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«©war® juunosa*
At Wilmington, Delaware, conducted bp W ili-i
am Suerkh, with the assistance of accom
plished female Teachers.
TUB course of instruction pursued at this Sem
inary comprises all the useful, and most of the orna
mental, branches of female education. The daily
exercises are Orthography, Reading, Writing, Arith
tmetic, English Grammar, Rhetoric, Geography, anil
History, ancient and modern, with constant refer
ence to the best maps and charts; Construction ol
Maps; Use of the Globes;Natural History; Natural
Philosophy, including Astronomy and Chemistry;
Elements of Mors! Science.
* Weekly Exercises _ Biblical Recitations;Kvi
deuces of Christianity; L etter Writing, ami other
species of Composition; Recapitulations.
TERMS.—Board, and Tuition in any oftlie fore- l
going branches, 832 50 per quarter; or if paid in
advance, S$30. Music including the use of a Piano, ■
£12. French, bv one of the best masters, gfi per
quarter. Moderate extra charges for Drawing and
other ornamental branches.
The discipline of the School is mild, parental and
Ghristian. Particular attention is paid not only to
the manners of the young ladies but to their moral
and religions instruction. They are regularly coti
ducted to such places of worshipand .Sunday Schools,
as their parents or guardians approve. Exercise
and recreation being essential to the preservation of
health and of mental energy, occupy the intervals of
time not devoted to study. The institution, in all
its departments, is conducted in a manner which,
it is hoped, will meet th# entire approbation of its
References. —Wilmington—Rev. E. W. Gilbert ;
Hon. Willard Hall; lion. Louis M'Lane: Philadel
phia—Rev. Dr. Wilson; Rev. Dr. Juneway; Mr.
William Janvier. Merchant; James G. Thompson,
Esq. Professor of Languages, University of Penn
March G
THE Board of Directors of the Ihiaveart Eire
Insurance Company, have this day declared u divi
dend, of four per cent, for the last" 6 months, which
will be payable at the Bank of Wilmington mid Bran
dywine, to tlie Stockholders, or their legal repre
sentatives, on or after the 11th inst.
By Order of the Board ;
May 5th, 1827.
6— It
The Stockholders in th«» Delaware Fire In
surance Company, are hereby notified, that an In
stalment of Five Dollars, on each and every share
of Stock by them held, is required to lid paid
the 2d day of July next, at the Bank of Wilmington
and B. Wine, between the hours of 'J and 3 o'clock,
P. M. to their Secretary.
By order of the Board,
Wilmington, April, 24, 18.7.
Three Women to work in a Paper Mill, to whom
constant employment and liberal wages will he giv
Inquire of
Kennel-Square Mill, April 27.
2 - 1 !
ITiiomas A. &tcrrett
—Iio. Id, High-Street,—
Where may he had—Fine Plus, Pigtail, Virginia
Twist, and stveet scented Cavendish
Spanish, Ilalf-Spneish and American
Scotch, Rappee, and Maconha
The Subscriber often the abort articles, at his AVs
Store, (fo which he lias just removed) No. lit, High.
Street, -1 doors from Mr. Hi ilium Larkin's and next
door to Mr. James Brown's Grocery Stores. His
goods are oj the Jirst quality,—white he roturn§ thanks
■for past favors, lie hopes by keeping a constant supply
of articles in his line, und unrcmilted attejilion to
serve and please his customers, to merit a continuation
of their favors.
IVilmiogton, April 30, 1827.
Silk dying & Scouring.
■TAMES SMITH carries on the above business
in its various branches, at No 100, Shipiey-street,
Tw floors above the upper Market ; and hopes to
finite to give satisfaction to alt ioho may favor him
with their custom.
Wilmington, May 3, 1827.
All persons having claims against the estate of
Dr. Samuel II. Black, deceased—are requested
to produce the same with their vouchers, for settle
ment ; and all persons indebted to said Estate,
requested to prepare for payment, especially those
indebted on book accounts, are required to come
forward immediately and settle the same ; to those
not able to pay immediately on settlement some fur
ther time may bp given: but those who will neither
pay nor settle, need expect no indulgence, as the
number of accounts to collect, the remoteness of
many of the Debtors, and the many other engage
ments of the Administrator, forbid all trifling.
