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New-Hampshire gazette, or, State journal and general advertiser. [volume] (Portsmouth, N.H.) 1778-1781, June 16, 1778, Image 1

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A WORD of Contolation to the Public,
by a former Inhabitaat of the Town of
~ Bfitol, in the Stat*&bode-lfland ; which
#nbappy Town, has twice tasted of the bitter
" Cup of Ministerial Vengeance and Persecuti
on; ipreading themselves as far & wide, over
thisinnocent opprefled Continent, as infatiate
~Malice, limited by feeble Power, can possibly
- extend its baleful Effeéts,~——— Thus infernal
Spiris, buffet and annoy 3!l those, who are
withiu ihe Lsngcw' that Chain, by which,
Divine Providencé®has Gound them : And
thus, | fay, as infernal ‘a Minifiry, spit the
Fary and Venom of difzppointed Ambition
and Avarice only within such a narrow Com-+
pass, as the fame over-ruling Providence has
cordain’d and direlted.. ;
While we sincerely pray, that they may
< hercafter be forgiven, let us as religiously
“hope, that hegeje——m '
A MNoofe may be==at the End of their Tethey,
~ Or 2 B'ork—both the Goal and Prize of their
———— e e e Racz.
G State & New Hampihire.
A LIBEL is fi'ed before me inßehalf of the
ol & Owners of the arried Selooner TheFricndy
Azventure, KINSMAN PEVERLY, Come.
mandir—and theCaptors,againft the Schoond
er Betsy and Cargo, Hugh Hunter late Mafe
ter—:2R\ p on the High Seas by said armed
Sdhoorer-which Veffeland Carpo it s al-
Wi lged in slid Libel, were at the time of the
€ Nture thereof, the Propasty of some Subs
B or Subjects of the King of Great Britain,
g e ; 4 e .
AWy than the Inhabitants of Bermudas, am;
4 Yecvidence of the "Baliama-Iflands, and was
"3\'"‘l?*\ and L -fi% employed in carrying.faps
"ios togb‘g Eanemise of.she =, Braids 00l
A “r_‘\,:}lfitica--—'{-‘; The Truth of which Libel; a 3
s a 0 of the Eibel of the famie Owners 2ad
Wwptars againtl the Schooner Hero & Carzo,
"Fich was to have been tryed the 29th Lay
q" Jure nexi, ~-is to be tried on Monday 111
thDay of July next, ar 10 o'Glock Forenogh,
at the Conrt House in Po-tfmtcuth, wewhich
tinz and*olace; any. perfins may appear and
Wz Canie,if any they have,why {2id Vefl=ls
seaindhizir Cargoes thowld not be condemned.
\ . “fothua Brack-t Judge of the
o Maratinte Coart for {aid State,
“fi' .. Porttmouth, June 15, 1778.
A few Hoaflbeods of choice
“High Préof RUM, .
{T'obe Sold ar a Siore on the Long Wharfe,
1% Esguirc of JOHN BECK. j
| . Scate of® Neaw-Hamp/bire, Hilfborosgh. 7.
Y HEREAS there arc a Numbep of Propristors
, W ‘sßd Qwners of Lands in that Tra@ of Land
i\ eai'd rPe Socisty. whr ore delinguent in paying their
| Taxes for'the V.-« o “i3i- is therefore to nosify
fuels Dg;,lifl—»:j,“xiéfi}z?io corag immed ately and pay their
i tefr Sive Tax2s ia order 13 (ave further Expences. |
2?/:" © "Sociery, Jone 5.1778 T g
| Public Aubtion.
| TO BE SOLD, on Tuelday the 3o0:h Tnfteptai, 12
Y o'Clock, zt the Marke: Hon'‘e ia this Town,™ -
| Large and verg ofef.! BOAT, almost n®
l’q but of the bLeft Timber 2nd Plark :. Sfi
. Voat is fuitabie for this River, to traufport Mer-
J han&.-being wery burthenfome, snd an easy Draft
" Water. Conditios of‘Szle at the Thac and Piace
il be made kaown. Lokt
\To be jold at Puliic Fendue,
Yo Thurfddy next at 10 o’Uleck beforevon,
~ VOixty Barrells of BEEL,.
