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For sale at R. PORTER A SON'S Book Wärt, 0
9^, Market-Street a general assortment of\
0il,in elegant gilt Mding and plain,
ipfaAi. reduced prices : among which arc
Œwet Bibles | Websier's S;.eliing Books,
English Headers
Sequels j
Comlv'a* G ™™ m ' ,rs
Cavdell's do.
C.ret-nUaPs do.
•laclt Hallyard
Segur's Expedition
Scales and Dividers
, Gold and silver Pens
Windsor & Fancy soap
Sealing Wax
office Wafers
Common do.
Bided, writing k letter paper
Camels Hhlr Pencils
Black Lead do.
do I Visiting Cards
Shaving Boxes and Brushes
Razor straps
rocket Ivory tomba
Durable Ink,
Do. Pencils
I Parchment, fine quality, 8rc
A Dictionary
Ainsworth's Latin do.
Virgil Delphini
Horace do.
Creek Lexicons
Do. Testaments
Paul snd Amicus
Boltin's Ancient History
Morses' Araer'n. Itevolution
Mutton's Mathematics
jGuiwnery's Surveying
Playfair's Euclid
Village Sermons
Tree's Campai gne
Byron's Works
Scottish Chiefs
Càil lilas
Testaments, plain and gilt
Psalms k Hy
Morses' Gazetter
Common Prayer Boole
Hawkins' Plea to the Crown.
Grimshaw's U. States
Adams' Geography St Allass
Woroester's do. do.
Cummins' do. do.
Do. do.
Bennet's Arithmetics
Bo. Algebra
Bonny castle's do.
Do. Mensuration
Conïty's spelling Books
Copy and Cyphering* Memorandum and Receipt
Books, Ac.
White and Blue Bonnet Boards.
Day Books and Ledgers.
Writing paper, hot pressed, gilt,
Xetter do. do. W raping
Magistrates' and other Blanks.
i PAVÜB XAsranoft.
Great variety, from 25 to GO cents per peice.
Of every size, made to any pattern, elegant du
rable anil cheap, suitable for Banks, Public Offices,
Merchants, 8tc.
R. Porter Sr Son, having laid in a fresh and
extensive stock of goods in their line, at very reduc
ed prices, will be enabled to supply them wholesale
retail, at Philadelphia prices generally.
EW SCHOOL BOOKS, and improved editions, just
published and for sale by JOHN iillIGG, No. 9. N.
Fourth street, i'hiiadelphia, and for sale by booksllers and
Country merchants generally.
Torrey's Primer, or First Book for Children.
Second Book for Children.
Torrey'» Spelling Book,
1 have examined Mr. J. Torrey's 'Familiar Spelling Book.'
I think it a great improvement in the primitive, and no less
important Dranches of education, and shall introduce it
into the Seminaries under my cure, as one superior to any
which hasyet appeared.
'February 2nd, 1326.
A Pleasing Companion for little Girls and Boys, blending
instruction with amusement ; being a selection of interest
ing stories, dialogues, fables, ami poetry. Designed for tile
of primary schools & domestic nurseries. By Jesse Tor
rey, Jr. Preferred generally to Murray's Introduction, and
works of that class. Torrey's Moral Instructor, and Guide
to Virtue—This work is getting to be generally adopted
in schools and academies, in place of Murray's Reader and
•tv orks of that class.
Smiley's Geography ami Atlas, and Sacred and Ancient
Geography for schools. The increasing demand for these
books, is the best evidence of their value as elementary
Smiley's Arithmetic, or the New Federal Calcula
tor in dollars aiul cents. This work contains, among other
important improvements,Questions on the rules and theory
of Arithmetic, which are considered by teachers generally
very conducive to the improvement ofthe pupil
The being altogether in dollars and cents, will give
The sums being altogether in dollars and cents, will give
R» decided preference overany other arithmetic in use.
The future editions will be found very correct.
which all the Exam
A Key *o the above Arithmetic, i
pies necessary for a learner are wrought at large, and also
solutions given for all the various rules. Designed princi
pally to facilitate the labor of I juchera, and assist such as
have not the opportunity of a tutor's aid By T. T. Smiley,
author of the New Federal Calculator, &.c.
The United States Speaker, Compiled by T. T. Smiley
—preferred generally to the Columbian Oralor and Scott's
Lessons, and works ofthat kind, by teachers who have ex
amined it.
Grimshaw's History of the United States.—-Also, ques
tions adapted to the above History, and a Key adapted to
the questions, for the use of teachers.
