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What to Do with Present Tea Muofc
for Puii'o Inventor.
Marshal P. Wildr related at a dla
wr a striking pe'-sonnl experience:
-When I wait a hoy In Onnava." h
Mill. ' I was once taken through a ho
ytt Al for the Ibs.uk that was not fal
trim the town.
"Many strange, in any teniae thingt
J saw In this hospital. l it what tf
Jtcted ,me most deeply vva 'he slglil
a yuan man of Inteil'grn! ami i
tnet appearance who os with his
Wd In his hind tnumWim over and"
er and over from mornins till nlsht:
"'I can't s'raplt a'.vnd waist
and It won't en In my porc'. It Isn't
tn ati'muo'die lmin. lvr;i.it i wou'l
Vow. I! Uti't a lam p. fur I: won't lleht.
can t i ti t I' on niv fro- inl It will
ot o vr my head. It i neither a
fountain pen. a pipe nor triilimnli'fa
Urometer. ! looks li!;e : i-of clove
Vut I" li not a tennis lacii'iet. I
"Ti:r:ilt,C away. I ii-l:ed the m fl
tie ymi'ac in. in' history.
' 'Ah. sir. a sa I ..' the krepei
aaid. On year bko thai there ynn'114
aian was prosperous mi l unowned
tie rlnest puzzle itivenmi and de.
lithe rer i.i the whole durn conn'ry.
Hut on thiln::nas a untii! woman j
jive li 1 in a p-esent Hi ! w"h hel
u handii and in try in' to dr-ui tniiia
tt name ami I'd ue the pour IV'.ioW
eo;uiie whnt you see'"
One Curious Rsult of the Earthquake
at San Francisco.
-.1 ,
VJ Y '
- r v "
y V.
f. II t'Ol'XTHKK.
(' II t'oiintee. of t'ountee Ilros, I'll1
di". i.ik'i s. haviim computed u course
in a I'hiiaun and New York School
ol' Anatomy, Siinlt.iry Silence and
llllilialiiilliu, is now tiefore the public
eipiil'pi'd with entirely new Ideas.
Servlni; an iiitidlliteiit and prosper
mis people they have heen htillllllatl'd
i.i are:itiT effort.
'I'll" n ipiiri inrtits of the times lire
esilate a sclent Itle growth ill their
1 i 1 1 of work.
('oniitee liros. nre thoroughly pre
pared to render their pillions iulinite
ly lietlcr sendee 1 1 it It ever before.
They have employed Ihe latest Im
pnned methods, used In Ihe larer
;i-t"iii ell Irs. to assist thrill III Hiie-
i.fnll v handling all I'ases. All work
Delightful and Novel Kxperlanee)
Rudely Oiapeiled.
"Oh. thank you!" exrtalmed the de
ll Kh ted wife, as her husband handed
her lara;! bunch of monojr and told
her to ato rla:ht down tnwo and buy
everything she Ilktd.
"Don't mention it," replied the hue
band. "I want you to have everything;
your heart dealrea In tho way of
dreaaea and bonneta tlila winter. I
realize that I havn not been, as (ten
erotta aa I should have been, and 1
hojie I may be able to make up for It
now. Here, take thia double handful
of $20 gold rdoera. too. I.oolc out,
there! You're dropnina thoin."
Hut the double handful of Kohl 20a
full to the floor and wnt jlncllng here
and there, and tho husband laughed
merrily until
It was the alarm clock, and aha
heard the voice of her husband Baying:
"I'll be late to work again to-day.
Say, lend me half a dollar, won't you?
I have not enough money for rarfare
and lunch this morning. "
It la such dlstresalne occurrences as
this that make women wish they had
married the aqulteyed. freckled boy
who afterwards left home and became
a plutocrat.
