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Bruce Grit Comments upon the
Latest National Race Move.
A more appropriate name could not
have been selected than this to give
force ami impetus to this movement,
ami that it is a move in the right di
rection cannot be denied. Whether it
will move with the dash and rush of
the mighty Niagara remains to be
seen. It perbafis will be better that
it go not too fast, nor vet too slow,
but with a steady, determined, in
creasing yet vigorous movement tow
ards the ends at which it aims—jus
tice for the Negro without a string to
it, equal opportunities, a square deal.
The recognition of the Negro as a
man rather than as a mendicant, to
be pitied, patronized and pampered
by a race which esteems itself supe
rior to all dark races. As long as the
present condition exists and the Ne
gro submits to being crowded into a
corner as it were the crowding will be
continued. No race under heaven
has ever secured recognition accord
ing to its merits by cowardly compro
mises, by surrendering every of the in
herent or national rights to those who
would oppress it. There is no middle
ground in the contest for human
rights, and there should be neither
evasion nor equivocation in the de
mand (or these rights, but the slogan.
“For every right with all thv might,”
should l)e echoed and re echoed by
Negroes in every pan of this country
where rights are withheld or denied.
There is no way under heaven to se
cure the permancy of Negro rights
except by manly courageous insist
ence for every right that is ours.
Prime Minister Deakiu of Austra
lia, in a speech favoring “a white Au
stralia," sometime ago, said among
other things (defending the white Au
stralia poliey)'‘ll was the vary essence
of Australian life, giving to the peo
ple the amplest form of self govern
ment, and it was abaolutely inconsis
tent with the full exercise of those
powers to permit the introduction of
elements not to be assimilated in
blood or social life. The Empire was
not a white empire that was obvious.
It embraced many contrasted and
differing races, and many stages of
civilization but he bad yet to learn
that the doctrine of the Empire had
ever been held to include the fusion
of these races into a cross bred
niture. He had sever heard that
proposal made in regard to the United
Kingdom itself. On the contrary hs
had observed that even the alien
white population now flowing into
London was Ireing viewed with grave
suspicion. Nor was he yet aware that
it was proposed in countries properly
habitable by the white men to seek a
revival of the Greek and Roman prac
tice of having two distinct strata of
society, one to rule endowed with ev-1
ery political liberty and the other to!
serve denied of every political liberty, j
He has never heard of that as an ideal ;
empire. * * * He bad yet to learn
of an alien race which benefited on
being servile to a superior race in the
country of a superior race.”
Conditions are different in America
from those in Australia and the logic
which applies to alien races in that
country may not apply to any ele
I menl of the polyglot population of
; America who are all incorporated in
j to the body of its citizenship by the j
| terms of its citizenship when qualified
1 to assume the duties of citizenship.
The Niagara Movement insists that
the Federal Constitution shall throw
the a-gis of its protection over every
citizen in the Republic entitled to,
share it. and that the Greek and Ro
mas practice of having two distinct ,
strata cf society, one to rule aud one
to serve shall not be recognized and
accepted as a principle in our theory
of free government where the people
are said to rule, not some people but
all the people. Any theory which
runs counter to this, which concedes ,
to the whitemau the absolute right to -
govern and control in this republic is |
subversive of the rights and liberties |
of those who are not now fully per-!
milted to share in the duties aud re
sponsibilities of citizenship.
The moment the true status of Ne
gro citizenship is recognized by law,'
and be permitted, not as a favor but
as a right to come into bis own, the
problem, so called will find solution.
If be is a citizen he counts for as
much as any other and no more. Ac
ademic discussion of his rights and
legal persiflage intended to obscure
the vital issue and to justify the white
man's denial of the rights for which
be has contended since bis emancipa
tion and enfranchisement, will not, i
cannot destroy the potent fact that
the Constitution of the United Stales
has clothed him iu the habiliments of
manhood and citizenship, and that
those who made it so regarded him.
Those who administer the law must
now redeem the pledge. There is no
getting away from this responsible
duty. The honor and the good faith
of the American people are at stake,
and when they come to their senses
they will doubtless do the right thing.
The Niagara Movement has skilful
ly put the thin edge of the wedge un
der the white man and when the
whole wedge gets under him he will
rise to higher conceptions of justice
and duly, unless his moral percep
j lions bare been blunted by reason of
' his unhampered sway as a controlling
| force in this nation since the birth of
the immortal Declaration of Inde
pendence from which he has derived
all his notions of liberty, indepeu
i dence and patriotism. He may be
I big enough to concede the right of
i the Negro to share in the blessings
i and benefits of that famous document,
| and the Constitution which grew out
I of its manly and patriotic utterances-
Time will tell. Meanwhile, breth
j ren contend
: ‘‘For every right with all thy might.
; For right is right since God is God,
And right the day will win.
To doubt would be disloyalty
To falter would be sin.
Let the Niagara Movement have the
right of way. It is the most piaclioal
and promising effort ever a'temptcd
i by colored men to break the backbone
lof American caste prejcdice and se
cure even-handed justice for the Ne-
Igro. There isn't a knee bender, a
, sycophant nor a moral coward in the
movement and not a man in it fears a
j ball of clay. This is a happy augury
! for the success of the great Niagara
Movement. Let it move!
Biggest Pawnshop.
la the Rue det Bltncs-Manleaux,
Parla, stands the largest pawnshop in
w *rld, with so many shelf-ranged
streets la Its vaults and store-rooms
ihal you will cover Are miles and a
half If you explore them all. Seven
thousands persons a day pass through
iht big doors.
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