•Goldsmith's England improved by Grimshaw, with ques.
Lions and a kev. .
Goldsmith's History of Greece, improved by C.nmshaw,
with a Vocabulary of the proper names contained in the
work and the prosoilial accents, in enmtormity w ith the pro
minciation of Lempriere—witli questions and a Key, as
Goldsmith's History of Rome improved by Grimshaw,
with Vocabulary, Sec. and questions anil key, Stc. as above.
»'etchers generally, who have examined Grimshaw's
•History ofthe United States, ami the improved editions of
' Goldsmith's England, Greece, and Rome, having given them
a decided preference to any other histories in use as School
Hooks_and any person who will exaniine tlicm will *ind a
bout 100U errors in each corrected ; and Teachers ordering
these works will ilo well to say, 'Grimshaw's improved
Edition.' . . . .. ...
An Etymological Dictionary, or Analysis of Hie English
Language, containing the Radicals and Definition}* ot UorrL
derived from the Greek, Latin, and French languages, im«*
tdi -the generally used technical and polite phrases adopted
from the French and Latin. By W illiam Grimshaw, author
of the Ufa'ited States, England, Sic. , ...
r v|ie second edition is greatly improved, anil will he
found a very valuable class book for academies and schools.
Conversations on Natural Philosophy, in which the ele
ments of that science are familiarly explained ; illustrated
with plates. By the author ot ' Conversations on Cliemis
try ' &c. With considerable additions, cor;ections, and im
provements in the body ofthe work, appropriate questions,
and a glossary. By Dr. Thomas 1*. .loues, professor ol me
chanics in the Franklin Institute of the state ot Pennsyl
vania. ,
Lives of Marion and Washington, by " eems.
With atç»'neral and extensive assortment of all the school
books in general use; all ot which will be sold on the most
reasonable terms. .
• • Teachers are particularly requested to examine the
ab ^R lW plrt°er k & Son keep all
Sale at the Publishers price.
construction and çMtffinUt>amÊrneW
« »iô^iï,"tBGeorgetowHiSti9S« County, ÛtSBRvare,
0 p t |, e following description and dimensions, will be
received by the Levy Court CoiuÄsioners of the
•***?*'% fbe forty-five feet
J n front, fifty feet in width and twenty feet in height
to the eaves. The materials of the walls to be of
the best, bricks that can be had in the vicinity ot the
place, except the show of the front wall, which must
be of good Philadelphia paving bricks. The roof to
j )p 0 fg„ m ) shingles.
Through the House, from front to rear, to bea pas
sage of ten feet in width, in each story, equally di
viding the whole, with substantial doors at the ex
tremities of the lower passage.
yf the divisions thus formed, the one is to be the
morc substantial for the prison apartment, the outer
wall whereof must be 23 inches in thickness, the
inner ones forming one side of each entry 23 in
dies, and the subdividing walls of the several apart
monts 13 inches, of which apartments there will be
four in each story, and each one to have a fire place.
and into the windows thereof must be ailixetl strong
iron grates, and the doors to to strong ami corres
ponding. The rafters and joist strong, and the lat
ter not more than six inches apart. The floors of
the entries, stairway and apartments, to be of 2 inch
oak, and the finish ot the whole to be in a like sub
slantial and corresponding manner.
Of the other division, designed for the keeper's
. lccommo ,i ilt ion, the outer wall will lie 13 inches in
thickness, the flooring of good pine, with three rooms
or more on each floor, anil a fire place in each ; the
whole, to be of good and suitable materials, finished
j (| a plain substantial manner, the style and construc
tion whereof to be what common and comfortable
, . , , ... ,,
brick dwellings generally are
N. 13. The Commissioners wish to know the extra
rate that would be asked to build it of Philadelphia
bricks, which may bebrought to Milton, only 8 miles
1 f i K I °
distant, Dy water.
proposals will be received until the 2otn Clay Ol
May next—address to
HENRY F. RODNEY, L. C. Commistoner.
Lewis Del.
March 22d 1827.
Jit Wilmington, Delaware, conducted by Willi
am StiEitF.it, with the assistance of accom
plished female, Teachers.
THE course of instruction pursued at this Sem
inary comprises all the useful, anil most of the orna
mental, branches of female education. The daily
exercises are Orthography. Reading, Writing, Arith
metic, English Grammar, Rhetoric, Geography, ami
History, ancient and modern, with constant refer-1
ence to the best maps and charts; Construction of |
Maps; Use of the Globes; Natural History; Natural
Philosophy, including Astronomy and Chemistry;
Elements of Moral Science.
