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'EAite&.lyj 2VI. iVraMoTfA.—-T?v*mte.& anl Putaittslied Tyj T\». TotIct &Stm, Ko 01, MaVket-StYfefet* Wilmington.
»V«. 47.
TUESDAY, October 3, 1837.
IV. J.
ner a wanr TflTTB V'flT ic m,h ,•
hshed on, Tuesdays and Fridays, at Jour dollars] day
• nnnimi; two dollars every six mouths in ad
vdticßo tion
Advertisements inserted on the usual terms — ,
Vie, ■ One dollar for four insertions of sixteen 1 v
lines, and so in proportion for every number of
Concord. —Dr. Thomas Adams, P. IVL
Bridufvii.i.e.—H enry Cannon, P. M.
Milton. —Mr. Arthur Milby.
Frankford. —Mr. Isaiah Long.
Dausboiiouuk. —Dr. Edward Dingle.
Georue Town.
Lewes — H, F. Rodney, P. M.
Milford. —Mr. Joseph G. Oliver.
Frederica. — J. Emerson, P. M.
Camden. —Thomas Wainwnght, P. M.
Dover. —John Robertson, Esq.
Smyrna —Samuel H. Dodson. Esq.
Cantwells Bridue. —Manlove Hayes, P M.
Middletown. —Thomas llarvy, P. M.
Summit Bridge.— John Clement, P. M.
Warwick, ML— lohn Moreton, P. M.
Subscribers living in the vicinity of the residence
A -ants, may pay their subscription money !
bein'authorized to received, and to I
_ _ __
$\\oe, Coae\\ & Uavuess .Makers,
Which he offers on reasonable terms.
Wilmington, September Ml.
= 1 1
Mr. Joshua S. Layton.
of tn
t > th ; n,they
give receipts.
Persons wishing any sort ot Printing done, with
neatness, accuracy, and dispatch ; Advertisements
inserted, or Subscriptions paid where there are
no Agents appointed in their neighbourhood to re
ceive'tliem, will please apply, or direct to It. Porter
mi l Son, No. 07, Market Street, Wilmington.
All co.n nunications, not of the above character,
tn be ad.lress id to Vi. Bradford, Editor of the Dela
ware Journal, Wilmington.
This arrangement is made for the more regular
and prompt ex<
ution of business.
Fall Goods. -
THE Subscriber has lately received a general
of Fall Goods, such as Clolhs, Cassi
, Flannells, Blankets, Sattinetts, Worsted, Stc.
Which he will sell at reduced prices.
Any quantity of wool and feathers will be taken
in, and Goods given in exchange at a fair market
price, at his Store, No. 101, Market-Street.
Wilmington , 1827.
ilharlcs ti. Denny
«iniK yv !¥]•#»• < î «
W W kaa rvL j
No. 17, West Front Street, between Shipley Sr Orange,
Keeps on hand a general assortment of
Finished in the best manner suitable for
Wrapping Paper.
A quantity of good Wrapping Paper, large and
small, just received.
Maoisti des Blanks, of all descriptions for sale
at No. 97, Mai
Elay's Speeches, &c.
CONTENTS—Biographical sketch of Mr. Clay.
Manufactures—Linn of the Perdido—
Speech on
Bank charter—Augmentation ot the military force—
Increase of the Navy—New Army—Emancipation
of South America—Internal Improvement—Semin
ole War_Mission to South America—The Tariff-—
Spanish treaty—Greek revolution—American in
dustry— Colonization of the negroes—Bank ques
tion—Address to Constituents—Speech at Lewis
bnr>'h ; with a portait in front—Price $2 25.—The
above work to lie had of the publishers of this pa
per, at their Book Store, No. 97, M irkct-Street.
Printing of ai.l kinds done with neatness
ÏïvcuiXs a£ lhc Ad\iVn\ls> VywAtg it .
The Committee of Vigilance of the Borough, will
he punctual in their attendance at Hutton s Inn,
Monday evening next (Oct. 1.) at 7 o'clock, tor the
purpose of makipg the necessary arrangements for
I the election on the ensuing day.
j Sep. 27. 1827.
î The Bonds and Notes given for property purchas
ed at the Sales of David Higgins, dec'ds per
■nal property are. all now due.
pe respectfully informed that the situation of the Es
tate admits of no delav ; and that they must not ex
pect any indulgence. 'Payment may be made to eith
er of the subscribers.
Those indebted
Sep. 28,180Tv
. ç . ç. , r , * . • ; . .