We moat sincerely thank the par
ents for those letters received at our
The Palace Clothing Company has
a large addition to their already large
supply of gooda. The colored people
must go where they receive good
treatment. Mr. Lacy and the reat of
the gentlemen at the I'aluce have al
ways endeavored to be fair with the
negroes. Oo to the I'alace for your
Christmas goods. '
The lod at llaitford and H ridge
port, Couu., have, united with u
which glvee ua eo.cv.gh lodges lor a
Grand Lodge In 'hat State. The
three lodges which cotne to ua In the
District of Columbia with the five we
have there mako enough (or a Grand
Lodge there. He wus outspoken la
bin praise of the g aid work done tor
union by Col. Geo. H. Carter. Grand
Chancellor Watty, Tasf. fJt and Chan
cellor WllllaM, Blra. Henderson,
lllackwell, Dlgga, Strange and others.
When here tho Sapreme Chancellor
had a conference with Mrs. Llllle
Jonea, Crand Wot thy ''ounnellor of
thu Ornnd Court, and Mrs. Koala
Klchardson. Paai. Grand Worthy
I placed in their hands is attended with
It has Just been dlsrovet"! that the dilim-ueo. I'nleliiy and exactness,
vpheava! of Ap 11 18 did funny ihlnxsj i'iunit'e Urns, are the only emhalm
to the wells In the cour'yard at thi,,,.s Kansas City who associate
rear of the .:n Francisco p-'nt. saysLinitjm 'science with ibelr work mid
1a Chronicle of thai fit v. For ears ,.., scieinilically disinlect your resi-
wrlor to April 1 thesn had been "rilt- ,,., ruruit 111 ami elothliiK, in ensea
ary. well heharud we'is. yielding ,,t' contauioiis or Infectious diseases,
water plentifully when a s'eain pain p ,siii elv preventing luiiher Hpread
as employed Hut now 'hey are j Mj- t)ll, ,is,.;Se.
poutlng artesian wells, from which a;
steady stream of water Hows when
pumping is done. This was iPeov-J
ted when the pump wa- taken out for
repairs, the eouityaid heini; tluod'Hl j
viihiii a short time.
Th wells were b'tf I tinny years
Mo. and are about IT. feet in depth.
Tfceie was apparently n Humeri auean
connection between them, for thei
ssiuipinx f w :er !-om one lowered j
i water In the other. Normally, tne
water was within :0 ft of the sur
imcn. and that was the condition when
tb pump was taken out last March.
JCeoentlv. for the tiist time since
March, the pumps were again re
moved, when it was discovered that
tie water flowed freely.
Greek and Roman Art llary.
Greek ori'.ln" w - irlu h was ti'
t4 0y ihe Romans wi'boiit nv ma
teiial a. ration -was almost without
t-xreptln .s. dependent on the hand
Vi principle, says the Technical
World Maganine On trjing to shoot
a larger bullet to greater disiancea,
elastic aims of the bow were nec
enearily made so niiong ax to be no
Jooger susceptilile of tlth: nin( by
iaod. A tension r ft had ihiTefore
ti be Atied to how. which Khaft
a tlshtcni'd w'.ih levers or hand
wdels. 'iuailj. as the power of
fciws a'logetber failed to innire the
Wcency ilesiied. their bending elas
ticity was replaced by the tenelonal
Jasiiolty of nei,.-H. that is. ropes made
from animal sinews, woman's hair, or,
ta an emergency, horsehair.
How the Honolulana Toboggan
Half a Mile on One Wave.
At Waildkl. near Honolulu. Is a
famous bathing beach. Here, winter
and summer, the surf canoes, or bet
ter yet. the surf boards, come danelng
In on the long rollers and men become
There Is no aensatlon quite eom-
parable, aaya the Travel M".gaxlne, to
riding a surf board on a Pacific roller.
It la tobogganing nn a moving hillside
of water, or, if you are clever enough
to stand tip on your hoard. It la taking
this hillside on a single big ski.
The beach runs far out before It
shelves Into deep water, and at high
tide the breakers be-in to mount al
most half a mile from the shore line,
You go out there with your surf board
and wait for the wave.