Weekly Exercises. —Biblical Recitations; Evi
dences of Christianity; Letter Writing, and other
species of Composition ; Recapitulations.
TERMS.—Board, and Tuition in any ofthe fore
going branches, S32 50 per quarter; or if paid in
advance, 830. Music including the use of a Piano,
SI2. French, by one of the best masters, 86 per
quarter. Moderate extra charges for Drawing and
other ornamental branches.
The discipline of the School is mild, parental and
Christian. Particular attention is paid not only to
the manners of the young ladies but to their moral
and religious instruction. They are regularly con
ducted losueh places of worshipand Sumlaj^j
as their parents or guardians ap
mid recreation beinuuisseiiljat ton
and recreation bem
health and of menj!
time n'itjkw
its (lepJy^T
it is hop«
patrons, .jj
References. —W i lining ton—Rev. E. W. Gilbert ;
H m.iWillard Hall; Hon. Louis M'Lane: Philadel
phia— -Hiv. Dr. Wilson; Rev. Dr. Janeway; Mr.
William Janvier, Merchant; James ti. Thompson,
Esq. Professor of Languages, University of Penn
March 6
0mßir(jffmtvapj nt iwcrvals of
The institution, in all
s conducted in a manner which,
%ill meet the entire approbation of its
100,000 DOLLARS.
The Delaware Fire Insurance Company.
INCORPORATED by the Legislature ofthe State
of Delaware, with a capital of one hundred thousand
The President and Directors are now receiving
applications for Insurance, at their Office, No. 21,
Shipley Street, between Frontinnd Second streets, a
gainst Loss by Fire, on every description of Buil
dings in general ; Merchandize ; Ships in Port,
anil their Cargoes ; Household Furniture, and other
personal property ;—also, against loss or damage by
inland transportation of goods, wares, merchandise,
and country produce.
Terms of insurance will be as favorable as any of
Ihe Companies in the Cities of Philadelphia or New
Parties assured, may repose the fuilesi con
fldehre in the solidity of its capital, and that all loss
es will be promptly adjusted by the company. |
John Moody is'Agent to survey property to he i
insured, for the town and vicinity of Ncw-Castle, in
place of C I). Blaney. declined.
Levi H. Evans is Agent to survey properly lu be
Insured for the town and vicinity of Eikton.
John Cloak is Agent to survey property to be
Insured for the town and vicinity of Smyrna,
J os Ecu Jones is Agent to survey property tobe
Insured for the town of West-Cliester and vicinity.
David Bush,
W m. Chandler,
Joseph Grubb,
, Robert Purler
WM. SEAL, President.
John Patterson,
Joseph Bail y ,
David C. Wilson,
Joseph C. Giipin
D. Byrnes, Secretary.
April 12th 1827'
The highest price gwm farcleanlinen and cotton
Rags at No, 07 9 Juuvket-street*
Y GOODS, «fcc.
At No. 58, Market-Street,
The Subscriber has just received, awl is now
extensive variety of fresh and
opening, an
-Among which are
London Sup. cloths &. kersimercs—assorted colours
West of Eng. do. do. do.
Sattinctts. drillings, yellow and blue nankeens
Valencia 4" Marseilles vest'gs, bombazetts 4' bomb'ns
Red am! green baizes, yellow, red and white flannels
Ginghams, calicos, cambric and shirting muslins
Irish linens, lawns and cambric linens
Leventeens, Florences, Gros de Naples lutestring
Klag 4 * bandanna hank's, suspenders, Canton crapes
Crape shawls. Black, white and green Italian do.
Long and short kid gloves, beaver do.
Domestic plaids, stripes and muslins
Pittsburgh cords, fustians and drillings
Rose and point blankets
London, ingrain and domestic carpetings and rugs
Umbrellas and parasols
Leghorn and woo! hats. See. Ac.
The above goods were recently purchased at auc
tion, & will besold ata very small advance for cash.
Wilmington, April 19th, 1827.
