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The extraordinary size of many of the new hats and the profuse amount
it t. limning on them would aeem to be the limit of extravagance In these
(wo directions. Yet we need not look further back than the source and in
epilation of our present modes, to find ourselves far behind the extremes of
thuKt? bj'Koiie days. Rome of the hats worn by Marie Antoinette were made
f white straw braids, "the brims of which were three and a half feet across,
aid the crowns Seven and a half to nine inches high." These measurements
certainly look imH)sslble and our present day hats dwindle Into commonplace
Insignificance by comparison. Our author tells us these hats "were profusely
trimmed with field flowers, such as marguerites, bluets, (Hippies and grasses,
ami Mulshed with large bows und ties of many colored plaid ribbons, nine
Inches wide.
'Nell Uwynne, the actress, who amused Charles II. of Knpland, wore hats
t ali to measure four feet across wiili tttiaight brims, small crowns and loaded
vjth larf.',e-f,lzed cat rich plumes." ,
Kven In the matter of plumes we have not distanced the merry Nell.
Mury Stuart, QMn of Scotland, the romantic beauty whose character
liss pi-cven such a boon to the disputatious historians, bequeathed to posterity
a bonnet form that in unexcelled In grace to this day. The Marie Stuart bon-n-t
is too familiar to need description. It is a stately and beautiful headdress
which time will leave unchanged.
Home Remedies for Minor
Ills and Afflictions
There arc numerous minor ills
which appear so Insignificant as to
render the calllns of a physician un
necessary, and yet these ills, neglect
ed, may in the course of time spread
to serious proportions.
If simple home treatment does not
eause the trouble to disappear, then
more skilled knowledge must be con
sulted. -
Fur instance, tartar may suddenly
be discovered in some crevice of the
teeth, it will appear sometimes in
spite of faltliful brushing. Should It
have collected in any quantity there
must be a general housecleanlng at
first Take an orange stick and dip the
end not too sharp In a strong solu
tion of peroxide of hydrogen (it is
known by several names dloxygen,
hydrogen peroxide, hydrogen dioxide,
etc.). Then dip the wet point In finely
powdered pumice stone and scrub the
parts til) perfectly white. Each morn
ing brut.h the teeth with a wash com
posed of one part dloxygen and four
parts water.
Moi'.tb sores, ulcers, gum bolls, etc.,
create much annoyance at times. Use
freely the wash above mentioned, but
if a quick cure is rteidred for an ulcer,
drop into the center of it a pinch of
powdered alum. It will be bitter and
disagreeable for a few minutes, but
the ulcer will disappear almost Imme
diately. A pinch of borax In a glass of
water, used as a wash, is also effective
and harmless. In the meantime, look
well to the condition of the stomach,
where generally lies the source of the
Speaking of the stomach. Its disor
ders very often are evidenced by a
fetid breath. Should this be from im
purities or disturbing gases, charcoal
will absorb them very effectually.
Take It In tablet form frequently dur
ing the day.
It Is on the chilly days of winter
that the "frog" makes known his un
welcome presence In one's throat. It
Is often, too. that a husky voice is
most untimely, as, for Instance, when
there is singing or reading or much
speaking to be done. U'nion juice Is
used by some to clear the voice, but
its effects are only temporary, and it
Is a rather severe treatment for the
delicate membranes of the throat. The
white of.an egg beaten to a stiff froth
is an old fashioned but an excellent
remedy to relieve such congestions,
and if so desired lenmn Juice may be
added to It. I'sually a cup of hot black
coffee is effective. Another remedy Is
a tablespoonful of glycerine In two
tablenpoonfuls of whisky, and, still an
other, Inhaling the steam from a weak
f olutionf ammonia and boiling water.
For strained or Inflamed eyes make
a solution of boric acid and warm wa
ter, or of hydrogen peroxide and warm
water, and bathe the eyes by the use
' of an eye-cup. A medicine dropper Is
good for this purpose, though rnore
tedious to handle. -
Marabou Scarves.
The marabou neck ruffles are Im
mensely smart They come In all
widths and at all prices, the handsom
est being the white ones to be worn
around the. shoulders for dressy occa
ulnnr. For luncheon rear they are
charming with a gown of pale gray
and with a hat trimmed with a mars-
Vu scarf.
Women Farmers.
