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Among the social events occurring
in Washington last week was a din
ner party given at the home of Dr.
Tennis S. Hamlin, president of the
trustee board of Howard university.
This is significant from the fact that
only the white men of the investigat
ing committee were present. The
committee have held several meetings
and as far as can be learned the
charges against Dr. Gordon, the presi
dent. of Incapacity.. Inefficiency and
lack of real Interest in the general up
building of the institution have been
sustained. The desire to remove Dr.
Gordon has been growing in the minds
of all the people interested in this
university for months. It has become
a convkiiaa that he is utterly unfit
and do%g *ot possess in any degree
one sing** qualification. Besides, he
has proven a very expensive luxury,
for before the trustees saw this man
they accepted him on the sole recom
mendation of his brother-in-law. Dr.
Hamlin. At the time of his appoint
ment, his salary was increased 11000
more than had ever been paid to any
former -president. Dr. Gordon does
not teach as did former presidents,
but has a stenographer, a typewriter,
a regular routine of paid helpers, in
creasing the expense of the univer
sity several thousand dollars.
The year buore, Ur. Kankin se
cured his full salary although he had
taught only half the year. But the
trustee hoard magnanimously voted
S2OOO of the university’s funds to E*r,
Hamlin for bullying, brow beating and
bulldozing the students and not a few
of the teachers during the former’s
unexpired term. If anybody can tell
what he did to earn the |2OOO let that
person come forward and explain.
The university did not get any bet
er service but in words of the popular
song each of the presidents might
say. ‘T got mine; my S2OOO leave
with pay.” I got mine, said Hamlin—
my generous gift from the trustees.
Dr. Gordon spent the greater part
of the summer going about in the
north ostensibly for the purpose of
securing contributions to Increase the
endowment of the university—of
course, at the expense of the univer
sity—but, up to date, the large sums
he set out to obtain, have not yet
materialized. Certain It is that had
he been successful the fact would
have been loudly proclaimed. But
why such result should have been ex
pected. we outsiders are at a loss to
understand. One needs only to see
him in the pulpit or on the platform
to feel that In every sense of the word
he means failure. He possesses neith
er learning nor eloquence, no mag
netism. nor even the homely qualities
of sincerity and good will.
Dr. Gordon would not he kept at
Howard university a single day were
it not for the influence of his brother
in-law, Dr. Hamlin, who is pastor of
a large and fashionable church. He
it is who is the controllng spirit
plainly dictating all Dr. Gordon’s ac
tions. Every one knows Hamlin's at
titude so far as the Colored people
are concerned. He set himself square
on that question In the Presbytery
last summer when he ejected the Col
ored churches in order to unite the
white south with the north. Imagine
the hypocrisy of this man assuming
to dictate the policy of an institution
designed especially to meet the needs
of the Colored people of this country
who strive and aspire to higher edu
Since Dr. Hamlin is the head and
front of the institution, instead of
spending his lime in honestly building
up the several departments, putting
brick and* mortar foundations under
those glittering promises—castles in
the air—with which he dazzled the
students when he assumed the man
agement of affairs—s2oo,ooo gymnas
ium, laboratories, libraries, etc., etc.—
instead of endeavoring to do even
some small part of this, bis efforts
bay® been confined to filling vacancies
on the trustee board witft members or
bis own church, to changing the per
sonnel of the committees, revising
the rules and by-laws and using politi
cal methods to centralize and perpet
uate the power in his own hands, and
last of all, not satisfied with manu
facturing titles (imposing titles) to
head every university announcement,
it is said he is about to appear in
the next catalogue as (I>ord) Chan
cellor of the university. “Hail! King
that is to be.”
The Colored people all over the
country, wherever the facts aro known
are of one mind as regards this ques
tion; they are not alone, for It is
confidently believed that tho white
trustees are not a unit for Gordon’s
retention. The friends of this uni
versity need not give up hope for
the changem ust come; in the mean
time, let us adopt the words of Gar
rison: Agitate, agitate, agitate.
