the district court to which he ap
pealed from the police court. In the
police court Mr. Zanditon and three
employes were found guilty and
fined $400 each. The store will he
continued there as a branch of the
Topeka store.
Passed Consular Examination.
Tho announcement was made by the
department of state that nine candi
dates for appointment as consul had
passed the recent examination. One
of the successful candidates is Dart
ley F. Yost, of Downs, at present clerk
of the district court of Osborne
Burglars Blow Open Safe at Lyons.
ISurglars entered O. H. Tlcknor's
meat market at Lyons recently, blew
open the safe and escaped with from
$20 to $25. The safe was completely
demolished. The explosions were
beard by people living in the vicinity
but the work wns done so quickly
that no one arrived in time to inter
fere. Detectives are nt work on the
case and believe they have a clue
which will result in the capture of
the thieves.
To Enlarge Federal Building.
A bill to appropriate approximately
$10,000 to erect an ad.lition to the
Federal building In Kiinsas City is to
be introduced at this session of con
gress. Tills will be the result of a
visit to Washington of W. It. Childs,
An Old Time Kansan Dead.
George V. Townseud, sr.. Ci years
old. for half a century known in po
litical and business affairs of north
eastern Kansas, died at St. Joseph
recently. For many ars he was in
business in 'Proy.
Want Trains Restored.
The Missouri Pacific, through Its
action in taking off eight passenger
tralnB in Kansas December 8, appears
to have made trouble for Itself. The
Commercial club of Osborne, which
is affected by the new schedule on the
Central Hranrh. has filed a formal
complaint with the tate board of
railroad commissioners asking that
the former service be reinstalled at
the order of the board. This is only
one of the petitions that are on their
way to the board from nearly tvery
town along the Ou'rul Jiranrh.
Tortured by 8harp Twinges, Shooting
Pains and Dizziness.
Ilirara Center, CI 8 South Oak Street.
Lake City, Minn., says: "I w as so bad
with kidney trouble
r that I could not
M straighten tip nfter
cooping witnout
sharp pains shooting
through my back. I
had dizzy spells, was
nervous and my eye
sight was affected.
Tho kidney secre
tions were irregular
and too freonent. I
was !n a terrible condition, but Doan's
Kidney Pills cured me and I have en
joyed perfect health since."
Sold by nil dealers. CO cents a box.
Fostcr-Milbiim Co., Puffalo, N. Y.
"You'll be too old to sit on people's
knees soon, Dolly."
"Oh, no, I won't, auntie! I'm not
half as old as sister and she sits on
Mr. Wilson's knee. I'm never going
to be too old for that sort of thing!"
Physician Called It Eczema in Worst
Form Patient Despaired of Cure
Cuticura Remedies Cured Her.
"About four years ago I was afflicted
with black splotches all over my face
and a few covering my body, which
produced a severe itching Irritation,
and which caused me a great deal of
suffering, to such an extent that I was
forced to call In two of the leading
physicians of . After a thorough
examination of the dreaded complaint
they announced it to be skin eczema
In the worst form. Their treatment
did me no good. Finally I became de
spondent and decided to discontinue
their services. My husband purchased
a single set of the Cuticura Remedies,
which entirely stopped the breaking
out. I continued the use of the Cuti
cura Remedies for six months, and
after that ever splotch was entirely
gone. I have not felt a symptom of
the eczema since, which was three
years ago. Mrs. Lizzie U. Sledge, 540
Jones Ave, Selma, Ala., Oct. 28, 105."
Charming an Audience.
A young lawyer with political as
pirations was about to make the first
Important speech of his career. Ho
knew Spenker Cannon, and ventured
to ask his advice in the matter of ad
dressing an audience.
"My son," cald the veteran, "find
out what Interests your audifnee and
talk to it on that subject. If you
find you can't strike tho oil of its
attention, stop boring it." Success
Laundry work at homo would be
much more satisfactory if the right
Starch were used. In order to get the
desired stiffness, It Is usually neces
sary to use ko much starch that (lie
beauty and fineness of the fabric is
hidden behind a paste of varying
thickness, which not only destroys tl.e
appearance, but also affects the wear
lug quality of the goods. This trou
ble can be entirely overcome by using
Defiance Starch, as It can be applied
much more thinly because of its great
er strength than other makes.
Equal to the Occasion.
Pa I caught young Smith hupping
our Maria the other night.
Ma Goodness gracious! What did
you say?
Pa I ssid: "You are getting on
fast, young man." And what answer
do you suppose ho made me?
Ma Dear knows! What did lie
Pa He said: "Well, I'm holding
my own."