To prevent disappointment to those calling
tbe Administrator, he will set apart Mondays and
Thursdays in each week to the first of July nex' r '"
that purpose, (except Mondays the 14th n<
of May Inst, he having other engagementsm
•days,) when those wishing to see him will fi„
at home to attend to them.
Hedgefield Farm, near Glasgow, May 1
At No. 58, Market-Street,
, v; v
■ Among tVlllLll are
London Sup. cloths & kersimeres assorted colours
W est of Eng.do. do. do
Sattinctts. drillings, yellow and blue nankeens
Valencia «$• Marseilles vest gs,bombazctts <V bomb ns
Red and green baizes* yellow, red and white flannels
Ginghams, calicos, cambric and shirting muslins
Irish linens, lawns and cambric linens
Leventeens, Florences. Gros de Naples lutestring
l 1 'lag >$• bandanna hank's., suspenders, Canton crapes
Crape shawls, Black, white and green Italian do.
■ Long and short kid gloves, beaver do.
Domestic plaids, stripes and muslins
Pittsburgh cords, fustians and drillings
Rose and point blankets
London, ingrain and domestic carpetings and rugs
Umbrellas and parasols
Leghorn and wool hats &c. &c.
The above goods were recently purchased at auc
tion, & will be sold ata very small advance for cash,
Wilmington, April 10th, 1827". 1—3m
The Subscriber has just received, and is now
extensive variety of fresh and
opening, an
Western TYans\»oïtaUon lAue,
Front Philadelphia to Baltimore via Wilming
ton and Elkton.
THE Subscribers have established aline of Pack
ets for the transportation of goods from Philadelphia
to Baltimore, bv wav of Wilmington and Elkton, to
leave C. Pusey and Co's. Wharf, Philadelphia, on
3d and Gth days. (Tuesdays and Fridays) every
week, and Light street wharf, (opposite Gerard T.
Hopkins and Moore's store) Baltimore, twice a
week regularly. First rate Boats are provided,
with experienced captains. Merchants residing at
a distance by consigning goods to the Agents at
either end, may relv on their being forwarded bv
the first Packet. Goods will be taken in store at
Wilmington and forwarded to the Packet at Elkton ;
and at Elkton and forwarded to the Packet at Wil
mington, and in all respects the local business will
receive the usual care.
It is the conclusion of the proprietors to devote
much personal attention to the faithful conducting
of the Western line, and having the, assistance of
tbe m st respectable and able Agents at each end
thereof, they feel confident of succeeding in giving
satisfaction to their friends and the public.
C. PUSEY# Co. Philadelphia.
Baltimore. Agents.
Gerard T. Hopkins and Moore, purchase and
sell grain, and other produce on commission.
3d mo
3 m.
^D*A\> & U-AxuUti «MavnxiactoT'S.
THE Hubsrriher takes tliis ojipm tunity to inform
the public, llmt the ustiiblish ment heretofore con
ilueted bv .Tomes Roy, Esq. together with the ac
counts connected with the. business of that estab
lishment from the first of January, 182G, have pass
ed into his hands ; and that he will continue the bu
siness in all its branches, at. the old slant!, corner of
Tat null and Queen streets, near the Frienda'* Meet
ing House, where lie will manufacture, and furnish
at Philadelphia prices. Mould mid Dipt CANDI,ES.
Fuller's Yellow and Drown SOAP, of the best qual
The highest price given for Tallow,
Butcher's Fat, and Fat of every description.
Wilmington, Nov. 14, 1826
N. B.
Yew Grocery.
HUtèlI M'DEVTTT begs leave to inform his
Friends and the Public, that he has opened a good
#c. 4-c. at No. 101, Shipley-st. 4 doors above the.
upper Market-housewhere goods of the first quality
may always be had, and on the most 'satisfactory
May 4. 1827.
