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Tïm\eÜL aiu\. lhxbl\s\\eATyj TBl. TotUy &S>on, .\o. 9"l, ^larket-Stireet, WiYmmgton.
.• ,•.. ''*• '
FRIDAY, April 17, 1829 . * /f £?t*Sc£
" Wà. 104 ;
Vol. II.
A Supplementary Act,
To the Act entitled " A supplement to an Act.
entitled an act to incorporate the Bank of Wilming
ton and Brandywine, in the Borough of Wilming
Section 1. He it enacted by the Setiateand House
of Representatives of the State of Delaware, in
General Assembly met. That from and after the
passing of this Act, the Capital Stock or the sisid
Bank of Wilmington and Brandywine actually paid
in, shall oe deemed and taken to be die sum ot
Twenty-eight thousand one hundred and ninety lour
dollars and no more.
Sec. 2. -dnil he it further enacted. That new cer
tificates of Stock, signed by die President and
countersigned by the. Cashier, ami sealed with the
common seal of the said Corporation, shall be is
sued and delivered to each Stockholder, acknowl
edging the payment of seven dollars on each share
held by Idin, her, or them ; subject however to the
payment of the remaining four instalments, one ol
eight dollars, and three of live dollars each, when
called for : so that the original capital stock consist
ing of four thousand shares, of thirty dollars each,
be made whole. And (lie St .cklmlders shall on re
ceiving new certificates ot -lock as aforesaid, return
their old certificates to the proper officers of said
Bank, who shall cause the same to be cancelled.
Sec. .1. And be it further enacted, That if any
the Stockholders in said Bank, shall neglect or re
fuse to (iay the instalments that shall be called for,
the President and directors shall have the power to
supply any deficiency that shall occur by such ne
glect and refusal, by opening a subscription, for the
sale of such deficiency of slock su rclused ur ne
glected to be subscribed for.
Speaker of the House of Representatives.
p. SPKUaNCK. jr.
Speaker of the Senate.
Dover, Jnn. 2G,
sheriffs sash
By virtue of a Writ of Lev. Facias, to me direct
ed will be exposed to PI BUG BALK, at
the Hoiisu of PETER HI.NDIUCKSOM, (Buck
Tavern,) in Christiana Hundred, t
A bill day of April, inst. at 2 o'clock P. M.
All that Plantation or Tract of Land, Situate, ly
Saturday the
■ a
jug inn! being in the Hundred ot Lhrisliuua,
(fount y of Now Castle, bounded by the lam
John Simmons. Mrs. Huggins, L. 1- Du I out, Win
Dixoii, mul J ames Russel, containing upwards ol
UK) acres, be the same more or less,
with all and singular the improvement* and appui -
tenanccs thereunto belonging. 1 be improvements
a good dwelling bouse, nearly new. A good |
barn and other oui buildings, i lie situation is high,
healthy and pleasant.
Seized and taken in execution as the property ot
ALEXANDER REYNOLDS, tier'd, audio be sold
Is ol
g: Files !
cir Nkw
LU .ME. y
a Cube.
cask OF
" Boston, Nov. 1 lib.
IR, _The Pile Ointment ami Electuary 1 lately
had ol you, has had an excellent died. 1 have
been troubled lor years with the Files, and have
never found any remedy that would compare with
yours. t he late attack was a severe one, but the
relief was almost immediate. 1 take great pleasure
in communicating tins to you, for tin: beliebt ol any
who may be suffering under so pauilul a dis ease .
Mit. Kiijdkh. * !
The. origin! letter may Le seen nl tlie Counting
Raum of the Frovrietur,
fcr The Proprietor of this Medicine recommends
it will) the ftilleslonufnlet.ee as one of the most valua
ble remedies yet discovered, for the eure ot the pain
ful and debilitating complaint Ail tne. Piles. He deems
itjumiecessary to publish any other than the foregoing
testimonial in its favor. 'This remedy has more per
fectly answered the purpose for which it is intend
ed, than anv other in common use, and alnrds laime
diute and permanent rtiief, bulb Ironi the disordei
itself, and its accompanying symptoms oi pain in the
lions, vertigo, head-ache, loss ol appetite, indiges
tion. and oilier marks ol debility.
