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TiiVitea\>y 3SI. BvaAford.—-Triuted and MaTMieÖLTax I\,. Tovtex &feon, X
9"l, JMorlLet-SVreet, WvWmgtotv.
Vol. I.
%iYo, 4 M,
FRIDAY, September 28 , 1827 .
lished on Tuesdays and Fridays, ut Jour dollars
per annum; two dollars every six months in ad
Advertisements inserted on the usual terms —
One dollar jar four insertions of sixteen
lines, and so in proportion for every number of
additional lines and insertions.
Concord. —Dr. Thomas Adams, P. M.
Bridcie viele. —Henry Cannon, P. M.
Milton. —Mr. Arthur Miiby.
Frankford. —Mr. Isaiah Long.
Dausiiorouciii.—D r. Edward Dingle.
Georue Town. —Mr. Joshua S. Layton.
Lewes — H. F. Rodney, P. M.
Milford. —Mr. Joseph G. Oliver.
Frederica. —J. Emerson, P. M.
Camden. —Thomas Wainwright, P. M.
Dover. — lohn Robertson, Esq.
Smyrna —Samuel II. Hudson. Esq.
Cantwells Bridge. —Manlove Hayes, P M.
Middletov. v.—Thomas llarvy, P. M.
Summit Bridge. —John Clement, P. M.
Warwick, Mil.— lohn MoreUin, P. M.
Subscribers living in the vicinity of the residence
these Agents, may pay their subscription money
them, they being authorized to receive it, and to
ve receipts.
Persons wishing any sort of Printing done, with
.itn"*«, accuracy, and dispatch ; Advertisements
ertod, or Sursciui'TIons paid where there are
ill appointed in their neighbourhood to re
will please apply, or direct to Pc. Porter
I Son, No. 07, Market Street, Wilmington.
All communications, riot of the above character,
ha addrissed to Al. Bradford, Editor of the Dela
te Journal, Wilmington.
'Phis arrangement is made for the more regular
J prompt execution of business.
r.eiv; them,
Fall Goods.
THE Subscriber has lately received a general
•tment of Fall Goods, such as Cloths, Cassi
meres, Flamiells, Blankets, Sattinetts, Worsted, &c.
which he will sell at reduced prices.
Any quantity of wool and feathers will be taken
in, and Goods given in exchange at a fair market
price, al his Store, No. 101, Market-Street.
JFilmington, 1S27.
fHW ''S IS}
.Vo. 17, H 'est Front Street , between Shipley >V Orange,
Keeps mi hand a general assortment of
Finished in the best manner suitable for
S\\oe, CtvacU & Hat ness Makers,
Which Ilf offers on reasonable terms.
Wilmington, September 3d.
Wrapping Paper.
A quantity of good Wrapping Paper, large and
small, just received.
f all descriptiens for sale
Magistrates Blanks, o
ut No. 97, Market-Street
Clay's Speeches, &c.
CONTENTS—Biographical sketch of Mr. Clay.
Speech on Manufactures—Line of the Perdido—
liank charter—Augmentation of the military force—
Increase, of the Navy—New Army—Emancipation
—internal Improvement—Semin
to Sooth America—The Tariff-—
-Greek revolution—American in
of South Americ
ole War— Y
Spanish treaty
,listry—Colonization of the negroes—Bank ques
tion—Address to Constituents—Speech at Lewis
'mrgh ; with »potruit in front—Price $2 25.—T he
above work to he had of the publishers of this pa
No. 97, Market-Street.
at their Book Slot

Scott's Infantry
Publisher* have just received a fresh supply■
Printing of all kinds pone
New York, Sept. 13.
Pira*c Michigan .—We have conversed with a
passenger on board of the steam boat from Albany
yesterday, who left Niagara Falls on last Saturday
evening. He stated that the "condemned vessel
got loose from lier moorings a little after the appoint
ed time, and was proceeding favourably until within
about a mile of the edge of the fall, when she struck
against a rock with great violence, and carried away
both of her masts. After this she tossed and rolled
about violently in the rapids (one of the larger ani
mals, the buffalo made a complete and safe
cape from her,) and was finally, precipated over the
great fall ut the Horseshoe. I he sight is stated to
have been a very interesting one, and was -viewed
bv an immense number ol spectators.
. ■ Com. Adv.