Mount Harmonia Academy.
The Rev. Francis A. Latta, with the assistance of
an approved Teacher, has opened an ACADEMY,
where theusoal branchesofliterature will be taughtin
the most accurate ami critical manner. Lessons will
also be given in the Hebrew, to those who wish to
acquire a knowledge of that language. The annual
charge will not exceed one hundred dollars
Drumorc township Lane. Co. Penn.
April 20, 1827
4—4 1
1—3 m
Tiie subscriber begs leave to offer himself to the
Democractic Citizens of New Castle County, for the
office of SHERIFF, tobe supplied in October next;
assuring them that in case he should be the object of
their choice, his best exertions shall be employed
execute the duties of the office with fidelity, and
pledging himself to abide by the decision of the
County Meeting, tobe held at "the Red Lion, for the
t mination of the County Ticket,
May 15. 7—tf
Fine large Parchment,
Kept constantly for sale by the Publishers.
The Subscriber has just received an extensive as
sortment of Spring Goods, which he is disposed to
sell at the most reduced prices for cash, or approved
Among the variety of his goods
Are— Chintzes, calicoes anti ginghams
Cambric, Jaconet and mull inull muslins
Grecian and Butteste stripes
Irish linens, linen cambric and long lawn
Canton and company crapes and crape shawls
Black senshaw, lutestring,mantuus, Bolivar s silk oatises
Litfht coloured plain and figur'd Gros de nap ditto
Silk flap«, Madras» and cotton fl:u handkerchiefs
4-4 & 5-4 black and white siik sh
6-4, 7-4 and 10-4 table li
JO-4 counterpuines and ruK s
4*4 uleeched and brown sheetings and shirtings
Dorchester and Asslmpink bed ticking
Hangup and Pittsburgh cord
Domestic plaids and stripes
Furniture and apron checks
White and coloured linen and cotton Drilling
Denmark suttin and silk stripe
Superfine bombazines, Caspian stripes and Norwich crapes
3- 4 and 6-4 cambric and furniture dimity
Valencia, toillinet, Marsailles and Florentine vestings
4- 4, 6, 7 & 8-4 merino cashmere & English merino long &
square shawls
Gros de nap gausc, and cashmere handkerchiefs
Blue and yellow nankeens
Ingrain carpeting, and sacking bottoms
Bayaderes, satt iris and mantua ribbons
Paper hangings and bordering for rooms
Umbrellas and parasols
Steel and gilt coat buttons
Suspenders, tapes ami carpet binding
Undies* Leghorn hats and fiats
Mens' leghorn and sea glass hats
Porter sheetings, Aiisnaburg und Russia sheeting
4-4 and .5 4 and 6-4 oil cloths
White and coloured cotton and silk hose
V ill; bis usual assortment of
, Russia Diaper and crash
Cloths and Keisiineres.
Always on band, flit- best quality live geese feathers.
The subscriber tenders Ins thanks to bis friends and tbe
public generally, tor the very liberal encouragement be
lias met with, and hopes by keeping a good assortment and
selling cheap as usual, lie will retain tbe public's patronage.
JoseçYv Vogue.
N. li. The subscriber will sell cloths and keisiineres in
particular, at a small advance from the auction prices. Per
sons wanting cheap articles will find it to their advantage
to call at his store, No. 101, Wilmington, Del.
1— 3m
Columbian Syrup.
THIS Medic*ne t for me &ln»n tune il has been before the
Public, has proved it fell superior to Panaceas, and other
lemciiieb,to Midi a uc^rec, a.* to jjive confidence to the
Proprietor, that iis rflicac) alone will support i s distin
guished merits. !i is the m. st useful spring and autumn
alteiaiive ever yet discovered, li is so peiiectky limocem,
that no evil died need be apprehended iront it, when ap
plied agreeably to dte cli ect.ons. li may be given, Without
any apprehension, »o the must tender infam, or feeble adult.