,• At | "| 'i h Jt", ®u , «»n" '
turn, held at the house ol Joshua Huttt in, on Mon
day the 24th inst. Robert Porter was appointed
Chairman and John F. Crilptn Secretary. On mo
tion it was _ . . >
, f,tr rn ^the mnninauon o'^ K * JiniNS^utsa
1 v approve the nomination ol R. JUUiNv, Jli as a
^ Istli inst^a^'wed as"* the'cômity ticket
and that we will use all fair and horn,rub e means to
.„sure the success of said ticket at the ensuing
election. .
Jiesdmd That we approve the nomination at
Newcastle, of James McCullough, (Farmer) to
supply the place of James Booth, resigned, as a
candidate tor the legislature of this slate.
Resolved, That the following persons be appoint
ed a committee of vigilance, and be requested to use
all diligence, to induce persons in favor of the ad
mimstratum. to attend at the polls.
James A. sparks, Jesse Mendenhall, W. A. Men
denludl, B. W. Bracken, Robert Pierson, Samu-1 '
iM-Clary, Chillies Reynolds, George Reynolds, John
M. Smith, W. Gray, John M Clear, Enoch Rob
erts, Samuel S. Grubb, Edward Grubb, Willi mi
Warner, John Warner, R. Porter, P. B. Porter, Dr.
John Johnson, James Wilson, Alb..-rt Wilson, il«nry
Wilson, James P. Mernhew, Stephen M:rrihew,
! Joshua Hutton, JoImFerris, Jr. James Plainly, lames
I Johnson, Peter Gaskill, Samuel Wollaston, Wash
ington Rice, W. P. Brohson, John Wales, Nathaniel
Beckley, Samuel Bayers, VV. P. Richards, Jesse
Richards, Samel Buzliy, William Bassett, Ziba Fer
ris, Stephen Bonsall, Edward T. Baily, Jo in Hagu
ny, Jos. Hagany, B. Ferris, James Sorden, Edward
lnskip, Samuel Stroud, Jr. Joshua Stroud, John
Rumford, Lewis Itumford, Janies Canby, John Sel
Joseph Baily, Jonathan Byrnes, Jonathan
Byrnes, Jr. Caleb Starr, Edward Worrell, Jonathan
Pierson, Geo. Simmons, Joshua Simmons, Huston
Swayne, Janies Murdock, Samuel S. Poole, Wui. S.
Poole, John II. Price, Edmund Canby, Dr. William
Baker, Daniel Simmons, John White, Nicholas It.
White, W. White, Benj man Webb, Dr. G. Jaques,
Charles Denny, Jared Cliesnut,W. G. Jones, iV.ilip
Jones, Joseph C. Gilpin. Vincent Gilpin, Jolm F.
Gilpin, Richard Gilpin, Edward VV. Gilpin. Will:
Gilpin, Josiah II. Gilpin, John Dirons, Jr. E. B.
Vaughan, Joseph Patton, James Rice,David Smyth,
Chatkley Sommers, W. McNeal, John Rice, VVm.
Rice, William Kennard, Joseph Pogue, T. War
rington, T. Warrington, Jr. Joseph Carpenter, Isa.a
Winslow. Josliu
Spear, John Colesberry, George Winslow. Josliu
Harlan, VVesly Baily, David Kirkpatrick, John Tay
lor, Joseph Norman, H.mce Naif, VV H. Naif, If.
H. Naff, Samuel Ford, Elisha Huxley, James C.
Allen, John Hindman, Johu Starr, Jacob Starr, VV.
Hallowed, Edward Kennard, Renjamin Thomas,
Robert Ritchie, Hamilton Walker, Owen McVVade,
Charles T. Stockiy, Dr. Thomas Brinr.kle, John D.
Brinckle, Jesse Betts, Isaac Bonsall, Henry Alrichs,
.Vlahlon Betts, W. Megear, Robert Scott, Miller
Dunott, John Adams, Robert Kedtly, VVm. Marshall,
Stephen Buddy, Ezra Hoopes, Andrew Alston,
James M. Roche, Tlfomas Garrett, Joseph Hartley.