On the death of John Webb, David Morrow, John Harris,
Henvy Lewis, David Hunt, and Edward Lindsey t six
Militia-men who were condemned to die,-tile sentence
approved by Major Gen. J ACKsON, and by his order the
whole six shot.
O ! did you hear that plaintive cry,
Horne on the southern breeze ?
Saw you .lohn Harris , earnest pray
Eur mercy, on his knees !
Low to the earth he bent, and pray'd
For pardon trom his chief;
But to liis earnest prayer for life
Jackson , alas ! was deaf.
*• Spare me"—he said—" 1 meant no wrong
" My heart was always true :
" First for my Country's cause it beat,
" And next, great Chief, for you.
"We thought our time of service out
'Thought it our rig-lit to go :
"We meant to violate no law ;
" Nor Wish'd to shun the foe.
" Our officers declared that we
" Hail hut three months to stay ;
M We se ved those three months faithfully ,
" Up to the latest day.
••No one suspects intended wrong ;
" Tlie judgment only erred ;
"Insuch a case, O noble Chief,
" Let mercy's voice be heard.
"At home an aged mother waits
" To clasp her only son ;
"A wife, and nine »mal! children
"This arm depend upon.
" Cut me not off from those dear ties—
" Nor send me to my doom,
O 'tis a dreadful thing to die,
" And moulder in the tomb !
"Sure mercy is a noble gem
" On every Chieftain's brow :
" More sparkling than a diadem :
" O ! exercise it now.—"
'Twas all in vain, John Harris' pray'r,
'Tis past the soul's belief!
Hard as the flint was Jackson's heart :
lie would not grant relief.
He order'd Harris out to die,
And five poor fellows more !
Young gallant men in prime of life
To welter in their gore ! !
Methinks I hear the muffled drum,
And see the column move ;
here they come : HovV sad their looks !
Farewell to life and love !
See six black coflhns rang'd along,
Six graves before them made ;
Webb, Lindsey. Harriss, Lewis, Hunt,
And Morrow kneeled and prayed.
They kneel'd and pray'd, and thought of i.omk,
And uli its dear delights.
—The deadly tubes are levelled now—
The scene my soul affrights !
Sure he will spare ! Sure Jackson yet
Will all reprieve but one—
O hark ! those shrieks ! that cry of death !
Th-. dreadful deed is done !
AU six militia men were shot}
Aik 1 O ! it seems to me ;
A dreadful dee«i—a bloody act
Of needless cruelty.
At a meeting of the friends of the Administra
tion, held at the house ol Joshua Iluttton, on Mon
day the 24th inst. Robert Porter was appointed
Un 1110 -
Chairman and John F. Gilpin Secretary,
tion it was .
Resolved, unanimously, that this meeting cordial
ly approve the nomination ol K. JOHNS, JR as a
candidate for Congress, made at Dover, on 1 ue-
day the 18th inst. as well as the County ticket
agreed upon at Clark's Corner on the 13th tust,
and that we will use all fair and honorable means to
the success of said ticket at the ensuing
election. , . .
Resolved, That we approve the nomination at
New Castle, of James McCullough, (Farmer) to
pply the place of James Booth, resigned, as a
candidate fur the legislature of this state. .
Resolved, That the following persons he appoint
ed a committee of vigilance, and be requested to use
all diligence, to induce persons in favor uf the ad
ministration, to attend at the polls.
James A. Sparks, Jesse Mendenhall, W. A. Men
denhall, B. W. Bracken. Robert Pierson, Samuel
M'Clary, Charles Reynolds, George Reynolds, John
M. Smith, W. Gray, John McClear, Enoch Rob
erts , Samuel S. Grubb, Edward Grubb, William
Warner, John Warner, R. Porter, P. B. Porter, Dr.
John Johnson, James Wilson, Albert Wilson, Henry
Wilson, James P. Mernhew, Stephen Merrihew,
Joshua Hnttou, John Ferris, Jr. James I'lunily, James
Johnson, Peter Gnskill. Samuel Wollaston, Wash
ington Rice, W. P. Brobson, John Wales, Nathaniel
Beckley, Samuel Bayers, W. P. Richards, Jesse
Richards, Samel Buzby, William Bassett, Elba Fer
ris, Stephen Bonsall, Edward i . Baily, John llug.i
ny, Jos. Hagany, B. Ferris, James Sonlen, Edward
Ins kip, Samuel Stroud, Jr. Joshua Stroud, John
Riimford, Lewis Rumford. James Canby, John Sel
lars, Joseph Baily, Jonathan Byrnes, Jonathan
Byrnes, Jr. Caleb Starr, Edward Worrell, Jonathan
Pierson, Geo. Simmons, Joshua Simmons, Huston
Swayne. Janies Murdock, Samuel S. Poole, Wm. S.