The COLUMBIAN SYRUP w.lt relieve ai d eventually
remote the toimwing '.—Necrosis,Cane.-,(or ulce
rations ofthe houe»,) King*» Foil, or Set ulula, Rneunmuc
affections ot the heml, amt icm generally ; b>pmtis, Mer
curial, and as) complaints originating in the improper
of Mercury i Ulcer.-, of the mouth ana throat ; V\ hue Swel
ling; cancerous,and inveterate Ulcers; dischatgcs from
the Ears; disease-, of ihe bum; Liver complaints ; J
dice, Indigestion, srul Debility.
As a geiteraldepuiative article, or pur.her of the blood,
tins medteine poases.se-. invaluable powers ll improves the
appetite, and lias the rema< *abic quality of depriving the
skm ofthat )cllcw bilmus tint, winch is so common in bili
ous constitutions. Besides ihe diseases above enumerated,
il is also recommended as a iemedy for that afflicting disor
der, the ulcerated sore head» under which children sutler
ihe most excruciating tonnent» tor years.
Whenever a newly discovered medicine is recommended
to the public, justice requnes that s me testimony be of
fered in proof ol its superior remedial powers ihe*CW
umbian Syrup ha» now been u»ed a suflic.em length ol ume,
b » n by tnt' Proprietor auu by several eminent physicians,
u> warrant ihe declaration, tha. m a variety of diseases it is
a remedy ot preeminent virtues. In -everal cases wheie
large quantities of Pauutcas and Syrups had been used with
out producing any eiicci, dit Columbian Syrup.
short tunc, pciiormed pence, cores.
I he to! low mg certificates oi cures performed by the Co
lumbitin Sy up , juinish ample proofs of its superior efficacv
over every ..titer p .puiar remedy,even Sxvunn*a Pt.nucea,
which in the opinion ot some of
cians, when first brought up, wi
t he following certificate was received by the proprietor of
the Columbian byrup, nom ihe subscriber. It wt
proof it had given of its superior efficacy over ihe Panacea.
a very
Uroftnsors and L'liysi
u medicine of inestimable
.lie fu'-l
M y son, George M inkle, about 13 years of age, was seri
ously affiicitd with a cancc .-ous ulcer of the turoat an <ui
three yeat -, winch destroyed the tonsils and uvula , and .s»<
corroded the /mues and palate , (root of the mouth,) that it
laid hare the b<
made its way into the nose. It
eventually increased to such a degree, that it caused a free
communication between the nose and mouth, so dial when
any liquid was administered, as coflee, lea, ike. it would
immediately return by the nostrils.
1 applied to several eminent physicians, but all their ef
vain. Having heard of
Swaims Panacea, l procured some; but alter using three
bottles of it, and finding my sou not benefited by ihe
discontinued it.
1 now began to be very much alarmed concerning his
uatiou ; there appeared no ray of hope left. Uis eye» \v* rc
for some lime highly inflamed and irritated, and lie even
ally lost the sight ot his left eye.
miuisterii'g mercury improperly.
A respccuiüle citizen oi Philadelphia recommended rne
to the use or the
forts to check the disease were
This 1 impute toad
:\v iy discovered arid valuable medicine,
called J. Albrigut's Columbian Syrup. By the advice of a
Physician, me syrup was prescribed; Hie use of iwo buttles
of which completely eradicated the disease, and performed
a perfect cure.
Ot Abmgton Township, Montgomery cly. I*
l'hUaddptua, June Ul, 1L26
The following certificate lurniskcs a second proof of the
superior efficacy «1 Hie enluminait Syrup over the Panacea.