James Brown, Wm. Woodcock, Marcus E. Capelle,
W. C. Dorsey, Dr. J. Thomas, Thomas Moore,
Thom;« M'Korklo, Win. Wilson, Frederick Leon
««I, V muent Robinson John Stapler . MuDowel ,
S. Clifford, Hugh McDevitt, Samuel Robinson, Al
bert Robinson, Peter Humphries, Janies Webb,
J„ m , Pierson, Joseph Pierson, VVilstm Pierson, Hen
Witsiil, Jacob Pierson, Jacob Harman, Carney
Abraham Ritchie, James
Clark, Charles Bush,
Smith, Erby Pierce, George VV itsil, David Harbin,
son, Henry Hayes, John Solomon, James Lane,
James Watson, James Logan, Andrew f houison-,
Allan Mills, William Sherer, John Coleman, W il
liaiii Robinson, David Register, Jesse Rogers, Rem
jamiu Chandler, James Stilly, Samuel Rudolph.
BenjaminFfedd, Jonn Craig, SamuelGriscom, Wil
tiam Bane, Thomas Mahaffey, John Gaskill,
Jolm Derickson, Jacob Higgins, John Hemphill,
George Young, James Bringhurst, Wm. Coumiss,
Benjamin Ford, Deli Noblitt, Archdiald Robert
, William Clarke, Uriah Poinsett, Thomas Cro
zier, Eli Crozier, Joshua H. Irons, Robert Shipley,
Thomas Shipley, Henry Gibbons, Isaac Shallcross,
Thomas C. Alrichs, John Scott. Simon Robinson,
Thomas Kellam,Samuel Richardson, Daniel Diugee,
George Jones, Joseph Patton.
Resolved, That the Committee of Vigilance meet
at this place on Monday evening next at 7 o'clock,
(the evening previous to the election), to make such
preparatory arrangements as they may think ne
At a larae and respectable meeting of the friends
nfVhe orient Admin stration of the General Gov
of the present Ai ™ , Qn T[mrs(1 o 0th 0 f
ernment held at BK . » ROTHWELL was
September, ilajor uiAn a MIN CAULK an
Ci Ä^ r ' andBEN P
pointed Secretary. Clark's corner
The proceedings of the meeting at L lark s corne
being read, the following resolutions were unam
mously adopted.
Resolved, That in the opinion of this meeting, -
Administration of the General Government is p
fectly clear of ail the charges of bargain and corrup
don which the leaders of the Opposition have en
deavored to fix upon it.
Resolved, That the proceedings of this meeting
be signed by the chairman and secretary, and pub
lished in the American Watchman, Delaware Jour
nal, and the Delaware Weekly Advertiser.
Robert Porter, Chairman.
John F. Gilpin, Sec'y.
Unsolved, tliîtt wc highly approve of the nornina- tee
. tion made by the Conferees at Dover, and that we use
' wil1 use !l11 honoroble means to insure the election of
Kbn Johns, jk. Esq. the Congressional Candi
dilte I10mlmiU . d . 1
^ usolvu( j > that we a}) p ro ve of the proceedings cf
the meeting at dark's corner, and that we will trive
our linn and undivided support to the county ticket
f lirinedi
Solved, that a committee of vigilance be up-!
* ""J™^'" n
j^Xd/t£t the proceedings of this meeting be G.
nnhtishod in the tinners in this countv friend!v to
P ub, '™ a " ,n a * Ka ion of theGeneral Govern
m present AumnnstraUon oi tlicLuieral Govern w
Rothwell Chairman. M.
Benjamin Caulk Scc'u
benjamin gaulk, iscc y.
f i . r fn a WM-winn be
At a meeting of the tr.ends of the Adm.mstratton
in Brandywine Hunured, at the Blue Ball inn, on
' Saturday, the 22n<l September, 1827, pursuant to
the public notice, Colonel' 1 HUMAS ROBINSON
was called to the chair, and William M'Caulley ap
pointed secretary, when the following resolutions
were unanimously adopted :
Resolved, f hat we approve of the nomination of
KENSEY JOHNS, Junr. Esq. for Representative
to Congress : That we will render him our united
and cordial support and that we recommend him to
the friends of order and good goverment as a citi
zen worthy of their support and confidence.
Resolved , That we approve of the County Ticket
formed by the Administration meeting (at Clark's
Corner) and that we will use all lair and hunurable
means to promote its suepe-s.
Resolved, That tiie following persons be a com
mittee of vigilance io watch over the interests of
the constitution and the people lor this Hundied—
to wit : Colonel Thomas Robinson, W illiam i.ong,
JohtiB. Bains, Gunning Bedford, William Houlson,
Thomas Can, Samuel Guibrcuth, William McCau!
ley, Charles 1 Dupont, Joint Bird, John Forwuod,
J.s. T. Pti Sa, John Harns, Jos. W. Day, Caleb
Perkins, William Lea, Harry Williamson, Jo
seph Perkins, Joseph Hibbert, Jesse Kendall An
drew Fountains, William W. Yuung, Joseph S.
