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Our Showing along Business Lines
Tn Sranswsx ia publishing free
• business and professional men's;
guide. This is to inform the people
and general nnblic of the men and
women who are in busmens and what
they ara doing and where they are
located. Look orer the list carefully
and see if any one is om tied; if so no
lify us at once and their names will
be inserted. Then if yon bare need
of any service they ca i render call
on them. Hay you saw tbeir names
in the Business Directory of Tna
BraTaaiia*. As soon as tbs list is
aomplats and verified it will be pub
lished on a large card nnd bang up
in public places so that the general
publiq may know where we are at.
Tie business columns of The
Statesman are open to ell for free
discuspipn of industrial topics of
oeal importance. If yon are pos
sessed Of business knowledge tbat is
praetiog) and baa been proven in Col
oredo, 1 ia year doty te give it to
give it to your fellow eiti. one. Hen,
mind* and dollars are turn rd this way
ooking for an opening. Wbat we
want are facta damonatrated here in
Denver and rot a thousand miles
This column of business enter
prises cannot bs filled np all at once
bnt will be arranged in alphabetical
order- Each weak new letters will
be added to the list sod all the busi
ness enterprise* under the hesding of
tboee latter* will be inserted. The
nemaa and location will bo pat ms
nsnt as that all you need to do ii to
took at your paper to asa who i* In
that column.
ssvatmise msbicss.
Tn fits vastus, 10M 19th lit.
The ColoredoStateemsD.'
J. H. ftnart, Kittridge building.
J. Malone Tildon, Kittridgr B.ldg.
soot rssLoa*
Uharise Csll 1707 Arapahoe St,
tiicaLiiras aim ooxtsaitou.
J. k Smithes, 1838 Vine
T,. D. Lamb. 8253 Blake.
J H Qibbi 2227, Grant two*
Fountain, 1834 Arapahoe.
Simple, 1223 19th street
Oran C. Goens, 122*1 13th a -set.
Wm Mackey, 1860 Arapahoe
Harry Jcner, 1022 19th street
1 wo Jims, 1*69 Champa St.
Imperial Club, 1909Champa street.
The 1 aslioie t lull, 1821 Arapahoe St.
Tal G feu's Club, 2032 Urimer St.
Thos Clingmsu 1866 Arapahoe
Mrs. Geo. S. Conte*, 8612 Welton St.
Mra. J. H. \ ernell, 1869 Marion.
Mrs. R. T. Anderson, 526 26 Are.
D. S. Webster. 1611 Tremont St.
coal dials as.
Anderson A Co., 2527 Larimer street
l*r. Randolph, 1944 Broadvraj
Harry Brown, 188 S Clark si.
Thornton Be?«rly, 2101 Lawrence st.
Miqp Rosa Sides, 1922 Lawrence St.
Mecca Cafe, 1918 Lawrence St.
Ozark. 1936 Lawrence street.
The Little Cottage Dining Room, 1986
Arapahoe street.
; Home Cooking Exchange, 1119 19 St
I Waffle House, 1881 Arapahoe St.
' Q. W, Audereon, 2018 Arapahoe 81.
ooia bao staaa.
Mra B W. Mosby, 2761 Arapahoe.
cLSiaisa a rassaisti
London Claanlng and Pressing Co..
76 Broadway.
Pari* City Cleaning Works 610 16th
8. 4- Boodnrant, 1077 Broadway.
Americau Cleaning Works, 1607 16th.
O. K. Cleaning Works, 210 16th St.
M Peoples, 1630 Glenarm
Home Cleaning Works, 2227 Oran*
I Avenue. ,
C. Hillamau, lyth and LanrauceSls.
! Ideal Drug Store, 1863 Arapa* oe St.
[Oottrell’s Pharmacy. 2100 Arapahoe-
P. E. Spratlin, Good Block, 16th k
Mn. J L. Ford 1921 CurtU St
W. A. Jones, 21st A Chimps.
Dr. Cottrell, 2100 Arapahoe St
J. B. P. Westbrook. 913 21st street.
E. L. Faulkner 1803 Arapahoe St.
J. A. Harper, 913 21st Street.
dim Payne Pennsylvania A 17th are.
Phone 382 Olira.
Q. D. Hall, I7tb and Arapahoe.
B. 1. Harris. 19th and Champa.
Thos. Reed, 19th and Lawrence.
