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For Sale , «/I Farm ,
On the Delaware river, about three miles belotv
l'ort Penn, containing about 700 acres, more or
less, principally Marsh, known by the name ol Long
Island. This Farm though not in a good state of
cultivation, inisJtt for a trilling expense he made a
valuable Grazing Farm, and will be sold on very
reasonable terms.
On Christiana Creek, about two miles belotv
Christiana Bridge, containing about 100 acres, a
good portion of wood-land.
As it i- presumed that anv person wishing to pur
chase, will view the property, it is deemed uniierps
sary to give a more particular description, l or
emis apply to JOHN ,xl\ IN,
Loudon Britain Township. Chester Cuntily Penn.
near St. Georges, Del. or
Christiana, Delaware.
June 17, 1323
Dr. A. G. HUSil/S
P dr EXT HINGE truss.
Several years experience has established the superiority
ot 'b s Truss over all former inventions; it cauls:
more ease and .safely, as well as with tiir greater benefit to
itiepa'icnt. It accommndaies itself 10 every in-tion anti
position of the body, preserving at the same time a con
stant, uniform,and easy presstue upon the parts to which it
is applied, and is ih fact die on y edectual instrument for
the n f.
Sold in Wilmington (at 1 lx- Proprietor's price by the
subscriber, sole agent ior tbisS'ate.
•n with
i f and eelti: of Ushm 1 Itrrre
No. 44 .Maiket Street Wilmington.
May 27.
Indian Queen Hotel.
w .« „ ,7 ,-j
Aff/KN? Î \""V!VL
SA* mi m, mm mi A oZoiaS
HAS taken the stand at rhe corner of Market and
(iueen Streets, Wilmington, Delaware,
sign 01 'the
Where he will be happy to receive his friends, anil
promises to provide ior their entertainment, and
comfort in the best manner.
The stages for Philadelphia, Dover, Chietiami
Rridge. Now-Ark, I'.lkton and French Town, will
leave his House, all daily, eye
which leaves on Mondays, Wed
leraSAM QUEEN 1 ,
■opt that lor Dover,
Incsilnys ami Fridays.
Horses, Gigs and Carriages oi' the best kind, w ill
as heretofore, be kept for hire
N. B. Expresses provided to travel in any direc
tion at the shortest notice.
Wilmington, March 28 . 1828 .
Machine Cards.
4 ILBEIIT BURROWS,—Manufacturer of Pat
cut set Machine Cards , Ixith lor Cotloti and
Wool Carding Machines, of first. rate qualitv, and
warran'ed to perform well with proper management.
Middletown. Connecticut.
The subscriber, Agent for the sale of said Cards,
will furnish orders ou short notice, and on reason
able twins.
No. 114, M u'ket, Wilmington, Del.
Next door almve the Ind an Queen Tavern.
Nov. 28. 18215.
N. B. William T. James'celebrated COOKING
STOVES, with
Stoves .N Coal Grates, to be had as above, at very
reduced prices.
a hand-ome variety
if common
For Sale.
ffflHE Subscriber offers foreale his properly
-"-the Borough of Wilmington ; it is situated
Market Street, nearly opposite the College, and
consists of a three storied brick house, and a two
storied brick kitchen, and a wash-house. The lot
extends from Market to Shipley street ; the Bran
dywine water is introduced into the yard. The
terms will he made known by applying to Major C,
1\ Bennett, on the premises, to Archibald Hamil
ton Esq. in Wilmington, or to the subscriber living
near Milltmrn. Possession will be given on the 2511)
of inarch next.
James Bennett.
Jan. 9 1828.
in large bottles, at the reduced jirice ofjt'2 per
coughs -.tr.d consumption.
For samt, by
JOSEPH BA IL Y S: Co. Druggists.
AVilmington, 1st. mo. 9, 1
rgAltF. General Board of Directors of the Farmers
Bank of the Suite of Delaware have this day de
clared a Dividend at the rate of five per cent per an
num for the last half year, pnyablcto the Stockhold
er their legal Re| resentatives at anv time after
the 13th Inst.