There In mrp Catarrh In thtt ..rttnn of trie wintry
than all oilier (ll.ea.ra l-ul l"setlier. and uwll the luat
few year, was .ui'inieeil lu I Ibi uralile. r - r a n-al
liianjr years flucl.ir. l-roliuuru-i-il H a linal ll.ea-e an-t
pre.rrltiml Im-al rt'lii-ltr.. anil by rnUlitiy f4l 1:.
to cure a-lltl l-.ru: ireatttient . ppin--uiu-eil 'I InrtnuMt1.
btiieD'-a lint pr.iT.-D l alarrli fc. tie a .nt It in iunftl tfla
ea. ami i hen-fur reiiutrrarni.iltiitl ii;altrca:-.rriit.
Hair t alarrh Cure. imnuta''ttiriil hy K.J.I lifi.ey
A ('u.,T"leilu,Obli'. la the only Int1tult.iiml cure un
the markrt. It la takuo Interna'ly In i)ot a from 10
drop to a tea.po"nful. It art. illr-cl!v mi llii l.ionii
and inticuii. mrla i. uf the ylein. i:n- ..tTuroiin
bundled dollara for any re II falla I., cure. bo4
fur ctrrulara aud tltiiou'al.
Addrent: F. J. III N&Y CO., Toledr, Ohio.
bold ij lirutrw'iau. "'--.
Taae uail a I onil.y JMUa for constipation.
Point of History Cleared Up.
The Dentist Now, open wide your
mouth and I won't hurt you a bit.
Tho Patient (ufter the extraction)
Doctor, 1 know what Ananias did for
a living now. illustrated Ultr..
Your Wife, Mother r Sister
Can make l-rntui, CIiopoIhI; and Custard
ph'S tiettt-r than thn HxfM-tt cook by uhiiik
"'OUK-I'IK." bh nil tin- incrcilirniii ur- in
ihv puckiiK'' rr-uil v fur Imini-thiitH uhh.
Kach package, tiotmh fur two lurKo pii-M,
10 cents, oriler to-ilny from your iiruo-r.
More men ar lnjnrod liy liavinc
thlni-'H mailt; i-usy for tlietn than by
bavins their jiaths bofot with difll
cultis. C". 1!. 1'arkliurst.
Clergyman Knew the Best Place to
Put the Whisky.
There was no fire in the smoking
car and everybody was blue and trem
ulous with cold.
"My feet fairly ache," said a clergy,
Then a drummer, winking nt his
nelGhbors, pulled out a flask of whis
ky. "Here's the best filing golns for cold
feet, friend." lie said.
And the clergyman extended tils
hand for the bottle eagerly.
"You bet it is." said lie.
He poured a huge drink Into the
glass, lifted It toward tho drummer
with a "Here's looking at you, sir," and
then, flipping off his boots, emptied
tho whisky into them.
"In two Minutes my Ice-cold feet,"
he said, "will be In a warm glow.
Whisky poured Into tho boots varus
the feet like a hot stove."
For Cigar Smokers.
When you smoko a cigar you want
a good line. A poor cigar I a niiik
abomination and a stench in your own
nostrils and in those of your friends
within smelling distance.
Tho trouble with most of us is to
find a cigar with rich, sati:-fying nrnma
and easy drawing qualities without
paying an exorbitant price for It. H
remained for Frank P. Lewis of
Peoria, 111., to solve the problem for
us. His Lewis' Single Hinder 5c. cigar
Is without doubt the peer of any brand
of 10c cigars on the market. The
Lewis' Single Hinder cigar is wrapped
in tinfoil and reachcB the smoker ns
fresh ns when leaving the factory. Its
smooth, rich, satisfying smoking qual
ities are a delight both to the palate
and the nostrils of cigar connoisseurs
everywhere. In spita of the fact that
the Lewis factory employ no travel
ing men tho sales this year will ex
ceed 9,1100.01)0, the demand being cre
ated solely on the high quality of tho
tobacco used.
Builds Church for His Own Use.
George Smith, who, a few months
ago, created a sensation in the dis
trict court at Reno by kneeling in
prayer in the midst of a murder case
and asking (iod for light on the evi
dence in the case, and who later se
verely criticised tho Judge for pass
ing tho death sentence on four con
victed men, has built himself a church
on the crest of a high hill, several
miles northeast of this city. The
church is right by two large roads,
constructed at much expense. The
building Is small, but artistic. It
stands in a country unsettled, and
Smith, who lives nearby, Is the only
person within miles of the church.
Tonopah (Nev.) Sun.