At Lie Continej:al Store on [¥i:. laffzry’'s Wharfe
I Fhrifnoith; fammsnions -t i
| To'be {old, a Schoorer, -
"‘~4saé; thirty eight Tons, avd about fix Years old, middling
well found a firtiy avell buile Veflel = Any F:-fon tn~
clining.tx yuethofl such a Voffil, may opply 17T s 155
: Bess o Nesalgdia® ¥, o i 0
New-Hampfthire Gazette.
State JOURN As;, a%%‘_('_:“_?e‘fieral‘ Advertiser.
T URSDAY JUNE, 16, 1228,
. .NEW LONDON, Jure s. bk
There it advice from St Euftatia, thag a Britith ten
der lately cot cut of that road a pilot boat belorging
to Virginia, and carrled her to St. Kitts ; bat a Dutch
man of war being soon afier dispatched to demand re
flitation, the veflel was ramiely dolivered up, and re
turned onder convoy of the Durchman to St Evftatia,
Some Biit'th cruizers that afteswards appreached the
land, were fired on_from the fortifications.” Nire
Dutch thip: of war were at S¢ Eultatia when our ia
{o mant failed from (hence, ok »
We hear :hat Lord Duemere, for his eminent {er
figgs;i%a;_; pindon faitied of hiin of 250wl Ster gte
annum, which probzably is to come out of the fi,nc{."f:’c
peéed to arise. froln ti € sale of runaway and kidwip
ped negroes from Virpinia, &c. A, o
A capt-inin the Continental ‘2Zrmy who left ths
camp at Valldy Forge the 25th ult, brings an account,
that the eremy at Fliifade’phia, have embtiked alt
their troops, bo'h regil@:s apd green cHty, and taken
up all the male inhabitants capsbie of bearing arms,
and hive lirewife empleyed people to take by tealth
a!l the coustry pecple in their power, and carry them
into Philacelphia, to be embarked ; — even farmers
have Leen forced from tieir ploughs. —The prevail
ing opinion was, thav they were bound either to Con
*nzdlicut or kiaflachuf tis— mofl probable the former,
Sundag~morning lat about day break, a party of
Biitith tropps from Rb Hland, confilting 0f 155 men,
under th: commzad of 8 Major Ayres, landed at the
*mouth of Fall River, with design to burn Frogtonand
the Mills. They fat fire tothe lower M'll & a Houle
that ftvod on the thore ; bat Town and vpper Mills,by
the vigilence of 25 of the Inhabitants, were saved,
Apprised of the eremy’s intention, they tock up tie
Bridge, and pofled themselves behind awall tha: com
manded it, from whence they kept up fob-ilk z fire on
the enemy, that affer an engzoement of rexr an hone
- and an half; they were compeled to retire, leavirg be.
bind thascansibillad andanathor miartolly 3 haded)
- Five mufquets and 25 many Ramyiavebeen figee rovihr!;
and ficm every circomflance it appears Y thsii loss
was considerable. The militis ‘urned oot With. / reng”
~alacrity, and repaired to the pl:ce of action ; but.the
precipitate retreat of the enemy eprived thaofe (pisited
Feilow: of &n opportunity tg ravenge the i jurizs they
have repeatedly received, & of wcaiing the d:ieftable
ccnflagrafi"s as they justly deserved. Thetencmy's
boats and thippiag, in pofling down the River, receiv
ed corfiderahle anncyance frois cur Fort on Bristol
neck ; agalley that came up to cover them from ihe
well dircéted Fire of-theFort,wasdriven on the Rhode
- Hland thore, the men being obl'ged to abandon her |
and a {locp that attempted to z£iit her shared the [ame
fate. We had not a man eithe: killed or wounded.