On the farms of Norway during
planting time more women than men
ire sren In Ibe fields.
m& New
Flowered Cretonnes Good
For Fancy Work
"I never did any fancy work till
these lovely flowered cretonnes came
In," said one member of the sewing
bee, as she took another stitch in the
queer-looking bag she was making.
"I have to sew on something that gets
done quickly."
"That is Just what I'm looking for,"
broke in the associate member, wh
was milling the latest novel to the
others while they wwked.
"Put that book down." commanded
the active member, "and I'll show you
how to make a pair of cretonne bed
slippers this very minute." The girl
of the cretonne bag volunteered to !
lend a yard of material that she
couldn't use that alternoon, and . the
hostess brought forth a common old
knitted s'.lpper as a pattern. Then the
active member cut out a pair of
cretonne tops by the old slipper and
told the associate member to seam
them up the back. A lining of plain
cotton cloth was cut the same size,
the edges turned in and stitched on
the sewing machine, and the slippers
were ready to be overhunded to a pair
of cork soles.
"Now get some coarse linen lace
next time you go down town." com
manded the active member, "and sew
it round the tops."
It was done so quickly that every
girl there resolved to go Into cretonne
fancy work immediately. At the next
meeting one was found making flow
ered bags for soiled handkerchiefs. A
yard of the material was gathered at
each end on to an embroidery ring
wound with ribbon to match. W"heu
the rings were held together the cre
tonne formed a delightfully capacious
bag. Another was making small table
covers, with centers of the cretonne
and a broad border of plain sateen to
match the color of the flowers. A
third was making a set of over
draperies for her sister's chamber win
dows, to be hung straight down over
the old muslin curtains. Still another
had Invented a set of bureau scarfs,
with an edge of coarse Cluny lace.
"And the beauty of It all Is that
you can do most of it on the machine,"
said the associate member, as she
basted busily at a cretonne pillow
Fashion for Children.
For a small child about four years
of age there is a charmingly simple
plaited frock of the fine navy blue
serge, witti a smart patent leather
belt in black or red, and ornamental
stltchings on the collar and cuffs. An
other pretty plaited frock which would
fit a glrr about ten years of 'age is
made of green and blue tweed piped
with green velvet, and this is worn
with a loose belt of tan-colored cloth
that looks like suede kid. The dainty
vest ia of creamy guipure and Valen
ciennes lace Insertions arranged alter
nately in stripes, and there is a little
cravat bow of green velvet at the
throat. For early autumn wear out
of doors there is a 1 cat costume of
navy blue sergn with a plaited skirt
and a Norfolk coat.
. Satin Blouses.
Satin blouses In the darker shades
are charming mnde up with heavy
white lace chemisettes and decorated
with Jeweled, gold or silver buckles;
and as these separate waists are often
worn with the cloth visiting costume
their tint matches the sat It) hat rathe
than that of the gown.
Soma Big Corn Yields,
.'olin VV. Snilth. n WpIIbvIIIr farm
tr, ban j'jt BnlnVd iiatiif rlin iln
corn and after wcljehinK it, sur
prised to And that from nn M-acro
put oh lie hail takru an uvrrae cr TO
biiMheln. C. O. Wh'ittie.v, mother
WrllMvri'e farninr. fathered out !3
ncres' ai.it weighed It ove-r tin- xinh'
nnd report an average of 57 btis!td.i
to the acre. The luttirwaj fjrtnnate
In soiling lila crop on the highest nmr
kit. of th jer. receivlnjt 4 cent., (in
the leeal nwrket.
"Gtt Thee Behind Me. Satsn."
No Iniicnr nhnll the tf-nijitlii' mirf
tedncilvH utrrpt rnlhvuy pn-; ni-nnee
fair li'lHlc.ilon and ndiiiiiil.ilnition l;i
Fori Scott by rxe rci:In;s Its spoil o.'i'l
the city coiiuclliiii n and the oilier city
offieialg. ty a tinmiiiiirms vnt the
city caiincllmcn deprived th'i,isc!vi
and Incidentally a ipuutx r of ot!i-r of
fiflulti of traiisiiort-'tiou pen;5;is;t'.
The ordinance io'.iiliU ilie olllcluls
from ncceptliiK nny r.Mlroad or K'reet
railway pasum, tlelteta cr t run sor lo
tion of any Kcrt.
