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Our Showing along
Business Lines
The Stetismex ia publishing free
■ business and professional men’s
guide. Thia ia to inform the people
and general onblie of tbe men and
women who are in bnaineae and what
tbe/are doing and wbrre they are
located. Look over tbe list carefully
and see if any one is omitted; if so no
tif; us at once and tbeir names will
be inserted. Then if you h re need
of any serrice they can render call
on them. Say yon saw tbeir names
in tbe Business Directory of The
Stetisxes As soon as tbe list is
Tomplete and verified it will be pub
lished on a large card ami hung up
id public places so that tbe general
public may know where weare at.
TLe busmens columns of The
Statesman are open to all for free
discussion of industrial topics of
ocal importance. If you are pos
teased of business knowledge that is
practical and has been proven in Col
orado, it is year dnty te give it to
give it to your fellow citi-ena Men,
minds and dollars are turned this way
ooking for an opening. What we
want are facta demonstrated here in
Denver and rot a tbonaand miles
Thia colomn of business enter
prises canuot be filled up all at once
bnt will be arranged in alphabetical
order- Each week new letters will
be added to tbe list and all tbe buai
nees enterprises under the beading of
those letters will be inserted. Tbe
ntmsa and location will be peirns
nent so that all yon need to do is to
took at yoor paper to see who is in
that column.
aaniTifixe Minima.
Tu Stethhex, 1036 19th HI.
The ColoradoStateaman,'
J. H. Stnart, Kittridge building
J. Mulona Tildon, Kittridge B.ldg.
Charles Call 1707 Arapahoe St.
BIICILETrtS exo ooxrsEr.-oas
J, H. Smithes, 1838 Vine
T ( . D. Lamb. 3255 Blake.
J. H. Gibbe 2237, Grant avenue.
Fountain, 1834 Arapahoe.
Sample, 1223 19th street
Oran C. Goena, IZ2G lHth street.
\\m Macker, 1850 Arapahoe
Harry Jones, 1022 19th street.
Two Jims, 1859 Champa St.
Imperial Club, 1909 Champa street.
The Pastime ( lub, I'sTil Arapahoe St.
Tal Green’s Club, 2032 Larimer St.
Thoe Cliogmau 1856 Arapahoe
Mrs. Geo. S. Contee. 2812 Welton St.
Mrs. J. H. Veruell, 1869 Marion.
Mr«. K. T. Anderson, 526 26 Are.
D. S. Webeier, 1511 Tremont St.
AnderaoD A Co., 2527 Larimer street
Dr. Randolph, 1944 Broadway
Harry Brown, 188 8 Clark at.
Thornton Beverly, 2101 Lawrence at.
Miss Uoea Sides, 1922 Lawrence St.
Mecca Cafe, 1918 Lawrence St.
Ozark. 1936 Lnrrence street.
The LittleCottape Diuing Room. 1936
Arapahoe street.
Home Cookiog Exchange, 1119 18 St.
Waffle House, 1831 ArsfiahoeSt.
G. W. Anderson, 2018 Arapahoe St.
0015 BAO HAEU.
Mra.B W’. Mosby. 2751 Arapahoe.
CLiANixa araiaanra
London Cleaning and Preeaing Co..
76 Broadway.
Paris City Cleaning Worka 610 15th
S. A. Boudnrant, 1077 Broadway.
American Cleaning Works, 1507 16th.
O. K. Cleaning Works, 210 15th St.
M Peoples, 1530 Glenarir.
Home Cleaning Works, 2227 Oran*
C. Hillsman, 19th aud Ls.wrauce Sts.
Ideal Drug Store, 1N63 Arapahoe St.
Cottrell's Pharmacy,4loo Arapahoe.
P. E. Spratlin, Good Block, 16th k
Mrs. J L. Ford 1921 Curtis St
W. A. Jones, 21st & Champa.
Dr. Cottrell, 2100 Arapahoe St
J. D. P. Westbrook, 913 21st street.
E. L. Faulkner 1863 Arapahoe St.
J. A. Harper, 913 21st Street.
aim Payne Pennsylvania A 17th ave.