Steves Express, 21st and Larimer.
ni - Hill, 16th and Broadway
Z. Hooper, 22nd and Champa Sts.
Mrs Irving Williams 2229 Arapahoe
L UeKell, 40 W. Bth are.
tKi tUßcricrraiae
A. R Butlei
Miaa M. Cowden, 1219 21st atreet.
Mrs. Eli Turner, 2603 Curtis.
Mrs. J. it. Hallowed, 2026 Larimer.
Mrs. M E Mackey 2260 Penn. Ave.
Mrs. Cleaves, 124 York St.
Mrs. McWilliams. 2410 Champa St.
mna bbd mibim
Richard Evana, 2046 Arapehoe St
R. G. Holley, violinist 2667 CUrkson
Mrs. R W. Moaby, 2751 Arapahoe St
Mabel Fore, 23tb A Hnmbolt St
D. E. Henry, vocal and instrumeu
ta! music. 1740 Blake St.
Ballowed A Hallowed 2026 Larimer
H. G. Holley, 1829 Downing.
Cbaa. Harris. 2337 Lincoln
Centennial Mandolin A Guitai Club
root toons
Tboa. Gingman, 1865 Arapahoe
Henry Ptnn, 1817 Arapahoe St
Taa Statssrar, 1026 19th St
raise rarwiro akd fairtiro
G. W. Andrews 1218 20th Art
bibs, ■•vats
Lewis Prioe, 137 So. Tremont.
caorcatTißo, flair icwixo.
Mrs. Hattie Hogue. 1123 Welton St
The Citizens Investment Company.
49 60. Good Bl'X'k, 16th and Larimer.
Golden Cheat Miuiug A Milling Co.
1223 19th St.
The Hill Horseshoe Overshoe Com
pany, 31. Good Block, 16tb and Lari
mar Streets.
The Colored American L au Co. 911
21st St.
Thought Aunt About Duo.
Sir Edward Monson, the veteran
English diplomat, who is now visit
ing America, served under Lord Lyons
on Washington under Lincoln’s ad
ministration. and has many interest
ing stories of Lincoln to relate.
"A distinguished old woman.” he
said the other day, called on
Lincoln and railed and sformed over
some fancied wrong that she had suf
fered at the government’s hands.
"Mr. Lincoln listened to her po
Htely, he talked to her in the kindly
was he talked to everyone, and then
after she was gone, he turned to me
and said:
** 'Litt’e Edith heard the other day
that a neighbor had shot his dog be
cause it had grown old and cross.
She studied the matter out awhile
and then she looked up in her moth
er's face and said:
“ Mamma, when do you think papa
will shoot Aunt Martin?'"
The following item appeared in the
Bacon Ridge Banner;
“Ohe night last June the editor
heard someone prow-ling about in his
chicken coop Not having any shot
handy he loaded the gun with quinine
pills and biased away. The intruder
was peppered, but managed to craw’
away As there is only one man in
the village who has not had the ague
this season re have Mr suspicions'
Had “Solos" Full of "Mucilage."
A few years ago, while 1 was living
In Lebanon, N. H.. there was a certaia
I Mr. Bagiev there who was noted for
trying to use big words, and also for
getting his remarks somewhat twisted,
says a writer in the Boston HeraTd.
On a certain occasion he had been
to a fanners'meeting at Hanover, and.
while returning, one of his neighbors
drove up behind him, and the con
versation turned on crops.
His neighbor asked: “How t j your
bay crop thi3 season?" Baveey re
plied: "Well, mv hay crop is rather
short, but I shall get my cows through
the winter all right, for I shall have
two solos full of mucilage.”
Both Stuck.
BUl—What's the matter with Far
mer Furrow?
Jill—Oh. you know that balky
horse of his?
, "Indeed. I do."
"Well, he traded it off for an auto
mobile and now the machine won't
go any farther than the torse did."—
Yoektre Statesman.
Couldn't Bn©* tha tvffign,
Even ambulance surgeons art not
•xempt from efftfri of bribed, aw a
Bellevue doctor discovtrtd the other
night when he was called to a policj
station to help fix up a battered head
The first move in such a case is to
shave away the hair from about the
wound. This the doctor prepared to
Sav. Doc. I’ll give you a dollar If
you won’t shave my head." whispered
'h“ pit lent, who vut« sober enough to
; Krow what was happening
The surgeon didn't seem interested
I in this offer, so the possessor of the
scalp wound said. "I ll give you |2 if
>ou won’t.”
The nan didn't know it. but he got
. about a foot more of scalp shaved
t£aa was necessary just because of
| his generous offer.—New York Sun

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