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News from all parts of the West.
Mrs. Joe Cotten left for Walla Walla
last Thursday evening.
Mrs. R. B. Smith gave a grand pos
sum dinner at G. A. R. hall last Thurs
day which proved very successful.
Mr. Andrew Jackson Is very ill with
typhoid fever at St. Luke’s Hospital.
The blble reading held at Mrs. E.
r>. Washington's Sunday evening was
very much enjoyed by all participants.
Mrs. Majores of Nampa, after spend
ing a few days in Boise as guest of
Mrs. R. B. Smith, returned to her home
Sunday evening.
Mrs. Henderson of Portland, Ore.,
is in the city for an extended stay.
The Negroes of Boise have secured
the Coliseum skating rink for Tuesday
A quartet of young ladies and young j
men enjoyed a game at rifle shooting j
Saturday evening.
Mrs. Churn Mayfield has rhangedl
her residence to Fourteenth and I
Grand avenue.
Mr. Elmer Smith is suffering with
Mary Badgett, Correspondent. Box 59.
Sunday morning's text was "Kind
ness." Illustrated beautifull by Rev.
Mr. and Mrs. Macon of Colorado
Springs passed through the city en
route to New Mexico and California.
Mrs. Crosby of Denver and Miss
Jones of Rocky Ford were the guests
of Mrs. John Marshel this week.
Mr. I-awson is on the sick list.
Messrs. Lewis and Albert Green
way of Muscatine, Iowa, are the guests
of Mrs. Zack Badgett.
Mr. and Mrs. Moore, Mrs. Marshel,
Mrs. Fowler, Mrs. Clemins, Mrs. Ber
ry, Mrs. Fore, spent a delightful time
at the residence of Mrs. James Scott
Friday evening.
In honor of the Messrs. Greenway.
Mrs. Zack Badgett entertained Mr. and
Mrs. Tyler, Miss Tyler, Mr. and Mrs.
Harry Badgett, Tuesday evening.
Mrs. Garnett entertained at 3 o'clock
dinner Tuesday afternoon In compli
ments to Messrs. Greenway. The dec
orations were white and pink and an
elegant course dinner was served.
Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Zack
Badgett, Mr. Lewis and Albert Green
waj'. J,. iUla
At Hubbard Chapel Literary Thurs
day evening was installation of offi
Rev. Srott has begun to hold a se
ries of meetings at the church.
Tile Golden Leaf Club entertained
the young ladies of this city at a de
lightful party at the beautiful home of
Mrs. R. B. Anderson Monday even
ing. Cards and dancing were the fea
tures of the evening. The club, as
sisted by Mrs. Anderson, spared no
pains in making the event one long
to be remembered by all who were
Miss Young and her niece. Miss
Lockett, entertained Mr. A J. Y'oung
I and son and Master Earl Cousins at
a five-course dinner Sunday afternoon
! Mr. Wm. Burns was in the city on
I a visit last Sunday from Denver. He
was taken quite ill during the day and
I was unable to enjoy himself as an
BE SURE TO ROOhf with Mrs S.
J. Bunker when you go to Manltou,
Colo. Modern house, very convenient.
G. W. Kinnej, Jr., has returned
fram a trip to Aspen.
Mrs. D. Hirschiield has been re
stored to health.
The four room modern cottage of
Harvey EJlis will soon be completed.
Miss Mary Jackson ie eipect home
from California.
D. C. Woodson who has been de
tained from business caused by a
sprained ankle, is again at tlfe Glen
wood bar.
Wm. Jones has installed a gasoline
engine that he might supply the de
mands for wood.
Tom Grear, the herculean coal heav
er, with six men, has taken charge of
the D. & R. G. coal chutes. We hope
they will assist in swelling the sub
scription list of The Statesman.
The whereabouts of Henry Brooks
or Doc Brooks, who was in Boulder in
June and Denver in August.
Rhoda Brooks,
Glemvood Springs, Goto.
3 16
View of Happiness.
I have been trying to figure out a
general condition of happiness, and 1
reach the conclusion that It consist*
mainly in the ability to march with
one's own generation, neither deplor
ing the progress the generation makes
nor grumbling because It doesn't make
more, says Frank Putnam In the Na
tional Magazine. We can understand
best the men and women of our own
age, or near It. Dr. Osier spoke truth
when he said that most men cease to
be receptive to new Ideas after 40;
hence our elders In the Us and 60s
and 70s, say, who have ably guided
the affairs of the world during the
decades Immediately ahead of us will
often seem to us to niave less rapidly
than we think they should, toward
pew industrial conditions. And the
generation Immediately behind us—
the restless chaps in their 20s, are
putting more pressure upon us from
the rear than we are able to believe
Is wholly Justified.
.The Tie Magnetic.
"And now, darl|jw." said the newly
accepted lover, "tell me how you evef
came to be attracted to such a plain,
everyday man as myselft What ceeld
you see In me to lovef"
The beautiful girl blushed and loaM
ed down at the diamond sparkling oa
her linger. "Well," she said at last,
"Yes, yes—what was Itf" sidelined
the Impatient lover.
"BecausdVyon tie your Aseots se
beectl.'ully. If never could make —t—«
lock right. Will you show me hew,
What Is a muff? Something that
holds a lady's hand and doesn't
squeeze It
The colored dealers
2527 Larimer street. Phone Main 5445.
Flour, feed, kindling and farm produce.
Any grade of coal delivered at market price.
G.W. Andrews
Painting’ Paper Hanging
and Kalsomining
Phone 3093 white
2024 Washington Ave
**• Away nun Ika r
| A tainted breath may be temporarily
i puriHed by occasionally chewing a bit
of orrle root or stick cinnamon. But
tbis merely dtagulaei the odor. A bad
breath cornea chieky from decaying
teeth, and in some cases has its origin
in a disordered stomach. When dis
eased teeth cause Impure breath, re
course should be to a dentist;
when organic disease Is the cause, as
Is very often the case, a physician
should always be consulted. The breath
should always be kept sweet, and peo
; pie should guard against making them
i Selves disagreeable to tbelr as aorta be
\ by being Indifferent In this mattter.
Many a woman, otherwise charming In
every respect, has unwittingly' repelled
her acquaintances by her Impure
breath -New Turk Weekly.
Pa's Little Joke.
"Pa," said Willie, "an equine menus
a horse, doesn't It?"
"And an ox la a kind nf a now. Isn't
“Yes. one kind."
“Well, what kind of a blamed Ibtag
la this equine ox everybody's talking
Pa thought a minute, looked thte>
Ish, and then said, as he backed tf
of the room. "Ob. that's a wether.*—
Kansas City Telegram.
Strength la the physical, expression
of purpose.
Memory Is the circle described hy
'he redil of a large life.
Dell Is a hole with an entrance it
wide ae the Tenderloin, leading to a
pit aa cramped ae a padded cell.
I Phone Main 6349
I Stand 19 & Champa

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