I, Mary Peterson, of Wilmington, Delaware, aged 44
years, was taken with a scrofulous disease about July, 18_'3,
which commenced with a severe pain in the side ; and
about the latter end of September and beginning of Octo
ber. 1 Was again attacked, but with a violent pain in my
head. f 1
In the spring oi 1824, n lump made its appearance on tiie
left side of my neck: .lurmg th.a time, and the ensuing
summer, 1 was reiving on medical aid The lumn in the
neck shortly disappeared, but in tbe fall of {he same year ft
ulcerated m the leti shoulder, and continued with inces
sant pain, followed by an enlargement of the breast on the
same aide of the body; shortly after, two lumps appeared
on the left side of the neck. r 1
Two respectable surgeons of Delaware performed an op
e ration in August, and one in October, but to no effect. Mv
situation became very alarming. The pain and torments J
endured day and night were indescribable. I iiad to take
large quantities of laudanum to afford
me momentary re
The affected side of my' head was drawn down h
the" disease, and rested upon my shoulder. The-ui««
increased ; my left arm was swelled twice the thickness u
its natural state, and the swelling extended down to ^
ends of my fingers; I could not even bend my finger join!»,
and fop eighteen months l could not move my lett arm, but
with the assistance of the right.
In September, 1825, 1 came to Philadelphia, anil appli^j
to several eminent physicians, hut tltey gave me no Snipe :
relief. 1 commenced the use ot Swuirn a Panacea, and con.
tinned it until t had consumed nearly foul bottles, without
producing any effect.
The later end of April, 1826, l commenced thorn,e of j
Albright's Columbian Syrup, and after using it a short
tune, the swelling in my arm was reduced so as to enable
it fret Iv, and in six weeks l Was restored t„
me to
feet health.
J*fuliu/e , phia t June\0,\Q 6.
Note —The foiegoing case is well known to several 0 :
our respectable physicians; and one, patliculuily, cuuiIkLj
expressed Ins opinion to Mrs. Peieison, that lier dise**
had extended itself beyond the leach of medicine ll
that gentUmun'* attention parti cutarly to her certificate.
e coi
The following communication was received by the pro.
prieior of the Columbian Syrup, from tien. Thomas buy.
der, residing in the Northern Liberties, Philadelphia Co.
Mu. Al.BUItiHT,
SIR— l was aftlieted with a rheumatic affection of tlit;
head for nearly iwo years, during which lime I Iiad triedal<
most every remedy; hut the disease being very obstinate,
bullied all medical aid. I was in constant pain and misery
during the time I was afilicteiu
A respectable physician recommended the benefit of hi
bathing ; accordingly, in July, 1825,1 took a journey to the
sea shore to bathe, winch in a few days increased the mala,
dy to such a degree, as to catise an obstruction in my nos
ds, and prevtfTiL a free inhaling and exhaling of my breath.
The regular course of breathing being thus obstructed^
the upper jaw and cheek bone became very sore, and my
face appeared to be in a high state of inflammation; my
situation became Very alarming ; nty spirits were depress
cd, and my appetite failed.
I heard of your Columbian Syrup . I procured some of it;
in a very short lime it allayed the inflammation, I was ena
bled to breathe freely, my appetite returned, and I was re.
stored to perfect health
Philad.June 23, 1826
No. 375, North Third-si
Philadelphia, 15ih March, 1827.
Mr. J. Albright, Hi
siu—My youiigeBt child, a girl of about two year»
agi , bad, from lier birth, been sickly. In the latter endol^B
January last she .was taken with an inflammation In ta^H*
head and month, toge.lier with a soreness ol tlie
decay ot die teeth ; a scurf bad also formed oil the
and root of the mouth; ill a tew day. a icry offensive
charge of matter from tbe right ear took place; by tiin^H
time I lie chilli sobered ihe most excruciating agonies, crv^B
ing day and night '
Whilst tny child was in this distressing situation, 1
toiilot tlie Wonderful cures per armed by your CWsraiim^B'
Syiufi. 1 procured a bottle, and am happy to stale,
given the child lilt- Symp about seven «lays, it slepi^Ht
sound at night, the inflamma ion of the head and nnji.tl^B
was allayed, the scutf disappeared, the gums were licuH^H
and the offensive smell accompanying Lite discharge IruUi^B
Hit eai left it ; by this t une it broke out into sores all arouii^B
the ear, bui healed in a very short time after.
Alter lilt- child had taken about two-thirds of the boull^B.
of syrup, the discharge from the ear giadualiy siopiid^H
and, astonishing as it may appear, the child is now perletiBB
ly cured, gay, and lively.