' BOSTAN, June 1. iy
~ An Express which returned laii Saturday from Co
l- in ten Days, fays, hedid oot hear of the arrival
of any Commiflioners, as has bzen reported two or
three Dayspaft. He acquaint: us, that last Thurlday
7 night a Person at Fish-Kill tock bis Oath that he
beard War declared against Frarce, in New York the
172 y before ; and that when he inform’d Governor
"tsumbaull, of Conne&itut, of the fame, the Governor”
told himh he had later Advice from New York, which
made no mention of it ¢ so that we presume ';¢ Re
portis grecundlefs. —That General Walhington'sArmy
was in high Spirifs when he came away, 2nd daily
augmeating. The General Aflembly of Penxflyivania
have pafled a unanimous Refolve---** That the Dele
+* gates or Deputies of the United States of America,
“ in Congress ¢flembled, are invelted with an exclu-.
“ five authotiy to rreat with the King of Great Bri
“¢ tain, or Commiflioners by him duly appointed, ref
“ pe&ling a peace between the two countries,” And
that he was vell inform’d the Corgrefs were vnani
mous, snd tock no Motice of the Bills or Afts which
had béen sent from Great Brirain to lull us asleep bat
are resolutely determined to pafh on the War iill they
ef“a%fi'mg:;%edom and Independence of the Uat
ed States of America. ~ i
Eer&WCarfiom Brown & Colbaqun, to Grorge
Clak, E qgfiarra‘ck M afer Genersl at New York,
dé?@;;fiandon. February 2, 1778, -
“ Ateawe never to get tie better of these rebels ?Tt
was thought the last campaizn wasr'to do a great deal
towards the fpithing of the bufirefs=but whathas it
.dore ?N% tn short the people here murmueg
fiay indeed fpezk out loudly ; atihe {ame rime there
i a general {pirit rovzed, which momifes fair. Both
%F&ofm. Island are vieing wth each other in shew-
Sing lieie loyal:y in raifidg. men and money for the
feppost of goverrment; and it if with pleasure wer
wsetion that theré feerhs to be s fpirit.of union, in all
T g TLO g L i 8 TAT RS LPR e
parties, beyond what hew&m “The oni;
bane to fuccefls is the ivfamows™@nd villaincus fupe
ports ; nay a virdication of the rebellion, which glfi
minority in .bozh heufes flill give it—— God gternally
:- » them x.h this fi”flé)‘ ftj‘tu
8 great da’ in Wefim PR SR fl ' cemmgns
are to Izke the Rate of the ration it corfideratiohs
aiid vpon the upthot of (hat enquiry, (fays the wite
. s wa fi@‘é"ffi@ SRR SRR B
;na) the e nf»cg%, ended or profecesed. 1 dom's
clieve a werd of it. Thedebate will endrinto smoke.
19 a 8 bl Vel S ;’S‘&? o R o
your much obliged Hi'mble Tervann " w?i
. Bya leter frcm Aldary, dated. Jose piMasd, we .
have an accourt, that che Indians & Torles Bay "‘“
a cefcent vpon a plare call'd *};.,W‘ 5 &bout 40
miies f-om that p'ace, and deliroyed some part'ofit; a
company of Contineutal troops tgtflflwt_s;bf!ed rot far
off went agd attacked hem. Our Joss in jhe ulg:gje-j
~ment was Capt. Patrick and a Liewt. & zo men Eilled'
or taken., . o Bl ol
We have also Inteiligence that the ,pc# threaten
tc make 2 push upon the ci y of A!Bffi‘i‘-—m alatm ths
Hem; shire Grants by way of Caflletown, and 16 ga
ther what ‘ew T'oies aie fiill corcealed inthat quaster,
who a‘e to meet Génera! Howe's axmy near said city 3
but we plece such dep vdance on the z:al and alacijiy
cf cur friends im that nei_ hbeurhcod, laet how/d ong
enemies dare attempt 2 movement of the kind ‘they
will have rezfon to repest of th r remerity, T
... FiSH KILL. Jure 4. S op AR
, Ttrefllocpof wa: King Nither, of 16 gucs which o{g. 2
ft:u€ed the puflage aiKiny’s Forry for several dayspafl,
was obliged la@ Szbbah morvirg totow ~F wi h preci~
pita-icn frem ihat fation, havifig veen hulied feversl
times by well dire@ed fhet, frem s corh eof preat guné
{ent down for the purpose, under the conmmand of c;',g#;
Mcodie. ! ; o
X .- HARTFOR, Tune 5. S
wixire&t of a Jetter from 2 por lering ;;;f!Albary,tb‘_ als’
b epifetvondgentiotis S o et
T 4 T ide s viilopey FoCuED T 16s o :befig
of Albesy, is cclhoyed by ‘ha ird iy and Tolts s
which bhrooght o? anenprecment beiveen the crlnyfifii
“ard aperty ofContiren al ¢ ocps & miliia, who feng
- Yathe e fftance of she luiferers, Our ptople we —
Jemn sug lot about 25 killed and mtlis g fehipgoß~
try is aifPmed ineears gLarter, dand ot leait of '_dm“"- .