The remedy is quite, iinuu
ministered to all ages mid both sexes,
simule / directions , with a descriptionjof the complaint
.Uriels package, which consists ot two
Staining an Ointment, and the other an
p £>l for both articles, or Ö0 cents
(WinarSt one only is wanted.
* * Prepared and sold wholesale, together with
the * ' Conway Medicines by the sole Proprietor,
T. IvlDpER, at bis Counting Room, over No. 97,
(formerly called No 70.) corner of Court and Htm
• at reels, Boston, and retailed by his special ap
pointment by
rent, and may be ad
l'lain and
J. HARLAN, Agent.
No. 133 -Market Street, Wilmington.
f. genuine without tlve written
of T, KIDDER, on ilie outside primed wrappei
.ule lo those who buy lo sell again.
; timt II'
%• Ouse
signal ure
A targe discount
A Urge discount made to those who buy to
sell aeain. __ h"
All persons indebted to the estate of Daniel Alo
ran, dec'd. late of this Borough, are requested to
make immediate payment ; and those having claims
will please present their accounts duly attested for
settlement to
98. 4t.
Wilmington, March 20, 1829.
J. AS.ÜS tvXG.HT'3
' I 'HIS Medicine has proved itself a sovereign remedy,
*- when all oilier means have faded, in curing the toliuw
ihg diseases, viz.
Necrosis, or affections of the bpnes,- King's ivil, or Scro
filial White Swelling ! Inveterate Ulcers, Liverand Bili
ous complaints ; Rheumatic affections of the head and sys
tem generally ; Ulcers of the Mouth and Throat ; Dis
charges from the Ears; Syphilis and all diseases arises,
mg trom an improper Use of Mercury
As a general depora'ive, or cleanser of the blood, this
medicine possesses invaluable powers and has proved it
self highly beneficial, as a spring and autumn alterative ;
also when given to children after vaccination.
The numerous testimonies published in ils favour
from highly respectable sources, showing its superior
healing power to that of Penacea, and other remedies, are
sufficient to establish its merits, beyond a parallel.
The following recummeiidaiory notice, i- from a regular
graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, and student
of the late Ur. S H. Karton, Professor of Materia Wedica,
Natural History and llutany, in the University of Penn,
Medical Recommendatory Notice.
Having recommended the use'ot J. Albright's "Cotom
my private practice for nearly two years,
itnesMil iu decided eificacv, hi maoy cases
iabn Syrup in
and having w
w-oclihad previously iMisted the usual remedies,1 now with
■'my testimony in its favour, by staling
modi pleasure g
thaï I have prescribed the Syrup with créât succès-, in Ul
ceil»'loll of I be Mouth and Throat ; Scrofulous diseases;
Pneumatic »flectionof the Head ; Liver complaint ; Uliro.
me Rheumatism ; scald head i Discharges from die ears i
di-eases prevailing among children particularly; Carious
affect inn of the bones ; Mercurial cases and secondary
Syrihilis. The length of lime many ot the diseases have
been cured, O'
.Vinces me they are permanent; suit mat
wnh propriety be said that its healing qualities rank it
among toe first remedies of the presen' dav.
JOHN ,1. M AVWEfi, M. !)•
The following certificate is a striking instance of the
jor efficacy ot die Columbian Sy up, over that id
and Catholicons ; although those Medicines weit
I large ex'ent without effect. and the disease still
progressing, he Syrup afiei being presri ibed bin a short
1 die progress of the discs,e amt in
mon dis performed a perfect cure.
Pan act
'Isell t<
« lew
important cure performed by Albright's "CO
I.U.U tlI. t-Y HYUUl\'' in New Haven, cop ed from the
Connecticut Herald of .W-mary 15, 1828 I was afibcied
with watulcnnK |>hihs in clitlcTCi t pRris <)• rny o* •*»}» wlm 1
commenced hi the Spring of 1822, and lasted about 18
months, from which time it settled in my right knee and
began to swell, and continued swollen during die wooer.