You learn to catch It at the right
moment, throw your ' hoard Inshore
and climb upon It Just as the crest of
the roller mounts and catches you.
Then on this crest you sail In toward
the shore, to slide down at last when
the wave breaks, down the foaming In
cline Into shallow water and churning
foam. It la royal aport.
We wlnh to explalu to the public
concerning the article on the young
High school boys and girls. In the
first place we do not hold the teachers
to blame In the least. Their duty
stops when they have imparted knowl
edge to them each day. The moment
the children leave the building their
parents tire responsible for tl.elr ac
tions. We wish to say In connection
with thin comment that the High
school bus a collection of teachera. the
hcut Hint, emilit lie found III nnv imrt
of the t nlted Btatea. for the colored Anybody could jet money If having
people. Pror. G. N. Grlstium and his H a really the loot of ail evil,
corps of teachers are very superior In j . .
their various lines tit the school. So
let no one construe that the article
was intended as a slam at 11 ny of the
Largely Increased Returns for the
Breeders of Ostriches.
"Undyed and uncurled ostrich feaOv
era feathers In nntnisl state
Will be s good deal wcro from now
on." iald the salesman. "la ronB
queuce the price l as gom up.
"It has (.one up all along the tine.
Tie eggs, the cbloks. the blrOs, the
teti tliers. all have risen.
"The crop plucked from bird
w worth $"." lat year, Vut It Is now
worth IliO.
"Eggs that used to b1I fot two dol
lar apiece bring three dollars to-day
and. by the way. In buying ostrich
Counsellor relative to the transfer of, Rs whnck them with a key and see
that department. An extra aesslon that they give forth a clear, ringing
of the Grand Court lias been called j ound, for if tho sound la dull they arc
to meet on the !'.)th of November, I those papier mache eggs that hara
and the same at lion taken by the . tooled so many ol us lately.
Grand Lodge wll
Ornnd Court.
be takeu by the
I Mrs. Emma V-'I ay and Mm. A lrlun
Smith gave an afternoon lundinou af
ter matinee at the Haltlmore Cafe,
121'" Haltlmore a' enuc.
And Diatrict of Columbia Return to
the Fold.
Campaign of Education Inaugurated
by 8upreme Chancellor 8tarka
Adda Over Two Thousand
Members to Mother
Haltlmore, Md., Nov. 16. A iiai-
pier set or Pythlana thnn those in)
llultimore and the State of Maryland 1
cannot be found in the broad Juri
diction of the Supreme Lodge of N.
A., S. A., ti.. A., A. ft A. This hap-,
plness is caused by the consumma-j
tion of the long pending negotiations,'
to unite with the mother Jurisdiction.!
No subject relating to Pythlanlsm j
has been watched more closely and '
no question lias created such unlve.--;
sal Interest as that of union. For
Unwritten Law.
"You are charg'd with the theft of
a horae. Anythttif to say"
"Your honor," r sponded the man at
bar. "I claim Jut tiltcatlou under the
unwritten law."
"Unwritten law?'
"I made It a la r of conduct to steal
anything In sight, and did this while
still too young to write."
Necessarily th court took the case
aader advisement.
Chicks and mature bird. If the de
mnd keeps up, will nearly go bark to
their old time prices. In the eld days
a fiood pair of adults was worth 15,000,
and chicks brought 500 apiece. The
price tlropped to 1150 a pan for adult
and 120 a pair for chicks. Now,
though It has risen 20 per cant.
''I have seen wild ostriches in that
cinnamon-colored waste of aaud and
Etone that la called the Sahara desert
a clnnamonolared waste encircled
by flnnje-red mountains and I have
chased them many a fine on a fleet
Arab. Dut what Is a fleet Arab beside
an tstrlch? It 1 a mute cart beside
a 9s horse power racor."