I Inner, January (i, 1828.
\ CO.UEG VS. Cask.
rjfDIR tim« of a voting healthy COLOURED
J/.1V. v.ho has 6 y^ars to serve, capable of do
ing all kinds of farming work, is an excellent (.'rad
ier, Mower, *Sv. having been brought up on a farm.
F«»r terms apply to Capt, Sawyer, at New Castle, to
the printers hereof or to
Near Cantwells Bridge.
Jan. 12 tit, 1829.
liags, bought mid sold
ïïow Wùa&eAyVm to Vtovei".
13v Steam and Canal Boats and Siages.
T HE Steam Mont Baltimore, Capt. Whilden.
will leave Mine strict wharf. Philadelphia , on
every Monday . Wednesday and Friday mornings, at
6 o'clock, for Delaware City. Passengers will then
take the elegant Canal Barge, Fady ( Union, Capt.
Redditi, for St. Georges, where the Dover mail
Stages will always be in waiting to convey the pas
sengers to Dover, and oAher parts of the Peninsula.
Returning, leaves Dover, Tuesday, Thursday
and Saturday mornings, at 5 o'clock, and arrives in
Philadelphia, at 5 o'clock. P. M.
To Delaware City
St. Georges
Cantwell's Bridge
gl 25
1 50
2 00
2 50
3 00
3 50
N. B. Passengers, by this rouie will meet with no de
tention in going to the following towns. Cantwell's
Bridge, Black Bird. Smyrna. Dover, Camden, Mil
ford, Miltun, Georgetown, Millsbnro, and to Stiotv
A. HARRIS ft Co.
July 29. 1828.
And possession given on the With of March next, the
Jollim'ing Property, to wit :
No. 1. A FARM on tlx* Kennet road, about five
miles from Wilmington, containing about one hund
red acres, now in the tenure of the Rov'd. Thomas
No. 2. A tivo-story House on Quaker-hill, in a
healthy situation, with a fine garden, and a stable,
lately in the tenure of Mrs. Physic.
No. 3. A large and convenient two story House,
on the corner of High and French streets, now in
| the tenure of Mrs. Baratow : this house is well cal
; ciliated for two families,
Nos. 4, r> anil ti. Several "small Houses on and
near llie corner of Front and Wgst streets.
■The Cellar under the rown-hall, which
lias lately been occupied as a bottling cellar.
A Lot on Hanover street, on which an Ice-house
lias been erected.
A Lot at the lower end of Orange street, These
j three last mentioned properties belong to the Cor
poration of the Borough of Wilmington.
For terms apply to
Agent. No. 41, High street.
. 1823
i M ilmington. Jan,
75 ti
To lient.
And pfiasession «»iven oil the 2f»t.h of March next,
/V i'/t
lâiïÿ in Ihn Borouuli of Wiliniiiyton, opposite
k the Town H ill, now oeeiipieil lay Ezra
Liiuiboiii». Tho building is in good repair, hit^o
;iD<l ronveiiient, extending from Market to Shtpiev
Slr.ct, with (be most extensive anil her-t Slnhlinp; in
the Bonmgli. This stand is (Tesirahle, being cen
Irai ami in a healthy and p,lea-ant. part of the Town,
it has done, and will continue (with proper exer
tions'; to do a very extensive business.
For further partir.ulats, inquire, of the Subscriber,
coiner of Market and Broad streets.
Wilmington, Delaware, {
January 2nd, 1829. \
03r The F.diiors of the United States Gazette.
Village Record, and Lancaster Reporter, will please
insert the above one month, and send their bills to
this Otlir.c.
71 — Ira
»JROPOS M.S will lie received at this Office, to furnish
* for the use of the 1'cited Sta'cs Army tor the year
1829—the following articles of domestic manufacture—viz:
Cl l ev twill'd cloth C-4 wide.
Cotton Drilling, tinltleaehed 3 4 and 7-fl wide,
Cotton Shirting, unbleached 7-8 wide
Germantown Wollen short stockings & foot socks,
Laced Bootees and Shoes.