May Revoke Licenses.
t'nlcss at an early rf:itr tbe proceed
ln;;s r.galnst the 78 Insurautv
comini-H luKrpra for uMii? the
i-.lilrlilne mie Looks Irinv, ruultK,
Strte Superintendent of Insurance (!.
W. Ilarnes inuy take drantlc action nnd
revoke Hrcnsts by the wholesale. Mr.
names hhvs he tlil.iku that uilt a
number of lie InKiiranc" cuuppui' :
are purposely delaying trial of the
Bulls now pending.
Crain Dealers Will Meet.
Members of tf'.e Kansas (Jrilii Deal
ers' association will hold tlnlr at.unal
mcetl'ig in Topoka, .lanii;ry 1 1' and
15. The ufyoclntion is made up of
smnll and lare uraiu l:i :i all cvr
Kansas, nnd the gathering, it Is ex
pected, will have considerable signifi
cance in that line of t oumi-nial act
ivity. It is said that from lMi to 2"0
men wiil bo In nttendnm-c 1 1 1 on the
Arrest Boys for Using Tobacco.
Mayor D. V. Hills of S ilina. has Is
sued an ird'T that ull bo;.s under J1
years of oc;c cAught smoking cigar
ret tes or using tobacco In other form
be taken into the juvenile court as
Incorrigible. A city ordinance recently
passed forbidding the sale of tolnc'co
to boys, the mayor sayi". will b'.- rlriM'y
enforced henceforth.
His Collections Were Slow.
.1. Albert Nelson, one of the leiniin:;
groccn of Salinn, committed suicide
by shooting himself In the mouth.
Death was almost Instantaneous JJ s
the result of worry over inability tc
collect outstanding ntcountn, filllioiigh
his Lusiuess was 111 excellent' condi
tion. Dead In a Wreck.
. In" a wreck 011 the Chicago. Keck
Island & Pacific, between Miueola Mid
Fowlrr, George W. Norrls. the engin
eer, was killed and the fireman and
an ussistuut trainmaster wciv slightly
Injuted. Snow on the track caus-cd
the derailment of the engine of a
freight train. The engineer lived in
Aged Woman Burned to Death.
Mrs. Elizabeth Iluikhnv, 77 years
old, six miles east of Wlnfield, was
burned to death, her clothing cutcii
in lire. She was alone, and It Is sii
posed that the accident happened
when she struck a match to light her
Fire at Wheaton.
A fire at Wheaton destroyed the
hotel, a drug store, a general store and
a hardware store. The loss Is $40,000.
Would Mean 8pecial Session.
P.ank Commissioner Koyce has
stated that a special session In Kan
sas to pass a deposit guaranty law
now under consideration by the gov
ernor will be necessary In the event
of the passage of a similar law by
congress. "In that event it M Im
perative," he said. "Without a fed
era! law I don't think that tlie bank
ers on the southern llin will gel hurt
any because Oklahoma has a guaranty
deposit law."
; Killed at Turkey Shoot.
Ira Say, a farmer, was accidentally
kill' d at loin by the discharge of a
shi.gun in the hands of Frank See.
The men were taking part in a turkey
shoot and Hay walked In the range of
See's gun. The load of heavy bird
shot struck him just behind' the Kit
ear and death resultcdlnutantly.
Jacob Linn, targe Land Owner, Dead.
Jacob I.lnn, the wealthiest man in
Harvey county, died at ldn home in
Ilalstead. The cause of his death was
heart trouble, from which he had
been confined to his bed for a week.
Agricultural Board Meets.
Topeka will he the Mecca of agri
culturalists and live stock producers
during the early part of January. The
state board of agriculture will hold its
annual meeting in Representative hall
January 89 and 10.
Lawrence Loses Pioneer Merchant.
Anson Storm, a hardware merchant
and one of the oldest business men
still iq nnhe life at Lawrence, was
found dead lu his chair In hlr. r.ioins
ner bis sto.'e. He dld suddenly and
Hubby Jtitst look at that Idiot, Fita
joneg, what a charmlnir. amiable lfo
he has aeema to me all the llpRet
fools pet hold of the prettiest women!
Wlfey You're right, nobody knows,
that better than I do.
Post Card Petition.