Dixon, Joseph Carver, Joseph Carr, Win. Hemphill,
Jr. Hot ben Wehlin. Curtis Mousley, Irving Smith,
rimy oil Bird, Win. Murphy, Wm. Bird, George
. .• lundi, L. Sacrieste, Amer Chandler, Parker
• Kew. Charles Braden, Jacob Weiden, James
.dd, Robert Forwuod« Win. R. Borwood John
iar es, Jo in uallnian, Charles Forwood Nathaniel,
un Üebley, William Rorell, Thomas
, Jr. Zackmiah Rorell, Jr. and Joshua Dol
; ion
Resolved, That the following persons be a com
inlonnatiun that a meeting of the
mittee to give
lends of the Administration will be held at Gal
lun (Blue Ball) Brandywine Hundred on
.Veunesdav tile 2btli instat 3 o'clock, to transact
. r,,.,vioran *riM<YVT MrI?«TIMP
At a meeting of the chizens ot St. George's Hundred
held at didd.eli.vvn, agreeaolj to public notice, friendly to
the Administrai on of the General Govenmient, Doctor J
11 . WAIT was caiied to the Chair, and John Kdduwes, ap. ( |
aa?tlie Chairman appoint a committee of five
to uonnoRte a comiiuLtet; ot viguuuccs
Joim Janvier, jr. William Iv imevly, Jolm Burnham,
Joshua Clayton, fcsq. and I humas, 0 - Mcim t were appomi
. . -ﻫ- •
.Veunesdav tile
ujiiness preparatory to the general election.
Viz : uobert Galtireath, Gunning Bedford, Wm.
H.iUlson and l hoinas Carr.
Resolved, That the proceedings ol this meeting be
published in the newspapers in Wdining'on favour
able to the present Administration.
THOM AS ROB! -bON, Chairman.
Attest VVm. MoCaulley, Scc'y.
men, viz. , ,,
Committee of Vigiiunce .—James James, James M'C rachen,
John I'eiiipiemaii, Janies burnhain, Andrew Uid..ie, John
L. Glavton, James Glaj too. James 1'. Hurd, isaac Clement,
James Mansfield, VVm. b,reels, Uenj .mm Merritt, Jolm
Kitowes, t'Uoinaa Harvey, Andrew Gerretaou, Jusepn Giea
vet, films Carpenter, A. Dieln.jr. A. K, Pemn^toii, Samuel
ll.ifUins, Jacob Vandergrifi, j.. Jolm lloyu.jr. CamelGur
William Hulk, Jolm M. Woods, Wdlium Haharu and
John Gum.
At a meeting of die Friends of the Administration
of the General Government in New Lastle Hun
dred, convened at the ijreeii Iree Inn, on Monday
Sept. 24, A. D. 1827. On .mtion JOHN MOODY,
Esq. was called to the chair and Evan II 1 nomas,
appointed Secretary.
Cue object ot the meeting having been stated by
the Chairman, it was on motion
Resolved, That a Committee of five persons be
appointed by the Chairman to retire and report to
tins meeting, the name of a suitable person to sup
ply the vacancy in the County T icket occasioned
by James Booth, jr. Esq. having declined, l hc
committee, viz. Evan lliomas, Cornelius Ü. Blaney,
0 f Hubert Rhodes, Thomas Stockton, and lliomas
was Speakman, having retired, returned and reported
an- to the meeting the name o (James McCullough ,
P Farîner. XV hereupon« was oil motion unanimous- j
W Resolved, that the vacancy in the Cuunty Ticket,
M'Cullough Far
^^^"he b herehy recommended to the firm,
„„ a i„ ua . an( i undivided support ol the Friends oi
- [he administration uf the General Government in
New Castle County at the ensuing General Elec
«ew Gastle Gouuty at »
The: following persons were appointed a Commit«
tee ol Vigilance for New Castle Hundred, who will
use all fair and honourable means to promote the
success of the Administration Ticket at tlie ensuing
Election, viz,. Peter S. Alnchs, Joseph Hamilton,
Thomas Speakman, William Booth, Thomas Clark,
tides Lamson, John M-Crone, Jr. Abranam Eves,
William li M Lrooc* Oeurge iVl Crone, John i latt$
Major Peter Jnquett, Thomas Booth, John Allen,
Joseph Spencer. Andrew Barnaby, Robert Rhodes,
Abraham C. Short, Eli Foster, Joseph Lirnlle, Cle-
Silvers, esq, Abel Sevtll, Hugh Gemmill, William
G. Caulk, lliomas Jaquett, Daniel Head, James
Rezue, Charles H. Van Dike, Cornelius I). Blaney,
esq. William B. Janvier,'W illiam K. Magens, John
w *, efj Jtl8eph Sawyer, VVm. Guthrfe, iSamuel
M. Couper, John Moody, esq. Lewis Curie«, Jo
seph cildwell, Gunning B. Kiddie, and Jess*
Resolved, That the proceedings of this meeting,
be published in the papers of this state friendly toi
tl|e ' Administration l u f'the General Government,
, . . ..m,
JOHN MOODY, Chairman.