To be delivered at the United States Arsenal near Phil
adelphia. and subject to strict inspection. Samples of the
irticles will be exhibited at this office; and pat.
Items of Wollen and Cotton Cloths, Mill be transmitted to
those Manufacturers that may apply for them ; accompa
nied hv such information as shall be asked for.
The proposals must be in writing, sealed, ami endorsed
"Proposals"—ami M ill be received until the 2Utli day ot
January 1824.
! foreg
Commissary General's Office,
Philadelphia, December 18th, 1828.
Commissary Genera! of Purchases
' »
ÏS (Me,
s&a A fvvst a'ïüc. SitxWitm,
Whose pedigree places him in the first rank for
tiie turl ; being the son of old Oscar , out of Poppet,
both noted strains. He has been pronounced hv
good judges tu he equal to any stud ever raised in
the peninsula,and his colts are excellent for saddle or
For further particulars apply at this office.
October 17, 1838. 53 —tf.
(]j° For S2 75 . dff)
VV e have just opened a large assortment of Fami
ly Bibles, some oi which are first rate. Prices from
$8,00 dovvhtogJ 75.
Dec. 29.
1 HU
rpMS filthy and infectious disorder, he it ever so invet
A crate, mav be cured in une hour's application by the use
It is unrivalled for the pleasantness, case, expedition,
safety, amt certainty, witlt which it produces a period c
ol this disease. The ointment is known to he so cerium
and expet itious in its operation, as to effect a cure in one
h lur's application only ! without any hazard of taking cold,
as the composition does not contain the least particle ot
mercury, or any other dangerous ingredient ; it may be ap
pl ed villi perfect salety in the stale of pregnancy, and even
to children at the breast.
Price cents a box—with ample directions.
'I'MlSsale and powerful wash lor sure or inflamed Ryes,
stands pre-eminent among the multitudes of ordinary
préparai inns for this purpose. The most obstinate as wen
las the more slight inflammations of that delicate organ,
yield to this highly approved Rye Water, which will brace
and restore the tune of the diseased parts. Oil recent sure
eves the effect is highly salutary. In cases of years stand
ing, the most Unexpected rebel has been received, af.er j
• hlier applications of inferior efficacy had failed. Weak
ness, soreness, and other complaints of the Ryes proceed
mg from coljs, have been permanently removed. Those
woo use it pronounce it to be the best preparation for
diese complaints they ever met with, especially in obsti
nate cases of soreness and inflainmatiwi ; price 25 cents
per bottle.
;PJ' The celebrated TOOTH ACßE
Hll.I.S, which give immcdia'e relief, without the least in
jury to ihc Teeth. On niai th swill be found one of the best
remedies known lor tins painful complaint ; price 5U cents
a box.
r T'inS prevalent disorder, as it exhibits itteltin its custo
1 marv symptoms of wain of appetite,—distressing flatu
lencies,'heartburn, pain III die stomach, sick head ache,
a, vomit.ng anil costiveness, is now found to yield to
the tried elhcucy of
These two prepai allons combined, constitute an effica
cuius remedy for the Dy spepsia even ahei it has acquired
the most obstinate character, a.vd resisted every cflurtol
professional skill.—When both Medicines are adminisiei
in connexion according to plain and particular Directions
accompanying the Vege'able Specific, they thoroughly
cleanse die alimentary canal of tlia, viscid mucus which
pioxima'e cause of the disoi der, and as a tonic and
stimulent, they restore the healthy action and energy oI
the stomach, and strengthen the debilitated sys'em. I be
proprietor can also confidently recommend the Vegetable
Specific as one of the best lemedies known for the Sick
Head Ache.
Price SU cents a Ix.x.
Ih ep .red from the Original Recipe in iw. s.nf the la'e Dr
W. T Uoi.way, b\ Ins immediate successor und the
prietur, T. KIDÜBR, o. whnm it may lie bad t
( ith all the ntlier medicii es prepared by the lute D .
Ol may,) at bis Gnimting Room, me: .V.. 27, (former y
ca cd ko. 70 j corner ol'C nirt and Hanover, streets, Bos n,
poment, bv
J■ HARLAN, Agent.