The National Syndicate or Hallway
men In France has adopted a novel
method of petitioning the president of
the senate In favor of a measure
which has been waiting Its turn for
ten years. It has had 400.000 post
cards printed and distributed to Its
members, with a request that they be
signed and forwarded. Corresitnndence
addressed to th.? president of the sen
ate does not need to be stamped.
$100 Reward, $I0!.
Tbrdr of thti paptrwUI l ff'.-mcil to If its
ibt lbre Hl one dricl H'; Knra
If beta (hla la rnr In f '1 I ' ' .. '- ,h,t "
Ztimtrn. Min t Ctrrh Cur U tlie on'y p.ltl
:uri iw known to ib me4!ol fratrrnuir. Cuurru
fln cimtltui.ni! dl-. rrvwrrt ntlta
Noual trcuunt. lUlt'i Caurrb l u-u lu
teruAlir. ftrilnc dirrctijr upon ilie u;...y t ,! mu.-oui
mrfkc-i vt W jMeni. ihfrnbr d-tirolo; tlm
foundation of th rt I .. and itltlu ilia xtl..ui
tireovin tjr bull'llnjr up tu con-iltiitln and aii
Ins naliire In dolii ' wort. The nr..prlcior liava
olliuin fallbtil In run Che poaen lie T ultnr
On Hundred Doliara for any can thai ll falls lo
tire. Snd for If at of i-iilmoula.a.
Ad Iran r. J. CHENEY 4 CO., Tj4 , P.
Hold liy all Druitliu.
iak Ua'.i'i I'aul.jr i'lllt for contilpa'.l .11.
Not Reformer.
"I should think you could easily
show the errors of your political op
ponents." "Perhaps," answered Senator Sorg
hum, "but if I should convince them
they would simply adopt my sugges
tions without giving me tiny credit for
them. The opposition's mistakes are
a part of my capital."
Who Likes Lemon Pie?
You should try at one OfK-lE"
Preparation for delirious Iiiiin pies. A
sdy says: "I will iicvvr aiiitin try to muk
lynion pie In tlm eld y While I roil get
'OI'K-FIK' Preparation." Try it and you
will "' lliu auine. At grocers. 10 runts.
Often the Case.
"A man should think twice before
he speaks."
"And a woman three times before
she sings." Harper's Weekly.
For Over Half a Century
Brown's lironchlal Troches have been
unexcelled as a cure for hoarseness,
coughs und sore throat.
The active only have the true relish
it life. He who knowB not what it is
:o labor, knows not whut it is to en
oy. Jay.
Dial la I.AXATIVN HKOM'l Ul ISINK. I, for
iHt algmitura of K. W. 0II0VK. L w-d tliu Wor'd
ivrr to Cure a Cold In tms Dar.
In the spring tho gardener's fancy
!urns to thoughts of green goods. i
Lewis' Single Kinder atr.iiglit .V ripar. i
Made of extra' quality lolmrai. 'S our
Jealrr or Ia-mm" Factory, 1'eoru, 111. I
A bluff Is all right as long as yon ;
?an keep the lid on.
Clear white clothes are a siyn t li.it the
jnusekeepcr uses lied Cross li.ill l!!ue.
Lurise - uz. package, 5 cents.
An excuse is seldom a justifiable ex
. HoUtuot
May l)tpmnarrTitv ou'itomerjy proper
personal efforts vntKlKc as&istance
of the onp truly bcnelic'ial laxative
remedy, Syrup ojhgfi and lUutr afScsue,
wKicK enables one iojorm regular
Kabit ctoily 50 tlial assittanre To ia
ture may he gradually (JiSponscilwirfi
VitwH ho longer needed a$tKede.stof
remedies, wrtm rcijuircd, arcto asRtst
IteAurc antt hot to supplant the ralur.
a) functions, vlurK mufit depend ulli
tnotelL' upon proper nonri.Jmieht,
proper cf for tjt.uwcl rifKt livin6 getirralfy.
Togetits oeretciQl c(fccl$,a)aA
My tKt genuine
' Rianufoftur'S by ikt
Fio Sytrup Co. ow.y
oat tat only, regular pn 50( an Holt I
Positively cured by
these Little Pills.
