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Straws That Tell.
Miss N. H. Burroughs, the corre
sponding secretary of the Woman’s
Auxiliary Convection and who was
lionized at the World’s Baptist Con
gress in London in a recent issue of
her paper, made the following obser
vation in speaking of the Negro and
Tom Dixon: “Prejudice is on the in
creasy and race hatred and sectional
strife is everywhere felt. If I could
believe that the Southern people, with
nil of their animosities, are Christians,
or even civilized, and that God is go
ing to accept this type and give them a
place in the kingdom. I would pray to
Him to make me a savage and remove
from me every possible means of
knowing that Jems died to save and
take my chances in the last day
among those who have never even
heard the name of Jesus. If the South
ern people, with all their prejudices
are Christians, th n the people in this
world who are fr?e from this type of
barbarism. ar»* saints. The Negroes
may be ignorant, some may be shift
less, some may be Immoral, but it
must be said to their credit that they
have never produced and promoted to
the highest office i barbarian like Var
danian If the men in the highest po
sit ions in he Southland are of this
type, how will you rate the masses*
Governors. Senators Representatives
preachers, business men. the upper
class and the army of poor whites
need missionaries and need them a'
once." She created quite a stir among
the white papers mar Kansas City
Mo., as the above was in italics
lA»t Friday ni<ht Prof. W H Rich
arda conducted an enormous mass
meeting of the people of District of
Columbia to protest the suffrage con
ditions In the South
I. Garland Penn, the corresponding
secretary of the Negro Young People's
Christian and iSducational Congress
has sent out no'inh that the organ!
zatlon will meet iext July in Washing
ton. D. C
Frank McVey of Concordia. Kan . a
member of the Christian Church, has
been employed by the Missionary
Board of Southern California to sing
;*t their revivals.
A bill was offered last week In Mis
Nisalppi to legalize lynching
Next May. in Springfield. 111., a con
vention will be culled for the purpose
of electing color-id men to office and
for the Improvement of the race. The
members, consisting of the leading Ne
groes, have invited Booker T Wash
ington to participate.
Editor Clement of the Boston Tran
script says that America's future art
ists will conic ftom the Negro race.
The colored waiters of the St. James
of Baltimore hi ve flatly refused to
str\e the representatives of the
The Denver ni nt has seven colored
people employed out of about 125
Jim Crow Schools have been upheld
In Orange, New Jersey.
While two thousand were unable to
get in the hall, nine thous«nd people
ittended the Constitutional League
meeting held In Philadelphia to pro
test against the discrimination and
disfranchisement laws in the South
Such meetings will be held in every
city where the colored people are suf
ficient In numbers.
Th<‘ colored citizens of Boston have
protested against the state of Massa
chusetts piving one cent of money for
a building and exhibits in Jamesowu
Exposition unless the officials give a
written guarantee that Negroes will
not be discriminated against. Giles B.
Ja« kson and the Development Co. fa
vor being jim crowed by their an
nouncement in the papers.
The Postal Telegraph and Western
Union of Chattanooga. Tenn.. have em'
ployed colored boys exclusively. Splen
did results are already being evinced.
Th«* question has been asked Presi
dent Roosevelt and Secretary of War
why Major Chas Young, the only high
commissioned colored officer in active
service of the three who are West
Point graduates, has been transferred
'o the Philippines
The South MaoAlester. 1 T. Elks
whit* * wen* so considerably wrought
up because a Negro waiter appeared
In the streets with an Elk pin that
they ordered him to discard the but
ton On investigation he proved him
self a member of the I O H P E of
Dallas. Texas
Mrs Ulna May Dupree of Atlanta,
tia . who swore a Negro attacked her
atul cut her throat, confessed that she
inflicted the wound upon herself.
The s Coleridge Taylor Choral So
ciety will present the "Atonement" un
der the dirertorship of Prof J. T I*av
ton at the Congregational church
(white) during Easter week at Wash..
D C.
Messrs Cole and Johnson are au
thors of a new military drama to be
first presented in Europe then in
Because the citizens of Nashville.