No. 135, Maike, S ret \Y ilmn.giuii.
Observe that none are genuine without the written
signature of T. Kidder, on die outside printed wrapper.
rjp A large discount made to those who buy to sell
sec pro
II' le, .iir,
mU at •eiait, uy ill» special
PAiSAasxi Siïi&ï, 3G3TitT3
tvVti, tuv w ViVnivwl Vvv.di.1,
XT âîT' ILL he exposed to Public Sale, in the Villas
» » of Cantwells Bridge, New Castle County,
Delaware, on Tuesday the 27th inst. all the Real ,
r,stale <■! David Wilson, to wit .
A parcel of land, situate in the said village ;
1 '4 of whicb are arable, about
l land, and the residue marsh and
arable 'and is enclosed by a good hedge,and
gl»t fields, by good post and rad fences, is
hh improved and very productive. Upon this tract,
is and vet y convenient brick dwelling
. , ^ * ... . . ,
house wdh ô rooms, entry, and kite.lenouthe low
.1 door, anti six good chambers above, a pump ot j
c \ce I leu water at tin kdcr.en door, a la: ge stone s able, j
and all other necessary out buddings; also, a commodious
two storv brick Store House, w.ili fixtures complete for a
D:a Good and Grocery store, wit.i a utrice attached, i
n winch is a lire prooi vault ; tins bui.d'.ng bat bceu oeeu- j
a S ore for many years : Also two l.oge granaries, .
situate on Appoqu.nunmk Creek, each capsule oi contain- J
ing 12 or 15,000 bushess; all of the above buildings a:*c in j
good repair. '
This property will besold together or in Jots, to suit
purchaser.-, and off. is .• good situation for conducting an
extensive mercanldt concern
S e
No. 1.
luiitaiiiing aoout 18Ü HCl t
iu acres of prime w
iripph; 'I
.iviilp,', inti
there is a spi
pied as
it 1
No. 2. \ farm situate in Appofjuinimink Hundred with
in one and a liait m fos of the afouswid viliag-, bounded on
one side by Appijri'iinitiiink creek ; containing about ÖU0
acres, 40d acres <>J upland, (3d acres of which is wood
land) 1U0 acres of Marsh recently embanked, and now rea
dy for seeding in gras-»; the i-csiuiie, 3ÜU acres t»funimprov
ed mtu'Kb, :sof an excellent quality, principally covered
with reed ami cattail, and can be east I \ unproved to great
advantage*. The impi «»vernein s are a large two story brick
dwelling house, frame stable, crib", the. There is a good
landing upon the ere. k.
Tins property might be made with a reasonable expence
a most valuable grazing farm, and would divide convenient
ly into two farms.
Terms of sale are, one fourth of the purchase money to
he paid when the deeds are executed, the residue (upon '
being satisfactorily secured) to be paid in seven * quai an
nual instalments, with into res» from «he day of sale.
'/Insigne* of David U thon.
Cantwells Bridge. January 1, 1829.
(yy* Tin; National Gazette, Philadelphia; and Rident Mes
senger, will please insert the above until sale, and send their
bills to this office.
Fiawt Fortes,
AKX» Bïï U S ï C FOR
Piano Fortes. English manufacture with additional
Keys, in complete order, and fine tone tor sale,
Mr. E. Maurys musical room in High street, No. It)
next door to Mr. Brown's. Terms will be reason
aide to those who apply soon.
A complote assortment of mr.«ic for Piano Fortes,
cousixting of dementi's Preceptor, Cramer's Ditto.
Sonatas. Overtures, Rondos, Marches ; a selection
of songs, fie. Sir.. Second hand times, and an in
struction book for them. Pi u Fortes repaired
and tuned at his musical room.
; Wilmington, Jan. 8.
7ü —4t.
Sheri IPs Sales.