Starch, like everything else, is be
ing constantly improved, tho patent
Starches put on the market 5 years
ago are very different and Inferior to
those of the present day. In the lat
est discovery Defiance Starch all in
jurious chemicals are omitted, while
the addition of another Ingredient. In
vented by us, gives to the Starch a
strength and smoothness never ap
proached by other brands.
A Delicate Job.
Doctor The Increasing deafness of
your wife i.s merely an indication of
advancing years, anil you can tell her
Husband Hum! would you mind
telling her thai yourself, dix'tor?
Philadelphia Intpilrer.
Important to Mothers.
Examine cari'tiiily every but lie of
CASTOKIA u sate and sure remedy for
infants aud children, and see that it
Hears the
In I'so For Over :( Years,
The Klud You Have Always UoughL
All the Earmarks.
First Tramp (reading advertise
ment) Man wanted to chop wood,
bring up coal, take care of garden,
mind chickens aud children.
His Pal (groaning) Oh, these mat
rimonial advertisements muko me
tired! Illustrated Hits.
aim: vol it i.oTiir, rwi:nr
l'ne lied Cross It.tll lllue hihI iii;iKr tlirm
while ug.nn. Luce '1 .. tiai l.ug'-, j I't-tiU.
A woman can keep n secret if no
body cares whether she does or not.
OSI.V llK I'llllOMI) (II1MV:
That Ik I A1ATM K llltuMool IMNK l.-. for
tin- Oki. Mum ol V.. W. .Ko V.. ImiI llui W14
uvur to Curu u told In uuu J'uy. 'ie.
it would ui-i-in, in but li blind
and deaf.
H.A.r a. I I
-WJ aT
Drive all aches frem the body,
cures Rhcumatiam, Ncurnllu and
25c ALL DRl'GUISTS 50c.
SKA82ilir St them toi o ? Vicaf! I
1 K
313 -Girl Dolli'Drrtr.
ilh Separate Guimpe
auj Coat.
To Teach the Future Mother to Dress the Future Child
we have prepared The Bulterick Rag Doll and a scries
of patterns of attractive Dolls' Drewr. etc. This doll n nliout
18 inches high, printed flat in eight colors on durahlc cloth,
quickly and easily made up. Remember it is but a step for the
little ones from the making of pretty clothes for thrir dollies to
the more useful accomplishment of making dainty parmcnls for
themselves and others. For this reason we make the following
P 1 ftt . For 25c in (tumps or coin we will mail you The
jpCCiai Ulieri But'.rrick Rag Doll, and the two all, a-live Doll'
" " I'allcitu, dmvtn above iSrnd at erne lo
The Rug-Doll Department
Butterick Building, New York.
Only One Crop of Land
Don't Forget This and Don't Forget to Buy
Your Share Now Before it is All Gone.
You Can Get Rich in South Texas in a Few Years on an Investment of
$210, Payable $10 a Month Without Interest. Read the Following:
St. Jo, Trim, April 20, 1007.
Dr. V. Simmon, Pan Antonio, 'IVxaa.
D.'r Sir: I luive jut-t ii tuiii t Hum n '-it to vmir uri.nuo uti- rniirh,
wlif'tc I liavr trn tor the iurpM t-t initiatiiii; tin i-oinlit iont of foil,
i Innate, rumfiill, etc., ami iU uiiaiiiilulity to nnn-i.il iarnniif;, t lin k ((row nig
ml fruit.
1 found niinlil itina rrnlly lirltrr 1 In n rin toil, nml full, lip lit
r privi ntal mil" in your lili-mtitrc. The m il mviik to Ik of lino ii.ili(y ami
ol Mirli variety it to luaKc ilivrraiiit'il tattninic ray toiti piolil.-ttili.
While on tlie nni'li I li"'l the pleamne ol 'uMlinjr Hall, Kteiicliiiian.
Turkey Creek. Witi'lmill, Muley Cow nml lleailiii.n-ti ih piintuiex I ilnl
not kee tin; Vn'.uw panful-en hut wan nmureil ly di-inteieteil parties that,
it wuh even tietter Hum lliat vhiili I exainniril, unil lu-heying lair. I e.otio
Inline perfei-tly .-at ixlieil that )oll Law lite liet 1. 1. .pout ion, for the poor
man. in Suntlnvt-t Tcxa.
On farniN ti'lj. union your ranch 1 kiw line eropx rtouin without iirin
lion, unit this I eoiisiilir niuil kalile in nv nt the Meie ilmin-ht, uhnla
obtain tit tin tune over the enure xlate.
