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The New-Hampshire gazette and historical chronicle. [volume] (Portsmouth, N.H.) 1763-1776, March 11, 1763, Image 4

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* 2 E Englifb are remarkable for a particylay
“ Propensity to Polijicr, This fabli:-jpiri-
Ml % ted Curisfity, for so it mußl be called,
< zannet be traced farther back than King
William's Reign. He firfl made the Englifp acquain.
ted with their conflitutional Strength.....The People
vs England by Degrees, losking on them/tlves_as the
Di/kvin_': of their own Properiies, Jound that tbeSol
diers aenaSailory-were thoirServants and Dependants 3
this ingited them to enquire into their Bebaviour and
Condult,and theyof course procured an Accoynt of every
Bartle, to [et if Matters were managed Abroad to their.
Adpprobation . Hencs the Rife of NEWS P APERS,
ovhich were at firfl of a very fmple Nature, suitable
ts the Curiosity of the thenßeaders . Th: People are
grown more curiods and more capsble of judging :
It is candidly atknowledged, that by the rejgning
Taste for Politics, many absurd Contlufions are made
by the Vulgar. But eve¢ ought not therefore to con
demn this gentrous Principle, which is the chisf
Barrier of liberty :.....NEWS PAPERS, nat only
convey Infiralion, and Amusements, but when pro
perly condulded, [ecure to us the Liberty of the Press.
There is another great Advantage which the Increase
of Nevos Papers bas procured us,,...Jgnorance is not
so prevalent ; News Papers bave givenPyople alafle
Jor Reading « this occasions all ufeful Knowledge to
be ctiltivated and ‘enccuroged : and to this,” in all
prababilitywas it owing that bheSetiety for encourag
ing Arts & Manufallures ovas formed wbich, impar
tially fpeaking,refisfls more realHonour onihe Britifb
Nation, than any other Inflitation, ameng the many
ww¢ bave to boaff of. Vuviss
Wrateon 4 Tomb Stome, wwbere is laid the Scull of
Roidorats nal Woman. .
LUSH not, ye Fair, to own me, but be wife,
BN@ turn fram fad mortality vour eyes.
Fame (sys and Fame alone...csn lell how tue,
T once was lovely, sand belov’d like you. - )
Where are my Vot'ries....where my Fls«’rers sow ?
Gone with the Subjett of each Lover's Yow.
Adieu the Roses red, and Lillies white,
"Adieu those Eyes, which nrede the Darkaels light.
-No more, slas! that coral Lip is seen,
‘Nor longer breathes the fragrant Gale between.
Turn from your Mirror sad behold in me,
At once what Thousands can’t, or dare not fee:
Unvarpith’d I, the real Troth impsrt,
Nor here am plac’d but to dire& the Heart.
Suryey me we11....ye tair Ones, and believe, =
The Grave may terrify.. but can’t deceive.
Oa Besuty’s flagil Base no more depend, yhay
Here Yomh snd Pleasure, Age and Sorrow end ;;
Here drops the Matk.. hére fhuw she final Scene, -
‘Nor differs grave Threelcore, from gay Fitteen.
All press alike to that fame Gaal, the tomb, "
Where wridkled:Lasre {miles at Chlos’s bloom.
‘When Coxcombs flister, and when Fools adore,
Learn here the, Leflon, to be vain no more. :
YeatVire still against Decay can arm,
And even lend Morulity 2 charm.
i i N MR Oy | Y U -TR ~ G
A young Gentleman 20 Miss Py J .
BEL[EVE my Sighs and Tears my Dear,
Beheve the Heart you’ve won ;
Believe my Vows to you sincere,
Or POLLY I’m uadone.
You fay ’m fickle, and aptto change,
At every Face that’spew 5. 1,
Of all the Girls | ever saw,
1 ne’er lov’d none but you. ‘
My Heéart was like a L ump of Ice,
*Till warm’d by your bright Eyes,
And then it kindled in a Fire,
A Flame that ne’er can die. A
Then take and try me, and you’ll find,
That P’ve a Heart that’s true 3
Ot all the Girls | ever saw, |
POLLY, there’s none like you.
- £ / \
~ Silver and Gold
To be Exchanged for Sterling BILLS ;
dated January 1760, Redeemable in 1763,
with an allowance of seven & half per Cent-
Enquire of the Printer hereof,
o 0 BE T BALD :
By George Waldron
Three LOTS of LAND in Portfimouth ; ene
on which the House stands (saving half an Acre
out of the fame, being the Burying-Ground....
Another LOT lying on the weficu;fit Side of the
House, on whicl the Barn ftands....The third
LOT on the southerly Side the Way that leads
from Samuel Langdor’s, to Rye ; together with
all the . Buildings thereon......lf no Person or
Persons appears to purchase by the 20th Day
of March, then the fame will be SoLp at AUC
TION to the highest Bidder, in Five Acre
LOTS, at the House of Capt. Fames Staodly,
Innholder at Portsmouth, on the 31st Day
of March ensuing the Date, at Three o’Clock
P. M....... Conditions of Sale ~will then be
made publick.
