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New-Hampshire gazette, or, State journal and general advertiser. [volume] (Portsmouth, N.H.) 1778-1781, June 16, 1778, Image 2

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State of New-Hampthire, Rockingham fs.
'WHEREAS the proprictors and owners
of land in the town ot Epsom, in said
state & county have had legal notice to pay
a tax or afleflment on each lot, or right in
said town, for the year 1777, te me the fub
feriber and several of them being yet delin
quent in the whole or part ; this is therefore
to notify such delinquent proprietors or own
ers, that so much of their rights or lots of
land will be exposed to sale at Public Ven
~due at the house of the Widow Elizabeth
M’Clary, Innholder in Epsom; in said coun
ty, as will defray the charges, and pay the
tax or affeffmient thereon laid, on Tuelday
the 23d day of June next, at one o’clock in
‘the afternoon, if said tax be not paid before
that time with incidental charges.——The
delinquent progri’ctors and owners names are
as follows, with the sums due on their Lots.
No. 1t Range 1. s;d. 7 L s.d:
2 Jacob Sheafer 2 1 64 Sam. Wallasis 4
3 John Odiornzl6 671 J. Chadich 8 ¢
4 Benja.Bell o 415 P.Chapman3 2
5 HMrael Marsh 4 11 No 3d Range 1. s. d.
8 Jofh.Bracketr 7 677 Ben.Crufey 4 11
¢ Zech. Foss = 2 379 J. Philpott 2 ¢
10 TuckerCate2 330 JofephMace 2 ¢
1 Rich. Jordan 2<3 81 ]J. Stephens 3 4
13 J. Underwoodß 10 82 Wid. Hicks 1 ¢
14 John Damn 3 11 83 Nathanßand4 5
15 Johnßindgel3 384 Ben. Parker 4 11
16 Rich. Talton6 7 87 Rich’d Nealiß 4
.17 H, Trefferen 8 10 g 8 Ifzac Jennisis 5
18 T. Meneern g 11 99 Sam’l Frost 13 3
19 John Wilson 3 4 10t J.Warner 1 6- 5
24 J. Brackett 2 g 102 J. Ordway 13 3
25 Tho's Wren¥3 3 104 B. Macrys 3 4
26 Else Clark 4 5 105 John Ward 5 6
27 W. Philbrick3 4 106 Hen. Payne 3 4
29 Robert Cotes 1 8 No. 4thßange 1. .d.
28 Jof, Weeks 3 4 108 Wal. Abots 5 6
30 Geo. Wallas 3 4 110 Da.Moultens 6
31 Sam. Haynes 3 4 113 Johnßracketir o
32 Jothua Foss *5 6 114 Wm. Jonest 2 o
33 Maryßandall 5 6 119 D. Greenoe /-9
34 Jothui Berry 2 9 124 Sam. Weeks 3 4
35 Wm. Berry 5 06 126 Deb.Randals ©
75. Chapman 1 o 4 128 Nat; Morril 2 3
N.Tukerman 8 3 No. 2d Divisions. d.
James Berryl3 3 4 Simon Fowler 9 171
-y 2d Rapge I. s.d. ro Wid. Hicks 5 6
45\John Leech 7 ¢ 5 John SHaw gll
47%2m, Rand 13 3 6 Wid. Hicks 5 6
56 ‘ohn Bryant 3 10 9 Ditto 5 6
62 Wm.Seavy 7 ¢lO Ditto % 6
4 Johy Blake 1 21¥ Ditto 5 6
- Sol. Douce ¥ 2z . : ,
: ‘Eliphalet Sanborn, Constable.
Eofom, Viay 30th, 1778. 17 1g
M Goffstown. || '
State of New-Hampthire, Hilltborough fs.
. W IIETLEAS the proprietors and owners of
fund: Tots and parcels of land in the town
_of Goftstowyp, in said Rate and county, have
" been legallyy notified to pay the slate tax on
said lands tor the year 1777, & have neglec
ted fozodo : These are therefore to notify
f2id dielinquents, that so much of their land,
as will pay said tax with incidental charges,
yill be fold at public Vendue at the house of
illiam Rogers, innholder in Goffstewn, in
@ State, on Tuesday the 14th day of July
fxt, at ten o’clock, A. M. -Fhe lands are
follows, viz.——Mark Wentworth, Efg;
0. 440 1t Range, and 2d in 7th and 47 in
th Range. Wm. Orr, No. 10in'tft Ran.
fhaa Peirce, Efq;ilNo. 4 in 2d Range.—=
anezet Martin, Nglt @in 4thßange, north
Rle the River. jow Mason, Efg; No.
23. in 2d R. and 8 ingtiggh dit. Tho’s Far
mer, No. 1 in 3d R. &5 in Bth R. & 4 in
12th R. James M’NighgsNo. 6in 3d Ran.
and s'in the oth R. Jafaes Adams, No. 10
inthe 4th R. Wm, Reed, No. 7 in 12th R,
- north fide the River.- Tho’s Parker, No. 5
"in 12th R. north fidgzfixé?River. Sam’l Pat
tew,&No. 3in sth R, and 50 in 12th Range;
' ;Zeeh ids the river. Alexinder Walker, No.