Poole, John H. Price, Edmund Canby, Dr. William
Baker, Daniel Simmons. John White Nicholas It.
White W. White, Benjamin Webb, Dr. G. Jaques,
Charles Denny, Jared Chesnut.YV. G. Jones, Philip
Jones, JosephC. Gilpin, Vincent Gilpin, John F.
Gilpin, Richard Gilpin, Edward W. Gilpin William
Gilpin, Josiah H. Gilpin, John Hirons Jr E. B.
Vaughan, Joseph Patton, James Rice David Smyth,
Chalkley Sommers, W. McNeal, John luce, Wm.
Rice, William Kennard, Joseph Pogue, T. War
rington, T. Warrington, Jr. Joseph Carpenter, Isat
Spear, John Colesberry, George Winslow, Joshua
Harlan, Wesly Baily, David Kirkpatrick, John ïay
lor, Joseph Norman, Hance Naff, W H. Naff, H.
H. Naff, Samuel Ford, Elisha Huxley, James C.
Allen, John Hindman, John Starr, Jacob Starr, W.
Hallowell, Edward Kennard, Benjamin Thomas, tun.
Robert Ritchie, Hamilton Walker, Owen McWade,
Charles T. Stockly, Dr. Thomas Brinckle, John D.
Brinckle, Jesse Betts, Isaac Bonsall, Henry Alrichs,
Mahlon Betts, W. Megcar, Robert Scott, Miller
Dunott, John Adams, Robert Keddy, Wm. Marshall,
Stephen Buddy, Ezra Hoopes, Andrew Alston,
James M. Roche, Thomas Garrett, Joseph Hartley,
James Brown, Wm. Woodcock, Marcus E. Capelle,
W. C. Dorsey, Dr. J. Thomas, Thomas Moore,
Thomas M'Korkle, Wm. Wilson, Frederick Leon
ard, Vincent Robinson, John Stapler, T. McDowell,
S. Gafford, Hugh McDevitt, Samuel Robinson, Ai
bert Robinson, Peter Humphries, James Webb,
John Pierson, Joseph Pierson, Wilson Pierson, Hen
ry Witsiil, Jacob Pierson, Jacob Harman, Carney
Clark, Charles Bush, Abraham Ritchie, James
Smith, Erby Pierce, George Witsil, David Harbin,
son, Henry Hayes, John Solomon, James Lane,
James Watson, James Logan, Andrew Thomson
Allan Mills, William Sherer, John Coleman, Wil
liam Robinson, David Register, Jesse Rogers, Ben- to
Chandler, James Mb. MbMj,
Benjamin I redd, John Craig, Samuel Gnscom, tv il
liam Bane, Thomas Mahaffey, John Guskill,
John Derickson, Jacob Higgins, John Hemphill,
Geortre Youwr James Bringhurst, Wm. Countiss,
ucorge noting aanies x.i n imsi ' j
Benjamin lord, Dell Nobhlt, Archibald Robert
son, William Clarke, Uriah Poinsett, 1 bornas Uro
zier, Eli Crozier, Joshua H. Irons, Robert Shipley,
Thomas Shipley, Henry Gibbous, Isaac Shallcross,
T,„mn,a .Uriel.», M. M,
1 bornas Kell un, Samuel Richardson, Daniel Dingee,
j George Jones, Joseph Patton.
I Resolved, That the Committee of Vigilance meet
I at this place on Monday evening next at 7 o'clock,
! (the evening previous to the election), to make such
j preparatory arrangements as they may think ue
Kesolved, That the proceedings of this meeting
he signed by the chairman and secretary, and pub
lished in the American Watchman, Delaware Jour
nal, and the Delaware Weekly Advertiser.
Ron cm 1 Porter, Chairman.
John F. Gilpin, Suc'y.