Tenn.. provided space In one corner
of the building for colored delegates
representing the various colored col
leges who were sent to the Student
Volunteer Movement for Foreign Mis
sions. which held its sessions Febru
ary 28. In Nashville, the students of
Howard University. Wash , D. C : Fisk
University, of Nashville, and Morris
Brown College, of Atlanta. Ga . with
drew from the movement and each at
their respective colleges met and
passed resolutions condemning such a
In June Wilherfarce University will
celebrate her golden jubilee. The new
Carnegie Library and Galloway Hall
will be dedicated.
Dr Matilda Evans, colored, is the
Denver Professionals
The Statesman takes pleasure in introducing the
following colored professionals and recommends them
as competent in their lines. Show yourself a race
lover by patronizing them. Be a booster.
head of the only emergency hospital 1
in Columbia, S. C. All the railroads
must contract with her to care for in
jured employes and the white physi
cians of the city have no scruples
against consulting with her. She was
the first woman physician ever ap
pointed in South Carolina.
Gin Preferred by Some of Them.
Some years since, at a business
meeting of a colored church in Port
land, Maine, just before the meeting
adjourned one of (he deacons called
the attention of the pastor to the fact
that they were out of communion
wine, and moved that a supply should
be bought The sexton said, before
the question was put. "I wish to say
dat I hab heard many ladies of de
congregation express dere preference
for gin.”
Sailors* Dread of the Dead.
The intense dread which sailors and
fishermen have of the dead is preva
lent among all nationalities and the
horror of the Chinese sailor whc ask
ed to carry a corpse on board is
shared by his brother sailor on every
sea. They say "the sea cannot digest
the crudity of a deal tody, it being a
due debt to be interred where it lieth,
and a ship < annoi abide to be made a
bier of."
Money in Abalones.
The abalone industry is a consider
able one among the Chinese of the
Pacific coast Several processes are
necessary to bring out the wonderful
colorings in the shells, and acres of
ground are devoted to curing them.
This work is .carried on by the Mon
golian fishermen, who depend for tbe.r
sole sustenance largely upon the fish
of the bivalve Itself
Somewhat Indecent Haste.
Jones, who had recently married
Smith's widow, hastily opened a note
which lay - the breakfast table wi h
out looking at the address. To his
discomfiture he found a circular from
a firm of monumental masons, enclos
ing a drawing of a tombstone with the
inscription: "To the memory of my
beloved husband, whom 1 can uever
replace "
Stablest Monar*Y
King Char** of Portugal has tfct
petition of being tht s*9utest meg
•ch alive I!« 3(V pounds, rgl
* tetlva.
A Lively Tussle
With that old enemy of the race. Con
stlpntion, often ends In Appendicitis
To avoid all serious trouble with Stom
ach, Liver and Bowels, tuke Dr. King s
New Life Pills. They perfectly regu
late these organs, without pain or die
comfort. 25c at ail druggists.
Practises in All Courts.
Office 329 Kittredge Bldg.
Cor. 16th and Glenarm.
Re*. 2227 Lincoln Ave.
Phone Olive 294
Examining abstract* of title,
and drawing up legal docu
ment* given careful attention
to 10 a. or..
1 to 4 p. m.
7 to 8 p. m.
_ , 10 t« 11 a. m.
Baad.r. j - Ul | p „
Diseases of Women and Chili'iru.
A Specialty.
1021 19lh Street aud
1863 Arapahn St. Oenvsr.
(I to 11 a. tr..,
Hour? : t 3 too and
/ 7 to 8 p. m.
Bo, *»rjb^M n 7i", d
911 21st Street.
Near Cliantpa
PHONES: Dnrin* Office Hour‘.€4e R**d.
Out of office Hour?. 1664 Main
C C (9 TO II am.
49-oO 0000 ilk hours •, I TO 4 e.m.
tcl.main **** (7Tfi9f.«.
DR. P. E.
Residence: 2226 Clarkson etree'.
Telephone York 128
913 Twenty-First Street.
Physician and Surgeon.
Phone Main 1144.

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