' aain 12th Range, north fide the river,
7 A Jammes Eaton, Constable.
)fiz}o‘w: June s*: ;?778—‘ rE 13
” ; Raca . ok S
1 Noribonos.
State of New-Hampi' -, wockitgham fs,
T H 1§ is to give not ce 1o the delinguent
owners or proprietors ©f the loss ol 'apd
herein after mentioned, tying and being in
the parith of Northwood, in tie vownibip of
Nottingham., ierfald county,thag the (214 (ot
or so much of them as will pay ioo o
fefled thereon for the year 1777, avith ir .
dental charges, will be expoied to laic by
public vendue to the highest bidder an ruel
day the 7th day of July next, at the dwel
ling house of Jonathan Clark in said North
wood, unless payment ot {aid tax and char
ges, be made to me the subscriber, collector
of taxes, of and for said Northwood, for the
said year 1777, before the {aid day.——The
names of the original proprietors, & owners,
the numbers of the ranges, and lots, with the
tax assessed on each, are as follows, viz.
No. 7th Range, s. d. No. gth Range s: d.
2 Sarahßradiireet 66 4 Aaron Mowil ¢35
9 Nich. Belknap 3 2 17 Samuel Jones 6 3-
10 W. Cleferton 3 3 20 MofesStickney3 2
12 Col. R, Kent 3 2 21 Benja. Harris 4 6
13 Tho. Mofely 3 4 22 Steph. Cockin6 o
16 Cuting Noyce 3 o 32 Eliftha Story 10 o
17 John Allen 3 o No. loth Range s. d.
19 Peregh® White 30 8 Jof. Maylem 3 2
No. Bth Range s.d. g Dr. N, Sargent 3 2
9 Th, Weftbrookß o 10 Wm. Briggs 3 4
10 Ar, M’Phedris6 6 11. FaunClements3 6
13 John Calfe 4o 12 Wm, Crefey 4 8
15 Sam’l Durant 8 o Lot No. 6 in the 7th
Range Stephen Akerman 6:6d.
Lot No. 6th in the ninth Range Capt. John
Dearborn,and John Haven, Esq; 12s od.
No. 6in the 11th R. John Johnson 65 6J.
g John Bickford, Collettor.
No thwood, June Bth, 1778. 11 %1g
§ Unity-Town § .
State of New Hampfthire. i
THIS is to give natice to the Delinquent proprietors, or owners
of Uniry-Towo, that unlcfs they pay their respective txes to nve
the subscriber, at my house in said Upity-Town, by the firft day
of Auvguft nexr, {0 moch of their rights or shares of land in said
Unity-Town, w 1l be advertised for sale at public vendue, at the
dwelling houfz of . Capt, Nathaniel Hunton in-said Town ; and
alift of the delirngueot proprictors names and the several sums ap
nexed thersto will alfs be published in the New-Hampthire Ga-,
zz:tte, and a day fixed for the sale of such lands, in oruer to raise
wisogy to pay theafosefaid taxes, with incidental charges,
Uaity, Juoe 2d, CALEB HUNTOON, Colle&tor,
§ Marlborough. §
. . State of New-Hampshire. . .
WHEREAS there is a state tax on ali the
¥V unimproved lands belonging to the
Non-resident proprietors of Marlborough in
said state ; And ~hereasin a late aét of the
General Assembly it is provided, that where
the owners of such Lands are unknown, that
they shall be rated in the name of the origi
nal proprietors, &c. : These are theretfore to
réquire the owners of such lands as are set
down in the following lift, to pay their re
spective rates or afleflment, to me at ny
dwelling house in {aid Marlborough, within
eight weeks from the date of this advertise
ment, ortheir lands will be fold for payment
ofthe fame, = 4o : A |
NR. Names s.d. No.s.d. N, R. s. d.
14" John Wafonz y- 15 37 71 § g 3
60 Tho.Cochrany 7 59% 1 6
7 4 Isa. Cochran 3 7
g 8 Aré;Dunlap3z =~ ,
1o 1 JohnGilmer3 7" 4, 8 R 15 3d
2 3 Jam. Mocre3 7 “
8 6 Jam.Wilfon3 7 8,5R"3 7
69 J.Morrifon 3 7
7 I JohnWilfon3' 7 12, 3 3 _
6 6Sm.Mitchel 3.7 : -
11°8 H. Montgomery 35 led
70 - John.Moores3 4 78; 33 .
5 -2 Rob:Moores 3 7 SR
46 Sam. Wilson 3.7 H
10 2 T'. Morison 3™7 e
83 3D. Motifon 37 80-x %~ -
8 2 Rob.Clartk 37 6, SR-3s 7d
25 Jno Cochran 3 7 5
8y Sam. Allison 37 61 35794 .
10 sJam.Wilfon3 7 11,6 R 33 7d
3 5 Jam. Lyons T ks
Abie! Woodward, Conftable.’
Marlborough, May 18, 17;8. ¥7 19
State or New-Havpsunre.