At a large and respectable meeting of the friends
of the present Administration of the General Gov
ernment held at Blackbird, on Thursday 20th ol
September, Major WILLIAM ROH1V..XL was
called to the chair, and BENJAMIN CAULK ap
pointed Secretary.
The proceedings of the meeting at Clark's corner
being read, the following resolutions were
mously adopted.
Resolved. That in the opinion of this meeting, the
Administration of the General Government is per
fectly clear of all the charges of bargain and corrup
tion which the leaders of the Opposition have
cleavored to tix upon it.
Resolved, that we highly approve of the nomina
tion made by the Conferees at Dover, and that we
will use all honorable means to insure the election of
Kunsey Johns, jr. Esq. the Congressional Candi
date nominated.
Resolved, that we approve of the proceedings cf
the meeting at Clark's corner, and that we will give
our firm and undivided support to the county ticket
there formed.
Resolved, that a committee of vigilance be ap
pointed by the chairman and they are requested to
to use all honorable means best calculated to support
the present Administration.
Resolved, that the proceedings of this meeting be
published in the papers in this county iriendiy to
the present Administration of theGeneral Govern
. n.
W. Roth well, Chairman.
Benjamin Caulk, Scc'y.
At a meeting of the triends of the Administration
in Brandywine Hundred, ut the Blue Ball Inn. oil
Saturday, the 22nd September, 1827, pursuant to
the public notice, Colonel 1 HOMAS ROBINSON
was called to the chair, anti -W iiiiaiu MICaulley ap
pointed secretary, when the billowing resolutions
were unanimously adopted :
Resolved, That we approve
KENSEY JOHNS, Junr. Esq. for Representative
to Congress : That we will render him our united
and cordial support and that we recommend nun to
the friends of order and good goverment as a citi
zen worthy of their support and confidence.
Resolved, That we approve ol the County I icket
formed by the Administration meeting (at Clark s
Corner) and that we will use all lair and honorable
mentis to promote its success.
Resolved, That the following persons be a com
mittee of vigilance to watch over the interests ol
the constitution and the people for this Hundred
tn wit : Colonel Thomas Robinson, William Long,
John B. Bains, Gunning Bedford, William lloulson,
Thomas Can, Samuel Galbreath, William McCaul
ley, Charles I Dupont, John Bird, John Forwood,
T. Price, John Harris, Jos. W. Day, Caleb
Perkins, William Leu, Ilarry Williamson, Jo
seph Perkins, Joseph Hibbert, Jesse Kendall An
drew Fountaine, William W. Young, Joseph y
Dixon, Joseph Carver, Joseph Carr, Win. Hemphill,
... Holbert Woldin. Curtis Mousley, Irving Smith,
Pmpson Bird, Wm. Murphy, Wm. Bird, George
Cartmell, L. Sacritftte, A pier Chandler, 1 arker
of the nomination of
Askew, Charles Braden, Jacob Weiden, James
Todd, Robert Forwood, Win. R. Forw,,uU J.,hn
Bar.ies, John Hallman, Charles Norwood Nathaniel,
Squibb, John Zebley, Wiliam UoreU, 1 nomas
Beeson, Jr. Zackariah Roreli, Jr. and Joshua Dui
tun. .. .
Resolved, That the following persons be a corn
mittee to give information that a, meeting ut the
friends of the Administration will be held at Udl
breath's Inn (Blue Ball) Brandywine Hundietl on
Wednesday the 36th inst at e o c ock, to transact
business preparatory to the general elect on.
Viz : Robert Galbreath, Gunning Bedh.rd, Wm.
Hmilsun and } humas Carr.
Resolved, I hat the proceedings10: this meetng be
published in the newspapers lu Wdmmg on favuui
able to the present.A»*—ratn-n.
J «OMAS KOBI -büN, CmtlMOru
Attest W M . McLaulley, &ecy.
po i n tedSecretary.
Ueoolved, That the Chairman appoint a committee of five
to nominate a committee uf vigilance.
UCC oi<Jing-ly.
Tue above committee reported the following gentle
men, viz
Committee of Vigilance.— JamesJames, Jamesi M Lraclied«
' j 0illl remptemaa, James Uurnlum, Andrew »id.de, John
^ vdaytoii, James Clayton. JamesT. Hurd, Isaac Clement,
M al)S Het ( |, Win. Sweets, »enj.min Merritt, Jnlm
euowcs, TliomasHarvey, Andrew Ueiretsnn, Joseph Clea
vei, Suns Carpenter, A Dieid.jLi- A. «.»ennigtun, Samuel
administration meeting.
