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The April ball at Manitou Hall on
the 5th of next month will be a grand
affair. Do not forget the date.
What the Vernacular Is Coming To
in Colorado.
Judge Benjamin B. Lindsey, who
has made a national reputation for
himself by his work at the Denver
juvenile court, tells in the American
Magazine the story of Eel Martin, a
typical bad boy, whom the judge has
since succeeded in reforming. The
following is one of the boy’s exploits:
One of the boy’s methods of beat
lng his way about the country was to
board a train and after it had started
to creep into an empty berth in a
sleeping car.
On one occasion Martin was awak
ened by the porter’s startled exclam
ation: “Good Lawd, the’s a kid in
heah!” Then, as the boy phrased it,
“I flew the coop while the coon guy
went to tell the conductor. I was
ditched at a town they call Reno, in
Nevada. Course I was dead broke.
I touched a guy for a half and bought
mo a cane and some chewing gum. I
walked into a bank and right up to
the guy in de monkey cage. I said
I wanted work, and he said he hadn’t
none I told him I’d clean up de back
yard and while he went to ask de
head guy about it rammed de gum on
de end of my cane, shoved it Trough
de cage and swiped a twenty that
Stuck to de gum. Then I took a
hike mighty sudden. I lay low and
went out on th* express that night"
r" — v
The Key to Power.
Success in life is a delicate and dif
flcult thing to define. To many—right
ly or wrongly—it is synonymous with
the accumulation of wealth, the stand
ard of achievement and the end of all
ambition worthy of human endeavor.
But whatever may be our delineation
of this subtle and somewhat fickle
goddess, the possession of a substan
tial bank account Is, for most persons
—for all, in fact, who are not degen
erates—a most laudable object of am
bition. It has a psychological value
all apart from its conventional, com
mercial value. It is veritably the key
to power—not alone through what it
buys, but through what it dof-s-un
locking those secret sources of
atrength that transform the delinquent
into the alert, the vacillating into the
confident, kindling the embers o!
hope, and giving the race to the slow,
the battle to the weak.—Business
Men’s Magazine.
On the Jungle Line.
Did you here about the work of the
leopard as a spotter on the trolley
line?" asked the kangaroo of the hip
"No. What did he do?"
"He discovered that the giraffe who
was conductor, was permitting the
elephant to carry his trunk In the car
without checking It.”
"And what happened?’
"O, the giraffe got it in the neck,
of course.”
Returns to America.
Lady Hai iurt, who has arrived at
New York from Europe, after an ab
sence of many years, is the daughter
of the American diplomat and his
torian, John Lothrop Motley, and the
widow of the late Sir William Ver
non Harcourt, one of the most emi
nent leaders and statesmen of the
Liberal party.
A Lively Tussle
With that old enemy of the race, Con
stipation, often ends in Appendicitis.
To avoid all serious trouble with Stom
ach, Liver and Bowels, take Dr. King's
New Life Pills. They perfectly regu
late these organH, without pain or dls
comfort. 25c at ail druggists.
The Louisville Liqnor House, 24th
and Larimer street, is headquarters to
buy the best and cheapest in the city
Telephone 1396, Ed Lewin, proprie
tor. Sole afjent for Eastern distil
leries and Santa Rosa vineyard. All
other houses are left in the shade
He has no r< nt to pay so he can and
will sell cheaper than ever. Give
him a call.
Tki oldest Auctionhouse In Coloradoi
Sale* Mondays, Wednesdays and
■w 1721-30 Arapikii, tt
Phone Main 4956 We paj for the return of all
our marked bottlee.
DR. E. L. FACLKNER Mintror
1863 Arapahoe Street.
Fresh Candies AH flavors of Soda Nut Sundaes
Brand new stock of Druggists’ Sundries, Patent and Proprietary
Remedies. Prescriptions filled at any hour of Night.
.Goods Delivered Anywhere.
DR FACLKNER ami DR. SPRAYIN', Prupriatora.
The Little Cottage Dining Room.
1936 Arapahoe Street.
Surpassing Cuisine--Quick Service--Three
Meals daily--Regular Dinner at Noon.
Special Sunday Dinner from 12 to 3 p. m.
The great Educational Institution for Kansas and the West
DEPARTMENTS: Theological, College, Academic, Normal, Sub-Normal
and State Industrial.
COURSES: Classical, College-preparatory, Academic, Normal, Sub-
Normal, Musical, (Instrumental and Vocal), including
piano, organ and harmony, Drawing (Fine art and Me
chanical), Carpentry, Printing and Book binding, Bum
nesa Course, Stenography and Typewriting, Tailoring
Dressmaking and Plain Sewing, Cooking, Laundering,
Farming and Gardening.
ADVANTAGES: Splendid Location, Healthful Climate, Good Influences
and Thorough Teachers from the leading schools of
America including Lincoln, University of Kansas, Wil
berforce, Tuskegse and Hampton.
INFORMATION: For terms, prices and all inducements offered, write to
Quindaro. Kansas.
B«H Phone* Office White 430% Ret, West 15.
| fife WANT Kr
The Harris Orchestra
Seven Selected Soloists
9. 01 HAHBIS, Manager,
2218 Clarkaon (street.
M. Bine IM.

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