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Editorial Comment on the Claim
of Superiority for the White
*> It takes either a fool di a faualtc
p to maintain the Inferiority of th<
111 Negro to the whit eman in the (ace ol
ri the record the latter is making that,
n days. It is a aourre of reitret to hlgn
i> minded Negron thnt slavery has let!
1 Its Impress upon the race, making Its
morality la this country fa inferior
what It is even in savage Africa. Yet
It is equally a source of wonder to ou
friends and rejoicing to ourselves that
w« are doing so well with this shadow
resting over us But whst of the so
called superior race? V.’hat Is the
showing It Is making w.th all the
boasted superiority Thomas DUot
talks about? On the frort page of a
daUy paper this week sas recorded
a number of Items. The press re
flects the tastes of Ita readers and with
only this one argument for the broth
erhotxl of the whole hut tan race, at
least so far as criminality is concern
ed, we could safely rest the Negro':
case. Among the articles was on«
dwelling on the results of the misuse
of the public's money by insurance
companies; another recorded the dra
matlc suicide of a womnn on the stftgc
of a theater; a third was on the con
Tension of a participation in assnssina
tions under the direction of the West
ern Federation of Miners; the fourth
dealt with the one crime which thre
decades of white writers have claims
was the peculiar crime of the Negro—
rape. One who wants to believe tha
the world is getting better will have
to leavo off reading the dally papers
for the white people have no thoi
oughly impregnated their civilisation
with graft, with the vicious outburst!
of ungoverned passion, that not even
the highest and holiest of their ambi*
lions and deeds are free from the
brand of Cain. It is the harvest of
tares which this country has thought
lessly sown in these latter years. Th
shrill shriek of the slave women ur
der the lash of the overseer, tne bay
ing of the bloodhound as he sought his
quarry in the canebrake, is re-echoed
in the sacrifices of their own women
and children in the factories and ten
ement sweat shop, in the bloody coi
diets of labor and capital. Wbefe
black blood was once offered as a sac
rifice to the Moloch of the white man
rapacity, he mint now content himse.l
with his own.
There ‘s no excuse for the laziues
and general improvidence of large
numbers of Negroes, but the frantic
endeavors of some whites to minify
their own faults by magnifying ours
are too patent to deceive any one bu
themselves. The truth is that of one
clay He made all mankind, some i
little more plastic than others, some
little less perfectly molded, but all
of It clay with Innate possibilities.
So long as white men will sell theii
children into the service of their own
vices, will violate every tie of law
and blood in the chase after money
id ease, they will outstrip us, fo
v >d knows Negroes have this one
glory—their own is too closely unite«
by ties of relationship if not of affec
tion to be sold for gold. Our wants
are too simple and we are too care
free for us to subvert the widow s and
orphan's portion to base uses.
The blood of the victims of mob vie
lence is bringing forth a harvest iu
kind. Tom Dixon may not acknowi
edge it, but his mouth is no oracle.
Color of skin is an incident. Chai
acter is the man. Forty years of free
dom has produced many men of ou
race, and 2.000 years of civilization
have left many savages who are white
All men are brothers In possibilities
but, thank God, there are Negroe
who have nothing in common with
bomb throwers on the one hand 01
the lecherous society profligates on the
"After l had been here a few days
and became acclimated I felt fine and
do yet,” said Rev. Goens. "Now, as
to your question as to the young Ne
gro's chance, I say that when 1 saw a
colored pharmacist in Kansas Citjt
mix medicine that 25.000 physicians
used and Mr. Gordon of St Loufc. the
up-to-date embalmer and undertaker
that did $41,000 worth of business just
last year, and when I see the promi
nence given the colored clerks in the
postoffice at the windows in Denver,
I must confess that I am greatly im
pressed that the young Negro's chance
is far superior to that of those in some
parts of the East." continued the evan
gelist. Speaking of the results aceo™*
plished in St. Louis in a week, twenty
conversions, in Kansas City, 80, and
47 up to Wednesday night. Rev. Goen*
conducts his meetings on the high
ideal order of evangelist appealing to
the inner man through thought, ear
nestness and enthusiasm and by not
playing upon your imagination or emo
tions. Sunday much will be said at
the woman's meeting that womeu
ought to hear, and nothing said to
make any woman blush or feel
ashamed ;hundreds have been helped
by these meetings. All women are in
vited to come.
Wanted—Ambitious and intelligent
man or woman with $50 to establish
and share interest in a paying busi
ness. Apply at this office.
Miss Lellah L. Irving, the sister "of
Mrs. Moore, is expected to arrive soon
from Pilot Point. Tex
Mrs. Carrie Gibbs, who has been at
the Denver Maternity and Woman's
Hospital, will be removed to her nooii
the latter part of next week.
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