A wob.afi In a rniWDiry store
to-day looking for a rtw hat Her hair
looked like a load of bay, but she kept
saying: "All I want In something be
coming: I don't care what It costs."
A SoHIq of DhQiunagno
years supreme gmnceiior s. w .'.with every Gallon Purchase of Whiskey or
Oin.k.. 1. . j ea--lr t.atLin 1 if n n .1 1
W. II. ( III N'I'HI'.K
The wife of an 1 mi;- officer at a
western post recently had ccaslos to
riait a small ne'uhbo: ing (own. to do
aooie nbopptnu at what Is called the
Centra! stote. She was much enter
tained by the variety and antlijul' of
the ' 'irk of vooiIh. mid as she pa.sml
e 11 h r eyeh were aitiacted by a pile
nioltoes. elaborately lettered and
raately framed the upper one being
he. sj 1 IptuiHl pp-sage: "Walk in love."
As she pau-eii. the clerU. a dapper
yxKine man ol more affability ihan ad
vantages, supped foiwa d with tlie re
mark, "Them are the latest things 1n
sot toes This top one is aw ell to put
over a yon tin lad's dom --Walk iu,
love.' " Lippincoti's MngH7.lne.
The Pope and Cardinal Vaughan.
On the locasion of the great Marian
rongrcs in Home, t e pi.pe bum
OMtnvd Father Hernard Vaughan to
f.jisent the Knglish speaking po
eVs. The lullaus weie ama.ed to
tad him bo ui l i llsh. as they
thought, hi his dru'uatle style. The
story goes (say., a writer in the New
Oxford weekly paper. " "Varsity Life
Illustrated") that one day ths pope, in
ihe presence uf one of his cardinals
ilmicked the preacher's style, where
Kn Rampollu exclaimed: "And he
an Kuglishman'" "No," teidled the
sope, "he was born on the top of
Mount YesuvtiiH. and we sent him to
tsgland to cool."
The members of the Oil Folks'
and Orphans' Home Assoc I itliin de-sin-
to thank most heartily the kind
1 fiends who so generously responded
to Uieir ThanksjiiN inn nppeil. Ks-
pei-jally are they Ind' lited to he pul-1
lie schools and churches.
The following is 11 list of donations:
Manual Triini;fi HUh School. .$in.2.'i
Lincoln Ili-Jh School 17.20
Lincoln Sc-hool 8.2a
I loimlns School ,
Ailuc-ks School 12.00
At tin Ls Sch, ml. Itosedale 2.23
Harrison School 8.0.1
1 truce Sscool 4.2a
Allen Chapel .7f
St. Aimusllna .Mission 3.20
Central Christian Hiurch 1.00
Vine St. Itnptist Church
Bank Booka Oddly Lost.
Very few slips were made by the
men In charge ' the HrltUh post of
fice savings bank system, but many
curious Incidents occur that cause
them to be wary. It. often happens
that bank books, are lout. One lost
bonk, book disappeared In a storm
wave, which had swept away all the
effects of a coast guardsman. Another
west down the gullet of a clrcua ele
phant; a third had been eaten by a
goat, another by a pig. wh"e a de
structive puppy had rent to pleees the
record of another troubled depositor.
I All IIiam lnuM hv In h invAStl.
gated and made good. An army ser
geant complained that he had lost his
deposit book "while In the act of
measuring a recruit for the army."
Ceiitttilii.il Church.
Provisions were sent by Manual
'i'raiiiliii; High, Lincoln llih. Altitt'k?,,
Attacks, Itosedale, llruce. l'enuJatiU
Thatcher Schools. : ;, '.
St. y-!trfrs'i .Mission and Second
Itaptisl Church. Messrs Robert
Sell. -lis. and lloseiibloom : Mcsdam&s
llettv Scott. A. .lones ii ml Callk) Ed
wards each has donated a ton of coat
this autumn. The Association also
ileslivs lo thank the public for the,
sjilcndid patronage given to the
Hazaar recently held at the Viie.!"8t.