Attest, Evan H. Thomas, Sec'y.
At a respectable meeting of the Citizens of Chris
tiana hundred, friendly to the administration, con
vened pursuant to public notice at the Buck Inn, oil
Wednesday the 26lhSeptember,
JOHN JMcMINN was called to the chair, and
William Dunnun was appointedSecrelary.
It was then upon motion,
Unanimously Resolved, That this meeting most
cordially approve of tue nomination of Kensey
Johns, Junr. Esquire, as a candidate for the Housa
of Representatives of the United States, and tot the
county ticket formed at Clark's corner on the 13th
inst : and that we will use all fair and honorable
to promote the success of the same at the
general election on Tuesday next. ,
Resolved, That the following persons be ftppoiri
ted to nominate a committee of vigilance, viz : Da
vid Stidham, James Campbell, Isaac Flint], William
Boyd, Robert Pierce, Junr. and Thomas Walters,—
By whom the following names were reported, and
adopted by the meeting as a committee, whose dtia
ty it shall bq to use all due diligence and vigilance
to bring out the friends of the Administration in thid
hundred, on Tuesday next, viz :
David Stidham, William Houston, John A. Bann
ning, John Haddock, John Siddi.ll, VVm. Martin.
James James Haddock, John MeMinn, Thus,
James Siddall, James Haddock, John MeMinn, Thus,
Walters, William Rivers. John Walters, JameS
Campbell, Isaac Flinn, George Hodson, John Stid
ham, William Little, William Boyd, John Logan,
Henry lleulil, Major William Armstrong, Captaift
John Neal, Robert Armstrong, John Armstrong, E«
1. du Pont, Eli Sinnex, Peter Williams, John Camp*
bell, William Dunnan, Thomas Lynam, Thomas
Lynam, junr. Joseph Lynam, Robert P. Robinson*
Jacob Rothwell, Ephraim F. Stoops, William Bar*
her, Aaron Justin, George Nehecker, Robert
Pearce, William Houston,junr. William Baldwin,
Peter Hendrickson. Alfred du Pont. Ashton Rich«
ardson, John Richardson, John Way, Moses Brad«
ford, Alexander Gray, Isaac Shallcross, Robert
Crosby, Joseph Richardson, Satnuel Richardson,
Benjamin Hollingsworth, Jesse Clair, Jacob Ptisey,
John Holland, James McGarvey, Thomas Stanly,
Alexander Orr, John C. Phillips, Wm. Stephens,
Joseph T. Baily, Henry Latimer, George McCul«
lough, Arthur Smith, Ï • Jeandel, Robert Miller,
Henry Cavemler, Caleb Kirlt. John Rogers, GeorgÔ
yjeCullough, iutir. Robert Topham and Peter Hen*
( | r i c | tao[li j un J.,
Resolved, That these proceedings he signed bf
the Chuirmun Secretary, and puulj^hed ifl
American Watchman, the Delaware Journal atiG
—~ ssass*
Wm. DUNNAN, Sec'y.
Jacob Faria.
Alexander S. Read,
John J. Milligan,
Washington Rice,
James M'Cnllough, (farther )f
John Exton,
Benjamin Watson,
Alexander Crawford,
John Janvier, Junr,
Isaac Price,
James Patten,
Philip ReybohL
single week nearly one thousand pêf 1 .
sons have arrived at New York from Europe, ae
steerage passengers ! Large numbers have also art
rived at other ports, making in all, probably not lest!
than two thousand. The largest portion are front
Great Britain and Ireland; but considerable hum«
bars from Germany and Switzerland,
to this, a Very large number ol the same
emigrants, are constantly coming into the U. States
from Canada, Nova Scotia, and other places, Man/
of them, though not of the uppes claxs, are yet JdJ*
eessed ef »erne property.
During a
In addition
class of

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