Since my child has leceivcd those extraordinary bcnai^B
from vour jn.aluuble medicine, my wife has cummencel^H
Using it m chronic rheumatism, and one of my sons
scald head ami sore grins, anti from the effects yuur syrul^H
bus already pioduced, I have eveiy reason to think
shall shortly he enabled toconummicate to you tile plemq^n
intelligence of [icrlect cures.
Kunckle street, Northern Liberties.
Mr. Albright,
SIR My son, Stephen, aged 13 year«, Was taken ftilbH
■"tv. 1 # pain ill die inslep of his right foot in September
i8-3. In October followi,ig it swelled very much. Aphj^B
mean ordered bread and milk poultices to be appliei'H
winch reduced the swelling. Sunn after the capofibB
knee swelled up considerably ; poultices were again appliH
ed, which reduced die swelling. A large lamp made
appearance on die shin; in a very short time his leg swellH
ed to double its ordinary size, was very much inflamed, anlH
i.ad a purple appearance The boy buffered the most i
deacriable pains, and from ihe loss of bis appetite and
Ot sleep, he became so debilitated and helpless, that he had
to he fed like an intiint. At length die swelling opened, and
produced a copious discharge of matter, accompanied with
a very offensive smell. The physician lanced the leg al
different limes, in various places, and attended him fotup*
wards of three mom lis, and got lum so far as to be enabled
to move about on crutches In a very short time the paim
almost entirely lett him. he could walk very well williou!
the use of crutches, the swelling continued, and the leg
broke out into ulcers.
In die summer of 182G, his shin bone became affected,
accompanied with a very offensive smell ; small splinted
ut bones would occasionally workout; his leg, from the
c u p ot the knee to his ankle, was one ulcerated mass of
corruption, und the bone was in a slate of rottenness. Fhv
scians who saw the case while in this situation, gave it is
the.r opinion that he could only be cured by laviifg the leg
open to the bone, and taking off uie affected parts, which
would be a paint ul, as well as a very dangerous operation.
tn November last, 1 heard of your CalumUun Surub. I got
a bottle,and after my son used it about five days, it chang
ed the matter to a healthy appearance, and took away the
nllensive smell ; by i|, e time lie was on the use of the third
bottle, large pieces of the affected bone came oft some u
winch were several inches in length, and about the tliick-f
bv S | 8 h?., a „ I " r , : ? hel ' 'f ,b , lch Ul , e ie K be S a " >d heal up, and
by the t ime lie had used the eighth bottle, he was complete
Vldï:1\, non,on, MWÄJV UrW
Iliad. March 20, 1827. Jiuttonuuud, neur Sixlh-tl.
hJ.. v Ve C ".' se "J f' ecl0sis * Cor affection of the
uones.) ,S con.idei ed by several physicians as a very remark
&, ." ne r i n 1,c „ ca,, " ,U5 bu,le - s ai ' e in die possession
°* ll,L ptopnetor of the Columbian Surub. ami
id any time
,r- I- ccrl es rr.ay be seen at the store of the 'Agent
(D Each bolt le ot the genuine medicine basa label, re
presenting the Lagle and Hydra, with my signature.
JVo. 1Ü3 Arch .Street, Philadelphia.
So ^ »> Wilmington, by li. IS. ŸAUCJHAR', Druggist,
u. 44, Maiket-streel. b °
may be seen
House and Sign Paintin
The subscriber tenders his thanks to his friends
and customers for the encouragement he has receive
cu in his business for fifteen years past, and beg£
leave to inform them and the public generally, that
he still carries it on in its various branches; and
•Tuli™. 11 ® a °d lonç experience, together
with the aidot excellent workmen, not only to con
tittue to give satisfaction to old customers, but to
obtain new ones. The subscriber is determined to
make every reasonable exertion to execute with
neatness and dispatch all work committed to him,
and do it on reasonable terms. Apply at No.-
King street, between Broad and Hanover streets,
where orders will be thankfully received, and nunc
tually attended to. BENJAMIN FREDD.
Wilmington, May IS. q_ m

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