The Subscriber has just received an extensive as
sortment of Spring Goods, which he is disposed to
sell at the most reduced prices for cash, or approved
Among the variety of his goods
Are—Chintzes, calicoes and gingjiams
Cambric, Jaconet and mull mull muslins
Grecian and Butteste stripes
Irish linens, linen camlmc and long lawn
Canton and company crapes and crape shawls
]i| ac k senslmw, lutestring,mantuas, Bolivar's silk butises
ac senslmw, lutestring,mantuas,
Light coloured plain and figur'd Gros «le nap ditto
Silk flag», Mulruss and cotton flag handkerchiefs
4-4 & 5-4 black and white silk shawls
^*4» 7*4 and 10-4 table linen, ltussia Diaper and crash
10-4 counterpaines and rugs
4-4 bleeched and brown sheetings and shirtings
Dorchester and' Assanpink bed licking
Bangup and Pittsburgh cord
Domestic plaids and stripes
Furniture and apron checks
White and coloured linen and cotton Drilling
Denmark satlin and silk stripe
Superfine bombazines, Caspian stripes and Norwich crapes
3- 4 and 6-4 cambric and furniture dimity
Valencia, toillinel, Marsailles and furniture vestings
4- 4, 6, 7 &■ 8-4 merino cashmere 6t English merino long k
square shawls
Gros de nap gause, and cashmere handkerchiefs
Blue and yellow nankeens
in carpeting, and sacking bottoms
| Bayaderes, sattin» and inaiituu
" ....

Faper hangings and bordering-for looms
Umbrellas and parasols
Steel and gilt coat buttons
Suspenders, tnpea and carpet binding
Ladies' Leghorn hats and flats
Mens' leghorn and sea grass hats
Pot ter sheetings, Ausnaburg and. I
4-4 and 5-4 and 6-4 oil I
White and coloured coUtfpi^alta tift
With hi* Inm) assortment of
Cloths and Kusimait*.
KlSie best quality five geese feathers,
^tenders his thanks to hut friends and
iifbr the very liberal encouragement he
ibop es by keeping a good assortment and
mini, he will retain the public's patronage.
JosepYv Pogne.
Ä CL The subscriber will sell cloths and kersimeres in
particular, at a small ailvance from the auction prices. Per
sons wanting cheap articles will find it to their advantage
to call at his store, No. 101, Wilmington, Del.
Always on h»
The subscrifl
public geneflHB
has met
selling che*p Äft
1 —3m
THE partnership heretofore existing under the
firm of William und Samuel M'Caulley, was dis
solved on the 1st. of December last, by mutual
consent ;—those having demands against said firm
will present them, and those indebted will please
make payment to William M'Caulley. who is au
thorised to settle all business of said firm.
W. M'Caulley,
Samuel M'Caullf.y,
Cloth, Cassimers. Sattinetts, Domestic Muslins,
Do. Plaids, Do. Shirtings, Do. Callicoes, Do. Checks,
Dinius, Lindseys, Sewing Cotton, Thread, Can
| ton Sc Nankeen Crapes, Italian do. Ginghams, Cal
i licos. Furniture Prints, Shirting Muslins, Irish Lin
ens, Tapes, Bobbins, Patent Lanterns, Kur and
Wool Hats, &o.
Will continue to keep at his old stand, near the
Brandywine Flour Mills, North'side ofthe Bridge,
his usual general assortment of GOODS of various
descriptions, which he will sell low lor cash, accep
tances or country produce. Among them are the fol
lowing articles,—
Sugars, Teas, Mackerel, Shad, Rum, Jamaica
Spirits, Wines, Brandy, Holland Gin, Common Gin,
O. R. Whiskey, Cheese, Black Pepper, Cayenne
Pepper, Cinnamon, Cloves, Mace, Vinegar, Tobac
co, Scgars. Rappee, .Moccaba anil Scotch Snuff,
Rice, Winter, Summer, and Common Oil, Ac.
Water Proof Boots, Men's strong lac'd Boots,
Boy's do. do. do. Men's strong shoes, Boy's do. do.
Men's line shoes anil pumps, Bov's fine shoes, Wo
men's Leather Boots and Shoes. Children's Leather
and Morocco Boots and Shoes, the.
White Lead, Venlegris, Lintseed Oil, Litharge,
Anderson's Pills. Hooper's do. British Oil, Bate
man's Drops, Bright Varnish, Black do. Limp
Black, Cal. and jalap, Appndeldock, Wormseed
Oil, Sugar of Lead, Spirits Turpentine, Castor Oil,
Cream Tartar, Laudanum, Paregoric, Spanish
Browu, Vermillion, Venitian Red, Black Lead, &c.
Ham9, Shoulders and flitch—Pickled pork, &c.
Sweeping Brushes, White Wash Brushes, Bltdt
ing, and Dusting do. Scrubbing Clamps,
scrubs, &c.