Tury Alao rellrra Pl
trvsa from U) Hi,Mla. in
diKrattou nnd Ton llrurty
batluir. A s r(i':-t rein- 1
fdjr lor Diulnr.a, San
aa, Druwslfu'MH, Had
TM Id tli Mouih,t'oHt
d Tuniru. Pam In tli
Hide, TOKPII l.ivrat. '
Ttary irgulate tha iiusels. Purely K-taijl. i
Genuine Must Bear
Fac-Simile Signature
That an article may be Rood n well
aa cheap, and Rive intlie Kntinfaetlon,
I proven by the eitraordinary al. of
Defiance Starch, each packape con
taining onothlrd jnore Ftnrrh than
can be had of any other brand for tbo
same money,
Wledoni Is the olive thut Bpriwth
from the heart, blonmeth on the
tonguo and hearcth fruit In the ac
tions. E. Crymeatone.
t& lfmnBr-
At.rotlOL 3 PthTt Nir
Promolcs Distiortfhf r rful
rtt'ss aitd Rrsi.Com dins neittw
Opitmi.Morplunc norftiiaral
Not Narcotic.
Jmpcit SirJ"
InWajriwaTrK 3B.
Annrfi-rt RiMnpdv forrnmlkia
lion , Sour SlnmacliDlarrlmtD
racSinnlf 3tMuu uf
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
, rot tVIRT'
MtMarttorTHC familv.
sf: w. L uotiwam mumen mna
KXO ,,.'. M2.BO. MS.ttO mnH 9H.BO
thmn any ofioe mmnutmcturm
ItSST" avoWrf, Bowas Ihmv hold
ra ra rum.W. jm C
mil m lf wim Pllri wwmm r ,ur. tfirrg mmm
s srs or avwafci trafua thmn any oth mtn
W.L.Dovo1mm 94 mnd 9B OIH Edoo Shorn eannot tm auatoaf ml any petoa.
t P ('AI'TION. V. t.. Ilotvlna nntne titid iirlro la at.iiiiiM.. en l-.ttnn. 'I'nk Nil S11I1
tllllto. H.1I1! i lln Iir ,Visl-5 4rtl)llrr. Sli.-a ,,, i ... t fi,.in IsHory In ni.y . lit
JUiawotU. lllu.lruu.l oulal. g tram. V. I.. IMHl.l A. Kr.x klon, Maaa.
tiEALhKS. OK I'Y MAIL Oil hht'EIKI OF 15,-. IN JDr tACL Ij rAMr.'i
A substitute ior nd suprrior to mur.laid or ary oiIit pl.i-.'rr. nml will not
blister the mo-t lirlk-Mte : V.in. The pain-allayiiiR and rurauve cpi.ilitli-s ol tin
article sre wonderful. It vit! f.le;p Ihe toothar lir at on. r, tnd relieve llrad
pch snd Sciaiica. re commend it a', the heM and s.ili:.t mlrrnal counlrr
Irritant known, elr.o as an rxlrnal rrmrdy (orpaiiv; In thr clirr.l und rlomai li
.ind all Rlieumalic, Neuralgic and Gouty compluintn. A tti.il vull piove what
we claim for it, and it will be (mind to te In v a lu.ibl- in Ihr hou'rluild and lor
children. Once ur.nd no family will te without it. Many foplc ray " it it
the best of all your pirp.ir.iliun.'.." Arreul no preiioiatiuii of vu:elinc unlei.r,
the same carries our Intel, as olrftrwie it Is not genuine.
Sand your address and wa will mall our Vaaellns Booklet daeoalblno.
our preparatlono whlcli will Intoroat you.
17 Stale SI. CHESCBROUGH MFG. CO. Vorh City
This Is What
Catches Me!
()iie Tl.lrU Mum Hturvh.
1 ,mmmr
ii, imnp-7 for
j mm9Qmio
Aliilralrra. anmpip. IWivi anil Parlor raM fiatac,
IScanlt. I'ariuc Cucol Burux I a , i Iikku. 111.
"XXZ:: i Th mpion't Eye Water
W. N. V.. KanfJH Cltv, b'o. ". W7
For Iiifantu and ChiHren.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
For Over
Thirty Years
mhomm M1
In thm ,.
1 1 .
aj. liVSNoEtlVAL.
1 ,rk '
No premiums, but one 'third
more utarch than you get of
other brands. Try it now, for
hot or cold starching it has no
equal and will not stick to the iron.

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