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Personal Briefs,
Who They Are, What They Are
and Where They Are.
The People’s Alliance is holding reg
ular meetings at Odd Fellows' hall,
17.12 Curtis street, each Sunday. The
public Is Invited.
Dressmaking, cutting, fitting, de
signing and purchasing done to per
ect satisfaction by Mrs. I. M. Me.
Quire, 2516 Curtis Street Phone
black 239.
Ward’s Chapel, 753 Clark Street.
Preaching, at 11 a. m., and 7.30 p. in,
Sunday school, at 12:30 p. m. An in
ritation is extended to the public.
Rev. G, W. Tolson, pastor and Gen
eral missionary.
I thank all of you for attending my
Easter Ball. My <IOO friends who at
tended, had an enjoyable time. Ido
my best to let them have a good time.
Only one thing marred the evening’s
pleasure. One young gentleman tried
to get rough in the ladies’ reception
room in getting his hat and coat, and
was in turn handled very roughly, as
will happen to any young man who
tries to break up my dances, or who
does not respect the ladies at the
name. Nevertheless lam willing to
apologize to the young man for my
hasty actions under the impulse of
the moment, for if I do not keep order
at the hall it will be taken away from
the colored people. Foi good things
don’t last long.
Wm. Knioht
We the Stewards of Campbell A M
E. Church, investigated the rumor
that was circulated against Rev, D.D.
Cole in the newspapers of April 19th,
and have failed to find a true state
ment. This is to let the public know
that Rev. Cole is alright.
J. W. Collier, Chairman.
J. T. Kirtlt
J. I. Butler, Sec.
Rememlier the public installation
of the officers of Queen Eli.-abeth
Court, Heroines of Jericho, at their
hall, 1712 Curtis Street, Friday even
ing, May 12.
Suffering frightfully from the viru
lent poisons of undigested food, C. G.
Grayson, of Lula, Miss., took Dr.
King’s New Life Pills, "with the re
sult,” he writes, “that I was cured.”
All stomach and bowel disorders give
way to their tonic, laxative properties.
25c at James Hullinger & Co., drug
store, guaranteed.
Remedial Value of Light.
Prof. Flnsen's death recalls a curi
ous fact about bis discovery of the
remedial value of light la one re
spect It was a striking eiample of the
scientific return to a superstitious
practice. His researches led to bis
theoretical conclusion that red light
would reduce suffering In smallpox
and prevent permanent marking of
the skin. Experiment has confirmed
his theory. But the curious thing
Is that mediaeval doctors prescribed
tor smallpox and fever patients se
clusion in rooms bung with scarlet
cloths and In books little more than a
decade old this treatment Is ridiculed
as an example of the quackery from
which modern medicine has delivered
In Peace and War.
There Is a direct connection be
tween Port Arthur and a peaceful lit
tle village In Devonshire, England.
Half a century ago the rector at
Alherlngton was the Rev. Janies Ar
thur, the father of Lieut. W. Arthur
of the royal navy. XJeut. Arthur was
about 1869, sent In command of the
gunboat Algerine into Chinese wat
ers. The Algerine was attached to
a surveying expedition prior to the
landing made by the English and
French in 1860. When the flagship
Acteon was disabled Lieut. Anhui
towed her into the then unnamed har
bor, which was therefore known as
Port Arthur.
Mr. and Mrs D. W. Lacy
For ladies and gentlemen.
Meals served at all hours.
Phone Main 3785.
2226 Arapahoe St
Sunday dinner from ) :SO to tt for 250
Prisoner In the Hands of the Ene
mies of Her Country Her Quick Wit
Found a Way tc Baffle the Designs
of Her Captors.
James Baker, the well-known trav
eler and writer, tells a carious story
of a ar 100 years ago. The Persian
shah was besieging Tlflls and the hus
band of the Princess Salome had been
slain In the siege. When the Per
s'tns entered and sacked the town
Salome triad to save her young son,
but be was torn from her arms and
hacked to pieces before her eyes. Her
own life was spared and she was
borne to the camp outside the walls
of Tlflls to the shah. He sold her to
Djafar Bek, who shut her up In a
castle—a part of which still remains
—near where Is now the lovely tropi
cal botanical garden of Tlflls.
Charmed by her beauty, he asked her
to become his wife. She refused, and
begged her purchaser to alay her.
The Persian gave her a night to re
consider the matter and on the next
day he lay reclining on a great cushion
under a tree on that hot, sunny hill
side and awaited her answer. Pres
ently she appeared before him, veiled
In a long, pure white robe, calm and
stately, her face deathly pale. She
advanced, her armed jailers following
her. The Persian waved his follow
ers aside and asked the princess;
"You consent to be my wife?" ■'Yes,"
was the solemn answer. ‘T consent to
love you. for after the death of my
husband and son It Is my dsstiny;
there is no other fate for me.
"In Georgia, ’’ said the princess,
“there are certain families that pos
sess strange powers and dark secrets.