‘One who has not other Interest but
the present and future welfare of the
Wanted the Job Completed.
Andrew Plnkham, a well known
farmer of North Monmouth, Me., one
of the town’s solid men, and at one
time slate senator, used to tell the fol
lowing story on himself; "When !
was a young man, my brother Amsa
and myself were plowing one day, I
was bolding the plow. Amsa was
driving, and my father was having
general oversight of the Job. It was
very rocky ground. I was rather stout
and was getting about winded. Final
ly I could stand it no longer, and be
tween gasps I called out, ‘For thunder
sake, stop those horses, Amsa; you’re
yanking the devil out of me.’ Father
looked up, and. in his moderate way,
sajd, 'Drive on Amsa; drive on.’’’
John Sherman as a Financier.
The late John Sherman showed his
talent lor financiering at an early age.
He and two of his brothers had been
given a sum of money with which to
pay their board for a week while on a
shooting trip at the house of a farmer,
near Lancaster, Ohio, their home.
The week ended, John ordered the
wagon and prepared to pay his board.
But the farmer refused the money,
saying that the sons of Judge Sher
man would always be welcome guests
When John found he did not have to
pay his board he sent the wagon back
to tbe barn and remained another
Small Coins.
The natives of the Malay peninsula
have In use the very smallest current
coin in the world. It Is a sort of wa
fer, made from the resinous juice of
a tree, and is worth about one ten
thousandth of a penny. The smallest
metal coin In circulation at the pres
ent day Is the Portuguese three-rels
piece, worth twelve one-hundredths of
a penny. The smallest coin circulat
ing officially in any part of the Brit
ish empire Is the flve-mllleslma piece
of Gibraltar, worth about half a far
Where Inventor Got Idea.
It was from watching his wife fold
trp a pair of stocklr that the In
ventor of flio modern ndla rubber to
barro pouch first got 1 Is Idea
Qualifications for (???)lloonists.
British officers can not lake a count*
In ballooning unless tl ey arc "good
tailor*" anil not over 160 pounds In
' s ' 6 r™frA VenUe ' KlLLthe COUCH
ILEBLO, COLO. *WD CURE the lungs
Saturdays and. Sundays WITH Dr. King’s I
~ New Discovery
Mrs. Annie Davis Consumption Prie. #
Fflß I OUGHS and BOciJt.OO
"*■ Bure»t and Uuickeit Cure for all
. The Patronage of the LES, or MONEY BACK.
Public is Solicited
The Golden Chest Mining, Milling
and Tunnel Co.
Incorporated under the laws of the State of Colorado
CAPITALIZATION 250,000 Shares.
TREASURY STOCK 125,000 Shares.
Par Value $ 1.00,
Series B. Block of 26,000 Shares »t 26 cents per share
now is ih« ume to ouy want mey are at a low ngure ana m
the reach of all. One tenth down and fnouthly payments of
$51)0. Write postal card for circnlar for full information or cal!
at olßcc. 1223 19th street, Denver, Colo. G. C. SAMPI FI Secy
Practicing physician Denver. Pasloi Zion Baptist church D r
qnv n. r sample. dr. p. e spratlis
i£x-m»Miiher (Vilonido l^Nnture.
C \ FRANKLIN. Boitor Statesman
We are now pleased to announce to fc
4 the public that we are now locating at }
2067! Larimer street with all kinds of a
hair goods and ornamental goods of
5 all kinds and we also announce we '
f have a full line of millinery in the r
4 latest Parisian style in hats anil Iwn- r
4 nets of all kinds. W
d Miss Genevieve Hallowell, prop. i
Mrs. J. R. Hallowell, mgr. .
I f
Cigars and Smoking Tobaccos ,
Every accommodation for pleasure seekers. A '
homo'for strangers, Bn
Agent Dr. Perkins’ American Herbs \
Four of the most iesired spots hi America

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