Auditorium. ,JVt
A lull report of the affair will be,
given at an early date.
F.Mcntiraged by the universal liber
ality of the community, II is the Inten
tion of the As!ciation to erect In the
spring a new Home which will be a
credit to the Negro population of
Kansas City. As the Henelit bequest
which has been reserved for that pur
pose is wholly Inadequate for the
erertlon of such a building, it Is hoped
that the public will continue to con
tribute to the Home that tho Request
may be kept intact and also largely
augmented by generous subscrip
One Dimension Didn't Suit.
Everybody In Hlddeiord. Me., knows
Aldermsn Walter Lane, of ward Eight.
One of Tork county'e venerable attor
neys went into his barber shop not
long ago to get his head measured for
a wig. On taking the dimensions of
the lawyer'a head the barber ex-
! 0' 'claimed: "Why. how long your head
1 40!ls, air:"
1 "Yes," replied the legal gentleman.
we lawyers must have long heads."
The barber proceeded with his voca
tion, but at length exclaimed: "Why,
Ir. your head Is as thick as It is
The disciple of Bla kstone looked so
black that the barber told the boy to
Light those other cliaudellers."
What Red Coral Is.
The red coral 'that li used for neck
aces Is a horny axis which supports
s number of soft bodied, coral like ani
mals, or polyps, the entire structure
tearing a strong res niblr ice to a
.. - . U A. .Amsn afA
I imail snruu. i u-t n. t-i uim, .um
:hey have brought this shrub like col
lOBjr to the surface, clean the soft snl
'sal matter away, preserving the red
re, or ails, which is sold as Jewelry,
thotuh red coral con aim some lime
a la largely composed m iuiwiuc.-
illn to horn, and. like horn, it takes
IHne polish. Horn, wool, and other
al substance of this nature al-
t Invariably change their color
a brought into Intense heat. St
olaa Magailne.
17 t 1
An Inapt Comparison.
"He looks like, a Greek god,'
the girl who raves.
"I shouldn't say that." replied Miss
Cayenne. "Most of the GieeU gods I
tave seen In art galleries had vacant
stares and pieces chipped oft tbelr
eurs or noses."
How It Sounded.
Hiss Thumper That old gentleman
st led when I played the nocturne. He
said It reminded him of Uia past life.
Is he a ereat player?
Mr. Chumpor No, be' used to be a
Una tuner.
A continunl stretch of politics to
November, 1908.
Well, the politicians nre nvvnkeuing
from their slumbers.
Where nre ye Negro political ora
tors? Come forth.
Change of Method.
veatlgations don't seem to be held
spirit of courte.y and forbear-
Ithat onoe prevail-!," remarked
l-tlme statesman
answered Senator Sorghum;
Utuatlon Is becoming rather dif-
People now htd investigations
they really want to find some
thing lut, instead of merely lor tne
.ake ol soothing their minds
Roosevelt hns announced that bis
third term decision Is final.
Let us close up some of these dis
reputable rooming houses.
. An election of sheriff In Jackson
county Is only three weeks off.
The Knowing and the Unknowing.
"When It was reported to the dlrec-
ors thut the cashier was looting the
lank, tt ey all resigned la a body."
"Why da you suppose they did
"I can t say, unlees it was they bad
curtoalty to know something about
ce mattt.r." puck.
Starks bus worked patiently and
faithfully to bring about the desired j
end. It required a campaign of edu-j
cal ion and this was made. When the
Pythian of this jurisdiction were en
lightened and shown the truth situa
tion the work was done.
(rand Chancellor Ceo. A. Watty
issued a call for an extra session of
the Grand Lodge to meet In the city
of Haltlmore on October 31 to decide
whether or not they would unite with
the mother organization. Kvery lodge
in the jurisdiction. Including those In
the District r Columbia, was repre
senter unci in addition to the duly ac
credited representatives there were
n. nre than five hundred Interested
I'vth luns present. Grand Chancellor
Watty called the Grand Lodge to or
der ami stated the object of tHe meet
ing to he whether or not we shall
united with the Pythlans of North
America. South America, Europe.