Phone 382 Olive.
G. D. Hall, I7th and Arapahoe.
B. F. Harris. 19th and Champa.
Thos. Reed, 19th and Lawrence.
Steves Express, 21st and Larimer.
m. Hill, 16th and Broadway
Z. Hooper, 22nd and Champa Sts.
Mrs Irving Williams 2229 Arapahoe
L* McKel), 40 W. Bth ave.
A. R Butlei
Miss M.Cowden, 1219 21st street.
Mrs. Eli Turner, 2f»O.S Curtis.
Mrs. J. It. Hallowell, 2026 Larimer
Mrs. M E Mackey, 2260 Penn. Ave.
Mr*. Gleaves, 124 York St.
Mrs. McWilliams, 2410 Champa St.
Richard Evans, 2045 Arapahoe St
R. G. Holley, violinist 2567 Clarkson
Mrs. R W Moaby, 2751 Arapahoe St
Mabel Fore, 23th A Hnmbolt St
D. E. Henry, vocal and instrumen
tal music. 1740 Blake St.
Hallowed A Hallowed 2026 Larimer
R. G. Holley. 1828 Downing.
Chat*. Harris. 2337 Lincoln
Centennial Mandolin k Guitar Club.
Thos. Qingman. 1855 Arapahoe
Henry Pinn, 1817 Arapahoe St
Thb Statesman, 1026 19th St
G W. Andrews 1218 20th Are
Lewis Price, 137 So. Tremont.
Mrs. Hattie Hogue, 1123 Wei to n St
The Citizens Investment Company,
49-60, Goal Block, 16th ami Larimer.
Golden ('heat Mining Milling Co
1223 19th St.
The Hill Horsesnoe Overshoe Com
pany, 31, Good Block. Kith and Lari
mer Streets.
The Colored American L au Co. 911
21st St.
Chemist's Odd Jobs.
“Mankind is suspicious,” said a
chemist of the board of health. “Only
last week a millionaire clergyman
sent me a piece of pumpkin pie for
analysis. He suspected that his daugh
ter, a beautiful and good girl, wanted
to put him out of the way. The
pie contained, of course, none but the
usual ingredients.
“Some people 6end me pickles,
sauces, blackings—profitable and
widely advertised compositions that
they want to learn how to duplicate
and vend themselves.
“There isn't a well-known patent
medicine that hasn't been submitted
to me for analysis tw or thirty
times."—New York Pre
Salvation on the Links.
The bishop of Manchester declares*
that if the people will not come to the
church the church must go to the peo
ple, and follow them to their week-end
resorts. It is, we hear, proposed to
make a start by supplying golf links
with missionaries, who will sing a
short hymn after each drive. In the
event of a foozle the hymn will be
sung with extraordinary vigor in ortSe*-
to drown any lay remarks that may b«
made Punch
Australian Gold.
Fine* roll was first found in At«-
Cralia the amount which has been p-.0-duccd
duccd Is raid to e\ceod in valif
Always Staunch
And True
The Denver Republican has al
ways avoided the fallacies and
'.naveries of yellow journalism,
I its steadily increasing Circula
te n proves conclusively that its
I ’icy of telling the plain Truth
.vdh.iut exaggeration or misrepre
ir.tion. standing fast for the
eight, i heartih approved with
mg force by the intelligent
Public to which it appeals.
To read it is a liberal Education,
; and the citizen who goes without
■ t does a positive harm to himself,
I to his familv, and to the commu
! nity.
j In no other way can the invest-
I ment of 2}i cents per day
—for that is all The Republican
costs any subscriber—bring such
rich results in that Knowledge
v ’.ich i- both Power and Pleasure.
Information, instruction and en
ertninment fill its columns and it
leaves a good taste in the mouth
f the reader.
It stards for lunv and Order in
State—for Peace, Prosperity
nil Happiness in the Home.
If \ou are not already enrolled
•>mortg its splendid list of Patrons
end on your subscription and give
| ; t a fair trial at 7.1 cents per month
! vr Daily and Sunday.

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