By virtue of a writ of vend;. exponas, to me directed
will be exposed to PUBLXC SÄLE at the house of
Nathaniel Covington. (tit. Georges,) 10 Red Linn Hundred'
on Thursday,the 22d day of January,inst ut 2 o'clock P. yi'
No. 1. Ail that Plantation or tract of Land, situate, | VU1 ,'
anti heilig in the Hundred of Red.Lion, and County of New
Cast le, bounded by lands late of Henry Grhulage, and J 0 |„,
Miller, deo'd. by lands of John Sutton, Levi Clark and
others, containing' 2:50 acres, lx: the sante more nr less ;
get 1 1 er with all, and singular the improvements thereunto
A T the house of haac Clement, Ituck-Tavern, St. Ger.r
•^*-ges' Hundred, on Friday the 23d day of January i ns t.
o'clock, 1*. M.
No 2. All that Plantation or tract of Land, situate in
St. Georges' Hundred, in the County aforesaid, extending
to the Maryland line, formerly the property of Mary Old
ham, containing 3/50 acres, more or less, with a brick house
ami barn thereon erected ; together with all and singular
the improvements and appurtenances thereunto belong*
at 2
A T the house of Hubert Eakin, m the Borough of Wil
mington, on Saturday, the 24th day of January, inst. at
2 o'clock, I*. M.
3 . All that tract of Land, known by the name of
Tmcutum, in Christiana hundred, situate partly within the
Borough of Wilmington, hounded by the Wilmington 6c
Christiana, and the Wilmington Sc Lancaster Turnpike
Roads, by lands of Mary Warner, Sami. B. Davis, and olh.
ers, containing about 67 acres, he the same more or less,
with a large 3 story brick dwelling house, handsomely sit
uated,and a large stone barn, beside a good stone tenement
house, a good barn, and other improvements thereon e
No. 4 A lot of marsh in Clement's Creek Marsh
bounded by the Marsh road, by marsh, late of Duct. Geo.
Monroe, dec'd. and others, containing 2$ acres, be the
same more or less. No. 5, A lot of ground on tire West side
of King street, in the Borottgl. of Wilmington, with a frame
stable thereon erected,
ground in the Borough of Wilmington, hounded by Front,
West, and Justisonstreets, by lands late of Francis Wav,
dec'd. Joseph Daily and John Ferris, decM. No. 7. A lot
ol woodland, on the Kenriet Turnpike road, in Christiana
Hundred, containing 14 acres, In; the same more or less.
No. 3. A lot of marsh in Holland Creek marsh, bounded
by the mail leading from Wilmington to Kew-Castle, by
the Christiana river, by lands late of Patrick O'Flinn,
dec'll, and by lands late of y j latt Sc Stevenson, containing
7 acres, be be same move or less.
Seized, and taken in execution as the property of James
M. Broom, Ksq. and to he sold by
William Herd man, Shir.
70 Is
No. 6. A life estate in a lot of
New-Castlc, January 7,1829'
BV virtue of a Writ of Als, Vend. Exps.to me directed
will be exposed to Public Sale, at the House of Min Broo
mall, Brandywine Village« in Brandywine Hundred, on Sat
urday the 31st Day of January inst at 2 o'clock, P. M. The
following described real estate, situate, lying Sc being* in the
Hd of P»' andy wine & County of N. Castle to wit: No. 1. alot
of ground in the village ot Brandywine; Bounded by the
Philadelphia Turnpike road, by lands of Wm. Stewart, John
Hays and others, with a two story stone dwelling House,
slone kitchen and frame stable thereon erected, Containing
I of an acre more or less. No. 2. A lot of ground 20 fott
front and extending 330 feet back, adjoining No. 1.lands
of Wm. Stewart and John Hays. No. 3 A lot of Marsh m
Gs.trrv Island Marsh, adjoining Marsh late of Andrew M*
lvee,dec and Samuel Pile, containing .*> $ acres of Marsh;
more or less* No. 4, A life right in a certain Tract of land
in the Hundred of Brandywine, aforesaid, bounded by the
Philadelphia Turnpike road, by lands late of Thomas Ifob
inflon, dee. Henry Webster, and James Gardner, with a
small Tenement and Barn thereon erected, containing 40
acres of upland, £> 3 acres of Marsh in Cherry Island
Seized and taken in Execution as the Property of William
Smith, and to be sold y
U ILi.LU! IlERDMhX, Shj.