I tried rnanv things to heal it, hilt alt to no effect. In die
„„mi, ,,| Mardi, 1824, it ulcerated and broke—trom that
liicli was two inches in '
It spread lo a large sore,
minier. In August, die same year, the ulcers began on
die lower part of mv knee pan, gathered and broke there
and spread to the size of a man's hand. During die tall
and winter, 1 had the advice of many surgeons and phy
sicians hot all to no purpose; it continued to go grow
worse.' In the summer ol 1326,1 took 8 bottles ot ScouV.
Panacea, from which t found no relief; ill the fall of the
same year, I took 4 bottles of Potter's Caiholicun, also
without effect. In January, 1827, 1 began on Swaim's l's
aml dial also failed of affording relief, but my leg
Sixteen large ulcers were on niv leg, one
my knee llie
was very bail.
Oil the calf four mclies in diamaier, one
,iz- of a mao's baud, one above on the outside ot rny Hugh
(bur inc-bes in diameter, and 1.3 small ones. On the 8'lt ef
Aorit, 1827. 1 began on the Onliimhian Syrup, and i
inonlhs and a ball Hi y leg was healed up soundly and ha,
remained so.
This core
Columbian Svrup.
suitable distance with convenience.
I attribute to the use of Jocob^ Albright's
l am now well and can walk any lea
New Haven, January 15'h 1828.
All comniunieali.>ns and orders, post paid, trom any part
f the world,directed to vile »ob-criber, will meet prompt
J. AUinitlHT, 1U3 Arch si. Philadelphia
(V r Sold by appoio.nienl by
atlenl inn.
No. 44, Market streev Wilmington.
M,v 27, 1828,
Day-Book Lost.
A small Day-Book belonging to the Estate o
Dr. John Johnson is missing. Any person who will :
deliver it to the subscriber shall be generously re
warded. II. PORTER.
Wilm'n. Jan. 27
Clsss No. 4, for 18'2!), draws on Thursday April 23J.
bixty Nos,—Vine drawn ballots.
SC 11 K M K.
1 prize of g-iO-im 1 of 15.01)0, 1 "f 10 000, 1 of 5000
l ot 4010 10 of 1000, 10 ot 600, 10 of 500, 10 ut 400, 10 |
-,f r>00, 20 of 200, 51 of 100, 51 ot 90, 51 of 80, 51 ot 70, |
102 of 60, 102 of 50. 102 of 40, 204 of 30, U«s2 of 20 and j
11175 of 10 dollars.
Q,u:u 1 er
f,5 00
ßl 2i
g 10 00 I Half
g2 50 I Eighth
To be had iu a variety of Lucky Numbers
Prompt and Luckv Office, No. 71. Market street
Wilmington Delaware. March 24, 182*>.
, at
Rags, bought and sold
h JTI fn
M A jsr.
The hurnam minrl—that lofty tiling!
The palace and the throne.
Where awful reason sits as king,
And breathes his judgment tone—.
O! who. with fragile step, shall trace
xor, in his weakness, own
That mystery and marvel hind
That lofty thing, the human mind !
The human heart- that restless thing !
The tempter and the tried ,
The haughty, yet the suffering;
The child of pain and pride;
The buoyant and tile desolate ;
The home of love, the lair of hate ;
Self-suing and self Jetied ;
Vet do we bless thee as tit .o art,
Thou restless thing—the human heart !
The humanttoul—that holy thing !
The silently sunlime ;
le angel sleeping on tile wing,
Worn with the scoffs of time ;
The beautiful, the » » il'd, the hound ;
A prince enslav'd—a victim crown'd.
I'lie stricken in its prime !
In tears—in tears to earth it stole—
That holy thing—the human soul !