Traces—Bed Cords—Plough lines—Bed Lacin|
—Fishing Lines —Halters, Clothe Lines, 4' c - $-c.
Knives and Forks, Waiters, Butt Hinges, Screw?
Sprigs, Hob nails, Sparrow-Bills, Pad Locks, Cm
board Locks, Chest do. Trunk do. Butcher Kriika
Axes, Bolts, Nails, 4'C- ÿt,
Painted C. and Saucers, Liverpool do. Edge
plates and dishes, C. C. do. Liverpool edged ami i
C. Bowls, Cofl'ee Pots, Tea Pots, Pi (client. Mug*
Glass Pitchers, Do. Lamps, Castors, Tumbl.cr-yOt
canters, Tea setts, tyc. <5"C.
Coarse, ground and line Salt,
Men's and Boy's Sea Grass and Jersey Stra
Hats, 4 - c. 4'c.
He has just received an assortment of seasonal!
■roods—Thankful for past favors, the subscriber Imp 1
by his attention to his business and customers,
merit a continuance of patronage, by his friends ai
the public.
Near Jlramh/winc Mills.
April 11, 1837.
1—3 m.
Western Tv av\8\\o\-t«AAm\ "Line
From Philadelphia to Baltimore via Wilming
ton and Eikton.
THE Subscribers have established a line of Pat
ets for the transportation of goods from Philntjelpl
to Baltimore, hy way of Wilmington and Eikton,
leave C. Pusey and Co's. Wharf, Philadelphia,
3d and 6th days, (Tuesdays and Fridays! <*v*'
week, and Light street wharf, (opposite Gy-aid
Hopkins and Moore's store) Baltimore, twite
week regularly. First rate Boats are poritl,
with experienced captains. Merchants residing
a distance by consigning goods to the Agents
either end, may rely on their being forwarded i
the first Packet. Goods will be taken in sU4|
. Wiliniqtiton andjorwarded to the Packet at Ijj^j
attid at Eikton and forwarded in thelh
iiilngton, and in alt rtapects thefi;MM|
receive the usual care.' 11 WAl
It is the conclusion of the prnprUfi
much personal attention to the ftitRfi
of the Western line, and having*lhe
the most res|<ectable and able Agents at each ei
thereof, they feel confident of succeeding in givil
satisfaction to their friends and the public.
C. PUSEY Sr Co. Philadelphia.
Baltimore. Agents.
Gerard T. Hopkins and Moore, purchase ar
sell grain, and other produce on commission.
3d mo. 27,
Sirs to nète
il comlucti?
1—3 ti
Sn>'A\> & Jllanufaetorj.
THE Subscriber takes this opportunity to inlbr
the public, that the establishment heretofore co
ducted by James Ray, Esq. together with the a
counts connected with the business of that esta
lishment from the first of January, 1826, have pas
ed into his hands ; and that he will continue the b
siness in al! ils branches, at the old stand, corner
Tatuall arid Queen streets, near the Friends' Met
ing House, where he will manufacture, and furnh
at Philadelphia prices, Mouldand Dipt CANDLE!
Fuller's Yellow and lirown SOAP, of the best qua
N. R.—The highest price given I'ur Talloi
Butcher's Fat, and Fat of every description.
Wilmington, Nov. 14, 1826
THE Subscriber wishes to inform his friends, an
the public generally, that he has taken, that, large am
commodious establishment, (belonging to Danii
Godwin. Esq.) in Lewis-Town, Delaware, which ha
lieen occupied as a Tavern for several years.-— Tb
dwelling is a large and commodious house with ;
number ol private rooms, calculated toaccominodati
fiimil ics that may, during the summer season, visi
the Capes for their health.
The stabling large and convenient, where with al
(he convenicncy of a well supplied village tavern
he assures the Public that nothing will be omittei
in providing plentifully, and endeavouring to givi
general satisfaction by unremitted exertions anc
undivided attention devoted to the wants and de
mauds of travelling gentlemen and ladies, while hi
flatters himself to deserve the calls of strangers am
that he will endeavour to give general satisfaction t(
all that may call on him.
Lewis-Town. Dim. Jan. 1st
P.S. Drovers and Pedlars shall be entertained on
the lowest terms.
1000 Labourers, and 200 two-horse
ON that part of the Chesapeake and Dela
ware Canal, known by the name of the Deep
Cut. Good Boarding and liberal wagçs
will be given, and punctual payment made
at the expiration of every month.
Joseph Carr,
He.nrx Flannery.
March 30.

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