Ncw Castlc, Jan. 9tli 1829
, «>' virtue of a writ of Lev Facias, to me directed, will
lie exposed to public sale, at toe H iuse ol Nathaniel Wolte,
(Ghost,ana Bridge,) in Wli.te Clay Creek Hundred, on
I'uesday the 27th day of January, inst. at two o'clock, P.
•'*; Allÿt Hat rerluin Plantation «*>• Tract of Land, situate in
(;,a y Greek Hundred, and County m New Castle,
Ascribed a.i lddows, v.z : Beginning at a corner stake
standing at the eilge fit White Clay Creek, being also a
corner oMand, belong.ng to the estate of'George Reynolds
dcc'd. thence south tS degrees K 40 perches, thence tbtr
several courses, along the lines of said estate, to a corner
now of James Price's land, thence thereby the several
j courses and distances to another comer ot James Price's
j land, on the edge of White Clav Creek, thence down the
said Creek the several courses thereof to the place of be
ginning; containg 69 acres and 15 perches be the same
i more or less. Together with all and singular the improve
j menlN and appurtenances thereunto belonging.
. s. ized and taken in Execution as the Property of Jacob
J /\ Li room, and to be sold bv
Ncw Castlc, Jan. 9tli 1829
.Aea> Castle, Juimani, 7, 1829.
1 -
By virtue of a writ of Testatum Vend. Exponas» to trtn
directed, will be exposed to public Sale, at the bouse ot
Nathaniel Wolfe, (Christian a Bridge, )m White Clay Creek
Hundred, on Tuesday the 27tli day of Januray, inst. at two
o'clock, 1*. M. All that Plantation or Tract of Land, situ
ate, lying and beingiia the Hundred of White Clay Creek,
and Count v of New Castle, bounded by land* of Dr. Jame*
Cooper, Samuel Bush, Abraham Warwick and Samuel
:mo?e, tue Christiana and Elkton Turnpike road,
running through the same ; with a frame dwelling house*
log barn, granary and smoke house, corn crib and spring;
house thereon erected, containing 205 acres : be the sanier
more or less : together wi'h all ami singular the improve
ments and appurtenances thçivunto belonging.
He.zed ami taken in Kxecutioa as tile Property of David
Paynter t and to be sold by
cVu- Castle. Jannun 9,1829.
P.y virtue of a Writ of Vend. Kxponas, tome directed,
will he exposed to Public Sale, at the House or Mrs. Pcrie
mall, Brandy w ne village, in Brandywine Hundred, on Sat
urday the 21st Day of January inst.'at 2o'c!ock, P. M. The
following described Plantation or Tract of land, situate, ly
ing and being in the Hundred of Brandywine, and Count«'
of New Castle ; bounded by the Marsh road, by lands of
Isaac Grubb and ethers, with two dwelling Houses, one of
log and the other frame, a Barn and other improvement,
thereon erected, containing (iU acres; be the same
' less.
Seized and taken in F.xccution as the Property of Jasibc*
Peck ins, and to be sold by
New.Castle, .Tan.9ih 1329,
By virtue of a Writ of Vend. Kxponas, tome directed,
will he exposed to Public Sale, at the House of William
Simpson, (Stanton,) in Mill Creek Hundred, on Thursday
the 29lli Day of January inst. at 2 o'clock. t\ M Thefol
lowing described House* and lot of Ground, situate lying
and being in the Hundred of Mill Creek, and County of.
New Castle ; to wit : A Stone House and lot of Ground#
adjoining lands oi Wm. A. Stapler, Simon Cranston, Or
W m. licynolcls, and the road leading from Stanton to New
Ark ; containing Three acres more or less.
Se.zed and taken in Execution as the property of Samue
.Mtushall, and to be sold bv
New-Castle, Jan. 9tli 1829.
bupei'-royal printing paper

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