My mother foretold I should be the
wife of a Djatar, and from my mother
I, too, receive these powers to read
the future.” The Persian was Im
pressed by her manner and her pres
ence. She saw her power. "Give mo
your hand," she said. "Let me read
there It I shall have long years of
happiness with you." He held forth
his hand. She held It until It slightly
trembled In her lingers. Then she
burst forth with a cry of horror. "Ob.
my master, knowest thou that death
awaits thee? Perchance this very
night.” Djafar Bek trembled now.
“Thou wilt die by the hand of a man
thou bast this day offended." Ts It
by Asaa Dhoulla Bek.” he asked. 'We
quarreled to-day, and about you. He
would have bought you." "Oh, my
master," exclaimed Salome, “to save
thee I must have some object upon
which he baa looked to-day, then I
can avert this evil and make his arms
useless against thee."
"What! You can do this?" exclaimed
Djafar. Incredulously. "Most certain
ly. Give me your dagger." He drew
It and handed It to her. She held it
up and. looking up to the blue heav
ens above, murmured a prayer: then,
handing It back to him, said: "Now It
la useless; It can slay no one." He
looked at her unbelievingly. “Try It."
she exclaimed. "Strike here!" He
struck the blow where her linger rest
ed full upon her heart; the keen blade
went swiftly home and she fell at his
feet, exclaiming. "O God. receive my
soull" Then eh* lay dead.
Keep your tongue within your teeth
and your pence within your purse.
When you go into the drug store to
buy a bottle of Ozonized Ox Marrow,
be sure that you get the "Ozonized.”
See that "Ozonized Ox Marrow Co..
Chicago, U. S. A.” la printed on the
package. Ucmember that the “Ozon
and Is made only In Chicago. We
have no branch offices. Refuse all
substitutes. The "Ozonized Ox Mar
row” never fails to straighten kinky
hair. See their advertisement In this
ized Ox Marrow Co.. 7G Wabash Are.,
paper tor further particulars. Ozon-
Chicago, Ills.
Sunday school every Sunday after
noon, at 1:15 p. in. Rev. D. D. Cole.
Pastor; William M. Bonner, Supt.
Lane C. M. E. Church bolds services
every Sunday afternoon at 610 27th
street, corner of Welton, up stairs
Theological recital at 2:30 P. M.
Evangelical song and prayer service
at 3 p. hi. Preaching at 3:20 P. M,
The Lord's Supper every first Sunday
afternoon. The public and all erme;o
bers are Invited. Rev. William M.
Patton, Pastor.
Ward T"
The oldest Auction house in Colorado
Sales Mondays, Wednesdays and
p V 6 °7 N 6 E 1728-30 Arapahoe, SI
♦ Curly Hair Made Straight By ♦
lift |
t»««» run* urn •
♦ »rr .*e *»t> anrra Tai-.atMCXT. 4
I X {Copyrighted) X
| m Thla wonderful halt p mad* U th* only aaf* A
' A pr* natation In the world that m~* »
4 ' Ifalghl a« aI. J
T I• hthasralp. iintenli tli> hair from fall' ■ c T
i ▼ out >*r breaking off car** dandruff and make* ♦
| ♦ Ilia hair |r >w 1.11. if and allky. Sold nr*r ♦
4 U »«ri. i-dl uaad br thouaanda Warrant**! A
I A btraltU. It was the frat M|WrMmi "to X
X • . ! f.r atr ai gt.'n In g kinky hair. pr«ar* of T
| J imitation* Krrn. i crthal Ford'aOrlEtlinl T
T Oioouml Ox Mnrriiw l» put tip «>nly In ♦
♦ fifty c*nt «l«a. mad A
A See that Oi<»uii*d iif Marrow (o„ Chicago, A
▲ V H A." la printed on th* package. IW> pot I
ah« misled by substitute* that claim to |.r T
T Just a* 1.0.... but alwayt insist uion galling ▼
▼ the genuine a* It perry fat'* t<> k* rp •
» th* balr strulgl.l. aoft and boAiitlful, A
t giving it that healthy. Ilfc-llkr appear A
A ancr «o mucli desired. A t<dl*t necessity for A
X ladl r« gontlrnim an>l children. Elegantly Y
Y perfumed. Owing to It* superior and lasting T
w #-
♦ It i» mt jK>* • I bit* for anvbixly t<> pr-dtjer a A
; A preparation tonal to It. Full direction* with A
I A •v. rjr IkHUo OnlyflO . nt. Hold by druggist* A
| I and dealari.or send us Oft r*nl* f»r on* bottle, Y
j T postpaid rf I. )0 for three bojllss cypress ▼
! J Paid W* pay alt postage and sipres* charge* A
♦ Send postal or einre.s m order, (‘least* ♦
A nama of this paper when ordering. A
A Write your name ant) address plainly to X
X ■-hrrU /resf T
♦ 71! Wnhimh 4ce,, ( hlvnfiti, llllmtlH. ♦
T * Vri 1 -vor'"or-io-• ♦

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