sane of the miliiE Mg ow nolicciod in difiersf partty
(¢ (2coze the frontiers. Theeisims are fupyrigd to be
betweer three or four hundred, ans s.e fiij},_g“eatgpins
the (ettloment of Schehary. Fram the Adcrthward
tligse 2ppearsa probability that we hall b abliged to
- keepr greater body of troeps intta: quae s, frome 4tz
~ counts lately received from Lske Ch@'mgé’ain. S
LONDON,; March 17,.\ SR
_ A Privy Courcil is fummened 1o mese this Day at
.‘ ?t.jf=mce~’s after the levee 'fljs;g',v:r,(agidfis:v_&gugg,;ebe-‘ia“r”f‘g"?;éi
ing 3 proclamatich for the declaraticn of war 2gaisis
France. ; : ol g
. The DireQlors of the bark it is {aid-:n(aitc,c} qpt.,‘;é
Lord North on Mondzy atore o,clock to know whe- ¢
ther a war would happern' as<{oon ia—tkpe&éd,.«
his Lordship, for iheir'fatisfation gave for anlwérg
that it was“ingvitable, o> . | Nyl @
_ Yeflerday o:ders were issued from the War Office?
by order of the King snd Counc'} for al. Govirnors, [ §
Governors &c. who are abfens fromt theie refpeéii I
garrisons, forls or callles, to repricso sheir fatid |
furthwith iv B2jlared, Leland, or eloglere. '9 T
- luis supposed that war wiil' bé d;cf}a§z~9 I
Frarce on Friday or Satuzday. = | & .6 9 I
March 23 Foilsy Lord Amherfl wadpromotg 6 I
" the rank of Generzl. ih-order tohis tzkivg v-on'; 3 ©
the con.mand in chief of 81! the forges in Amfi‘_‘_g@»
~ Letters by thelaii French mail fay, tha:all thy ¢ 1
g'ifli families in and near Pa is, hed regeived ;&% 3 T
{ual notice to 'quit tiat ladngdom within & cmaié..
e . ey g o 1
ted time, and were ng for their routto Es:},‘v £
‘sceordingly. RV : AR m%
A me{l.oger axtrabrdfhary was dispatched to Lord
Grantham, our Ambaflador at the Court of Madvid,
thre= days before (‘x King's message was deliveredto
Parliament, infiratipp his Lordthip todciadnd & cdw
tegorical anlwer toghe following impie guellisn s
¢ Whetlier the Coutt of Spain mean 10 aid the Frenelf®
« in their present arjulifiable conduft, with “refßelt:
1 o tbe Az-ne.{i:‘an (“{goyfl’ orto P‘, ‘:‘ ‘ » ‘S:f”’f»‘v‘*
peutrality I Wik further oireQion *?‘W
thinge:cC 2 was ofiere in keplyy 1o fease M. Bgas
nith dominisu iramediaely, WORITRETE BEGRER
o Ihe bt }%‘ 5 whach oet TREAN .
To know ile evebtpl +hs ‘wha > fp'cited lofid AN =
s s wrged 45 i pHimbipal Feasnabe ety
the declaration of w2y Sgainfl Frageh. - 7 %
e e Ll f;;:““ oAT Lo

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