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Scientists Exolain the Fall of the
Walls of Jericho by This Singular
Phenomena—Results of Investlg**
tions Startling in the txtreme.
If you happen to have a little mush
cale some night and a picture should
come falling from the wall or a statue
should totter and tumble from its
base when one of the soloists reaches
a high key don't be alarmed or re
gard the incident as an evil omen,
says the Brooklyn Eagle. It is only
a freak of music. Several thousand
years ago a similar occurrence took
place, only of course, It was on a more
extended scale and made a great deal
more talk than the falling of your pic
ture or your statue would make. The
occurrence In question was the fall
ing of the walls of Jericho when
Joshua’s soldiers marched around
them and blew their trumpets. A good
many people class this as a miracle,
but scientists say it was simply one
of the many phenomena caused by
musical notes. They refer to a paral
lel case that happened not long ago at
Helligenstart, near Lelpsic. A music
master of that place was organizing
a brass band. One day, as usual, he
gathered his musicians for practice In
his garden, which was situated at the
foot of the ancient w'alls of the city.
Suddenly, while the trumpets had
reached their highest notes, the city
walls fell with a terrific crash and
the musicians scattered In a panic.
There Is some scientific reason for
this, but nobody seems to know Just
what it is. It is not the forceful vi
bration of air currents for the detona
tions of cannons does not have the
power in this respect that is exerted
by light musical notes. There Is
some peculiar combination of the
notes that causes the ruin of the walls
—-some unknown force that is a pow
erful as a blast of dynamite. It is not
an unusual thing for a glass to be
shattered In a room where a muslcale
is being held, and for other remark
able mechanical effects to be produc
ed. But the mechanical effects are
not the only curious results of this
unexplainable combination of notca
So many wonderful things have been
produced by music that it may be
rightfully classed as one of the mys
teries. Numerous Investigations in dif
ferent lines of endeavor have b<*en
made as to Its power and capabilities
ana In nearly every instance the re
sults have been startling.
One of those who made a
study of the curiosities and the mys
teries of music is Mrs. Amelia Wood
Holbrook of New York. Mrs. Holbrook
Is a playwright, lecturer and author,
and she has probably made greater
and more painstaking research Into
the mysteries of music than any other
person In this country. She Is a mem
ber of the Professional Woman’s
league, and several other clubs, and
her investigations Into the science of
music have made her well known in
an parts of the United States.
“No one can explain the strange
freaks of music,” said'Mrs. Holbrook
the other day, “but they certainly exist
and frequently exhibit themselves.”
When the proposition is likely to
involve others give plentj of tlmt
tc thought.—Philade’phla Bulletin.
Kindly Act That Gave Gamekeeper a
Good Deal of Exercise.
Alfred H. Love, of Philadelphia, the
distinguished president of the Uni
versal Peace Union, wae talking on
ihe topic, peculiarly congenial to him.
of kindness. Smiling slightly, he said:
“I once knew a remarkably kind
boy. This boy was a great angler.
There was a trout stream In his
neighborhood, that ran through a rich
man’s estate, and the water here was
very strictly preserved. Permits to
fish the stream, however, could be
now and then obtained, and the boy
was lucky enough to have a permit.
"One day he was fishing beside an
other boy when a gamekeeper sud
denly darted forth from a thicket of
trees. The lad with the permit sud
denly uttered a cry of fright, dropped
his rod. and ran off at top speed. The
gamekeeper pursued him.
"For about a half mile the game
keeper was led to swift and difficult
chase. Then, worn out, the boy halt
v The man seized him by the arm
and said between \ls pants:
'“Have you a pertr»V to fish on this
‘“Yes, to be sure/ said the boy
‘“You have! Then show it to me,’
the gamekeeper demanded.
‘‘The boy drew the permit from his
pocket. The man examined it—It was
quit# 1 correct—and frowned in per
plexity and anger.
" ‘Why did you run when you had
this permit?’ be asked.
“To let the other boy get off,’ was
the reply. 'He had none.’"
Device of Beauty Doctor.
A beauty doctor doing business In
London undertakes to remove wrin
kles and other lines In the face of a
patron by repeated applications of a
pneumatic cup, which draws the sunk
en tissues out.
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