. Portsmouth, Feb. 18. 1763. .
Whereas the late HEnrv ApTHORP,Efg;
decealed, by his lst Will and Testament, appoinied
NaTuanier WheeLwrichT, Elg; of Boston, and
Georcé Meservs of Portimouth, in the Proviace
sforefaid, Execuiors, to fettle his Estate ; This is ta
desire all Persons to whom said Estate is Indebted, to
spply to said Meferve and receive their refpeitive
Hallances. Ard those who sre Indebred to said Estate,
are likewile desired to make immediste Payment,
otherwise they may expe& to be put to Tronble. As
there are feversl Bocks wsating belonging to the
Library of the Decealed, snd which were by him
lent, thole Perions that borrowed them, or in whose
Hands they mow gte, are deflired to return’ them
immediately to said Meferos, as slid Library is soon
t 0 be sent out of the Province. :
There are several Notes cf Fand belonging to the
sbove Estate, which ia a few Days will be put into
the Hands of & Lawyer, if not timely prevented.
Port(mouth, Feb. 17. ¥763. Gkorce Meserve,
BOUT Seventy ACRES of good LAND,
lying.on the main ‘Road ' that leads from
Spruce-Creek Meeting House to Kittery and Ber
wicky, within two Miles of said Meeting-House,
and is well situated for a T'radefman or Tavern,
-or for Husbandry Improvement : Any Person
inclining to purchase said Land, may know the
Terms Ey inquiring -of Benjamin Newmarch, of
Portsmouth. = +*+ -
LL Persons indebted to, or that have any
A Demands on the Estate of 7ohn Bell) late
of Bedford in the Province of New-Flanip-
Jhire, deceas’d aredefired te bring in their Ac
counts to Fehn Bell of said Bedford, Administra
tor on said Estate, in order for Settlement.
A FARM at Newingron, in the
Province of NewHampfhire,lying on the weft fide of
Pifcataqua River, adjoining thereto, about Three
Miles trom Portimouth, containing one bhundred
Acres of good Land, with a good l':t)u(e,"mo Barne,
on Oschard, snd n good Well thereon, very con
venient for @ Gentleman for & Country Seat, well.
wooded, To be fold sllo, snother Tre& in the |
Pitch Pine Plains, so called, in said Newingtcn, lyiog
upon the Road that lesds from Bloody Point Feny
to Greenland, contsining Forty Acres, with a good
Orchard thereon, suitable for & Tradeiman; both fnia,‘
Tracts Chesp for Cath ; Enquire of Fobn Dawning
-affaid Newington. - ‘
One Thousand Acres of Land,
Unimproved, of a good Soil, well Timber'd ; either
ia One Hundred or Two Hundred Acre Lots, a 2
‘will best [wit the Pdrchefers, lying in the Town of
Charleftown, or No. 4, o called, in this Province,.
Part of which Land lies upon Conge&licut : River.
Enquire of CIEI. Simon Stevens living in said Town,
PORTSMOUTH : Printed by D. Fewle. -
eT(e™)(A () [ N e i) () (S |
' A Pair of
' Breeches 7
thillings and
bd, bytheyd.
Humifpon d&
ed and prefl
so 356
Dite.preft, 6%
A Petticoat : £ Do
A scarlet Cloak, cleaned -@ 1§ O
A Man’s Coat, dyed o 0
A Jacket ) 015 O
A Pair of Breeches 012 ®
A Pair of Hose dyed black o 3.0
Men's Cloaths cleaned, A Coat. @ 1B o
A Jacket ‘ '° 9 .
ore, slas ! that coral Lip is seen, ' -
onger breathes the fregrant Gale between. st
from your Mirror sad behold in me, |
ce what Thousands can’t, or dare not fee. AE
pith’d [, the real Trath impert,
ere am plac’d but to dire& the Heart. Spruce
y me we11....ye fair Ones, and believe, = Wicky
>rave may terrify...but can't deceive. ’ and is
suty’s fragil Base no more depend, " ~or for
Youth snd Pleasure, Age and 3orrow end ; ke e
-No m¢
‘Nor k
Tun {
At ont
Nor b
The G
On B&
s 9
B R W I R Pk A T R ks oo e %
JOHN_ HICKEY, Silk Dyer, &c. hereby in
forms his Customers and other., that he has
remov’d from Spring-Hill, to the house lately ‘
improved by Fofbua Cate, Taylor, abouta Quarter
of a Mile below the Mill-Dam, and on the main
Road that leads to His_Excellency the Gover
nor’s, and' Greenland ; where he continues to
cairy onthe Dying and Prefling Business asufual, !}

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