A LIBEL having been thi: Day filed before me
in Behalf of the Owners of the armed Schooner
the Friends Adventure, Kinsman Peve:ly, Comman
der, and of the Captors, against the Schoorer Hero
and Chrgo of sixty Tont burthen or thercabouts, com -
manded iy Jonathan Dellaway,which Vessel & Cargo
it is alledged in said Libel, were taken on the Hizh
Smas by said Schooner, and were at the Time of the
L epture thereof, the Property of some Subjeét or Sub
jeéts of the King of Great-Britain, otherthanthe la
habitants of Bermudas and Providerce, or the Bzhoma
Islands, and that she was at the Time of her Car 02
and before, employed in carrying Sepplies to the lire
mies of the Unitcd-StatfiAm:rjca :--- This is therg
fore to give Notice, that'¥lie T'ruth of said Libel is 1o
be tried before me on Monday the twenty ninth of
June current, at Ten o’Cleck A. M. at the Conre
House in Porifmoath, at which T'ime and Place 2.y
Persons may appesr, and shew Caufz.if eny they have,
why {aid Vefizi and Cargo fhosld not be condemned.
of the Moritime Court for {aid State.
_Portfmouth, Juns 8, 1778 _
I'he Subscriber Ey Permission
Of the Commiitee of Sarery for {aid Siate, being
about to depart the famz, - -gives this Notice thereof,
"Fhat all Persons who have Accounts open with her
Husband Hugh Henderson Jately of Portimcuth, may
within three Weeks from this Date rppear and feitle
the fame. = - |J»-e 8 19+8. H unab Heoadorfam. i
/ gA 1 /|
State of New-IHampthire, Hillfb*‘)rmlgh/%.,*
PUBLIC Notice is hereby given to/tha
. proprietors of the townthip of Antrim,
and to all others whom Tt may concexn,@-mi
pay their proportién of taxes for the préient!
year to me the subscriber at or before/the 311}
day of July next, to prevent further picceed
ings thereon, agreeable to the al tax aét of
this state. Each proprietors reipettive pre
portion is as follows, viz, S Y.
John Moffat, Esq; for No. 7 / 10 84
George Jaffrey, Efg; No. 6 1T B
Danicl Peirce, Efg; No. 5 12 4 %0l
Moore and others No. 4 & 1208 00
Wiiliam Boyd L gt o
JothamOdiorne, Inter. farm, No. 9, 2} 6
Thomlinfon & Mason dit. No.ll 2 5/ 6
Colonel Packer for ditto, No. 12 ' 1 14 5
James Steel , £ E 2 1s
Do&or Rogers, No. 13, 2 4
Richard Wibird No. 18, 2 3 4
Curtis R ‘l% 0
; 2t ~ James Duncan, Contiible/
Antrim, May 13th, 17728, .1y
. State of New Hampshire.
WHEREAS it has been prallifed for a number of years pafdy’
for persons net residing in the town of Nottinghzm, to turs ¢
in the Woods and on the commens in said Town a large nuaf
of caitle and Horses &c, By which cattle and hotfes the inha
bitants of said town are very much injured, therefore voted in
legal Town Meeting held in said town on the ficft day of_T. e
£ 118, ---That a!l persons who have any cattel, hotfes, c;“ic
~ turnedouton the commons in the Wopds in the tewn o 1 Not*i
ham are hereby desired immediately forto ake card™of chim or
they may depend on the meeting with treuble in fiiding (hem
vihese they have tu:ned them outin said Woods and commonhin
aid Town.. e ;
_ VOTED, that the Town Clerk be direfled to publish jhis
bove Vote in the New Hampshire Gazeties ~ . k-
A Copy from the Minutes, Exarg Wi
. THOMAS BaR S own Bk,
BT TS DI . Y i
. State of New -Hampthire, j,b;.r.afford.fi.;; /
PUn"uan’»!:" 10 the request o 1 the owrersijof
more than 28 proprietar: shares in th«
townthip of Gilmantown in iaid fizte, the
proprietors c¥aid tCwa arshereby notificd
and warned-to meet at the dwelling boufe of
Edward Gilman, innholder in said town, o B
Thuriday the 25th, day of June next, to 2&7
on the following particulars, viz.— 111, 1o l
chufe a Moderator to govern said Meeting.+— |
-#d,% vote and agree upon some method h;/wr
4 so pay the state tax in future on the comnpn
*l{nds in said town.—3d,- tofee if the projyri-
Petors will vote toMofes Morrill the privildige .
¢ of getting Iron Oar in their land ®n cojdi
tion that he build and carry on the buffiefs
of makingllron in f2id town for a certainfrm
of time as thall be agreed upon, and if/heir
-should be 3 priviledge on their lot to set fp the
-to lease or fell the fame to himy 4th,
to fee ifthe proprietors wiil give th¢irha
bitants some piece of their common and,or
help them some other way to enabk them
to finifh -their Meeting House.
. Joseph Badger, Proprietors Cleric™
Gilmantown, May 25¢h, 1778, .

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