At a meeting uf the citizens ot St. George's
held at Mlddietown, agreeably to public notice, friendly tu
the Administration of the General Government, Doctor J,
t>. WAIT was called to the Chair, and John Eddowes, ap
At a meeting of the Friends til the Administration
uf the General Government iu New Castle Huit»
tired, convened at the Green Tree Inn. un Monday
Sept. 2-4, A. D. 1827. Oil ...otiun JUHN MOODY,
Esq. was called tu the ciiair and Evan 11- 1 hoviasf
appointed Secretary.
The object of the meeting having been stated by
the Chairman, it was on notion
Resolved, That a Committee of five persons ltd
appointed by the Chairman to retire ami report to
this meeting, the name of a suitable person to sup.
ply the vacancy in the County t icket occasioned
by James Booth, jr. Esq. having declined. Thd
committee, viz. Evan Thomas; Cornelius D. lJlanej,
Robert Rhodes; Thomas Stockton, and Ti..
Speaktnail, having retired, retui tied and npmted
to the meeting the name til James M'Cidtough ,
Farmer. Whereupon it was on motion unanime
ly Resolved, that trie vacancy in the County Tick
be iilied with the name of James M'Cullough Far
mer, and he ts hereby recommended to the him.
zealous, and undivided support of the Friends uf
the Administration of the General Government in
New Castle County at the ensuing General Elec*
tion. ,
1 lie following persons were appointed a Cofflhnf»
tec ol V igilance for New Castle Hundred, who will
use all lair and honourable means to promote the
success of the Administration Ticket at the ensuing
Election, viz. Peter 8. Alrichs, Joseph Hamilton,
Thomas Speakman, William Booth, Thomas t lark,
Giles Lumsott, John M'Crone, Jr. Abraham Eves,
William B M'Crone, George M'Crone, John Platt,
Major Peter Jaquett, Thomas Booth, John Allen,
Joseph Spencer, Andrew Barnaby, Robert Rhodes,
Abraham C. Short, Eli Foster, Joseph Litulle, Cle*
ment Layton, Birdsell Fowler, V\ ashingtcm E«
Moore, Ge-a-ge UeYttolds, James Wilson, William
Silvers, esq. Abel Sevili, Hugh Gemmill, William
G. Caulk, Thomas Jaquett, Daniel Read, James
Iiez.ie, Charles II. Van Dyke, Cornelius 1) Blaney,
esq. William B. Janvier, 'William R. Magens, Joliti
Wiley, esq. Joseph Sawyer, Wm. Guthrie, Samuel
M. Couper, John Moody, esq. Lewis Curlett, Jo
seph Caldwell, Gunning B. Riddle, and Jessa
Turner. '., ,
Resolved, That the proceedings of this meeting,
be published in (lie papers of this state friendly td
the Administration of the General Government,
and in handbills.
JOHN MOODY, 'Chairman,
Attest, Evan IL Thomas, S cc'y.
Ö *. O <2> O Î 0
mu Ö *. O <2> O Î 0
Awful Calamity .—Three men» it father and tttH
sons, named Saul, were killed on the olh instant,
near Columbus, in Ohio, in attempting to descend
into a well, filled with fire damp. The particulars,
as they have been related to us, were as folloWsj
They had been engaged in digging the well, Utlll
had deceruled twenty feet. It was observed, the
night before, that, on coming out, the workmen
appeared unusually pale. On returning lo the work
yesterday morning, a brother inlaw of the young
Sauls, first attempted to descend, hut experienced
so much distress betöre lie reached the buttmtl, that
he requested to be drawn up. One of the young
men then got into the bucket, and was let doWlt
about half when he fell to the bottom of the well,
His brother immediately attempted to descend to
his relief, but likewise fell before reaching the bot
tom. The father then, contrary to the rein orna
trance of those about him, insisted on being et
down ; he had descended about Half Way, When hd
called out to be drawn up again, but. before be reach 3
ed the top, he also pitched out and fell dead— upon
his dead sons. Means were immediately taken to
recover the dead bodies, and attempts were made to
resuscitate them, but vitality was wholly extinct.
[It est Stalesmaih

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