And this is man ! Oh! askofliim—
The gifted, and forgiven—
• t r the landscape, drear and dim,
'I he wreck of storms is driven,
If pride or passion, ill their power,
Uan chain the tide, o charm the hour,
Or stand in place of heaven ;
He bends the brow, he bows the knee—
"Creator—Father—none but Thee !"
From the N. Y. American.
Light as love's smiles, the silvery mist at morn,
Floats in I ose Hakes along the li;.',iid river.
The blue bird's notes upon the soft breeze borne,
As high in air she carols, faintly quiver,
'Hie veeping birch, like banners idly waving,
Rends to the stream, its graceful foliage laving,
li ailed with dew the witch elm's branches shiver.
T e timid rabbit from the furze is peep ng.
And trom the springy spray the squnrei's gaily leaping.
I love thee, autiim, for thy scenery, ere
The blasts of winter chase die varied dyes
That gaily deck the s'mv declining year
1 love the splendour of thy sims.t skies,
'fhe gorgeous hues that tinge each tailing leaf. _
Lovely as beauty's cheek, ns woman's love too, briu—
l love the note of each wild bird that fibs.
As on die wind she poms her parting law,
And » ings her eager flight lo summer climes away.
Oh! nature ! still I fondly turn to thee.
With feelings f esh as e'
llovv ever cold mv reckless heart may he,
To thee 1 still die same devotion
In all life's changes vet m v ha. lings will
To thee he true, as to hi* office still
Is hr, who fix'd by right pre
(Tlio'even tlum should'st break thy wont i d order)—
In every part) change yet finds liiiuselt *
er my boyhood's were,
iptive there—

[ Public, No. 40.] I
ACT maki.m additional appropriations for I
com,deling ami repairing piers, for the improve -1
incuts of certain tL hours, and of the navigation
of certain rivers.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Repre
tentatives of the United States of America m Co n
gress assembled, That the fut lowing sums be, am
thu same are hereby, appropi lated, •
For repairing the damages sustained by the piers
untU-f construction at the mouth of Oswego river,
from a severe gale in Oct ber last, seven thousand
lour hundred and seventy two dollars. . (
For closing the breach made in the penmsum ai
Isle Bav, Pennsylvania, seven t.iousund
huudied and ninety doilais and tweiuy
rrr üsjffHO&STir.
three !
C 'For completing the erection of piers at ihemotitli
of Dunkirk Harbor, in the State of New York, nine
thousand eight hundred and twelve dollars and se
venty five cents. .
For completing the removal ot obstructions at
the month of Ashtabula ('reek, Ohio six thousand
mne handled and forty dollars and twenty five
cents. , r , . . ...
For completing the removal of obstructions at Hie.
mouth of Cunningham Creek. Ohio, two thousand
nine hundred ami fifty six tint ars.
Fur improving Cleveland Harbor. Ohio, twelve
thousand uue hundred and severity nine tmliais.
Fur completing the removal ol ofot, lu tions at
the mouth of Huron river, Ohm, .ivc luui'.sand nine
Iiuudred and thirty five u-Uais.
For completing a Pierat La Plaisance Bay. Mi.
chigan Tirritory, two thousand three hundred and
ighteen dollars.
For continuing to improve the navigation of
the Ohio, and Mississippi rivers, fifty thousand dol
For removing obstructions in the Savannah river,
below the city of Savannah in Georgia, being.a ba
lance of appropriations carried to the surplus fund
on the thirty first of December, one thousand eight
hundred and twenty eight, twenty four thousand
four hundred and ninety dollars.
Sec. d. -find be it further enacted, That the sev
eral sums hereby appropriated shall be paid ont of
any money in the Treasury not otherwise appro
Speaker of the House of Representxtivej,'
3. C. CAL1I0UN,
Vice President of the United State*,
and President of the Senate»
Approved, 3 March. 1829.
[Public, No, 41.]