I nm sure thm will prove to Is' a fine fruit enovinK itvliou, e4,ei-iallv
for grapes, tie uinl hern', ami that tiie Hater miiIy is Hiitlii'ienl nis-tii
certainly to he proved hy t flim iiik nrteMan u lis in ainais paitr. of
luntuie, and thin tilni Nettles the 1 1 ink (.o-ewin pioioFit ion.
Vuu li.nu my lii ally i-mlnr.-euiftit on both nir Louis and plan of sale.
Veiy 1 1 uly vn'iii,
nit T. I-', l os i i;i!
l!enn ml'iT on jr f n tiu k or fuilt f .no of li-mi In I i IIIO a. n in th
fmoi-t i-ouiiliy in the wld, and (wo (nun loin tor yJlu.
Write for literature and name of nearest 0);nit.
215 Alamo Plaza, SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS.
i.ron tviny'
cm W. L. Doufffam maraVe mnd mora mrr-
mmn'mtXTBO.ta.OO mna J.Whom Uia
, . iimh an omp mmnuraclurmr
HBO wmria.
world, AVscawM Ihmv hold
mhmpo, tit mmllor, mrnmr lonowr,
iV mrm or Brmmtmr vmluo fnan anjf
mtiomm L IHm mtomld ta.dmn.
W.L.Oouo1mm $4 mnd $B DIM tdgm Bhomm emnnot bm mmuallmd af any or lam.
X If CArTION. v. I,. IteiiKlaa nmnn ami i.rl-o Is ar-iiiiiie.1 en lH.to.in. Tub fin fciih
Mitiil.. S-.lilli, til 1i.t lite il-:ilera ev.r j her.. Sha na!lt from fir-fury In an, iai
ol l ho wurhl. Illui.lralr.1 ctl,.n Itnv. W. I.. IMH ll., llr.M I, Inn, Hnaa.
n nil.
till fnrmM
.1 I t
VL ill I
CaVf I'll
312 - Giil Dr.ll Ki
nmno t i.iirf ot Dicji
ing 5.H li.
in tnm
Ihmlr mA
oihmr mm-
II 3
" ttSe,,,.
Mm W m .aa1Dj afl II
6 xzaa a
f(ltia, lit, iitia. trr Imim "b(.miI k ft 1 r.nn .r lnu 1 1 ill.
. UMlriir MuHKH II jl ll his I r VI I II II It I l,i o
1'ifitilr or III t K.-lm thn t.lr o.l mid i rial Limf na?
tf lt"l-fiir IU-1 riiilr 'r tin l.r in.' In f !.
ti tHMIlit tfi.airmtiti-)! (Miiiit,i.tiii rak'nr' 1 ! lie $t- mj
fitiiloii'ii i" iri' :! at m ( Kmr ifM if r nt -t.t t-kr ib!i br
ii in i f..i tirrr. Tut mlmm Ihm ( (N.ultl. HutintM lur fri
It.toklM Wa HVr, ll.'i.i tl ntt wuUi. laKt al!U.
in ri'luioly In ri itn, i tHilMiwra
ipin.ii.n"Htn-iiiiA( Cothon. Ind., U. 8. A.
hilia3 utt, mo.
Ail ffMliT.il fM Mtifrw unil ii lnrivhii wrr"! 'j0
ltvfi-ii W.l iiikI 4. jimI w ho U.nw U-hi1iI IfiMtiavrt
lUnirn Kl f'.f,- .lurif L K tri' Mill hl UiikI Vtli nal
li-. lltf-rU if I tip-ll' S Ml I ,lt If iHll.ll r tk lit All ttlft
'rH( jiii x-ti lit Ik iii olil i-iiitii-rH, vjI'Ioh ntiiii h'1rv
Flrt. Si .III' Tallin 1 fl HliV' Who Wi'lil Wl'sl .r hi-Hlfc
riT lii w.ir iiict ) iitf i ruiliHl fovfi-nnit i t Innd.
IJ'1 un - .itxl liuiki' J..r 4 .1 llii.li.-r WflU'l'S'iHT
M OUT. altlJIll '.ol,. l t'. tilt fllllla'-r VaMlaCUtV
Hat Bfa
Wild Our
U vis,, munnfnrttirr llufi: -rifcrt rta
Mr It-.l IIKI I. Ht'iM.MANt t it. ral A uijnmh4iiI
Outttrrri. ir 1 1 . . Nun 1 H I i M a M. a. N V
lu vrmf an. tr r..r m'u al 'ni .i.t .rl.-. by
nl-ltax M'IO-.K I I III, ),.., Un, I
W. N. U.. Kantaa City, No. Dt, 1607.

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