Asia. Africa and Australia. Dr. Chas.
II. Fowler, who Is the Grand Medical
IMrector of the Grand Lodge, present
ed a resolution to unite and moved
its adoption. Without one word of
HsctiKsion the vote was taken am!
the vote for union was unanimous.
Supreme Chancellor Stnrks wan at
once noli lieu nun it was arranged to
make the transfer on November '.11.
According to agreement the Su
preme Chancellor arrived here on the
morning of the 14th and was char
tered at the Myrtle Hotel, of which
Geo. II. Carter is owner and
proprietor. At 8 o clock '1 hurtiday
evening lie met Grand Chancellor
Watty and his cabinet, which contests
of the officers of the Grand Lodge,
and the final transfer was made and
It was proclaimed that from that
time henceforth and foreverniore the
Grand Lodge Knights of Pythias of
the State uf Maryland and District of
Columbia would be subordinate to
the Supreme Lodge of N. A., S. A.,
K., A. A. A. All matters pertain
in to Ihe working of tlie order were
gone over carefully lit order that a
thorough understanding would be
had? As a lining close to the long
drawn out campaign for union, Col.
Geh. II. Carter tendered the Stiprt-nie
Chancellor, Grand Chancellor Watty
and bis cabinet a banquet at his
hotel, it was past one o'clock a. m
when the party reached the beautiful
dining room of the Myrtle. ThU ta
ble was laden with nil the luxuries
afforded by Baltimore's splendid mar
ket. Mrs. Carter, who seems as much
interested in Pythlanlsm as the Col
onel himself, assisted In making It
pleasant for the guests. Thoae prs
ent at the banquet table were iu
preme Chancellor S. W. Starks, oft
Chaj'leston. W. Va.. Grand Chancel
lor Geo. A. Watty. Grand Chancel
lor Geo. A. Watty. Vice Grand Chan
cellor Truly llatehett, Grand Prelate
Thaddeus Copeland. Grand Past
Chancellor Lewis E. Williams. Gra id
Medical Register Chas. A. Fowb r.
Supreme Representatives Josl ih
Dlggs. Grand Ouster Guard Jno. C.
Green, Sirs Jos. a. Rdackwell. Jol-in
If. Henderson, Win. I-aj'ton. Jno. 1.
Hawkins. Jno. H. llooth and Col. Goo.
H. Carter. Chief of Staff. It la saie
lo say that a happier set of nun
never surrounded a banquet table.
Sunreme Chancellor Stnrks was
nartleularlv gratified over the resist
He said this means the addition of
three Grand Lodges to the roster of
Crand Lodges before the next session
of the Supreme Iodge. They will be
as follows: Mairyland. Connectlct t
and District of Columbia.
Hoffman's Femiiv Liauor Store
Bet Grade Cigar
Tom Moore 10c Henry George 5c
Get a Bojc
1006-8 Walnut Ji
For Neatly Furnished Rooms
Go to Mrs. Sadie Gibson's New Place at 609 E.
Missouri Ave. For Railroad Porters and
Hotel Waiters, Especially.
Follow the Sign
will save your Teeth just in time.
First Class Dc ntal work of all kind. Vitalized Air for
Painless Extraction and all modern appliances.
Ladies' fine tailoring Hats msde to order in any atyla. Especial rains tsken ill
uu king old batt new. Satisfaction guaranteed,
Gr X
J. B. Lester. S. L. Clemons. Duke Mayes.
Hot and Cold baths. UfiT cfr.ml A. . mmu t'lti, 'tn. 4 New PoreeUin Tube
Cigar a Tvt-Co and Pool. Mujage and Hair Dyeu.g a Specialty.

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