AN ACT for the preservation and repair of thé'
Cumberland Road.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House o' Repre
sentatives of the United States oj America in Con
ssembled, Tout the sum of one hundred
gross a
thousand dollars be, and (lie same is heféby granted,
tube j:aid nut of any moneys in the Treasury not
otherwise appropriated, to the purpose of repairing
bridges, walls, and other works, oil the Cumberland
load) East of Wheeling, where the same may be
in the judgement of the Superintendents
for the purpose of puit'.ng the said road in repair j
and t ie. said Superintendent shall be appointed by
the President of the United Slates, and shall receive
the same compensation as the Superintendent of the
„aid road west of Wheeling.
Approved, 3d March. 1829
[Public, No. 42.J
AN ACT to authorise the President of the United
States to cause the reserved Salt Springs in the
Shite ol Missouri to he exposed to public sale.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Repre
sentatives of the United States of America in Con
gress assembled. That the President be, and he
hereby is authorized, at any time that he shell think
proper to cause the reserved Salt Springs and cun
:i-iuons lands, in the State of Missouri, belonging to»
du; United States, and unclaimed by individuals,
to be exposed to sale, in die same manner that oili
public lands are authorized, by law, to bo sold.
Approved. 3d March,
[Tenue, No. 43.]
AN ACT to authorize the President of the United
States to cause the reserved Lead Mines, in the
State of Missouri, to be exposed to public sale,
and for othei purposes.
Be it enacted by the Senate, arid Tlevsc of Repre
sentatives of the United Stales of America in Con
oress assembled. That the President be, $*lie hereby
is authorized, at anv time that he shall think proper,
to cause tne reserved lead mines, and contiguous
lands, in the State of Missouri, belonging to the
United Slates, and unclaimed by individuals, to he
•d to sale, in the same manner that other pub
lie lands are authorized, by law, to be sold, except
as hereinafter provided.
Sec. 2. Anil he it further enacted. That six month*
least, of the times and places of the said
notice, at
sales, shall be given in such newspapers ol general
circulation in such of the States as (lie. President
mav think expedient, with a briel description of (he
mineral region in Missouri, and of the lands to he
ottered for sale, showing the number and the locali
ties of the different mines now known, the probabil
ity of di-i ove.ring others, the quality of the ore. the
facilities for working it, the further facilities, if any,
for manufactories of shot, sheet lead, and paints, and
the means and expense ol transporting the whole to
the principal markets in the United States.
I Sec. 3. Andbe.it further enacted, That in all c»
I ses of confirmation or sales ol lands in Missouri, re
I ported to contain lead ore, the patent shall be issued
I to the p<Tsmi in whose favour the confirmation Iia8
been made, or to' the purchaser from the L mted
States, or tljeir fours nr assignees, as m ordinal y
cases „I confirmation or su rs
Appr oved, od
T)p ncw methml 0 f ri ,' M[li fruit trees, by plant
j ng the «corns, is a great desideratum in the art, of
1) (7 t „i nin „ c boir.e fruit. It has many advantages over
, e|)gra1 ',i llgi because it is more expeditious, and re
j , (>s n „ stiltk or tree. They may be planted
..itère they are required to stand ; and the labour
)i( . ( ulan )ol . ont , t ( ilV( w ;n sufficient to plant out
j . (()r j arge orchard, after the scions are oh
j t „i„effi—The method of preparing and planting is
for engrafting, and at
bury it in the ground with the bods uppermost.
-j tllP i HR | v |i fis j n an horizontal position, arid
(|iJ h üf lwo or three inches. We aremfortn
e{ j ((,.,, trR es obtained in this way, will bear in three
or four years from tho time of planting,—
of the nriicticiihilitv of tin* method ot
. 1 w fruit> Dr . Paige, „('this village planted
' about" twenty scions of different kinds ot teach
| (ju; 0 f last month, tw.o of which are
; ' ' b | l13Pom , at the surface of the ground end
|] ' lli; , )ri n,iog.-The composition be used was
, • H j ^oemiffieTs wax.—Oi wego Caz.
i t .Mir . - -
' us f ollows : take the scions as : _
■anv time after the first of February, and till the buds
|„.'„j n to grow considerably, and dip each end of the
slum! in incited pitch, or wax, rosin and follow, and
We have

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